General Weekly Reading – FUSION OF TWO WEEKS – The end, and the beginning – 3rd-9th – 10th – 16th.


Last weeks themes — 

general weekly 3rd

Main theme – (Knight of swords), 9 of pentacles, queen of swords, 6 of cups, the tower, death, 9 of wands, crowning situation – the sun, outcome – queen of cups//page of cups, archangel Gabriel.


Numerological breakdown calculation – 3rd – Family karma, Communication, expression, creativity, unity, birth/rebirth, motherhood, femininity – 9 – abandonment consciousness, completion, Resurrection, childhood wounds, transcending the ego, resolution, leaving the past behind.

The knight of swords as the main theme is a message of realisation and clarity that arrives with haste, and perhaps a lack of strategy. This could be the message that we did not wish to receive, the message that we have been avoiding, or had our eyes and ears closed to – even though we knew, with time – this truth would eventually arrive. There is only so long that you can conceal that which is reality, ,and this is what the tower card reveals so catastrophically – shaking us from the grips of our own illusions and facades. In truth, we knew that the tower was shaky. We always knew it was built without a stead foundation – we knew we weighed more than it’s required amount, yet still – we stood on it, forgetting to count the days till its demise.

The tower is a rude awakening and likely presents the truth to you regarding a past life situation, or a continuous, cyclical experience, or event in love that has screamed out to you in the form of various numerous partners of the past that you have had. .What is the one message and truth that you have taken from this all? What is the common denominator and factor in this situation shown to you? Yes this is very much a fall out week, but do not get too caught up in the fall out, actually – look closely to what it is teaching and showing you about yourself, and about what you allow. Also, about your perception of who you are.. As this will be asked to change, as the next week strides in.

Any last parts of instability to do with codependency are brought to the surface perhaps in an unexpected way that rushes us off of our feet.

The 6 of cups is memories of past relationships and the ways in which they have played out. The knight of swords may be finally understanding why past foundations were so shaky. The 9 of wands is illumination received from looking back at past hurts, especially childhood hurts. Serious cord cutting may need to occur in order for us to move on from old dimensions. The 9 of wands figure looks back at the sun card and receives insight, and illumination. This is the inner child who does long to be free, able to have the self determination, and self expression to live their life as they choose, but this particular past life situation has bound them for so long that they almost feel entrapped or imprisoned by it.. You could be looking back this week at a time where you were more free, or felt as if life was more enjoyable, and fluid and wondering why it no longer looks that way, and this is where the soul searching begins.. The sun card representing the part of you that is the undead.. Everything else may seem robotic to you, or systematic, or routine, but there is still the playful life and love, and child in  you that WANTS to experience more of life, that knows there is more beyond the 3D illusions and entrapment..

For many, this past life recurring issue definitely does manifest as a relationship situation or pattern that is tired and played out. You have collected far too much wisdom and knowledge now to perceive that this is just the way that things are supposed to be, or that there is no way that your situation can be changed. Something can be done about it, but you do have to affect that type of change. The tower card gives you the opening, but you have to take the sword that the knight of sword delivers to you, and use your logic and discernment to cut away from this attachment, with the might, and the precision of the queen of swords.. For so many of us, we actually do not want to have to make this decision, and this is where the death card arrives – a change that is not as abrupt as the tower card, but definitely reminds us that this is a natural transition and progression, and that it actually does have to happen. Your growth is very much attached to this death and rebirth, and perhaps a situation has served its purpose, served its time, and needs to be released from you for the better of all those involved.

Death and rebirth is so clearly articulated when both the death and the sun card appear together. The phrase, ‘He has risen’, gives connotations of a Christ like emergence. Suffering through the pain, in order to connect more with our spirituality, more with our chosen path, and more with our understanding of what we are to go through.

The queen of swords may seem like a contrast to the queen of cups, but actually, when you are so emotionally sensitive, and open, you also must be very masculine in your approach, discerning, and perceptive – as you need to protect yourself by knowing when to share your openness, and when to allow others to come into your emotional space, and also when they have outstayed their welcome. A new side of the feminine is born this week. One that encompasses all that she is – destructive, yet creative, calm, and humble, yet chaotic, and ruthless.

The 9 of pentacles is the understanding of the importance of self cultivation, self sustainability, and tending to one’s crafts and tools. This illumination sends a powerful message about the dangers of codependency, and how they create a false sense of security.

Deep, intense healing for the divine feminine within us all is on the cards, as we go back to heal past wounds associated with infidelity, romanticising of toxic//abusive relationship dynamics, and feeling emotionally rejected in love and in spirit.

The tower card knocks us off our high horse, any half truths about us being able to avoid or suppress our pain are no longer allowed to exist for us.

The truth is taken from a tiresome situation this week, and we take the initiative to target the belief systems that caused this situation to manifest – head on.

The 6 of cups may represent how we should have been treated in the past, or in childhood – as a gift, not something to be ignored or neglected.

The shelter we built to house our wounds crumbles in real time, but the knight of sword lives on to tell the tale. Emotional immaturity may be presented with the page of cups, and perhaps this is why the queen of cups turns her back to him, and the tower crumbles behind him. She is beginning to realise how she should be treated, and this is what the 6 of cups represents. Relationships that have been stunting our emotional growth – platonic, or romantic are likely ending this week as we have had enough. The 9 of pentacles and the 9 of wands both represent endings, and conclusions of long drawn out situation. However, whilst the feminine figure in the 9 of pentacles is ready to embark on a self journey of acquisition, the masculine is still stuck in battle mode, and it could appear as if she has outgrown him in some sense.

The full moon in Capricorn is a powerful driving force of self realisation and determination. Bold, resourceful, and ambitious, the energy associated with this moon is not comfortable with settling, or playing small any longer, and as an earth sign is willing to secure their future in a way that is stable, and reliant on something concrete, as opposed to situations that have been abstract, or enigmatic.

The archangel Gabriel inspires us to seek healing through the word of God. Archangel Gabriel may reveal the mysteries to us in the strangest of ways. This could manifest as some kind of community support, spiritual/religious organisation or a feeling of finally belonging somewhere, as something is spoken to you upon your arrival there.

This message comes through from everything that has not worked, and has fallen out of alignment with us. A few weeks or even months ago, these very things may have very well fit in perfectly with us, and our ideals about who we are, but we find ourselves changing rapidly and for the better…

Trying to reach out to a past lover may reveal to us, that over time, love is lost.

General Weekly – 10th-16th


Main theme, (King of pentacles//Temperance), 6 of wands, 7 of swords, queen of cups, ace of swords, crowning – 10 of pentacles, outcome – page of wands//the star.

Numerological breakdown calculation – 10th – Creation/destruction, unity of feminine & masculine energy, completion, endings and new beginnings, the understanding of the all that is, recreation – 16th (7) – mysticism, spirituality, spiritual understanding, knowledge gained through hard truths, study, isolation for self reflective purposes, epiphanies, prophetic insight, wisdom, intuition, esoteric meaning.

Capricorn energy still reigns supreme when the king of pentacles is called into question. It is time for many of us to balance our financial pursuits with our spiritual pursuits. It is not enough to be spiritually rich, as the temperance card suggests, rather spiritual richness goes hand in hand with being able to provide for yourself also and your needs in a physical sense. As above, so below, says these two cards appearing in unison as this weeks main general themes.

A balance needs to be brought to your physical world, or perhaps it is your spiritual health that you have been neglecting. For many of us, the nature of this week will call into assessment the depth of the core of our ideas surrounding spirituality, philosophy, & money, & how interlocked those three practices are. Recognising money blocks or identifying how we sabotage ourselves from success is very much a spiritual & a healing journey, as it requires us to go deep within to understand more about our external world & reality.

The king of pentacles is very much responsible for themselves & the temperance card this week is all about self healing. After the major events of last weeks energies, a clear message that many of us should have taken us, you cannot be dependent upon anybody else for your healing, & this is a journey that requires you to put your own plans & savings in motion. For you. Nobody else, but you. You are to become your own God head, a deity embodying both masculine & feminine principles, ensuring that everything that is learnt, is put into practice.

The king of pentacles is a business savvy individual, so for many of us this may relate to finally taking our subconscious ideas & planning out into the world in order to make them a reality. Too much of one thing is never a good thing. And temperance can also represent a temporary halt, or reassessment of action. It could be the time to slow down this week, to take an objective look at things & see what you can add or subtract from your situation to ensure that the calamities from last weeks fall out (whatever they were), do not find themselves reappearing to us this week.

The 6 of wands represents a charge of action, & we are far more focused on our goals & their execution this week. Almost as if a wake up call has sprung us from our sleep, there is much work to be done, much lost time to account for. The ace of swords is the heros message. You know what you have to do now & there is a clarity that you can no longer ignore or substitute for something else. Things have been specifically cleared for you & a path specifically paved, so that you cannot say you do not know where to go or you do not know where you are headed. Self belief is the key this week & you may need to take some bold chances in going for opportunities that would have scared you away before.

This really is not the time to cower away in shame. But to rise up in the knowledge that there truly is somewhere that you are called to be. Perhaps through your healing this is the week that you realise even more about your path, where you are supposed to go, & the creative ventures that will take you there.

Long term visions, goals, plans & ambitions for success are mapped out this week – perhaps a 5 year plan is constructed, or you look to team up with some like minds to establish the projects that you are working on. There is a very independent tone to this weeks reading which suggests many of us are coming up out of codependency & expectancy of others to provide for us. This is not about isolating yourself or developing an ‘I will show them attitude’, but this is very, very much about the self.

The 7 of swords represents issues with avoidance, which I really do see as being a case of not feeling good enough, or not equipped enough to handle the tasks at hand.. but this solved nothing then, & it will

Solve nothing now. It is time to take a closer look at why you avoid responsibility in some areas. Could it be that this is because deep down you have an underlying fear of failure? A phobia of not being good enough, that discourages you from completing or attempting tasks, long before you have even begun them.

The star card as the outcome for this week represents healing that comes through the subconscious mind. Likely, with all of these coming realisations, you have a desire to change your mind of a very fundamental level. Whilst the ace of swords relates to changing your thoughts, the star card is all about changing subconscious thoughts & beliefs.. what is so buried underneath your subconscious that you do not even see, or feel it? This week you will know… and attempt to heal it.

The page of wands sets out on a voyage to express themselves. There is something very unique about you & the way that you present yourself & your gifts & talents to the world. And this is something that you should know, & something that you should hold on to. Stop looking at everybody else &

How their abilities manifest. Your unique imprint is very divine for the fact that it is a unique expression of you & nobody else is like you. Apart of the reason you have felt so unable to complete certain tasks is because you have been attempting to do them in the way that everybody else does them. No. Develop your own style, your own flair, by learning even more about who you are, & the different aspects of yourself… this is what is combined to become your ‘niche’, your special

Project, business or venture. Faith & patience is required as always to see your plans take root – but it actually does seem as if you are sitting on a gold mine here, or some sort of luxury idea that you need to share with the world. It could be a very healing message, drawing on your own past experiences in a way that brings emotional comfort to others.. the thing about creative work is, you have to dig so deeply into your own emotional centre in order to tap into your creative spot – which is the most honest, raw form

Of you. Are you ready to be successful?

The real question is… are you ready to be honest?

The 10 of pentacles represents family lineage, traditions & inheritance & this is seen as something to break away from this week.. there is a pattern, likely in relation to family drama or some kind of family cyclical behaviour that you have come to the realisation is no longer healthy or conducive to where you want to go. You know that to break these barriers, time away from certain family members may be on the horizon. Perhaps this is poverty consciousness, issues to do with avoidance, lack of responsibility, or resistance to do the full healing work. If your emotional richness suffers because of any of these generational clauses, then it may be time to pack up & leave home – literally (as in the physical sense), or mentally, as in adopting an entirely new mental approach & method of self care/self preservation.

Do not see it as dishonest or disloyal. If you are to return to the village later, you will want to have done so in a way that shows them just how much change is possible. This week, you are set apart.. and for a very good reason.

Divine lovers weekly

– 3-9 ‘The great betrayal’,

10th-16th – The great discovery’

 What an hour these past two weeks have revealed. I did say this 10 year of creation and destruction would pull NO punches, and in just two weeks it appears as if so much has shifted for the divine lovers, and many of them find themselves embarking on a very separate and individual journey. It may seem as if things have gone rather pear shaped, but believe me.. Everything is working exactly as it should to bring the both of them into their INDIVIDUAL missions.. This path up until this point has been very much about understanding who we are in love, and all of the templates of dysfunction from past relationship patterns have boiled to the surface, until the only way to rectify them, is to be alone for a while. Many feminines found themselves turning away from the masculine last week realising that he still does have a lot of growing up to do. Although it may have come through a painful realisation, or a shocking trial, this week sets the tone for the feminine to rediscover herself.. The masculine coming into his maturity is still pretty turbulent, and he appears to get tempted along the way, but the feminine finds herself moving through many emotions, purging even lifetimes worth of stress, defeat, and abandonment. Only the strong shall surpass.

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Blessed be, my sacred beings.


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