General weekly reading – 29th may- 4th June 2017 – Redemption before revelation. 

Taro cards – Main theme, (Judgement), Surrounding cards – 2 of swords, The star, 5 of cups, 10 of pentacles, 3 of cups, queen of swords, Vital issue – 9 of cups. 

Numerological breakdown calculation – 29th (11) – awakenings, epiphanies, spiritual realisations, lessons that shift your place of awareness, balancing of masculine & feminine energies, entering new gateways//door paths, becoming a teacher, passing down or sharing your wisdom with others, becoming responsible –
The most powerful week of 2017 so far is highlighted in this weeks spread. The judgement card talks of a massive revelation, or a bulk of realisations from spirit that absolutely shake the ground that you walk on. Unlike the tower card which brings destruction & imminent confusion, the judgement card provides us with revelations that actually aim to set our spirit free & bring us the closest to the version of our soul that is pure – not entirely without fault, but as devoted to the most high as we can be.

These nature of revelations likely cause us to take a look at some unpleasant aspects of ourselves or our past, & we may become desperate to make amends by making drastic changes, or reaching out to others with apology, but these awakenings are truly for us, & not anybody else.

Take the time to sit with, integrate & fully understand the images & perceptions that are coming to you, without feeling like you have to make it about something else. Anything that is revealed to us through the actions of or by somebody else should only cause us to take a greater look at ourselves, & seek to make sense of some of our own thoughts & actions.

With the 5 of cups this redemption may seem as if it is heavy handed, or that it arrives with some sorrow, but this is merely because so many aspects of our past were not in alignment with who we really were, but were apart of our illusions, delusions, the matrix of pains & fears that manifest as shadow energy.

The judgement card brings up specific incidences so that we come to see the way that devil (shadow) energy seeks to compromise us, or force us into a way of life that is not in accordance with our best self. The judgement card is this call come home, & during the holy month of Ramadan many of us may find that our spiritual connection is even stronger. I am participating in Ramadan this month & I would strongly encourage anybody else who is serious about this type of commitment to join me – I will be posting more details on my Instagram @spiritualpoetess_ .

A call from above, from the most high to become the most naked, authentic version of ourselves calls for us not to resist the visualisations of past experiences. As I mentioned, not all of these revelations may be pleasant, but they are so necessary my loves.

Many of us will find this week that we have reached a crossroads in our lives & ultimately it is time to make a decision. There is no other way & perhaps with the 2 of swords many of us have been avoiding this decision for a while now, but it is apart of your mission, & the decision will ultimately be costly in terms of the next stage of your journey.

It is time for you to consider the future thoroughly, what you would like it to look like & how you will piece it together after the rubble of the past. A negative or unfortunate past incident that caused some pain & sorrow could be providing you with the truth & insight that you need to see in order for you to evolve to the next level of your spirits evolution at this time. A time to call home requires you to take responsibility from here-forth for what you create. Do not spend too much time mourning about the past. Understand that it happened for a reason, but with the star card it was necessary for you to make all of the changes that you are about to make now.

The 10 of pentacles may represent a break from tradition. In order for you to heal in this major way or to do things differently, you may need to take an alternative route other than the one that your family or community have attempted to teach or imprint upon you. You are waking up to many things & this shatters many illusions about who you think you should be, & who you are.

Try to be present. Very present. Present enough not to miss anything. Such a Holy Week this is I can hardly describe…

You may be called to identify with or explore an aspect of spirituality or faith that you have never tried before. It just so may be that you are receiving dreams, or insights about what your spiritual path is & how you can execute it.

We are truly drawing some boundaries this week, & choosing to take a different path. The 5 of cups could represent the breaking of chains, having to leave the past behind or making decisions that are actually for our highest good, yet feel emotionally taxing.

As we learn, & grow, & shift, & merge, there are some aspects of ourselves that we see in others that we must exchange, ultimately meaning, that we must exchange them.

Do not fear having to let go of people on this path or making these more difficult decisions. The 10 of pentacles suggests that we need this unity right now, we need this balance, & we have to build a solid foundation. A solid foundation cannot be built in the wrong environment, & as we begin to build in this way we may recognise that others present a barrier for us. With the star card & the judgement card as priority elements of this reading, this decision just has to be made, this thing has to be done.

It was holding you back, yes.

The queen of swords makes these mental calculations & decisions logically. The 5 of cups energy is not so over powering with this queen appearing here. She is willing to make these tough decisions to get to the 9 of cups because she knows that there are things in his or her way. This is about feeling through your feelings, but going forward confident in your direction.

The decision is made this week & it is made in the name if higher guidance.

The 9 of cups is a yes. It is a wishes granted card. It is acceptance, it is an opening, it is confirmation, it is agreement & acknowledgment. You are getting something that you want this week & you have to see how magnificent it is, & how big this is.. you may be noticing a lot of synchronicity, repeating numbers, angel numbers, finding signs that specifically mean so much to you..


This weeks divine lovers reading is so potent. This is a marriage this week, as both masculine, and feminine get married to the divine.. THIS is the truthful meaning of the holy trinity, this coming together, where masculine looks to feminine who looks to God, who looks upon both of them..

Do not miss out on this reading, as I go into powerful detail about what this journey has been revealing to me in a 30 minute voice reading delivered to you in accompaniment.  I am so filled with love, and light because of how much I have emptied myself.. This is all about emptying yourself in this way.

When we become empty, when we do not want for anything, that is when we are filled. When the feminine has faith, and the masculine has TRUST, then the two can come together WITHIN themselves, toward new heights.

The masculine has arrived. He sees. He sees as the feminine sees, and they both see – God, and in seeing that, they see everything, and nothing at all.. It is the great confusion. What remains true?

Faith, and belief. Ascension is here, you can choose to believe that you are going crazy lol.. Or you can choose to believe in something outside of the ordinary..But once your cross that threshold.. There is no coming back..


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Blessed be.

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