Divine masculine – empowerment enrichment – CURRENT energetic updates.

Divine masculine ~ Empowerment//Achieving self confidence//Taking responsibility for self — Dream analysis ~
The other night, I had a dream that I was communicating with my divine masculine via Facebook. Now, this tends to happen quite a lot, every time that communication in the physical is drawing closer, or he is thinking about reaching out to me, I will have a dream that we are in communication on Facebook – I am not sure why Facebook, but I believe it's because Facebook is the form of communication that we first started with, so it's symbolic of free flowing conversation.

In the dream, I checked his Facebook updates & he was writing affirmations. He was writing that he was successful, that he was capable & that he was proud of what he had currently been building. It was quite an interesting turn of events, because my own divine masculine like many masculines has struggled greatly in the past with self confidence, self acceptance & self belief, which has set them on quite a destructive path.. I do feel many masculines (as well as feminines & usually following her lead) are attempting to reconcile with the last & wounded parts of themselves & their own childhood. In speaking life into themselves, they break these chains of codependency & this need to drain others or themselves of resources.

Try not to think what does this mean in relation to me? And just enjoy the fact that the masculine is in fact growing & glowing…

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The 7 energy of the month of July, saying goodbye, & what’s purgatory all about anyway?

The infamous 7 of pentacles –
This card appeared in both general weekly reading & divine lovers weekly for about 4 consecutive weeks, even to the point that it began to shock me, & it was only recently that this drew to my attention something very specific about what this card was trying to articulate, especially in regards to this month of July, exhausting, trying, exhilarating, challenging, but BEAUTIFUL! & on this last day of it… I must say that I will both miss & appreciate it terribly!

This month taught me so very much, & in the same way that an individual belonging to a particular sunsign will be effected when the moon is in their sign, as a life path 7, this numerological 7 month was very trying & intense for me.

The number 7 energy under the month of July brought us contemplation, at times intense isolation & a slowing down of our external world for us to dig deeper than what is beyond the surface.
This month was focused towards internal work, getting to know our own selves better, including our shadow selves & receiving the spiritual insight to make monumental changes in regards to what we found.

The 7 of pentacles is a card of no escape & reminds me very much of the archetypal imagery of God sending Adam to work in the field. This month was about your karma & the efforts you were set to go to in order to learn about it so that you could transpire it.

The man in the image may look bored or frustrated, because no matter what he does he cannot leave this place. God had bound us this month, because until we could retrieve the lessons intended, there was no way we could leave this field – this endless purgatory. The pentacle that lies between his feet holds all the answers. If only he can stop being doomy & gloomy enough about his current fate to realise this.
Purgatory is not punishment per say – more like acknowledgement/recognition.

All of the intense soul work of this month has set us up BEAUTIFULLY to expand & explore & create new karmic experiences for the 8 month of august.

What lesson did you FINALLY learn this month, that had escaped you for so long?
I learned, that I was enough.

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General Weekly Reading – 24th-30th July 2017- ‘I think, therefore I am’.

general weekly

Main theme – (The hierophant), 5 of cups, 8 of swords, ace of pentacles, the magician, knight of swords, crowning – page of cups, outcome – knight of cups.

Numerological breakdown calculation – 24th (6) – 3oth – Home, family, maternity, ,maternal instincts, balance, order, redemption, forgiveness, moving past blockages, coming home to ones self, creativity, communication and abundance.

The words family, karma, and maternity came to me many times when conducting this reading. And I sight that maternity is something referring to this time that we may have taken away from usual, or routine pursuits, in order to work on what it is that we are establishing. It is about the growing period, and about needing to take some time out for everything that is deemed of lesser importance.

When you are building or developing something, you take time away to pour of yourself into it.

It is our little baby.


For some, this represents an actual baby. For others, it’s the inner child, for some, it’s a creative project, for others, it is just new life.

And there is this breaking away from tradition this week in the sense that what is occurring differs from our childhood modelling, differs from what we were taught we had to do, or be like. Finally learning how to truly take care of ourselves.

The hierophant as the main theme suggests the CLEAR spiritual breakthrough that most of us have been looking and searching for. When the hierophant message appears, it paves the way for spiritual messages to arrive to us both loud and clear.

Has there been a particular issue that you have been avoiding? Something that has been playing on your mind again over, and over, but you just tried to wish it away?

The hierophant provides to you prophetic information about this situation that may arrive to you in the form of dreams, clear and concise thoughts, ‘voices’ you may perceive within your mind, or cleverly tucked away in day dream.

Revelations that put you back on the path, when you attempt to run off of it. Your particular destiny, task, or mission may be made clearer to you, even though your stubbornness and resistance.

The page of cups crowning the reading is indicative of the wounded inner child, Messages are derived directly from your life experiences at this time, and over emotionalism and sensitivity are tackled right on the head.

The inner child may be meek, slow to take action, uncertain of themselves, or living to please others.

The love that they have to give may be given to others before it is mature enough, or before it is given to themselves, or, before themselves have had the chance to understand what this love even is.

Stronger foundations are to be built this week, as the wounded inner child, unhealed, is very reckless, undisciplined, and a martyr in love.

The outcome of this situation as the knight of cups shows the natural progression in love, or matters of the heart. A step forward from the page of cups, this individual has learned how to preserve their love, how to give of their love, and how to express themselves in more creative and enthusiastic ways, so that romantic love is not the only avenue of self expression.

For some of us, this relates to the way that we think about, and interpret love.

The knight of cups is just as romantic and idealistic as the page, but has learned better coping mechanisms for their sensitivity, and is more careful and responsible in the way that they care for others.

Once again, it could be a message coming from an outside source. Perhaps someone who had the time to meditate on the situation that occurred in the 5 of cups, (which is a situation that appears to correlate with the divine masculine special reading * current energies – see below for details).

The 5 of cups turns its back on this situation that the hierophant has used to reveal its spiritual laws. It could likely speak of a romantic situation – maybe involving a third party that the figure in the 5 of cups was not ready to believe was going to come – but all things in timing. It could be a revelation of what was truly going on behind the scenes, or them failing to keep up the juggling act of seeing to all responsibilities in this union and situation.

The 8 of swords engages in a little self pity, getting caught up in the ego, and limiting thoughts about what this situation meant.

You have learned far too much about the laws of karma to step back into lower dimensional thinking.

The ace of pentacles presents fresh opportunities coming in. Amidst the turmoil, the ace of pentacles is a message to go after your glories.

Enthusiasm and creativity may be hot and heavy on the scenes as you attempt to manifest a new spiritual and equal parts physical dimension.

The ace of pentacles plants a new idea within your mind. You may be creating the vision, and the space for a new experience and financial path to come through for you.

The magician introduces the willpower to command the elements in your favour. Dedication and a desire to push through no matter what crops up mentally, and emotionally, is presented here.

The infinity symbol crowning the head of the individual suggests a strong recognition and understanding of karmic cycles and paths that have been tried and tested – likely causing a frustrated but determined desire to stir the boat in an entirely new direction.

The magician card can sometime also represent tunnel vision – the precision of stream lined focus – basing an idea or belief on a goal, and thus working directly and exclusively towards it.

new money.jpg

Divine lovers weekly reading – 24th-30th July – Who keeps the score, when 2 become 1 – for we have both won — preview — 

divine lovers

The feminine is very powerfully, and very strikingly moving toward a new dawn in this weeks divine lovers reading. She hacks away at half truths and untruths that have caused her to buy a version of love that was less than ripened. Standing bold in her truth and glory means really learning what it means to embody the divine masculine template. What she was searching for – is herself. Her completeness in this transition beckons the masculine ever closer. The feminine assuming her position as the earth mother, and the teacher, and healer, and ruthless figure allows him to heed to the original laws of man that were spiritually laid out for him. If she can change and rise up, then surely, he has to see, where he has been going wrong.. Prepare for some unexpected twists and turns this week.

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Divine lovers DAILY reading – 26th-27th July 2017.

Divine lovers DAILY reading – 26th-27th July 2017 –
Feminine – 4 of pentacles –
Masculine – The moon –

From the appearance of both cards present on either side, it appears that there is a current shift in the openings of both divine lovers.

A ripened time for change & recognition of error presents the feminine w/ the 4 of pentacles.
It may be at this time that her attentions have turned more away from emotional or romantic pursuits, & she is very career focused on centred around the idea that she needs to acquire finance..

In her search for stability & promise, the feminine may be recognising at this time that the only way she is to maintain those things, is through the study & self establishment of self.

She is being quite stingy with her energy at this time but this is just because she has finally realised JUST how valuable her energy is.
She is no longer so open, allowing anyone & anything access to her, & access to her emotional barriers.
She went through a lot last week & whilst she is still recovering & uncertain of who she can fully unravel herself to, she studies everyone around her & uses her time wisely to focus on any projects & ideas she has been sitting on…
Way to go feminine!
You undo so many years worth of karma & codependency issues when you borrow from traditional masculine energies! Don't rush yourself to come back out of the wood works… 🙏🏽😍💖

The masculine appears to be adopting a trait of the feminine at this time… And you can see how the recent week has really shifted them to consider the other perspective.
The moon card can point to illusions or delusions, because this individual gets SO caught up in their own shadow work they can fail to distinguish what is reality & what is actually just curious thought..

He may find himself out in the abyss. Pondering concepts he hadn't really contemplated before & feeling a little more sensitive than usual. Don't resist it masculine. This is actually the only way that you can figure yourself even more & come to understand certain underlying behaviours & patterns of yours.

Your ego will attempt to shake these realisations off – but there is an intuitive part of yourself truly fed up of being blocked.
Let the ego roar & belch as much as it pleases. Whilst the feminine remains this closed, you cannot go to her for answers or energy.
You will have to ask yourself…

Blessed be my sacred beings ~

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*New moon in Leo* – July 22nd//23rd – Powzah 👊🏾👑💥☄️🔥

If there were any taro cards that were a visual interpretation of the energy of the Leo, it would be these 3.

Passionate, purposeful, fearless & determined, this is the archetypal warrior & sun God.

Just as the sun wants to be seen & makes its presence known in a bold way, the Leo energy is fed up w/ hiding & minimising the self.
Tired of feeling overlooked & undervalued? Perhaps it’s time for you to look within. What childhood chains & bonds have made you feel so invisible?

It is your perception of your own achievements being under appreciated that cause you to feel so isolated & so in the dark.
If you are serious about being seen, then by all means – allow yourself to be seen.

If you hide away in the shadows, nobody will know of your talent, drive & persistence.

So riddled w/ shame that you hide yourself at every chance you get… well no more.
The knight of wands energy is all about excitement & enthusiasm in your projects. Whatever you are working on, make sure that you put your entire self into it & this will bleed through your creativity. Do not hold back – show the world your BEST & the world will show you its best.
The queen of wands is the spiritual woman who is feeling herself. Her esoteric knowledge has given her a certain advantage & she wears it with pride.

She is not shy to go out there & get what she wants because she knows that self belief is the potion that can conjure everything.

Once again – low self esteem is a state of mind, nobody else sees what you see, but you see what you wish to believe..

Start believing in your own magic & do so by illuminating the past pains that cause you to hide yourself in darkness.
Childhood trauma is often the root of isolation, excessive shyness & social anxiety.. you need to grow so comfortable in your body & your spirit that you trust it to support you, because you know that it is moving in alignment with you, which means soul retrieval.

The lost parts of yourself must come out tonight.

But first, you must bare all that you do not like.
Are you… brave enough?

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General Weekly Reading – 17th-23rd July 2017- Winds of change.


Main theme – Justice, Surrounding cards – 6 of wands, 6 of cups, 6 of swords, queen of cups, Head issue – king of swords, Outcome – 4 of wands.

Numerological breakdown calculation – 17 (8) – Karma, breaking karmic cycles, finding balance & harmony, moving past entrapment, poverty consciousness/ abundance & prosperity consciousness – 23 (5) – Change, transition, death/rebirth, movement, endings/beginnings.

The justice card as the main theme is always symbolic of putting things right. A desire to weigh out the scales, reconcile with what is the right path, and offer  a fair verdict to a long and tried out situation.

What is the right thing to do here? That brings balance and overall equilibrium to all involved?

An offer of love, regret, and understanding may present itself with the 6 of wands character, arriving from a long drawn out battle among self, and others – to save the day.

The 6 of cups may symbolise returning somewhere, perhaps to a simpler, sweeter time and for many this represents a gateway of forgiveness.

It speaks of the home, and an offer of love, there may be a divorce that is called off, or a relationship that is salvaged because of a last ditch attempt, or a sudden heroic action displaying commitment and determination.

There are 3 6’s in this weeks reading representing a very happy home – family disputes may finally be put to the side or resolved as each and every member apart of the network is committed to their own growth and improvement.

The 6 of wands character does come in fairly swiftly, and may also arrive as a shock to those whom he is returning to. His desire is to make things right in the home, and to provide his community or his family with something worthwhile that he has retrieved along his travels.

This reminds us of the hero’s journey, so somebody who has been away at battle for a while, like a retreat, or a soul searching mission, and has the battle scars to show for it, although very battle worthy!

There definitely has existed a lengthy voyage for many of us, something that you have been searching for externally arrives to you internally this week to give you peace.

There is a wanting more, and there will be a finding of more.

A warrior in love is one who finds surrender. The desire to heal from past afflictions has never been more clear, and the 4 of wands truly does represent a happy, healthy functioning home structure.

We are moving away from many struggles with a clear head, and this is a particular big time for masculine energies who may be attempting to make things right and make things work with a feminine energy. The 4 of wands is all about team work and building healthy partnerships – where everybody pulls their weight.

We grow though life to learn new experiences, to fathom what does work and what does not work in life, and in our home affairs.

The justice energy represents the sword of truth, so a desire presents for us to be more honest with ourselves and others. This is a fundamental aspect of healing and will require emotional maturity for the most part for us.

There may be a memory of former times that were more simple and the queen of cups handles these memories fondly. It may also represent a time to strengthen your psychic, intuitive abilities and emotional awareness.

The masculine energy within us all is healing inner child issues, and because of this, the feminine is able to become more emotionally grounded. Past hurts become softened.

Something that took place in the past is being rectified, so that we can move forward in the future and this is about recognising the link, between what was, and what is now.

Our childhood experiences then, may articulate some of our choices now.

The queen of cups is this emotional understanding of the importance of the home and the nurturing of self, whilst the king of swords as the header theme is the older, and wiser, more mature soul who is focused on getting everything together. This is the understanding of how these events had to fall into place for our sense of right and wrong to be fully established and solidified.

The justice card is a higher force, a higher purpose, and a higher destination.

There could be a confession of sorts this week to do with the fact that there has not been any stability in the home in quite a while, and it returns now.. Slowly, but surely.

There was a lot of pain and a lot of anger in the past, and I feel as if there has to be forgiveness of a feminine energy to move past that, perhaps a matriarch who was not exactly balanced within her own emotions.

Now, as she attempts to become balanced, it causes this ripple effect in the entire structure.

 A strong look at how we can further our careers and become more clear on our direction is outlined this week. There are certain structures that we must build to get the ball rolling, so what are we waiting for? Instability has proven disastrous, time and time again.

The justice card also speaks of decisions and becoming more conscious in our decision making. Balance effects absolutely every area of our lives.

‘Divine lovers weekly reading’

– on the cusp of something beautiful/halfway through the awful.

tf weekly.jpg

This weeks divine lovers weekly takes us through another intense dark night of the soul-esque discovery. Whilst the masculine faces his own inner personal demons, the feminine tries to find a way to shine a light on both her own, and his. Ever true to her communal nature, the work that she does carries the both of them through this week.

The feminine finds out this week why something that she wanted in the past did not come to fruition in the way that she wanted it to, whilst the masculine learns vital lessons about responsibility and reliability.

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Divine lovers update reading 👫🤳🏽👂🔮19th-20th July.

Okay, so something’s definitely got our divine lovers feeling in a little bit of a rut these next few days. Perhaps you are feeling a little stuck, like you HAVE all of the magic & all of the power within your hands, but for some reason, you just can’t seem to affect enough change in the flow of your current energetic climate.

Things need to change – okay, we know that divine lovers & you have had the impulses that have been alerting you to this for such a long time now, so what at all is the matter?

Both divine lovers for this reading have major arcana cards that are in reverse, but if these cards were to be the right way up, they would signify such powerful transition & movement in their lives…
It is not that they do not have the ability, rather it is the fact that they DO have every ability to make these changes & to take a seat at the table of a new life that is causing them so much angst. Imagine you have all of the talent, all of the time, all of the insight, all of the foresight & all of the understanding… but you still feel so trapped? By your own thoughts, by your own fears & your own doubts?

Just how difficult would all of that be?! 

So let’s take a look at what is really going on here..

Divine feminine – the world (reversed)

In reverse, this card appears to see the feminine figure in it plummeting downwards, as opposed to rising up towards the skies & the glories that the new has to offer (ascension). Perhaps the feminine is still holding onto something that she needs to let go of. She may find herself rather confused about karma at this time. She does not understand why she has currently been placed at this standstill & what she is to do now with the information that she has received. Maybe some news has come in that has caused her to stall her plans & for some reason she feels as if she cannot move on or move forward now.

She may feel as if she missed her cue, missed a sign, or as if divine timing & divine principles are not on her side.
It could seem as if everything is falling apart & she does not understand how everything is actually coming together. Stuck in limbo might describe what currently goes on for the feminine. Maybe some cyclical behaviour, a situation that keeps repeating itself over & over again causing her even further confusion.

Feminine – let go of the idea & the desire to understand. You are currently over spiritualising things. Yes there is a rhyme & a reason but you do not need to figure it all out right now. Resist the urge to understand what this moment in time means right now… live through it. See how it plays out. You do not need to try & control this ending ‘completion’ right now. Let it complete itself.
Masculine – the magician in reverse.

Masculine, what happened? You know how powerful you are now! This is not like former days when you do not know. Why are you now creating so many blockages & stories for yourself? Do not let your ego get in the way now of all these plans & provisions you have set in place. For your ego is a mere mortal, but you have fast surpassed your physical presence. Stop letting others around you confuse you & make you think that you are less than you are. Nothing blocks your manifestation potential like fear. There is nothing to fear, you just need to continue on persevering. Please do preserve. Take things one step at a time. Just because you are a master builder does not mean that you need to build everything at once. I love you masculine. We all do. Take the time to gather your will power back. Seems you have been around some whispers of others that has caused you to feel ordinary again. Remember, you are extraordinary. Make the law of attraction your bitch. And let’s do the damn thang! 🙏🏽🙌🏽😝

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