General weekly reading – 25th-30th September – The adventurer, the traveller, & the webbing of completed karma. (The breaking of karmic bonds).

Main theme – (3 of wands, the angel of forgiveness, queen of cups, engagement, the lovers.

Numerological breakdown calculation (2+5) = 7 – spirituality, mysticism, higher awareness, expanded consciousness, esoteric knowledge, sacred awareness, 30th – 3 (magnified by the presence of the 0) – rebirth, birth, life force energy, creativity, creation, Big Bang theory, merging, unity, harmony.

Freya Stark solo female / woman traveller

The three of wands poses the question that we all seek to answer. Do we stay? Or do we go? Over the horizon points to different stars, but we may wonder, is the grass only greener because it is not the grass in which we currently inhabit?

Do we fall back on a future that we cannot see or cannot perceive? Or do we move forward? And simply, seek more glories.

The three of wands represents a hunger for new life & a bold daring new spirit. This figure thinks only of what is to come, feeling exhausted by what they have surpassed. A brief look into what the future may bring sees us pondering which new direction to take, for there are many.

We may feel restless in our current reality. Perhaps it is that we have exhausted every angel, & we are now ready for new adventure, to pierce something new.

If new opportunities are presented to you, then this will be the week that you are teased whether to grab them by the hands or not. You may be dabbling in between exits, & the chaos that they may cause,

There is nothing unnatural about this.

Pause, as you take a breath.

The crowning issue being release your ex points to the energy of romantic partnership, especially with the presence of the lovers.

This week is likely to represent us taking the time to nurture our emotional & spiritual strengths in love.

Who are we when we are not the stories of the past?

In order for us to move on with our lives, it is imperative that we release not only our past lover or past relationships, but also the energy that is associated with our past. For many of us our past lover still has residual energy that is effecting our lives.

Perhaps a karmic lover who we cannot separate with because of children, or who still has some kind of control over us.

Simply refusing to forgive somebody or holding onto the pain of the past is enough to keep you somewhere that you are not supposed to stay. Perhaps you are scared to leave because of comfortability, because this individual makes you feel as if you have some type of false security, or stability, but the more you toy with the idea of the future, the more you feel differently.

A part of you knows that there is something more out there, & you figure this out the more you align yourself with the type of future that you want to create.

Forgiveness is an essential part of your journey At this point. This is what moving on truly means. Not holding on to what has been. This is the only way that your relationships can move toward a higher level of commitment. You need to be able to cut the binds & ties & karmic cords that keep you to the pain you’ve experienced.

You need to not align yourself with being the victim in love, or the one who is hurt by love.

Many of us who have been attracting karmic attachments (the same kind of lover) will understand that this is something to do with them as opposed to solely an energy that arrives externally. The knight of swords rushes to give the queen of emotions a message.

If we play close attention to our emotional sensitivity, we will understand why we have felt so stagnant in love & relationships.

A new message about the templates we have been creating arrives in record timing.

A lot of us will be looking for esoteric reasoning for the first time, or looking into spirituality more closer than ever to understand their karmic patterns.

The minute that you shift your attention to you, & stop looking to blame external circumstances, the better.

The knight of swords may also be an energy or individual who attempts to give us the answers that they believe that we seek, but we are actually doing pretty well all on our own by looking into our emotions.

A contemplative time likely makes itself a fundamental theme of our week this week.

We may also find that others gravitate towards us more when we are actually more focused on our own emotional health & emotional care. If feeling particularly sensitive this week, you may want to take the time to temporarily halt some calls or incoming messages & outside influences.

The works & decisions are very much yours to make & inevitably the answer that you seek will be feeling based.

Do not confuse a few moments of bliss here & there for true emotional balance.

The lovers card in the corner suggests that our realisations this week are very much romantic based. Our feminine nature – the side of us that appreciates creativity & emotional fluidity is considering reaching for more, reaching for the stars which actually may see us contemplating leaving others behind. Not behind in the sense that we forget them, but likely for emotional peace we have to surpass them on a spiritual & energetic level.

Heads up. This one is for the Gods.

Your ego may have to be completely set aside.

Divine lovers weekly reading – 25th-30th September 2017 – The burning of karmic bridges (PART 2)

Every so often, the karmic hand of destiny will allow us to see directly into our future, by seeing into our pasts. What is being foreshadowed to us this week allows us to effect a change in the cycle of destiny. Destiny, being the very choices that one makes. The masculine arrives at a crossroads. A tower energy two weeks in a row can only spell disaster. No? Destiny is a game of choice. If he wills it, his life can do a complete 360 turn around, but once again, this is a game of chance & will power. He does not have to accept these fruits. And the feminine does not have to accept that.

The feminine rips off her band aid this week. She says, ‘allow me to know. No matter how painful. Allow me to know. It is the only way that I will grow’ – & she’s only concerned with the truth this week. The falsity that rips through the masculine is her hurricane. She has created this. So that she can understand it.

Let’s step out into the world. And integrate a new spirit – further severing karmic bondage.

To witness & follow this transition, you may PayPal £6.66 to – I have recently decided to raise my prices for these weeklies because of the potency of their effect. This is to do with my own personal raise in value. The more I know I have to offer, the more I know I have to receive 😉

– more tutorial of this mindset is available within this weeks reading, along with the masculine Mayhem special, which may now be purchased together in a bulk for £12.99

Masculine Mayhem preview —

The divine masculine does his fair share this week to shed himself of past wounding & association with painful love. As he steps closer back into himself, he is asked to confront his childhood self. The part of him that began to associate love & reciprocation with fear & abandonment. He knows now that his thoughts & beliefs are victims of his past, but can he put this theoretical work into practice & allow himself to experience love – once & for all?


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