General Weekly Reading – 18th-24th September 2017 – Bon voyage, Travelling lightly, New moon in Virgo & (Sneak peak at this weeks DL reading).

Numerological breakdown calculation – 18th – (1+8) = 9 – healing abandonment wounds, humanitarianism, overcoming the past, turning wounds into wisdom, inspired creativity, 24 (2+4) = 6 – Healing innerchild wounds, overcoming victim consciousness, healing love & relationship issues, healing mother wounds.

General weekly reading – Main theme – 2 of cups, Header – let go of control issues, Outcome – the angel of knowing, Surrounding cards – The magician, The empress, 9 of swords, the moon, coming in – knight of swords.

The main theme as the 2 of cups this week arrives to offer us more insight about our issues with intimacy & relationships.

The 2 of cups can relate to bonds, either romantic, in friendship, or those with family & how we leave ourselves open to being receptive to others, & how we give to others who may be in need, or may be in need of a healthier flow.

Part of healing is recognising our natural interconnection to humans & especially the societies & communities that we come from.

You may be dealing with re-entering a community or a partnership & wondering if it is time to trust that which has been brewing, or attempting to come into fruition.

Because of past experiences there may indeed be a lot of doubt & hesitation surrounding if we should indeed move forward, & the moon card suggests that the new moon in Virgo will be playing a role in highlighting any areas where we may possibly feel tied in terms of affection.

We may have our hands busy & dipped in so many areas this week in order to avoid looking at emotions, emotional issues or how we interact with those that surround us.

A healthy balance between cautiousness & over carefulness needs to be met & agreed upon.

Sure, we should all have boundaries that should be maintained & respected, but this does not mean to cut ourselves off completely or alienate ourselves to what may be joyful experiences & trustworthy relationships.

The magician points to manifestation. For a lot of us there will be healing that takes place within our own inner masculine & feminine which is essentially what holds the model & the mould how we perceive the world around us, especially in romantic relationships.

Trust issues only exist when we feel as if we cannot trust ourselves, our own judgement & our own discernment.

The 9 of swords can be an influx of conflicting messages that arrive to us when we are over thinking or coming to our worst conclusions.

We may be thinking about the past, worrying about how to overcome past grievances & to manifest a new reality.

The magician this week is us being very aware of any old tricks that may be attempted to be pulled on us. If indeed there is shadow energy coming to the surface, then we should be more skilled in how we will transmute it.

The magician is confident – not cocky, & knows that our reality is actually down to us to define, & can be steered in a way by the decisions that we make, or the way that we manipulate the energy around us.

You do not have to be a passive victim or a passenger along for the ride that is life.

Take life into your hands. Make the changes that you need to make. If a situation remains unfair or unbalanced then you are encouraged to let it go. Letting go on control issues asks you to see the bigger picture.

The fact that you can never really see it.

It is no use trying to ‘guess’ how something will happen, or how it will go down. Take emotion outside of it & see the ride & pay attention to every stop that it takes you to.

You do not have to make your decision immediately, but when the time comes to act upon it you will know.

The need to control comes from your ego, your fear of vulnerability, & if you experienced any controlling natures or parents in your past, then likely you may have to deal with themes of feeling controlled by others outside of you, or feeling the need to control others outside of you.

This is actually a very creative week however with the empress, & if you could just get out of your head a little, you could create some serious magic! Allow others to flow more by allowing yourself to flow more. Virgo signs can often be too controlling if they put too much pressure on themselves to get everything done & to a very high standard.

You can only do your best. Let go of judgements & resentment of others for not meeting the bar. Life is about trying, & trying again.

We are all learning. We are all a work in progress. And the angel of knowing is all about building trust within ourselves so that we can begin to trust our intuition, & our reality again. Relax. Breathe. Meditate. And ask yourself what you are really trying to tell yourself.

The knight of swords rushes in to free you from the 9 of swords. This is a more free nature. A swifter energy, that swoops in on a Sunday as you are getting ready to iron your work clothes, & says, ‘let us go for a spin – jump in’, before taking you on a wild ride via horseback with laughter, & carelessness.

My new moon in Virgo package deals specifically with how to achieve this balance & middle ground.

Check out the details here —

My new moon in Virgo package will be covering 4 specific topics that deal with the issue of the ‘I AM’, or the ‘who am I?’ In order for you to build upon yourself & to gain solidity in healing, you need to have a stable & unwavering perception of yourself, which most highly sensitive, highly spiritual & empathic beings do not.

This is because our defences are very low, our auras are very open, often wishy washy or easily mutable (manipulated), so yes as it stands.. The same thing that makes us so powerful, can often also make us so weak… Topics covered in the video AND the written hand book that will be sent out upon purchase are,

1. Sexuality – how to heal generational wounds or karmic templates about sexuality//childhood//sexual abuse. Why Virgo is referred to as the ‘virgin’ & how trauma can affect sexual experiences.

2. Divine lovers — why has there been so much chaos surrounding them lately? Including biblical verses that perfectly describe their current process.

3. Healing from narcissistic abuse – how to spot karmic FRIENDSHIPS/contracts & the reclaiming of the self w/ affirmation.

4. Healing intimacy issues in relationships – letting your walls down, but not letting your guard down – The Balance between carefulness & reservation.

To purchase this once in a life time package, you MUST have a facebook page.

PayPal the sum £60 to & send me your Facebook name & email to my email ( so I may add you to the video & send your booklet.

Video will not be posted till a few people are added. The group will remain after for mutual support & friendship building!

Looking forward to seeing/connecting with you all on there!!!

Divine lovers weekly reading — *CURRENT* 18th-24th September 2017

The divine lovers reading for this week is much like a beautiful poem. Have you before been scorned? Why ofcourse you have, but through it & from it have you not birthed entirely new worlds?

We do not know it, & we may not see it, but it is rather our pain from past experiences in love that causes us to re-experience the exact same love.

Unpack your baggage. And travel lightly. As the new moon in Virgo (represented by the virgin) asks us to imagine loving as if we have never been hurt.

This may require a hell of a lot of visualisation, forgiveness of self, & patience with self, but both divine lovers this week show determination to learn from past experiences – especially the feminine.

She explores what it would be like to not be so careless in love, with such a reckless heart that she owns, whilst the masculine experiences what it is like once more to lose everything, & to have to work on the process of reestablishment.

The masculine mayhem this week is actually a little different & will be delivered as a conversation between me & a divine masculine about how he is currently feeling & what currently rings true for him. As all divine masculines are related & connected, I thought this would be a more authentic way to get to the truth of these current energies!

To purchase this full glorious reading – paypal £3.33 to or for the full edition, featuring the masculine’s powerful transition into a higher state of consciousness this week, paypal £10.00 and send a confirmation email to

Divine lovers sample from weeks back -What you can expect from a purchase –


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