General Weekly Reading – 12th-18th June – This wisdom of trust, forgiveness, and love.

The queen of cups introduces the undertones of divine love, unconditional love, and the purest kind of feminine love that we can imagine.

general weekly..

Numerological breakdown calculation – 12 – (3) – Holy trinity, Christ consciousness, communication, creativity, expression, wholeness, family- 18th (9) – Endings, wholeness, Completion, abandonment consciousness, healing, wounded healer, humanitarianism, Compassion, Community consciousness.

As the main theme, this is a pretty powerful week for us in terms of understanding love, and ourselves, how we give love, how we receive love, and why we perceive love the way that we do. I get a very mother Mary energy from the queen of cups, this is the mother who is unconditional, and so loving, and compassionate, and understanding, and this week some of us may be called to identify any issues that we have with the mother wound, regardless of our sex.

Did we feel safe, and engulfed and protected by love, or is love something that we run from? Something that we perceive to have sharp edges, something that is unpredictable, and changing, something that causes us to feel abandoned.. What do you really believe that love is? And do you even believe in it?

The 5 of pentacles suggests that there is some issues around this sense of safety in love and commitment, and this could be highlighted to us this week. This is an energy of depravity, I do not have enough, I cannot be enough, I am sick, I am cold, I am left out to fend for myself.. If these truly are your thoughts, and your ideas, then it is time for you to undergo a shift, and a powerful healing soul mate from the past may be aiding this shift.. Is there somebody on your mind? Who you cannot escape? What vital lesson are they presenting to you through your memories? Because this week with the 6 of cups, I see them teaching you quite a lot.

This could be a lover from the past, maybe the make contact with you, or are thinking to, or maybe you make contact with them because you recognise the impact that they have had on your life, and your journey at this point. The world card sees you leaving something behind in a major way this week, and it does relate to childhood difficulties, and fears in relation to feeling non-shielded. It may be a very emotional week for some as they have to go through this clearing in entire honesty.

Some of us may be ready to move on in love, and experience a greater form of love, that we truly are beginning to realise that we deserve, but there are so many mental and spiritual blockages because we have never actually tried to accept love properly, or in its most authentic form.. We could be realising that actually, we have not really known love, just dysfunctional version of it, because of our programming, and the queen of cups may be representing a clearing of the emotional centers, and of the heart chakra, to aid us into both accepting and realising that there is even GREATER love available out there.. This could be God’s love, but I am really feeling that it is all about spiritual love – a love that encompasses both growth/support, AND romantic love. A double whammy. And yes, this is not unheard of.

The 7 of pentacles can sometimes be a card of avoidance.. Have you dedicated yourself to work, or perhaps finances in order to avoid the fact that something is missing in your life? And that this something is love?

It is time to take an honest look at yourself this week. Stop trying to distract yourself from consuming the past in it’s entirety. You need to look at it. You need to understand it – in order to move forward from it. The 8 of swords presents you with all of the reasons why you are stuck, and why you could not possibly move forward, perhaps financial reasons are a play.. You may be thinking of moving on from a relationship romantically that has served its purpose, or that drains your energy, but perhaps you wonder where you will go, or how you will make it if you leave.. Remember that a brain wired on fear only searches for problems, and continuously ignores solutions. Most of the things that cause you to fret or worry actually only exist within your mind. You can free yourself if you really want to, but first you have to stop re-playing negative scenes over, and over in your mind again.. In combination with the 9 of wands, this energy could represent a certain points this week, you feeling very much quite sorry for yourself. Looking back at the past in a negative way, or remembering those who have hurt you, or how they have hurt you. You may have your back up against the wall, and act standoffish in the face of opening up, or life offering you some grace, because you do not trust the people that the grace is shining through.. The queen of cups could represent you, and not even fully trusting yourself, or your emotions. You may feel worried that your kindness will be taken for weakness.. Or perhaps the queen of cups represents a new lover, and the possibility of emotional comfort. Maybe this same queen hurt you in the past. Maybe you hurt her. But this does not mean that you cannot learn, and grow, and change, and that in all time things will not fall into place exactly as they are supposed to.


Please please remember.


Leave your weapons down.

You are not fighting against people, you are fighting against spiritual warfare.. And the more you become in tune with your own emotions, and TRUST what you are feeling, the more that you will be able to FEEL the demons, and FEEL where the attacks are coming from.. THEN, you can move on.. And not get attached to things that will cause you pain, but it starts with you, you have to trust yourself again. You have to let down these walls, and defenses, because if you are ever to trust anybody, you have to trust you. You have to stop waiting for everybody to hurt you.. You have to stop waiting for everybody to prove to you why you cannot trust anybody.. A new world calls for you, awakens to you, but you cannot take the past with you into where you are going..

Your spirit is ready to MOVE. It has been carrying so many of these things around for so long, and now it is just like, ‘Oh my God’.. LITERALLY.. Let me break. Let me go. Do something with me, because you are keeping me trapped, and I am unhappy!

The king of wands is this dynamic, enthusiastic, resourceful energy, and it is really waiting to come out of you… Arts, and crafts, creation, inspiration, new light, new breath is what awaits you on the other side.

Let go, or be dragged – this week.

The angel of trust – 

Angelic realm – Angel of the heaven of creation.

Angelic function – To open our hearts and minds to trusting in the goodness of life.

Gifts for earth – It can help us to learn to trust ourselves; learn to trust in life itself and all it has to offer us; learn to trust other people.

The angel of trust is represented holding the stole, which it uses as a blindfold. When we are blindfolded we have to trust in ourselves and in God, knowing that we are protected by this angel, whose hands reach out to us across the gulf of time and worldly matters.

divine love.jpg

This week’s divine lovers reading takes a look at the shifts that occur for us at this time. Enlightenment turns us on our head with the main theme as the hanged man. It is truly time to see things from an entirely new perspective, so those on this journey who find they are having to shed a lot of things, and people, and who feel a little anxious about this – well yes, it is okay, and it is time because your life is doing a 360 – it has to. The more karma you have to shift, the further away you were from mission, and from your path, the more you will find yourself purging at this time. Allow it to happen. Do not try to resist this process, but more understand it.. The feminine is fully stepping into the light of unconditional love, the kind of love that sees her being love, and dealing with her issues about LACK in past relationships. The masculine confronts his karma with a fight this week.. He is battling through this time in his life and he is doing it with the intention to build. I do see both twins putting themselves this week which is fantastic. .. Although, not everybody may not be too happy about this.. Tune into this weeks reading to get the FULL juice. Once again, I am so, so proud of you all for making it this far, and for rocking with me for about 2 years now on this path! I have grown so much from it, and I cannot wait to share even more of this love with you! A chapter has closed, a portal has opened, and we welcome the new..

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