General weekly reading – 19th-25th June 2017 – Out from underneath the blockade. 

Numerological break down calculation – 19th – (10) – Endings & new beginnings, balancing polarised energies, the sync of masculine & feminine, death & rebirth, transformation, completion, creation & destruction – 25th – (7) – Spirituality, spiritual lessons, lessons learned through hardship, God consciousness, esotericsm, spiritual perfection. 10 + 7 = 17 1+7 = 8 – Karma, karmic laws, infinity, abundance, independence, financial expansion.  

So the spread this week looks a little differently, & I guess it wanted to come out that way, so I allowed it to.. You know me, never one to unnecessarily debate with the cards lol.

There are two main themes this week – the king of swords & the 2 of pentacles, suggesting that we are looking to cut away that which no longer serves us & having a clear direction about where we would like to go this week.

The new moon in cancer presents us with a powerful opportunity to see into our subconscious mind – the binds & the ties that still hold on to us so deeply from the past.

The new moon in Cancer presents us with a powerful opportunity to see into our subconscious mind – the binds & the ties that still hold on to us so deeply from the past, and it is time with the strength and conviction of the mind to overcome them.
A very ideal time for healing family issues and childhood wounding is now. With the annual fathers day celebrations that we just had last week, and the New moon in Cancer representing maternal instincts, motherhood, and the home, this has been a time of reconciling with lost parts ourselves, and digging up some of the past traumas that have led to certain relationship patterns and beliefs that have shaped our experiences in this life.
Many of us are coming to the stage where we are looking to go past our own constraints, not just in the areas of relationships, but also career, finance, and overall joy and quality of experience.
Any set backs, and areas that cause distraction are identified and weeded out with the power of the king of swords. This is clear thinking, clear doing, and clear communication. There may be people that you need to deliver a certain message to this week, and perhaps in order to do so you need to become clear about exactly what it is that you would like to tell them. A break may need to be taken from everyday routine, and life in order to truly decide what it is that you are going to do about this situation. Many of us feel as if we have infact reached a cross roads, and need to take action now to make this decision that will inevitably alter the next stage of our destiny. A decision needs to be made, and this decision may be to cut away at a 3rd party situation, as the 2 of pentacles can sometimes relate to juggling two people, and trying to make two parts work in a sync that has been causing you frustration, or occupying more time than you have to offer.

You may need to find a new calm and equilibrium in matters of the heart and affairs of finance. It no longer need be one or the other, and this is about the integration of masculine, and feminine energy – the mother and the father. It is okay to have emotional needs that need to be met, but it is equally important to ensure that your money does not suffer because of it. It is up to you to have this dominion, and to have this control over your own mind. The king of swords is powerful because he lets nothing command him, he has studied his own mind, and he knows how it works, he knows how it ticks, he knows what disables him, and he knows how to keep himself in check in order for him to do what he needs to do.

If previously your mind, or your mode of thinking has deterred you from progression, forward movement, or financial advancement, then this is the week that you say enough, is enough. You do not have time to waste as far as the 9 of pentacles is concerned. And this can also be a card of solitude, so if there are people and things that you need to put to the side in order to complete these goals, and tasks, then this week you will realise that you have no qualms about doing so.. This time is very much about YOU. Even though the Cancerian energy is centered around the focus of family and others, you realise that in order to be able to cater to anybody you need to have for yourself. You need to build this forte of protection, and you need to know what that will look like. The fog is clearing, and thank GOD for it, because blocks are being removed.
Peaceful, quiet time in meditation can be needed to get you back together, to get your mind back in alignment with your highest good, to see more clearly. I am picking up on the idea that many of us have these blockages that have been clouding our vision, and have been deterring us from going after the gold, and the glory, and the knight of swords charges in saying enough is enough one again. This is the week that we have to put the plans and ideas in place to do something about it. So many messages come to us once our minds are clear in this way, one we ALLOW this new information to actually pass through us. Perhaps even ideas about ways to generate further streams of income, ways to lessen our work load so that we can get more done, or so that we can balance this social or leisure life that we so desire.

The ace of wands is a powerful spiritual reboot and rejuvenation, there is a hunger for life, and a determination to experience more life now…And this change may appear as if it is happening pretty quickly. Things can shift in only a matter of seconds once you actually believe that they can change, you have to be open to this. Things are moving in the right direction this week, and you have to move with them, with as little resistance as possible toward what is being shown to you.
The knight of swords is the recognition and the realisation that actually comes to severe the ties of the 2 of pentacles.. Look at that infinity symbol in there. That is all about the laws of karma, and cause and effect and how things merge, and flow, and come together, much like the number 8 in numerology which represents the same, and as you can see from this weeks numerological calculation, AND the justice card, AND the world card sitting pretty to my left, we have a very karmic week in store. Now this is about recognition of karma so that we can break certain chains, and binds. Maybe karmic attachments are being chopped in to two pieces this week – bye bye to some lovers who have served their purpose, or friends, who have served their lessons. This back, and fourth, and to and fro for many of us needs to end. And this is the week we need to deliver this message because it is so urgent, and it is being delivered to us.
These two major arcanas, the justice card and the world card are everything together because they signify this big, cataclysmic ending. It is time for the scales to balance themselves out, and do expect some good karma to come your way once you clear what needs to be cleared. Cut it away. Something is ending because it has reached its time. Many of you have paid your karmic dos, and now you can walk away from certain things because you fixed this loop that was broken in the cycle. Perhaps something from a past life that you needed to know, and fully understand, and now you do. The world card takes wisdom with it when it leaves. Look at the figure in the card as she transcends the old world, and moves up into higher planes of existence. She’s watching the old world and its interactions as she moves upwards, still taking lessons from it – still watching what goes on beneath her. So this could be watching people who are still trapped in battles with their egos, whilst you wish to have nothing more to do with that world because it is exhausting, and non serving. But do not forget to take the lessons, integrate them, weave them into the book of life so that you can be done with this.
Justice – may be in the legal sense, some of us may be winning court cases, or battles with money, baby mama/baby father dramas to do with money, or the fair sharing of custody of the child, and perhaps now you can look towards the next stage of your life and put all of that behind you finally. It could be a divorce finalisation that allows you to be free once again, and if so – remember how this whole thing even started, remember how it got to where it did now. This is how you will not attract the same experience once more.
The angel prince of the south wants for us to allow ourselves again to be able to enjoy life.. Life was not meant to just come, and go, and pass us by as days, but this is what happens when we shut ourselves off from joy. When we start believing that life is supposed to be dull because this is the way that it has been for so long, and we just have to put up with it, or make excuses for it, or stop expecting so much from it – No. Life is to be enjoyed.


Divine lovers weekly – ‘God is my caterer, and I am full’.

tf weekly

This weeks divine lovers weekly is ALL about letting go, in the best way possible. The masculine zooms in on his insecurities, as God works with him about them. It’s a significant time for him, powered very heavily by this new moon, and the feminine goes through the motions to come out on the other side. She has to confront her feelings of abandonment and loneliness for her to actually realise, she is quite a queen this week.. So, the heat is turned up in the pressure cooker, but opposed to getting burned and sizzled to flames, both divine lovers are actually getting quite a tan, and coming out all the more better for it..Even more surrender is here.  Happy summer solstice. And happy rebirthing. Do not miss this beautiful reading, and I am not just saying that because of the financial worth for me because really this is the cheapest service that I have to offer, but the weight, and the impact that it brings, and the healing is uncanny… Just ask any of my followers who have ever purchased one, this shift is just unspeakable really.

As always, you can send £3.33 (pounds not dollars) to, or you can purchase last weeks, and this weeks in bulk for the discount of £5.55 following the same method. Just please do make sure that you send me a confirmation email to afterwards so that I know it’s you 😉

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