General Weekly Reading – 31st-6th – HAPPY AUGUST – The evolution of new beginnings.

Numerological breakdown calculation – 31st (4) – Order, structure, organisation, planning, purpose & intention – 6th – family, resolution of family conflict, maternal feelings, warmth, rebirth, overcoming communal challenges, acceptance, belonging. Overall weekly interpretation – 4+6 = 10 – endings & new beginnings.

The main theme as the hanged man represents a period of suspension in time.
For some reason, or some task or another, you are being asked to pay great attention to this current position in your life.

You have not been placed here by chance.
Now is the time.

Your mind set is changing, your mind, particularly the subconscious mind is becoming more enlightened & more capable of accepting new information//making new connections.

Being grounded provides for you now new information. You may be realising how structure & order have been key all along.

This is surrender to a life force beyond you, & a willingness to learn & grow.

That part of you that once thought that you knew everything & that nobody could tell you anything is beginning to find humility.

The three of cups could see you enjoying some good times with friends, or even strangers. As you begin to come out of yourself even more & become accepting of who you are & your own unique imprint in the world, you open yourself up to like minded connections with like minded people.

Perhaps you have been closed off to establishing some of these bonds because as a result of past experiences you started to judge that the world was a harsh place, or that people, things & places were not to be trusted.

The three of cups could see you connecting with old friends again, or strengthening old bonds. Because you have dedicated yourself so much to experiencing life in its fullest forms this week, you are being rewarded by being surrounded with some people who compliment you & your vibration.

The king of wands does encourage you to take this time to pamper yourself & to actually remember to enjoy this new part of the journey that you are building.
Get ready to not only experience life, but to open yourself to enjoying it more.
Coupled with the 7 of cups energy, you may be filled with multiple new ideas, inspiration & a willingness to carry out several projects at a time.

Time waits for no man, & you understand that enough time has been wasted in your slumber – awakening means making up for lost time, which for some will mean working feverishly this week.
For others? It will mean working less. In order to find the time to dedicate to other tasks, such as generally taking things easier so that you may pursue more creative endeavours, such as self employment or the successful establishment of your own business.

The 10 of pentacles represents that 'long money', whatever you are planning & working towards this week you hope for it to be something that both grows & multiples itself. There are seeds being planted this week that you hope to carry you through for the rest of the month, & for the rest of your life.
There could be a particular course that you are pondering taking that will further your career, & if this is the case then please do go for it.

You are not being inspired in vain this week. The queen of pentacles has her mind on her money & her money on her mind. Tighter borders & restrictions does mean focusing more on self care & nourishing behaviours that invest in you.
Yes self catering takes priority this week & does go hand in hand with you prioritising your visions or ideas.
To make anything a reality, you need to believe in it as a possibility.
For you to believe in it as a possibility, you must believe in yourself, & your own ability.

The queen of pentacles deals with unlearning past behaviours that teach one to both rely & depend upon others – though not in a way that encourages one to become selfish, or hardened to the helping of others.
There is a healthier streak in the way that we relate to others now.
Yes we are still able to build strong connections, & we are learning how to let people in more, but in a way that does not allow us to place all of our eggs in one basket.

Of most importance this week, is the preservation of self.

More healing is also experienced this week, as you seem to find out more about your own personal triggers & how to keep them at bay.

You may feel tempted to embark upon old behaviours, but this too is a test, & you should surrender to any triggers that do come through.
The best way to overcome them is to observe them, not to become them, or not to allow them to overcome you.

Your own personal little book of horrors has been your shadow self, but you can work with the shadow, in order to understand both yourself & others better.

Observation is paramount to healing this week.

New love could potentially be on the cards this week, especially for anybody who is taking extra time & care to focus on themselves. This is the best way to attract a partner who is also dedicated to their own growth, & therefore less likely to display or entertain codependent or toxic behaviours.

The effects of chain breaking continue.

Divine lovers weekly reading preview —

Divine lovers seem to gain inspiration from their negative life experiences at this point. When it is time to let go, not only do we let go, but we accumulate. This week marks a monumental moment in healing that sees us ready to let go of the past & to move on – no longer allowing our feelings or emotions hold us back from that which must be done.
However, what we do find, is that when we let go, more seems to come to us.

More experiences, more opportunity, & more resolution.
There are things that slip out of our awareness when we are focused, or rather burdened by matters outside of our control..

This week, the 8 of cups takes the opportunity to search for the missing pieces of ones puzzle. A large part of this piece means financial achievement & accomplishment? The rest? A deep soul healing that must take precedence, once & for all..

To purchase this full glorious reading – paypal £3.33 to or for the full edition, featuring the masculine’s powerful transition into a higher state of consciousness this week, paypal £10.00 and send a confirmation email to

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