Divine lovers DAILY reading – 26th-27th July 2017.

Divine lovers DAILY reading – 26th-27th July 2017 –
Feminine – 4 of pentacles –
Masculine – The moon –

From the appearance of both cards present on either side, it appears that there is a current shift in the openings of both divine lovers.

A ripened time for change & recognition of error presents the feminine w/ the 4 of pentacles.
It may be at this time that her attentions have turned more away from emotional or romantic pursuits, & she is very career focused on centred around the idea that she needs to acquire finance..

In her search for stability & promise, the feminine may be recognising at this time that the only way she is to maintain those things, is through the study & self establishment of self.

She is being quite stingy with her energy at this time but this is just because she has finally realised JUST how valuable her energy is.
She is no longer so open, allowing anyone & anything access to her, & access to her emotional barriers.
She went through a lot last week & whilst she is still recovering & uncertain of who she can fully unravel herself to, she studies everyone around her & uses her time wisely to focus on any projects & ideas she has been sitting on…
Way to go feminine!
You undo so many years worth of karma & codependency issues when you borrow from traditional masculine energies! Don't rush yourself to come back out of the wood works… 🙏🏽😍💖

The masculine appears to be adopting a trait of the feminine at this time… And you can see how the recent week has really shifted them to consider the other perspective.
The moon card can point to illusions or delusions, because this individual gets SO caught up in their own shadow work they can fail to distinguish what is reality & what is actually just curious thought..

He may find himself out in the abyss. Pondering concepts he hadn't really contemplated before & feeling a little more sensitive than usual. Don't resist it masculine. This is actually the only way that you can figure yourself even more & come to understand certain underlying behaviours & patterns of yours.

Your ego will attempt to shake these realisations off – but there is an intuitive part of yourself truly fed up of being blocked.
Let the ego roar & belch as much as it pleases. Whilst the feminine remains this closed, you cannot go to her for answers or energy.
You will have to ask yourself…

Blessed be my sacred beings ~

The general weekly & twinflame weekly will be out in a few hours! To pre order the weekly – you know what to do! 👉🏾👀🌝👋
(Last weeks purchase option of £11:11 for the past 3 weeks readings is still available).

And YES a masculine special will once again be released for this week! ✨✨✨

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