General weekly reading – 25th-30th September – The adventurer, the traveller, & the webbing of completed karma. (The breaking of karmic bonds).

Main theme – (3 of wands, the angel of forgiveness, queen of cups, engagement, the lovers.

Numerological breakdown calculation (2+5) = 7 – spirituality, mysticism, higher awareness, expanded consciousness, esoteric knowledge, sacred awareness, 30th – 3 (magnified by the presence of the 0) – rebirth, birth, life force energy, creativity, creation, Big Bang theory, merging, unity, harmony.

Freya Stark solo female / woman traveller

The three of wands poses the question that we all seek to answer. Do we stay? Or do we go? Over the horizon points to different stars, but we may wonder, is the grass only greener because it is not the grass in which we currently inhabit?

Do we fall back on a future that we cannot see or cannot perceive? Or do we move forward? And simply, seek more glories.

The three of wands represents a hunger for new life & a bold daring new spirit. This figure thinks only of what is to come, feeling exhausted by what they have surpassed. A brief look into what the future may bring sees us pondering which new direction to take, for there are many.

We may feel restless in our current reality. Perhaps it is that we have exhausted every angel, & we are now ready for new adventure, to pierce something new.

If new opportunities are presented to you, then this will be the week that you are teased whether to grab them by the hands or not. You may be dabbling in between exits, & the chaos that they may cause,

There is nothing unnatural about this.

Pause, as you take a breath.

The crowning issue being release your ex points to the energy of romantic partnership, especially with the presence of the lovers.

This week is likely to represent us taking the time to nurture our emotional & spiritual strengths in love.

Who are we when we are not the stories of the past?

In order for us to move on with our lives, it is imperative that we release not only our past lover or past relationships, but also the energy that is associated with our past. For many of us our past lover still has residual energy that is effecting our lives.

Perhaps a karmic lover who we cannot separate with because of children, or who still has some kind of control over us.

Simply refusing to forgive somebody or holding onto the pain of the past is enough to keep you somewhere that you are not supposed to stay. Perhaps you are scared to leave because of comfortability, because this individual makes you feel as if you have some type of false security, or stability, but the more you toy with the idea of the future, the more you feel differently.

A part of you knows that there is something more out there, & you figure this out the more you align yourself with the type of future that you want to create.

Forgiveness is an essential part of your journey At this point. This is what moving on truly means. Not holding on to what has been. This is the only way that your relationships can move toward a higher level of commitment. You need to be able to cut the binds & ties & karmic cords that keep you to the pain you’ve experienced.

You need to not align yourself with being the victim in love, or the one who is hurt by love.

Many of us who have been attracting karmic attachments (the same kind of lover) will understand that this is something to do with them as opposed to solely an energy that arrives externally. The knight of swords rushes to give the queen of emotions a message.

If we play close attention to our emotional sensitivity, we will understand why we have felt so stagnant in love & relationships.

A new message about the templates we have been creating arrives in record timing.

A lot of us will be looking for esoteric reasoning for the first time, or looking into spirituality more closer than ever to understand their karmic patterns.

The minute that you shift your attention to you, & stop looking to blame external circumstances, the better.

The knight of swords may also be an energy or individual who attempts to give us the answers that they believe that we seek, but we are actually doing pretty well all on our own by looking into our emotions.

A contemplative time likely makes itself a fundamental theme of our week this week.

We may also find that others gravitate towards us more when we are actually more focused on our own emotional health & emotional care. If feeling particularly sensitive this week, you may want to take the time to temporarily halt some calls or incoming messages & outside influences.

The works & decisions are very much yours to make & inevitably the answer that you seek will be feeling based.

Do not confuse a few moments of bliss here & there for true emotional balance.

The lovers card in the corner suggests that our realisations this week are very much romantic based. Our feminine nature – the side of us that appreciates creativity & emotional fluidity is considering reaching for more, reaching for the stars which actually may see us contemplating leaving others behind. Not behind in the sense that we forget them, but likely for emotional peace we have to surpass them on a spiritual & energetic level.

Heads up. This one is for the Gods.

Your ego may have to be completely set aside.

Divine lovers weekly reading – 25th-30th September 2017 – The burning of karmic bridges (PART 2)

Every so often, the karmic hand of destiny will allow us to see directly into our future, by seeing into our pasts. What is being foreshadowed to us this week allows us to effect a change in the cycle of destiny. Destiny, being the very choices that one makes. The masculine arrives at a crossroads. A tower energy two weeks in a row can only spell disaster. No? Destiny is a game of choice. If he wills it, his life can do a complete 360 turn around, but once again, this is a game of chance & will power. He does not have to accept these fruits. And the feminine does not have to accept that.

The feminine rips off her band aid this week. She says, ‘allow me to know. No matter how painful. Allow me to know. It is the only way that I will grow’ – & she’s only concerned with the truth this week. The falsity that rips through the masculine is her hurricane. She has created this. So that she can understand it.

Let’s step out into the world. And integrate a new spirit – further severing karmic bondage.

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Masculine Mayhem preview —

The divine masculine does his fair share this week to shed himself of past wounding & association with painful love. As he steps closer back into himself, he is asked to confront his childhood self. The part of him that began to associate love & reciprocation with fear & abandonment. He knows now that his thoughts & beliefs are victims of his past, but can he put this theoretical work into practice & allow himself to experience love – once & for all?

General Weekly Reading – 18th-24th September 2017 – Bon voyage, Travelling lightly, New moon in Virgo & (Sneak peak at this weeks DL reading).

Numerological breakdown calculation – 18th – (1+8) = 9 – healing abandonment wounds, humanitarianism, overcoming the past, turning wounds into wisdom, inspired creativity, 24 (2+4) = 6 – Healing innerchild wounds, overcoming victim consciousness, healing love & relationship issues, healing mother wounds.

General weekly reading – Main theme – 2 of cups, Header – let go of control issues, Outcome – the angel of knowing, Surrounding cards – The magician, The empress, 9 of swords, the moon, coming in – knight of swords.

The main theme as the 2 of cups this week arrives to offer us more insight about our issues with intimacy & relationships.

The 2 of cups can relate to bonds, either romantic, in friendship, or those with family & how we leave ourselves open to being receptive to others, & how we give to others who may be in need, or may be in need of a healthier flow.

Part of healing is recognising our natural interconnection to humans & especially the societies & communities that we come from.

You may be dealing with re-entering a community or a partnership & wondering if it is time to trust that which has been brewing, or attempting to come into fruition.

Because of past experiences there may indeed be a lot of doubt & hesitation surrounding if we should indeed move forward, & the moon card suggests that the new moon in Virgo will be playing a role in highlighting any areas where we may possibly feel tied in terms of affection.

We may have our hands busy & dipped in so many areas this week in order to avoid looking at emotions, emotional issues or how we interact with those that surround us.

A healthy balance between cautiousness & over carefulness needs to be met & agreed upon.

Sure, we should all have boundaries that should be maintained & respected, but this does not mean to cut ourselves off completely or alienate ourselves to what may be joyful experiences & trustworthy relationships.

The magician points to manifestation. For a lot of us there will be healing that takes place within our own inner masculine & feminine which is essentially what holds the model & the mould how we perceive the world around us, especially in romantic relationships.

Trust issues only exist when we feel as if we cannot trust ourselves, our own judgement & our own discernment.

The 9 of swords can be an influx of conflicting messages that arrive to us when we are over thinking or coming to our worst conclusions.

We may be thinking about the past, worrying about how to overcome past grievances & to manifest a new reality.

The magician this week is us being very aware of any old tricks that may be attempted to be pulled on us. If indeed there is shadow energy coming to the surface, then we should be more skilled in how we will transmute it.

The magician is confident – not cocky, & knows that our reality is actually down to us to define, & can be steered in a way by the decisions that we make, or the way that we manipulate the energy around us.

You do not have to be a passive victim or a passenger along for the ride that is life.

Take life into your hands. Make the changes that you need to make. If a situation remains unfair or unbalanced then you are encouraged to let it go. Letting go on control issues asks you to see the bigger picture.

The fact that you can never really see it.

It is no use trying to ‘guess’ how something will happen, or how it will go down. Take emotion outside of it & see the ride & pay attention to every stop that it takes you to.

You do not have to make your decision immediately, but when the time comes to act upon it you will know.

The need to control comes from your ego, your fear of vulnerability, & if you experienced any controlling natures or parents in your past, then likely you may have to deal with themes of feeling controlled by others outside of you, or feeling the need to control others outside of you.

This is actually a very creative week however with the empress, & if you could just get out of your head a little, you could create some serious magic! Allow others to flow more by allowing yourself to flow more. Virgo signs can often be too controlling if they put too much pressure on themselves to get everything done & to a very high standard.

You can only do your best. Let go of judgements & resentment of others for not meeting the bar. Life is about trying, & trying again.

We are all learning. We are all a work in progress. And the angel of knowing is all about building trust within ourselves so that we can begin to trust our intuition, & our reality again. Relax. Breathe. Meditate. And ask yourself what you are really trying to tell yourself.

The knight of swords rushes in to free you from the 9 of swords. This is a more free nature. A swifter energy, that swoops in on a Sunday as you are getting ready to iron your work clothes, & says, ‘let us go for a spin – jump in’, before taking you on a wild ride via horseback with laughter, & carelessness.

My new moon in Virgo package deals specifically with how to achieve this balance & middle ground.

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My new moon in Virgo package will be covering 4 specific topics that deal with the issue of the ‘I AM’, or the ‘who am I?’ In order for you to build upon yourself & to gain solidity in healing, you need to have a stable & unwavering perception of yourself, which most highly sensitive, highly spiritual & empathic beings do not.

This is because our defences are very low, our auras are very open, often wishy washy or easily mutable (manipulated), so yes as it stands.. The same thing that makes us so powerful, can often also make us so weak… Topics covered in the video AND the written hand book that will be sent out upon purchase are,

1. Sexuality – how to heal generational wounds or karmic templates about sexuality//childhood//sexual abuse. Why Virgo is referred to as the ‘virgin’ & how trauma can affect sexual experiences.

2. Divine lovers — why has there been so much chaos surrounding them lately? Including biblical verses that perfectly describe their current process.

3. Healing from narcissistic abuse – how to spot karmic FRIENDSHIPS/contracts & the reclaiming of the self w/ affirmation.

4. Healing intimacy issues in relationships – letting your walls down, but not letting your guard down – The Balance between carefulness & reservation.

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Divine lovers weekly reading — *CURRENT* 18th-24th September 2017

The divine lovers reading for this week is much like a beautiful poem. Have you before been scorned? Why ofcourse you have, but through it & from it have you not birthed entirely new worlds?

We do not know it, & we may not see it, but it is rather our pain from past experiences in love that causes us to re-experience the exact same love.

Unpack your baggage. And travel lightly. As the new moon in Virgo (represented by the virgin) asks us to imagine loving as if we have never been hurt.

This may require a hell of a lot of visualisation, forgiveness of self, & patience with self, but both divine lovers this week show determination to learn from past experiences – especially the feminine.

She explores what it would be like to not be so careless in love, with such a reckless heart that she owns, whilst the masculine experiences what it is like once more to lose everything, & to have to work on the process of reestablishment.

The masculine mayhem this week is actually a little different & will be delivered as a conversation between me & a divine masculine about how he is currently feeling & what currently rings true for him. As all divine masculines are related & connected, I thought this would be a more authentic way to get to the truth of these current energies!

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Divine lovers sample from weeks back -What you can expect from a purchase –

General Weekly Energetic Updates – 11th-17th September 2017.

Main theme – (The tower – reversed), 6 of cups (reversed), 2 of pentacles (reversed), 10 of cups (reversed), justice card (reversed), header – 4 of wands, outcome – 8 of cups (reversed) Issue – The chariot.

Numerological breakdown calculation – 11 – spiritual illumination, understanding, spiritual mastery, karmic understanding, intuitive principle – 17 – a new spiritual beginning, expanded consciousness, awakening, epiphanies, decision making, apocalyptic realisations (8) – Karma, breaking karmic bonds, transcending poverty consciousness.

There comes a time in our lives where maturity becomes quite a priority of ours.

Upon this journey, we will lose so many things, but we will also gain so many more.

Predictability becomes something that is not a given. And the main theme presenting itself as the tower card in reverse suggests that we are looking to gain control over that which we can predict.

It’s very safe to say & I have mentioned in previous weeklies that there has been an immense tower energy sweeping through pretty much beginning the month of August, which is no surprise because August was an 8 month, representing breaking free of karma.

And very true to its nature of death & rebirth – the number 8 has brought us much cataclysmic change in the form of rebirthing ourselves.

Look at the way that the number 8 motions. It comes in & comes out & back in again, almost as if it is unsure of itself.

This is how it creates new direction – much like a DNA strand. It goes to show that no matter where we go, we likely end up at the same place. This is, until we change direction…

And this is what karma is all about.

And this is what birth is all about.

We take a close look at family & family bonds this week, which can also include our soul family, so karmic attachments, & those we share similar energy, lessons, or vibrations with.

The tower card in reverse actually places those in question exactly where they need to be. Although it does so in a shaky way – one that seems to be too harsh, too sudden, or too frightening.

In the tower reversed energy, the effects of the tower falling actually begin to fall into place & make sense like a puzzle sorting itself out.

Usually, when things went wrong you could leave, or you would leave & thus your foundation would continue to be more shaky, but the tower in reverse confronts issues head on, because quite frankly – the tower is sick of itself.

That feeling of uncertainty simply makes one sick to the stomach, doesn’t it?

And yes this does include an unhealthy dose of anxiety… Anxiety in small amounts CAN be healthy in my eyes, because it can sometimes alert us to looming dangers, but in high amounts, anxiety simply means that something is not quite right, & in all areas anxiety is indicative of there not being a tight enough or secure enough structure:

There needs to be some kind of security, trust, loyalty, or fixed state here & we are desperately seeking it this week.

So much from our past has been learnt. What does it look like & feel like to both be & experience loyalty & supreme honesty? A rock solid foundation starts in the home & it is the home that we must look to.

Communication is likely to become improved with family members this week as a last ditch attempt to save everything from collapsing.

Expect those you never expect to attempt to be on their best behaviour, in fear of losing everything that they have built.

The 6 of cups takes away childhood innocence so we are likely looking to rectify our wounds that lie with instability & feeling as if we have not had a chance to enjoy our childhood. Which could include financial strains, or lack of some type of bond.

We are learning the importance of community this week, team building & balancing multiple areas of our lives. Perhaps our home life was suffering because we worked too much, or our work life was suffering because we spent too much time at home.

The 2 of pentacles sees us trying to balance two things that do not go together & failing miserably, instead losing both things.

This could represent for some being caught or found cheating, or finding out about somebody else cheating.

It is pointless to live this life of dishonesty where nobody wins.

And we see very much how karma is actually caused by our own actions, so faithfully the chariot rolls by to save the day.

This is determination to create new habits & with this fierce effort, we see ourselves implanting change that is quite swift. Behavioural changes are noticed almost instantaneously & forward movement is the only thing on our minds.

The 8 of cups in reverse takes on a different tone this week. I feel as if this talks of actually staying & having the strength to work things out as opposed to taking the easy way out.

There are some people who we need to leave behind on this journey, but there are also those that we need to stay & work with. To try to understand, because there is a karmic lesson present here for us, & in the past walking away was all too easy to do.

Some people are going home, to try & make some things better.

It’s like you try to get away, but you need to heal this. And the justice card in reverse is telling you that there was an injustice here.

The wheel of luck or experience was not on your side because you were being ruled by personal karma that continuously led you into this tower situation, where everything did feel wrong & imbalanced, but you proceeded anyway.

Childhood issues & early programming are called into question for this weeks revelations.

Why put up with what you have – for so long.

The chariot is like this anger, but it is directed in the right way, towards willpower.

This is the energy of waking up & being like, ‘I cannot believe I was allowing this to go on for so long – underneath my breath. My own life being steered, by something outside of me’.

The chariot sees us wanting to learn from the past & be transformed by it.

It’s learning how to find this brand new balance, & how to use ones personal & inner demons as a guidance system.

Divine lovers **DAILY** pull — Current energetic influences.

Divine lovers **DAILY** pull —

9 of swords.

The 9 of swords represents the energy of anxious thoughts, doubts, nightmares, an influx of intrusive messages, & fear.

This may be the energy that describes the sleep you had last night, or may describe the sleep that you are about to have tonight.

If the latter is the case, then you may want to be sure to remain conscious of yourself & your thoughts as to avoid this from happening. As this reading may serve as a premonition for what COULD be to come, & what can be avoided.

This is very typical at times of growth spurts, as there is something about knowing we are so close to our goal that can cause us to retreat back into fear.

A dark night of the soul or karmic wounds are likely presented here.

We may wonder,

What have I done?

‘Am I making the right decision?’


‘How do I fix this?’

Do not be so hard on yourself. You must not worry about fixed outcomes & controlling your reality in such a way that there is no room for you to experience anything else outside of it.

There is a difference between trying to steer your reality, & working in accordance with the divine to manifest your reality.

Something that is fated or destined relates largely to the choices that we make & this is why you can never directly predict one outcome, & this is why you should not attempt to – even the most conscious of us.

Attempting to control your reality comes from a place of fear, or lack.

A deep intense worry that a current situation or life event(s) that you may be going through will play out exactly as it has played out in the past.

Really this is a fear of loss, abandonment, uncertainty, or devastation.

But my love, the trick is, this time will not be just like before! Because if it were to be, you would not be so conscious of it as you are now.

In the past, you just watched things happen. Now, you know so much better.. you do so much better.

Loosen your grip on your reality.

You can only control your reactions, & your perception of reality, you cannot control anything or anyone else outside of you.

Fate is that which you create.

Not what you dictate.

Or attempt to manipulate..

Once again, the work goes back to you.

The strengthened you.

The warrior in the worry.


Divine lovers weekly for this week — ‘food for thought’ encourages us to lighten the load once again as we move through one of the last phases of this transitory period.

Take a deep breath in, & when you breathe out, remember to enjoy the moment!

Have some fun – life is not supposed to be all about figuring out what’s going to happen next or warding off potential ‘attacks’. You learn from the grievances of the past, & then you do what you do best… You move on.

This recent lessons weren’t to get us stuck, but rather to unplug us, & send us charging forward…

Learn to make the work less heavy with the feminine as she strives for strength & goodness in all that she does.

The gift of time, knowledge & study of her path make her a wise teacher this week…

And the masculine not only goes, but grows through the motions.

Placing in the necessary effort that we likely have not witnessed from him for a while..

This past week was all about learning how not to get so triggered by our triggers!

Growth & prosperity lead to longevity..

To order this reading, PayPal £3.33 to or £10.00 for the full edition including the masculines current energetic update.

– Masculine Mayhem.

This weeks masculine Mayhem reading sees the masculine attempting to break down walls & barriers that he has held up in relation to allowing others into his life with ease… He deals with a very strong energy in his life this week that has been keeping him held down or rather as apart of a puppet show. For many this will represent a mother figure, it could be his own mother or potentially the mother of his children.

In an attempt to gain autonomy over his life the masculine this week will have to be bold & draw some of his own boundaries..

Fears about men being too harsh or too rigid may have led him to this point here, pretending as if he did not have feelings or going ahead with demands that demanded just a little too much of him.

As he breaks away this week he also needs to slowly begin to let guards & defences down..

The masculine is standing up for himself & it helps the feminine to meet him half way, learning compromise between her two selves also.

To purchase this reading along with this weeks divine lovers weekly reading — PayPal £10.00 to

Please check my instagram to see the difference between the divine lovers weekly & the masculine Mayhem reading.. (you may have to scroll down a bit)! I’ll give you a hint – the masculine Mayhem is ALL about the masculine – the divine lovers focuses on the journey of the two! See you soon loves! Xxxx

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General weekly reading – Current energetic updates **

  • 4th-10th September – 

Main theme – The sun, Header – Devil//Queen of wands, During the week – 3 of pentacles, 5 of swords,6 of wands, the chariot, Angel card – unrequited love, Main issue – 6 of cups, Outcome – 5 of wands//Queen of swords.

  • 28-3rd September –

 Beginning of the week – Ace of swords//knight of cups.

As the week progresses – knight of wands//3 of pentacles.

Outcome – the moon.

Main theme – Healing family issues//The angel of discernment.

The ace of swords springs to life with a fresh idea about life. This is the energy of an individual who has fought to gain claim over their own mind. The ace of swords springs from the bottom up suggesting that your mind has been planted in the dirt – in the darkness, away from everybody else’s prying eyes. You have likely been pondering thoughts or contemplating battles that you have felt the need to keep to yourself at times.. Particularly because this has been something that you could not really discuss with anybody else. A life obstacle that you have to figure out, that you have to make sense of – because this is an individual mental battle that you have been struggling with for many years of your life, and it is providing you with the opportunity for immense growth.

Codependency springs to mind. As it is linked into healing family issues, and becoming more clear about what is and what is not toxic.

The knight of cups is a romantic, emotional, and sensitive gift.. One of the major themes this past few weeks has been working on our transparency. Opening our hearts in a way that does not allow for vulnerability to be scary.. It will continuously become more apparent to you why and how you have been hiding yourself away.

The knight of wands in combination with the 3 of pentacles suggests putting the work in. If you would like to witness the evidence of change in your life then it is time that you get excited about the work that you have been doing. The moon energy has been working over time to bring what has been the unconscious rumblings into your conscious awareness. This is a little bit of that devil energy that is discussed further up in this reading, and the moon works actually to reverse this type of energy by showing us what subconscious behaviours and beliefs are actually keeping us in the dark. Yes, spiritually there are active forces at work that do not want you to achieve your highest good, and this is exactly the reason you should fight harder than ever. This is not about some hater you had or have from high school. This is more – a universally opposing force that knows that you are destined for great things that is purposely trying to bring sabotage into your life.

But it only wins, when you are unconscious.  You only lose, when you choose not to wake up. Not to see what is right infront of you.

The moon card is this fight against the unconscious ego. Once we make the unconscious conscious, in the way that Carl Jung describes, we are not so startled by the darkness any longer. You have seen the worst of the worst, and you are no longer frightened nor put off by the fear tactics. You look down on the ravenous ego in the same way that Christ can cast down upon a demonic spirit almost instantaneously through his mention.

By the end of the month of September, you will learn how to spot negative energetic and karmic attachments well. You will know when somebody has bad vibes. You will begin to start learning to trust yourself again, slowly.

What is it that triggers your old programming? That brings you doubt? That brings you to a place where you cannot find yourself?



The main theme presenting itself as the sun energy is descriptive of a time in our lives where we are taking off the layers that have kept us too quiet, too humble, too restricted, or too tied down by the energy of anxiety, & obligation.

It’s high time for us to experience the ordinary joys that life has to offer us & the sun card comes out declaring that we will not be bound & put into place by this devil energy.

This is very much a card about shaming the darkness & with the 5 of wands you will find that we have actually been working over time in order for us to cast aside our own shadows & the shadows that others try to project on us.

The last month of August really saw us battling the last of our evils. This is not to say that unpleasant events, emotions or experiences are over for good – life itself would have to be over for this to be possible, but this just means that the experience of a certain TYPE of unpleasant event is over – likely one that kept manifesting & repeating itself at different stages of our life, & with different people.

The header situation being the devil energy & the queen of swords (the major lesson of the week) encourages us To go for the gold. The queen of wands is unable to dwell with the devil energy because she believes in herself way too much. This is an illuminated version of the divine feminine energy within us all. The priestess energy. The energy of creative power & knowing who we are. You see, the devil energy can ONLY toy with you when you do not know who you are & when you are giving your power away voluntarily (consciously or subconsciously) to others.

This is likely related to some type of childhood belief that you held about yourself not being worthy, not being good enough, or not being seen. You need to get more comfortable with your belief in yourself. With taking up space. And with making a stand to honour who you are. You absolutely HAVE to be passionate about yourself.

Any shaming & doubts around sexuality are likely to be highlighted in this week.

It’s a vital time not to polarise sexual energy. Sex & being a sexual being is not a bad thing. Yes there are toxic elements of sexuality, but you must own yourself by surrounding yourself with those who don’t have toxic & shameful ideas about sexuality – including your own mind.

Feed yourself only positive thoughts as it is essential to protect your energy right now – especially if there is temptation to shut yourself off.

The unrequited angel oracle card suggests that many karmic partnerships are ending at this time for plenty of us, & not just in the romantic sense. Family members & friends who hold toxic perceptions of us, or who we were drawn to whilst in a toxic state prove themselves to be a mismatch this week – & the sun card may very well be our liberation from these situations.

August really goes out in a big way to prepare us for the burial that is September (the 9 month) truly & fully putting our pains & karmic experiences to rest.

Because this is a 10 year there may indeed be some painful endings as things come to a finale and abrupt end.

Do not be so fearful of this.

Things are supposed to be unfolding in this way. It is your karmic duty to put an end to this battle: indeed you may experience feelings of feeling bad or uncertain about whether you are making the right decision ending some of these friendships & partnerships, but the 5 of swords suggests that even if you were not ready to end them, they would have inevitably come to an end at some point – because this is just the nature of change, they were not meant to be.

A lot of us because of complexes held in childhood to do with feeling not good enough or unwanted have continuously attracted karmic attachments that further perpetuate this narrative to us. The cure? Reconciling with the belief that you do have in yourself. The idea you hold that you are not worthy of receiving love, openness & affection is as true as you would like it to be.

Think about it.

Who keeps this thought alive?

In the 5 of swords card you absolutely need to grow comfortable with this path of separation & allow yourself to move on. The queen of swords is intellectual maturity. Knowing that sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind. Sometimes the right thing to do truly is to leave some people behind.

The 5 of wands appearing as another 5 makes us aware that this may be a turbulent change this week but it has to take place. Once the 5 of swords character keeps moving, they will find that the individuals in the 5 of wands are still fighting themselves & very willing to still fight them!

The reason that you have to move on is simply because you cannot save everybody. And it drags one down to perceive that they are somehow responsible for the lives of others.

The queen of swords puts her foot down on this situation. And something that has been occurring for a long while will no longer go on.

You may need the counsel of friends or the support of others to carry out some of these tasks right now. Coming out of old karmic partnerships means actually stepping closer to your true soul family & soul group. Reconciliation means old friends potentially returning, as you recognise that some of your newer friends haven’t exactly been who you thought they were, or what you thought you needed.

Childhood friends may make a come back to remind you of who you are..

Unrequited love is pretty painful yes. But it is always better to know the truth, to leave where you are not aligned, & to go where you are wanted & needed.

The 6 of cups definitely suggests that this is a past life issue, so if there are particular individuals you are falling out with at this time, you may well have known them in a previous life & they may have taught you this same lesson. The lesson the universe asks you to now take with you in order to progress forward & further.

The 3 of pentacles also talks of one expanding their circle as they come out of the shame, secrecy and darkness. Confession may be a vital friend to you at this time, entrusting others in your circle to help you, share what you are going through, and seeking the counsel and guidance of friends whom you may have been hiding your shame from. Remember, it takes a village, and likely community effort to pull you out from underneath this darkness!

The 6 of wands is the heroic journey that you make for the village. Shamanism. These experiences that you have gone through that may benefit others. The proverbial crowd appear to cheer you on as you show your battle scars but still wield a determination to carry on. Others around you may not know what you have been through & may not understand where this journey took you, but that’s really not for them to know now. They will see the evidence of your grace in your stride. In your accomplishments, your determination for success.

A new hunger is born within when you realise how much time & energy you’ve been dedicating to this draining & tiresome situation. The chariot is fiery determination.

Be careful not to seek success at the expense of teaching others a lesson.

If you are to make something of yourself then make sure that you are doing so for you. The primary target in your own mind must be you, & the Pisces full moon will lend you a hand in nurturing your inner child to a new stage of development.

The chariot represents this marriage between the soul essence & the physical essence. See, within the devil energy, it is the beast like (shadow) figure that rules the humans – their minds, their thoughts, their actions & behaviours, whilst in the chariot, it is the human who has transcended their lower self & now knows how to navigate life using both the right & left brain equally.

You must transcend your inner demons using this very method.

Be so aware of your own inner nature that all you create is a manifestation. This places you in the drivers seat of your life. Here is your chance to have control & not be ruled by everything that surrounds you.


With all of the clearing that you have been embarking upon, do you not now believe in the safety of love?

Because that is what love should feel like – safety, & security, & reassurance, & everything that you have learnt so far suggesting the opposite is being put to the test.

The main theme presenting itself as the ‘make the effort’ card, suggests that there are still some reservations about us moving forward. In theory, it is so easy to say that one has been healed of their afflictions in love, but how many of us can live this reality, without torment from our pasts & anxieties, & a synchronicity of the two!

‘Great love is worth the steps that you are guided to take’ – this particular weekly reading is specifically targeted towards those who have attracted or who are experiencing new love. New love can take the form of a new romantic partnership, new friendships forming, strengthened bonds & intimacy, or even old relationships rekindling & experiencing an emotional reboot.

This is very much ace of cups energy in the traditional taro & exactly what you & the hierophant energy have been working towards these past few weeks.

The hermit card as the heading situation is the torch that is held up as the hovering cup in the 4 of cups card. There is a situation in this week that appears as if it is unsolvable. We may spend many hours, days, weeks, in a trance almost thinking about this situation & why it had to take place.

There is a little bit of self pity or rather self absorption present here however as the hermit card reveals exactly why this situation had to take place. It is not as if we do not know why this is happening. We may just get caught up in staring at the pieces of what has gone wrong.

For many of us this involves a 3rd party situation, such as finding out or suspecting that a partner has been unfaithful, or even friendships that have fallen apart, or the feeling of being or feeling betrayed.

The hierophant card is actually very similar to the hermit in this instance & asks that you see the truth of this situation for what it is. It is actually salvation from what has been suffered in these past few months especially, but specifically years.

The universe/the most high may also be suggesting that we release what we have been holding, in order to attract & embrace new love.

The 4th cup being handed to the individual in the 4 of cups may be new love, that we find difficult to see or believe in because of our past experiences – but this actually appears to be our saving grace.

And the saving grace is in the idea that we stop looking outward to somebody or something else to save us, & begin saving ourselves.

The hierophant means discipline, & is the promise of what can come to you when you follow the guided steps that you have been given.

A situation has been brought to your attention so that you may abandon it. So that you may look closely at it. And do your own version of intense shadow work from it.

The knight of swords in reverse in combination with the ace of wands describe a certain weakness in this new beginning. Perhaps this same beginning has been offered to you more than once, but the hard hitting nature of the knight of swords didn’t quite land.

You may have cut the message off before every time that it attempted to land. The ace of wands does describe willpower being a very necessary part of this journey.

Every single aspect of your mind must be focused on this journey, & it is time to stop ignoring the signs, or perceiving that they are not messages.

You could have tried to change before, or rectify this situation but you never stood the distance. You likely intended for things to be different, but the will & intention present in the magician card was not present yet.

The magician & the queen of pentacles as the major lessons this week suggest there is an ease in life that comes to us once we work on our own stability. The magician card always speaks of being in control of your reality, whereas the queen of pentacles in reverse is anything but that.

In the upright position the queen of pentacles speaks of tenacity, independence, authenticity & willingness. The kind of determination that kicks in to gear when a woman wakes up, finally recognises her worth, & makes the necessary financial & life changes to create a life that will no longer see her relying on others.

The reason that your life may have been in disarray is likely because it was not your life.

How many times have you placed your destiny into the hands of another, these two cards ask you.

How can you command when you don’t truly believe in your ability to command? When you are not commanding from an authentic place. Belief in self is so primary for any type of manifestation, & you may be realising this week that you do not actually ‘love’ yourself as much as you may preach, or as much as you may say.

The hermit for this reason gifts you the opportunity to practice what you preach, by knowing what you unconsciously seek.

Believe in your slay.

The outcome as the knight of pentacles thinks in a more intentional manner. What are you manifesting that you actually WANT to manifest. And how would you like the future to look like? There may be an ideology that you are sitting on, one that you know can be brought to life with the proper planning, precision & vision.

Patience may be called into question at this time. As you are making a move away from the past, potentially do not think that things will always move at such a swift, fast pace.. and do not give up if things appear to be moving slowly. Change is noticeable daily, in small doses, everyday choices that we do, & do not make.

It does not always look grandiose & exaggerated, but eventually it all comes together in a beautiful way.

Do not become discouraged by the building process.

And if you are trying to build a new romantic connection with somebody, just remember that rushing anything creates karmic attachments!

And we wouldn’t want that would we.

My, how we wouldn’t want that –

Divine lovers current energetic update —


It has been an absolutely explosive time for divine lovers lately. The last few months of this year are definitely packing a punch and ensuring that the destructive/creative qualities of this 10 year live up to reputation. It has been a very, very difficult time with dark nights of the soul being dished up for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but fear not.. We have never been so close to the light at the end of the tunnel as we have now. All over, twinflames/divine lovers are ripping up the contracts that they have with codependency, toxicity, and generational curses. This is not something that you would like to miss out on, simply because of how confusing, anxiety stricken and up and down this previous period has been. I would like to reach out to everyone and let them know what an amazing time this is. Please do not get caught up in the shadow work. DO not get caught up in the fact that things feel painful, and yes you will have to let go of some people you convinced yourself were around for the long haul. Some of you have even had to let go of your divine lover! But I promise, all of the pain, is NOT in vain – and we enter September with the chance to say goodbye to the worst bind that we have known – trauma karma.


Because I went through my own intense karmic cleanse I was unable to complete and send out the divine lovers reading or masculine mayhem for the past 3 weeks — for this reason, all orders will be backdated, and those who purchased earlier will receive a little extra for their purchase.

–Readings will be sent in bulk, however an entirely new divine lovers reading for the week 11th-17th is also to be released Wednesday, the 13th – You will be notified in a divine lovers DAILY reading when purchase is officially open!