Divine lovers (twinflame) *DAILY* reading – 7th-8th June 2017 FULL READING. 

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Divine lovers (twinflame) *DAILY* reading – 7th-8th June 2017 – Main theme – 6 of pentacles, Masculine – 9 of pentacles, Feminine – 5 of cups, What the masculine feels for the feminine – The moon, What the feminine feels for the masculine – Page of pentacles.
There is a little bit of a switch in the dynamics between divine lovers in these two days & it appears as if this has something to do with our familiar foe… the moon in Scorpio – the likes of which bring us emotional depth that truly forces our subconscious to peak through our centre… any underlying factors in the form of attachment to the old, dying nature of themselves, or remorse or resentment about the past will & has made itself apparent in this time – as is the nature of ascension.
However – the two are handling it in very different ways. With the transparency of the Scorpio energy & the looming full moon, a mirror image means that on these two days, instead of feeling themselves, they are really feeling each other. 

The 9 of pentacles represents the masculine admiring the feminines restraint.. she has been dedicating herself to her own crafts, namely the craft of building & remodelling herself in fantastical ways.. She may be knee deep in her business plans & this keeps the Focus on her investing in herself…

It is a mark of the moves that she currently makes to sever ties with codependency, one of the poisonous narratives of their union…

With the 6 of pentacles representing the main theme, likely it is a time of gifting & taking..

Both divine lovers take a closer look at the way that ENERGY works.
What is necessary for them at this time, what areas are absolutely fundamental to their growth & how can they ensure that they are giving time & energy to these areas, whilst creatively starving any avenues of their life that are just give, give & no take.
With the hierophant this is a spiritual lesson in taking things easier. Taking the simple

Paths to spirituality, to God & not over complicating or burdening themselves so that they cannot focus on the required obligations at hand – including their own purification processes.
With the 5 of cups, the feminine feels the masculines angst over her change & perhaps silence… on one hand he really did want her to become independent & self sufficient in this way, on the other he wonders what it means for the fact that he is now awakening to the reality of what they are actually called for…
The moon in Scorpio is the original divine masculine – King Osiris of Egypt, & this is the God of death & rebirth. It could be that he is cutting his losses with a lot of things in his past & his old

Life, as he in intuitively constructed to do, however, without feeling the feminine so close by it could seem as if she too has left him to his devices..
Intuitively, he feels the feminines efforts for growth, to lift not only herself but also himself from the spiritual slumber. The phrase matrix twin does not so necessarily apply to him much longer, as he does receive unconscious insights. 
He must resist the temptation to get a little gloomy, to buried in himself & his emotions & forget that with the two remaining cups behind him the feminine is actually still

There. Deep hidden feelings that he holds towards her may become more tangible to him in these next few days, & he may worry if it’s too late, or as if other obligations in his life take away from his desires to be fully


The page of pentacles represents the feminine recognising that the masculine still

Has some ways to go on his journey. A torch has been lit within him but

Perhaps she is patient or cautious because she knows that these are the beginning stages of his new life & he needs to

Cultivate the time & the patient to be able to focus on his craft..

Divine lovers always work best when intuitively, not intrusively tapped into one another’s emotional fields. 

They must know when the other needs space to grow. The masculine needs to

Let go of attachment to the little picture at hand, whilst the feminine is actually doing pretty great at this time to be understanding of the masculines own ordeal.

Do all roads truly lead to home?

Karma is in the everyday choices that we make. Decisions map our destiny. It is not important to know whether our destiny is already mapped out or not – it is more important to know that our choices reveal this destiny, & our choices reveal more about ourselves than anything.. 

Divine lovers weekly reading – 5th-11th June 2017 – ‘Cleaning out the closet’, does carry on from last weeks themes of holy matrimony.. When we make a vow to ourselves & to the divine that we are ready to be purified & step into the next stage of our evolution, we are shown all of that which still remains a blockage to us on this path & this starts with the ‘demons’ that still dwell within us… childhood trauma & the behavioural instincts, habits, or lack of self worth that follows as a result of this. The feminine has a big week ahead of her as she grows absolutely exhausted & fed up with playing small & playing roulette with the devil.. By fire, by force it is her time to burst free, & as much as she would love to take the masculine with her, she recognises that for him to be side by side with her on this journey, he needs to want to be. A whole new definition of patience arrives. It is not about ‘waiting’ for him – rather, it is about having waited for herself, & her self finally arriving… The more separate their journeys are? the more in sync they are! Once again, the great paradox rears its pretty little head! 💕🤔😘😍👣 To place a purchase – please do so the usual way pay paling £3.33 to PayPal.me/seekCindy, send me a confirmation email to cindyanneh-bu@hotmail.co.uk & await your reading 🙂 

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Blessed be my sacred beings ~ 


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