General Weekly Reading – 5th-11th June 2017 – Crossroads.

Main theme – (8 of wands), 9 of pentacles, knight of swords, The moon, 9 of wands, queen of cups, 9 of swords. 

Numerological breakdown calculation – 5 – Change, freedom, emotional freedom, death/rebirth, transition, leaving an old situation behind – 11 – spiritual lessons, spiritual wake up call, understanding, realisations of karma & karmic principles, lessons learned through hardship.

The 8 of wands is the kick starter that is needed to motivate you fast towards the right direction. This energy represents spiritual mail arriving in your post. Just like that, we get the memo & we are ready to take action against past grieviances & worries. There is a desire to no lonher perceive or experience life as a struggle.

Many of us are so beaten & word down by spiritual trials & errors that the soul cries out at this time for change, & redemption. Whatever it takes to make it out on the other side, because this is no way to live, or carry out our days.

In the air lingers the feeling of something ending & many of us may find ourselves mourning this period of death & change but it is so necessary. If the shoe does not fit, give it to another foot.

The 9 of wands & the 9 of swords represent some type of completion that is occurring or needs to occur. In very Sagittarian fashion the knight of swords indicates a sharpening of the mind. Once we become clear about our direction, there is an apprehension to get there fast.

Remember Sagittarius, the world is yours, but patience is a virtue.

Many of us are fed up with the road blocks & the speed bumps along the way, & now look forward  to implementing this new change.

A revelation that needs to be shared could be presenting itself; a message that we must teach, a purpose that we must immediately meet.

Time waits for no man this week.

The 9 of pentacles represents the investment in self that eventually pays off. It could be that we recognise that our journey of building will not be without its patience, or dedication for the long hall – for the figure in the 9 of pentacles has worked long & hard for this period of rest.. maybe we need to slow things down further & take our time with needs that are not immediately pressing. This may be the period where you need to buckle down, listen to your own needs & demands, follow the beat of your own drum, knowing that the best is yet to come…

The motivating factor is this future place in time when we can enjoy life’s luxuries because we have earned them.

Several ideas flooding in at once could be the impact of the full moon in the sign of Sagittarius this week. 

Sagittarians (I speak from experience), are all about aiming for the best & shooting for the stars. And seeing the wider, higher vision. 

The knight of pentacles is ready to make these ideas a reality.

It could be the planning & the preparation behind the intuitive impulses to create & to carry out these tasks.

Buckle down & get pragmatic as the moon forces you to reconcile with even more that remained hidden, even more deeply embedded worries, doubts & limitations stored deeply within us.

Emotional growth & maturity is very important to our development this week. 

Beware of your ego attempting to block your messages & cause confusion. 

Take a look at the bottom row of this deck. The queen of cups sits in the middle of two

Worrisome energies.. she can either choose to feel spiritually wounded, like the 9 of wands, OR, she can choose to worry excessively about what all of these endings are signifying – with the 9 of swords, however, when she sits in the middle of her emotional centre, she remains unstirred – non dettered by the appearance of that which happens outside of her. The intuitiveness of the queen of cups knows that everything is actually unfolding as it should, to get her to find this sense of stability & strength in her emotions, no matter what is happening around her – as this is how we give & receive our

Best selves.

An ego death requires you to take a new spin on the past, a somewhat detached approach that allows you to analyse events impartially. Instead understanding them, so that you grow as the queen of cups, not becoming overwhelmed by your findings.

The focus this week is establishing emotional

Peace & stability & no longer being a slave to the fortress of our emotions. It is time to fight the good fight – & fight your way out of

Emotional haywire. 

Meditation, stillness & soundness of mind can help these revelations pour out to

You. Some of you may feel tempted to come out of this period of slumber, rest & contemplating, but it may not yet be time. Even though you grow restless, there is still more to come – so press your ears so tenderly against the cosmos.

Divine lovers weekly reading – 5th-11th June 2017 – ‘Cleaning out the closet’, does carry on from last weeks themes of holy matrimony.. When we make a vow to ourselves & to the divine that we are ready to be purified & step into the next stage of our evolution, we are shown all of that which still remains a blockage to us on this path & this starts with the ‘demons’ that still dwell within us… childhood trauma & the behavioural instincts, habits, or lack of self worth that follows as a result of this. The feminine has a big week ahead of her as she grows absolutely exhausted & fed up with playing small & playing roulette with the devil.. By fire, by force it is her time to burst free, & as much as she would love to take the masculine with her, she recognises that for him to be side by side with her on this journey, he needs to want to be. A whole new definition of patience arrives. It is not about ‘waiting’ for him – rather, it is about having waited for herself, & her self finally arriving… The more separate their journeys are? the more in sync they are! Once again, the great paradox rears its pretty little head! 💕🤔😘😍👣
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