Divine lovers DETAILED – ACCURATE (SAMPLE) What to expect from this weekly purchase?

Divine lovers (twinflames) Weekly reading – 31st-6th August 2017 – A ‘willingness’ – the magic term.

The weekly wanted to be read a little differently this week, & so I allowed it to be so..

The main theme presenting itself as the 8 of cups with the 5 of cups speaks of a moment in transition for divine lovers. Moving away from past hurts & past emotional transgressions may see some of us embarking on the inevitable task of playing events inside of our minds to see what went wrong.

We are taking a very clear & bare look at ourselves this week & some scars of the past that we may feel we allowed to take place.

With the 8 of cups, the figure becomes humbled from past pain, & takes the knowledge along with them for the next stage of their journey, all the wiser.

There is a determination this week not to become engulfed in the painful situations that the 5 of cups figure has endured.

Indeed there is something missing in our lives after all has been said & done, but the recognition sets in that this void cannot be filled by another human alone, & is not to be filled by the longing for love, but rather a new found self respect, determination & desire to persevere that did not exist before.

This is actually a magnificent week because both divine lovers are awakening to the fact that they have not been whole in themselves & that they have been short changing themselves & this is why the 5 of cups situation occurred.

There is no use crying over spilled milk, in fact, spilled milk presents the perfect opportunity for us to see the error that has existed in our ways, to boss up, & to embark on a journey that never sees us selling ourselves short again.

The 8 of cups is expansion on a major level, & rest assured that this month particularly provides so much for us of what we have been missing. Business/financial opportunities & making the right connections personally & impersonally will see many of us opening doors that we could not have dreamed of penetrating before.

Spiritual growth is afoot & it is all because of a WILLINGNESS to explore.

Many of the hardships have taught us that we cannot go it alone, we have to be willing to listen to & coordinate with the divine.

There have been so many messages that were screaming out to us for such a long time, but we did not listen to them, likely because we were caught up in this love situation, pretending that everything was okay..

Truthfully, we knew that things were not all entirely well & this is why we do not spend too much time this week dwelling on what is no more.

We allow ourselves to feel it, we do let ourselves mourn, but before dawn, we are ready to sail on, wondering what else it is that life has in store for us..

Truly, it never ends.

And every ending is a new beginning, this is the beauty of the infinity symbol & the magic of karma.

Once you have transcended your old karma, a new karmic cycle will begin – usually a little more advanced than the last, with its own set of lessons, more involved & far clearer.

You have graduated from the school of hard knocks many of you this week, & continuing in the next week, & I am so incredibly, very proud of you.

It is like the film, ‘ from dusk till dawn’, if any of you have ever seen it, or any film (usually horror), where the protagonist is left the only surviving victor at the end, & has to carry on living, even though they have lost all of those dear to them, even though they are exhausted through the battle, even though they are fully aware that something traumatic just happened, they are also blessed with this overwhelming calm, & strength, that sees everything else sort of just wash over them.

It is a gratitude for life.

A willingness to fight.

With the strength card, the masculine is truly learning the importance of taming his ego, & realising all about the bigger picture.

There are more important things in life than always being right, than always having his ego stroked, & he acknowledges that there is indeed a price for not humbling himself to the will of the divine & listening to the signs & symbols that have been placed in his path.

Not only does the feminine figure represent the divine feminine, but it also represents Mother Earth herself & a vital lesson presented to the masculine this week that is both loving & harsh.

It is time to take the splint out of the lions paw. Although it may hurt him, although he may indeed roar, he needs to see that even though he is this great big king of the jungle who thinks that he can escape the hurts of ordinary man, something so seemingly small as a splint can still have a negative affect on him.

The masculine is not invincible & the divine has tried to show him this so many times, if he does not change his ways, he will lose the things that he loves the most.

And he is recognising this.

He knows although harsh the lesson this week is truly one of benefit for him.

It is time for him to change & the change comes in recognising his lesson is not intended to disadvantage him, but actually to shape him, & prepare him for the next stage of the journey ahead.

His journey & sense of bravado has been all about protecting himself but this has come at the cost of hurting others & the 10 of swords allows him to feel the kind of empathy that he has not felt in a long time.

He gets to take a walk this week in the other persons shoes…

Cold & defeated with nowhere to go he has no other options but to face his own emotions. His own thoughts may be plaguing him this week as he runs through in his mind different ways that things could have been avoiding. He realises he did have many chances for things to go differently, yet he chose not to take them, & now he must endure this death & it comes with so much more than just assessing this individual situation – it rushes into him with other examples of times where he should have played his cards right.

Where he should have been more considerate. Where he should have been more understanding.

With the page of cups card, the feminine works on healing her own divine masculine. This is the key to her not only attracting healthier relationships, but being more at peace with self.

The feminine this week is allowing more of her masculine side to come out to play & this sees her exploring & experimenting also with different aspects of the divine masculine template.

She may have stored within her DNA Information that the masculine is too harsh, too toxic, too emotionless & lacking in gentleness or playfulness – this is likely as a result of generational information about the masculine that has been stored for her & it is actually such a big block because this type of belief will attract masculines who also struggle with this belief about themselves..

Worse yet, even if she were to come across masculines who were not of this calibre, because she held this belief, she would manipulate the energy that they come with, until this were true.

The page of cups introduces a more light hearted care free tone.

What’s love got to do with it?

There are so many ways that love & joy can be experienced in this reality that does not have to limit itself to romantic love, especially if this romantic love in question brings more harm than harmony.

Why would we want to engage in such a battle to be happy?

Happiness is supposed to be free flowing, light & fluid, just like poetry.

Feminine, please do remember this.

The masculine wants to play, just as much as you do…

But perhaps you will not realise this, until you tighten up your boundaries.

I am not talking about the kind of play where he does not take anything seriously.

I am talking about the kind of play where he is not so threatened by depictions of masculinity that he cannot be himself.

However, if you entertain the masculine in his toxicity by not putting your own foot down against it, he will not & does not reveal himself, instead he continues to play this dangerous game of being oblivious to his true feelings & emotions.

The page of cups is eternally fun & blissful because he is connected to his own emotions. He knows what love is, he knows what love is not & he is not afraid to express it & play around with it.

And feminine… you become this this week.

This innocence & joy as if you have never been hurt.

It is a skill, a much, much coveted skill.

The 2 of wands does appear to leave the old masculine behind. He mourns over this loss in the 5 of cups, & where she usually would have comforted him, ran back to him, or encouraged him in his self pity, she knows that turning her back on a draining situation is the best she can do for both of them.

For some feminines, this is a temporary situation – not picking up the phone to Winey calls & entertaining those vibrations, for other feminines it could be taking a mini vacation for herself to clear her mind, for other feminines it could be pausing the union altogether to take the time to see what the rest of the world has to offer her.

Many feminines are awakening to the truth that they have only been living half a life. Things for them have been so far from perfect & they have let their fears keep them in shoes that their feet have outgrown.

The feminine will have to look many of her fears directly in the face this week, & decide that they are fears no more.

Unless she does this, the cross over to the next side will appear so scary.

The world out there is not as difficult as you have perceived feminine.

A lot of your childhood phobias exist inside of your mind & not out there.

You can do this.

Opportunity is calling, & once you make the step over the threshold, you will find just how much more opportunity pours into your lap.

There is more to life than love.

There is more, love.

The king of wands, the king of pentacles & the tower is life falling away & apart for the masculine so that he can see that what he has left, is the broken pieces of something old that wants to transform into something new.

The king of wands as an energy needs to take responsibility & initiative for himself.

There is nobody left that the masculine can blame for his short comings, especially if the feminine refuses to clean up his mess, which I really do hope that all feminines are doing this week.

He has to shift into an energetic pattern where he is ready to take on whatever life throws at him, & with the king of pentacles this is in relation to his financial state & getting his finances in order.

The fall of the tower showed him that even if he thought he had these areas of his life under control, he really did not, it was a false sense of security & it was bound to fall apart in one way or another.

Perhaps there was a business idea that he had, but did not put as much effort into. Maybe he was waiting for somebody else to invest in him, or to do some of the work for him, & he lost a vital opportunity in doing so.

He could have lost a home. Some masculines lost their home because they were not keeping up with payments & this week they are learning the importance of structure & planning & preparation in finance.

He is building from the ground back up. Instead of feeling sorry for himself this week the masculine feels rather energised & ready to rebuild this tower foundation even stronger than it was before.

He realises that he has something to fight for, he does have a reason to go even harder, even stronger than before, & although the feminine is at the centre of this reading, above all, he has to do this for himself.

Particularly his child like self, who is watching – for some, this will be his actual children.

The knight of pentacles & the 7 of cups for the feminine was hesitation & confusion about what she wanted her future to look like, & some goals & ideas that she wishes to implement.

When life distracts us from ourselves, we tend to be caught in a state of confusion.

It does not matter how many bright ideas you have, or how many opportunities come your way, you will seem to always miss them & miss the bigger picture because you have no idea how to pull yourself from the confusion & spiritual manipulation.

The feminine is quite prone to being gaslighted, & when she does not trust herself & when she gives her power away, it is so easy for others to jumble up her thoughts & take her away from her own centre – which provides all of the insights & ideas that she needs to focus on herself & her highest good.

It appears she takes a hiatus this week, & a much needed one from ….

With the knight of swords whatever the feminine has been confused about previously, is becoming clearer with an alarming accuracy.

Watch out feminine, not all of these messages may be pleasant, but they are very necessary.

With the knight of swords charging into the knight of pentacles, it is time for the feminine to move out of the planning stage & start bringing her ideas & visions into practical reality.

An idea – is just an idea, until you can materialise it with your willpower & once again WILLINGNESS – the key word & lesson for this week alone.

Confusion clears up when we begin to act.

There is such a thing as meditating on things for too long.

Wanting them to be too perfect, wanting ourselves to be too perfect, instead of just putting ourselves into alignment & position to take the glory.

The 2 of cups as the crowning theme is a healing in love for both divine counterparts this week but it is a very individual….

The ace of pentacles as the outcome is this very, very new beginning. A clean slate is offered if only they should both take it. It may manifest as the idea of a lifetime to generate more income, or an opportunity that will grow & grow beyond both of their wildest imaginations.

All of the greatest & most successful people in history became that way because they were willing to take a chance. Magic is not placed in your lap. It is dangled above your head & as such, you must reach for it like a fruit, & pluck it down into waking/walking reality.

Rumi oracles & angel cards –

For the first time, the feminine offers the sacred wine to drink, to herself.

For so long, for most of her life, this is the gift that she has awarded to other people around her, trying to elevate their confidence, trying to pour into them, trying to get them to see the magic inside of themselves, now finally.. she redirects this justice INTERNALLY, & sees that she is both the magic AND the magician..

With the clock of Christ, the masculine experiences another set of his own spiritual awakenings. He recognises that his intuitive ability is expanding & allowing him to see himself as a Christ like being, a soul on a spiritual journey, in need of help, as opposed to a physical being out in the world void of any comfort, guidance or reassurance. He builds his relationship with the divine once he recognises the divine hand picked the feminine & sent her to him, in order to help heal & grow him, & even this beautifully packaged present too, he failed to unpack..

The angel of the east helps the feminine to reconnect with herself & her emotions by learning to trust what she feels, as she heals her heart an amazing thing happens, she is able to…

It can help you to accept your feelings;open your heart;feel safe expressing yourself & your innermost feelings.

This angel helps us to express our feelings, & balance our emotions.

A safe space is needed for us to feel like we can become our most authentic selves.

The feminine was not created to hide her emotions, it is only fear of pain that causes her to do this, & life should be lived freely..

The angel of the west tempts the masculine to see the world through mystical eyes. Not all is as seems, & this angel rules the psychological function of …

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Divine lovers weekly reading — is NOT a personal divine lovers weekly reading.. I noticed a few years after being on this journey that most information about twinflames was pretty set in stone – set in a block, including the stages of what was supposed to ‘take place’, as both parties & partners grew.. However, this does not offer us a very accurate or in depth account about what we are experiencing from week, to week, from day to day.

Life constantly throws curve balls & changes at us, & sometimes it is difficult to see how any of this could be for our benefit – it is also normal to feel as if we are somehow out of alignment with what God or the universe would like for us to be doing… And so, I decided to create the divine lovers WEEKLY reading, so that week by week those on this journey of expansion through the heart centre can keep an eye on their growth, can understand why their partner may be behaving in certain ways,(including his or her life lessons – which are separate but individual), & how to salvage a relationship that is moving towards growth, or severe a union that is only bringing further disconnect & torment.

These have been my most popular works to date because they come directly from the heart source & always also align with what is occurring with me on a personal level.

These readings are much like written guidance sessions – inspiring confidence, psychological secrets about love, & step by step reformation.

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General Weekly Reading – 14th-20th August – Who’s a stick in the mud?

Numerological breakdown calculation – 14th (5) – Change, reordering disorder, chaos, the storm before the calm, death/rebirth/transition, freedom, newness, spring – 20th – order, balance, security, trust, partnership, understanding.

The 5 of cups this week suggests more work surrounding the nature of a dark night of the soul.

It has been a time of looking over our shoulder & taking a look back on the past, as many of us confront the shadows of what got us here.

Energetically, there is a major death currently happening. A lot of endings usher us into a new state of being.

Remember that this August month challenges us to build new connections & to create new karmic connections.

This week, marks a pivotal milestone in the whole 10 year of creation & destruction.

The knight of cups discusses matters of the heart & how comfortable we are w/ expressing our feelings/emotions & accepting ourselves.

We could find that looking back offers us insight into why we are or are not capable of fully opening our hearts & receiving emotional peace & freedom.

Find yourself more dreamy than usual this week? Well do pay special attention to your dreams because they confirm a lot of what you are feeling intuitively.

A very sensitive week especially for healers & light workers.

There is a fixing schedule going on, & we are all adhering to it desperately.

The page of wands wants a renewed spirit. The past has been so heavy.

The baggage has been so empty.

Isn’t it time to sing a new song, for a new dawn?

The hierophant doesn’t allow us to feel sorry for ourselves for too long.

This is all about order. Order, balance, structure & resilience.

Turn your head to the skies. There is work to be done. Tradition to be broken.

The hierophant presents a spiritual message that you have been needing to witness. Are you hard of hearing –

karmically, etherically, as far as God is concerned?

The hierophant is having none of it any longer.

The moon awakens our deepest conscious desires, as well as our fears, & as if a Pandora’s box is opened, allows us to witness what it is that we desire the most, as well as what it is that we fear the most – & typically how the two are joined together.

Confronting what comes up this week head on is absolutely vital as it’s a doorway to what is most needed for your healing. Yes these represent the core of your wounding. Yes these are past life issues. Yes, if you do not deal with them head on now they will not cease to follow you through every avenue of this journey.

The page of wands in combination with the 6 of pentacles is all about learning what is fair, balanced & just.

We must look at the way that our spirit has been replenished, & how it has gone under nourished.

If strength is spirit is truly what we seek, then perhaps we need to look at making some fair trades at our own expense.

If there are those we have taken too much from, then it is time to give back. If there are those who have taken too much from us, then it is also time to correct this.

The page of wands is on a conquest to change their spiritual habits & beliefs. It is an honourable conquest, even though it seems like an entire journey, (& a long journey), & it is, something that your inner nature really wants to do this week.

You may be seeking to get back in touch with a creative side of yourself, the part of yourself that is highly creative & enthusiastic about creating, as you realise that you will only be rewarded for your efforts if you first believe in them.

The hierophant also relates to family conventions & traditions. Is tradition something that has caused you more harm than good?

What are you willing to carry on with you, & what about those who came before you are you prepared to do away with?

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Divine lovers weekly reading – 14th-20th – The feminine’s declaration for independence.

The divine lovers weekly for this week is a beautiful expression of what happens when we finally do set off to heal & confront our childhood & ancestral wounds head on… Nowhere is left to hide with hermit card peering so intensely into our past… Issues to do with fatherhood, stability & happiness in the home provoke both divine lovers to excel themselves this week. It is all about family & the home dynamics this week & the feminine is really deciding what she would like her home to look like. There is the attitude this week that whether he is, or is NOT on board with things, this really doesn’t make a change to her..

And a surprise is in store for him at the end of the day..

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Life path 7 — The living spirit — Prodigy (Mobb deep special).

I am not going to lie, nor pretend, i am not one of those people who were die hard fans, neither was I aware of his spiritual depth, nor life path number before his passing, but as such, everything happens for a reason, & sometimes death has to take its toll for somebody to live the powerful legacy they were always destined to live.. The last ever interview w/ the late, great prodigy was something of a therapy session, & during the conduction he went on to describe his battles w/ his illness {sickle cell} & how this gave him greater spiritual understanding..
And this interview actually touched me so much that I ended up shedding tears because of the recognition of having to struggle in isolation from pain, so much so, that the only person you feel you can turn to is God, & it strengthens your beliefs & it paves the way for you to enter a spiritual dimension not seen to most.. Which actually is the path of the shaman & perfectly describes the walk of the life path 7, my own life path, which is the spiritual being living in a physical world.

Even though the pain he described was often physical as well as psychological, it drew a lot of resonance from me & the psychological & emotional pains I've had to battle for most of my life & how you think this whole time that you are cursed but God is actually using this to help you to become more fluid, more understanding, more yielding to his words & work, & more compassionate to human nature & human suffering in general..
So without further ado, another look at what it means to be a life path 7 in numerology — The life path of 7, much like the 11 is the spiritual messenger. This is an individual who cannot escape the calling no matter how hard they try & will be plagued by such a colourful inner world that they will be conflicted about whether to adapt to the external realities & demands of society & culture, or whether to listen to their inner cravings & yearnings, specifically as they tend to develop their own philosophies, at the hand of otherworldly discoveries, epiphanies & understandings.

The interview can still be found on Viceland – https://www.viceland.com/en_us

General Weekly Reading – 31st-6th – HAPPY AUGUST – The evolution of new beginnings.

Numerological breakdown calculation – 31st (4) – Order, structure, organisation, planning, purpose & intention – 6th – family, resolution of family conflict, maternal feelings, warmth, rebirth, overcoming communal challenges, acceptance, belonging. Overall weekly interpretation – 4+6 = 10 – endings & new beginnings.

The main theme as the hanged man represents a period of suspension in time.
For some reason, or some task or another, you are being asked to pay great attention to this current position in your life.

You have not been placed here by chance.
Now is the time.

Your mind set is changing, your mind, particularly the subconscious mind is becoming more enlightened & more capable of accepting new information//making new connections.

Being grounded provides for you now new information. You may be realising how structure & order have been key all along.

This is surrender to a life force beyond you, & a willingness to learn & grow.

That part of you that once thought that you knew everything & that nobody could tell you anything is beginning to find humility.

The three of cups could see you enjoying some good times with friends, or even strangers. As you begin to come out of yourself even more & become accepting of who you are & your own unique imprint in the world, you open yourself up to like minded connections with like minded people.

Perhaps you have been closed off to establishing some of these bonds because as a result of past experiences you started to judge that the world was a harsh place, or that people, things & places were not to be trusted.

The three of cups could see you connecting with old friends again, or strengthening old bonds. Because you have dedicated yourself so much to experiencing life in its fullest forms this week, you are being rewarded by being surrounded with some people who compliment you & your vibration.

The king of wands does encourage you to take this time to pamper yourself & to actually remember to enjoy this new part of the journey that you are building.
Get ready to not only experience life, but to open yourself to enjoying it more.
Coupled with the 7 of cups energy, you may be filled with multiple new ideas, inspiration & a willingness to carry out several projects at a time.

Time waits for no man, & you understand that enough time has been wasted in your slumber – awakening means making up for lost time, which for some will mean working feverishly this week.
For others? It will mean working less. In order to find the time to dedicate to other tasks, such as generally taking things easier so that you may pursue more creative endeavours, such as self employment or the successful establishment of your own business.

The 10 of pentacles represents that 'long money', whatever you are planning & working towards this week you hope for it to be something that both grows & multiples itself. There are seeds being planted this week that you hope to carry you through for the rest of the month, & for the rest of your life.
There could be a particular course that you are pondering taking that will further your career, & if this is the case then please do go for it.

You are not being inspired in vain this week. The queen of pentacles has her mind on her money & her money on her mind. Tighter borders & restrictions does mean focusing more on self care & nourishing behaviours that invest in you.
Yes self catering takes priority this week & does go hand in hand with you prioritising your visions or ideas.
To make anything a reality, you need to believe in it as a possibility.
For you to believe in it as a possibility, you must believe in yourself, & your own ability.

The queen of pentacles deals with unlearning past behaviours that teach one to both rely & depend upon others – though not in a way that encourages one to become selfish, or hardened to the helping of others.
There is a healthier streak in the way that we relate to others now.
Yes we are still able to build strong connections, & we are learning how to let people in more, but in a way that does not allow us to place all of our eggs in one basket.

Of most importance this week, is the preservation of self.

More healing is also experienced this week, as you seem to find out more about your own personal triggers & how to keep them at bay.

You may feel tempted to embark upon old behaviours, but this too is a test, & you should surrender to any triggers that do come through.
The best way to overcome them is to observe them, not to become them, or not to allow them to overcome you.

Your own personal little book of horrors has been your shadow self, but you can work with the shadow, in order to understand both yourself & others better.

Observation is paramount to healing this week.

New love could potentially be on the cards this week, especially for anybody who is taking extra time & care to focus on themselves. This is the best way to attract a partner who is also dedicated to their own growth, & therefore less likely to display or entertain codependent or toxic behaviours.

The effects of chain breaking continue.

Divine lovers weekly reading preview —

Divine lovers seem to gain inspiration from their negative life experiences at this point. When it is time to let go, not only do we let go, but we accumulate. This week marks a monumental moment in healing that sees us ready to let go of the past & to move on – no longer allowing our feelings or emotions hold us back from that which must be done.
However, what we do find, is that when we let go, more seems to come to us.

More experiences, more opportunity, & more resolution.
There are things that slip out of our awareness when we are focused, or rather burdened by matters outside of our control..

This week, the 8 of cups takes the opportunity to search for the missing pieces of ones puzzle. A large part of this piece means financial achievement & accomplishment? The rest? A deep soul healing that must take precedence, once & for all..

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**Current divine lovers energetic update**

**Current divine lovers energetic update**

With the tower representing the feminines energies, everything that she has built around her that is NOT stable is crumbling & will continue to do so. However, at this time she has noticed quite the formula & the pattern in things falling apart, & she's actually quite willing now for them to happen..

This is so great because it's healing her issues w/ control, especially controlling outside forces in her life due to fear, which has been one of the biggest things that she needed to confront.

As she sees things changes so abruptly, including philosophies & things she thought she knew without a shadow of a doubt, she realises that there is room for growth & newness, because nothing is exactly set in stone, but this does not make it ANY less valid.

A vital opportunity is presented for her w/ this energy to let go of the past that is no more, because it never served, & everything else that does not serve is now being uprooted, even if it seems a rude or intrusive awakening.

With the 4 of pentacles, the masculine sees the cataclysm that is everything around him falling apart, especially the feminine changing & healing in such a sharp way, & as he also gets the signal that it is time for him to change & let go, there are many last ditch attempts of his pride to hold onto everything he knows & believes.
For so long this has been his comfort zone, his safety net, & he actually does want to change on a conscious level, but subconsciously holding onto these ideals is somehow protective for him..
He does fear exposing too much of himself, or being too vulnerable, too out there..

Above all, the angel of trust sees them BOTH working through their issues w/ trust. But this is so much bigger than their issues w/ trusting one another, or even trusting in love. This is about the original wound – the trust in the divine, the trust in God.

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