General weekly reading – 23rd-29th October 2017 – The shadow presents (Scorpio’s lament)..

Main theme – Release your ex/You deserve love, 2 of cups, 7 of cups, the tower, 4 of pentacles, Crowning – The guardian angel of faith, Outcome – The devil.

This weeks energies are urging us to make the necessary changes & decisions to move forward from a toxic situation.

At the root of the matter, is the devil card, along with the main theme, ‘release your ex’ suggesting that a clearing of your energetic partnerships is vital to your progress this week.

Usually, when the release your ex card appears, it’s not always necessarily the actual person that must release, (although it could be), as it is the beliefs that keep us attached to this person & to this energy.

Fatigue, mental exhaustion, & anguish seem to be an inevitable experience as long as we hold on to the confusion that this partnership brings.

The four of pentacles holds on so tightly to its own shadow self in fear of falling apart.

It’s almost as if we do not know who we are when we are not playing our smallest self.

Life offers an experience this week if you can let go of this stagnant energy you’ve been holding on to.

The devil card is as much a concept as you would like it to be. Sure, there are ‘darker’ energies at work & Scorpio season entices this plunge into the darkness that we take, but this devil energy this week is actually about choice.

The entrapment is the illusion.

In the ‘you deserve love energy’, you actually grow very tired towards the end of this week, with routine.

It’s like a 360, where you turn around & suddenly realise that the only person keeping you entrapped, is yourself.

Perhaps your fears about lack, loss of control, & loss of identity are dragged to the surface, & a sink or swim dynamic is introduced.

It could be the underlying feeling of not being enough, or not having enough that causes you to hold on to a situation that the tower energy has hit before.

The tower is a foundation that can easily be struck & brought down, & usually is by your own subconscious.

The gnawing feeling that you are better & can do better doesn’t leave you so easily, especially not as the cracks continue to present themselves.

The figure in the ‘ release your ex’ card seems to hold a list, & it is upon checking this list that she feels exhausted & put upon.

A specific message to highly sensitive healers or empathic beings to no longer live feeling so obliged to cater to everyone, especially at the expense of themselves.

Scorpio energy comes through very strongly here, as Scorpios are often known for their withdrawal tactics – better known as survival Methods.

It appears that there are usually two descriptions of the Scorpio energy – as either too attached (possessive & obsessive), or completely cold, detached – usually leaving those on the receiving end of Scorpios fluctuating mood confused, in a daze, & feeling quite uncertain of themselves.

This reminds us of the empath, who often takes in so much energy that they do not know where to shut off, & usually have to go to the extreme of completely blocking someone or some things out in order to concentrate.

A calm

Balance is found this week when we no longer force ourselves to take in just any & everything around us.

The 7 of cups invites us to tighten our boundaries, & not spend so much time caught in between several different pictures at once.

Focus is needed like the arrow that the figure in the ‘you deserve love’ card sports.

Many of us find ourselves completely bombarded by the lessons & revelations of this illusion shattering reality presented to us this week.

Hiding amongst the shadows becomes less & less enticing..

The angel of faith/trust encourages us to take the leap in this situation, & the 2 of cups likely represents the chance of a new love connection, or a romance/new friendship brewing outside of the karmic templates you’re experiencing.

One step at a time. Be gentle with yourself.

Remember you’re still undoing centuries worth of karmic beliefs & understandings about yourself & the world.

Trust & intimacy is built slowly here, not hot & heavy as it may have been in the past.

The 7 of cups could also warn of exaggerated day dream. When we fear that we do not have enough information our mind can begin to conjure its own stories – once again leaning towards the devil energy; fears, doubts & worries about the devil card manifesting once again.

Remember that the devil energy is a state of mind, & can be over come by us choosing to perceive things through a different lens. Strike a change in whatever you have witnessed that you always do.

Go for something that exposes your wounds even more. Push yourself to the limit this week.

Divine lovers Weekly preview — *latest energetic update* — No enemy within, no demon without (Scorpios lament).

A powerful week this week sees BOTH divine lovers leaving karmic attachments behind – partners, belief systems, familiar patterns, & the past.

Scorpio season truly provides divine lovers with the visibility that they seek this week. At the root of the issue with the moon, our ego is cleared out of the way so that we may see the truth.

The knight of pentacles & the 2 of wands this week shows divine lovers at two separate stages in their journey.

The feminine appears to have crossed a threshold & she looks outward, thinking about expanding her world & all that her new world will have to offer her, but ofcourse she still wonders where the masculine is, or how far along he is on his journey to arrive.

With the knight of pentacles he has a fixed goal in mind – but for the feminines who are learning to work with their own energy, as opposed to frequently dipping into the masculines, they will not see this as a separation. It will simply appear as both of them expanding their territory.

The feminine holds a certain fear, yet excitement about this new stage in her journey, yet the 5 of cups shows that she is still dealing with mourning some attachment issues.

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General weekly reading – 16th-22nd October – Feminine acceleration, redefining the culture of patriarchal substance, letting go, & the dynamics of control.

Numerological breakdown calculation – 16th (7) – Spirituality, universal consciousness, psychic ability, mental expansion, problem solving, seeking, research, God consciousness, 22 – master builder, problem solver, creativity & the arts, intuition, broad vision, goal setting, accomplishments, legacies.

The 4 of pentacles points to rigidity & a desire to hold on to things longer than we have to, often because we fear change & we fear that change means abandonment.

This week asks us to take a closer look at the ways in which we view change & our ideas about freedom. Once again, we find ourselves diving deep into the depth of the death that is the old polarity battle – this week us taking a look at what it really means for ‘the patriarchy’ to crumble.

Could it be the habits, people or places that we hold on to longer than we should because the idea of change & freedom (although very enticing) strikes immediate fear inside of us.

Perhaps we fear we do not actually have what it takes to be free & careless in this way… It’s not nexesssrilh the type of carelessness that is chaotic, but the type that allows us to let go of control issues – internally & externally.

The fearful ego will come up with so many reasons why we cannot let go & why we are weary to try new things & we may find this as apart of our family line. Perhaps we had one or two parents who held fear or shame consciousness about stepping out into the world in a major way, & we may have inherited many of these fears, but now it is time for us to step outside of that consciousness, to open our hearts & our minds to all that life may have to offer us… Whatever that may be.

Unrequited love challenges you to say no or say goodbye to the things that are no longer you. You may have to take a bold stand against that which you feel is a false mask or is not deep enough for the oceans that you are attempting to swim. Yes this could relate to offers of love & relationships, but I do see it expanding into several areas of our lives, including that which keeps us small.

This is a big week for the feminine to be brave & step outside the mask & the mould & not be afraid of what’s waiting for her on the other side of the curtain.


The 4 of pentacles this week is also representative of this patriarchal structure & how its effects currently continue to dictate how we feel we need to live our realities.

Letting go of the old world & its clutch to the seams of the false illusions may see us letting go of some friendships, or those who refuse to successfully make the change into the new data..

It appears as if when she tries to leave & see for herself what is available, she is held back & kept captive by energies of fear. Whoever it is who remains on this side of the curtain with her is terrified of the real world themselves & they may manipulate her or play games in order for her not to ever experience what it is on the other side.

This doesn’t usually only represent one person, but beliefs, ideologies & principles about it being taboo to stray too far from the village, or to do things on her own.

Not necessarily relating alone to a woman, this could also describe our fears about making the effort in love, fearing we will not have enough to offer our partners, thinking they may be more experienced or advantageous than us in some ways.

We have to remember that’s where the route of fear comes from, especially when we try to hold on so tightly to something – we essentially fear abandonment, & this week can highlight to us our fears of abandonment & codependent natures that keep us small.

You may stay in a stagnant situation longer than you need to because it is comfortable. Because it minimises the chances of abandonment.

The strength card tears our ego away from a situation in which we may be tempted to act from our lower selves. This is the lesson in responsibility that time has taught. You do not always need to give a reaction, & getting triggered just also shows how tightly you are still holding onto your wounds. Instead, the strength card asks you to recognise a pattern here.

What is it that seems to continuously manifest in your life as a result of these fears & phobias that you have of expansion?

The 4 of pentacles could also represent you marinating on past love experiences that have not turned out how you may have preferred them to.

The 2 of swords is a choice & a decision that you can make this week that will alter the flow of things & cause you to experience life in a different way for once. The world card suggests no looking back. Allowing yourself to leave something behind that you may have only kept around because it boosts or strokes your ego.

You have to make a decision now because you’ve reached a pivotal point where the wall is no longer pulled over your eyes. You see & know better now.. & the ace of cups as an energy actually waits to be presented to you once you take the time to appreciate the world around you & live in the moment.

The world card represents a peaceful death, & a peaceful transition, once we finally & fully let go – whilst the guardian angel of children represents a rebirth – a new start to our lives that is a self promise to experience more joy, wonder & most importantly, ambiguity.

The best parts of life happen when you stop trying to make them happen.

Divine lovers weekly reading – ‘The collapsing of polarity, time & space as we know it – why the separation phase NEVER existed.

This week, divine lovers learn just a little bit more about what it means to be present, & how presence, leads to patience. We have tried in the past, to speed things into existence, often displaying a choke hold level of expectation & control, & it has brought us nowhere. We have tried before, to entirely let things go, to pretend that we do not care about how the world unfolds, only to be reminded later that this is one of the most anxiety ridden things. So what do we learn this week? The art of truly letting go. The art of the knowing & the knower. The knowledge that at any time divine love is at play, so too is divine timing.. It’s not for us to manipulate the future, but to manifest it, in every waking breath.

The feminine this week learns a vital lesson about patience, & the purpose of allowing the divine to be received by her. Openness, & trusting, whilst the masculine makes several decisions that alter the course of his destiny.. He moves towards his goal post with precision, & it is time that reveals to him, where he must go.

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Numerological breakdown calculation

9 – childhood wounds, healing family issues, completion, endings, resolution, wholeness, understanding, creativity through pain, 15 (6) – mother wound, lovers, community healing, past life regression.

The main theme presenting itself as ‘religious factors’ & the knight of wands shows this absolutely massive & monumental COLLECTIVE spiritual awakening that is currently occurring right before our very eyes.

Gone are the days when it was just yoga pants wearing, loc sporting, twitter mentoring, self proclaimed hippies who are banging on about the end times, new vibrations, spiritual understanding & religious indoctrination…

NOW, we are in times where you will find people spreading this good word almost EVERYWHERE that you go, those you once thought may never awaken, are awakening..

Family members, old partners, your neighbour down the street, everybody everywhere is feeling a buzz about this new wave of spiritual energy that is bringing illumination… Such a powerful time, & a powerful change to be apart of!

The knight of wands is the passion that a lot of religious sects took away from us. It may be sexual, creative or even self expansion & exploration that is causing for so many of us to awaken from our slumber.

Our old spiritual & religious beliefs, those taught by our families & community are no longer seeming to resonate & the knight of wands is this fire BURSTING through, as we recognise the thinning of the illusions… Ever closer to All Hallows’ eve.

Notice the figure in the angel oracle, she is surrounded by a pink luminescent light – this light is belonging to Archangel Metatron, who I spoke on last week.

He presents himself, to bring healing in the form of knowledge to the masses. Who is he? He is the keeper of the book of life. As we stray away from conventional teachings, we wonder what his book may have to offer us.

Esoteric knowledge. Occult knowledge. Things we dare not have spoken of growing up.

We now see, & begin to feel with the presence of the moon card. The moon card represents the antithesis of all of our emotions & emotional knowing.

It sees us existing in the astral realms & planes just a little bit more & just a little bit longer. See how easy it is to communicate without words.

See how easy it is to FEEL the truth. Empaths rise us, your time is now. For so long you may have judged that which you felt but had no way to prove, when the moon card arrives this week, to let you know that you were right… That you are always right!

And a lot of people this week will be hearing from their divine counterparts – twinflames & soul mates, because this is just the nature of soul expansion & growth – you are drawn towards what feels pure & authentic, you realise who has taught you what, & why they were placed on your path & WHAT they had & still have to teach you – read more about this weeks twinflame reading at the end –

The 9 of wands looking back at the moon card may represent some self pity on our part – which is not entirely discouraged, because we have been through a lot, but just remember not to get stuck there!

The 9 of wands represents the energy from our past & may represent a time where our intuition was always trying to communicate with us, but we just chose not to listen to it. It is easy to frown upon past mistakes & grievances when we know better. We become like a parent to our past child like self, scorning at them for not knowing any better, but how were they supposed to? They were operating under old archaic, outdated & disruptive programming, this however is an entirely new operation, so please remember to be gentle with ALL past selves.

There is this huge uproar & uprooting of the foundations of our lives with the world card. I sense some people picking up & entirely moving to new locations because something just compels them to. This spiritual something that provokes them into a death & rebirth response that may look insane to those around them.

Stay on your path. The change may not be easy because of how big it is but this is so very necessary for your souls evolution. I see things blowing up so it’s really the end of your world. Something major comes to a close that no longer agrees with you, & you’re taking all of these soul lessons with you.

Enough is enough. You watched. You waited. You tried to fit in & grow accustom to this world, but it kept being destroyed because it wanted you to notice – this is just not for you.

It may have been you obeying laws that were man made or of the ego – depictions about how you should be & who you should be with, whereas now you’re very much concerned with obeying the laws of nature, spiritual law, karmic law & the orders of powers higher up than our own.

When you ascend, you don’t really need to take anything with you – just your soul, your body becomes anew, & this is why 3 separate figures on this card are naked. They are not bound by clothes or earthly rules. Remember that clothes became for us when we realised we were naked in the garden of Eden, AFTER & not before our transgressions. To be naked means to be unashamed, pure, free.

FOUR major arcana… I mean it’s absolutely out of this world – LITERALLY, I am so lost for words at the power of this week. So let’s take a look at these major arcanas – they all point to celestial events & astrological placements that are really assisting our shift – the sun, the moon, the star, the world – it appears the entire universe is with us, asking to be born again.

This is the Christ archetype. The sun represents freedom from childhood restraint. Any of us who had abusive or narcissistic parents, this freedom JUST TO BE speaks to us.

Whilst the moon is healing of the unconscious, the sun is the product of what that healing brings to our physical reality, whilst the star works inbetween – on the subconscious parts of our brain – guiding us to the knowledge & the information we may seek to let us know we are on the right path.

The star card is all about coincidence & carefully placed synchronicity. ‘Everyday magic’ that only seems to intensify, everyday.

Some of us this week will be leaving our partners because they may not understand our new found spiritual paths, or we may realise our vibration is no longer in sync with theirs.

The angel of creativity represents the abundance of creative ideas & essence that flows through us, the more we embrace the gateway to these talents & abilities. & the more we discover new gateways & dimensions within ourselves.

It’s an amazing time to be alive! Make the BEST use of your soul! It’s only up from here….

Divine lovers weekly reading – 9th-15th October 2017 -‘Let me back in – to the garden of Eden’ is now available for purchase — Anything that imprisons you, offers you an indication of what you must master.

The devil card in the taro (featured in this weeks twinflame reading) is the PRIME example of this.

Belief.. Those w/ heavy shadow work are actually those with the most capacity to see & become the light. Your shadow self is a gateway to your healing.What is it that weakens you? sexual promiscuity? Addictions? Fear? Insecurity? Then these are what you must conquer in yourself.

Once you become a master of these things within yourself, you’re pretty much like superman if he destroyed kryptonite for good.

The entrapment of the couple by the devil figure is merely an illusion. If they truly desired so, with will & force, they could break free.

There’s a cyclical nature to entrapment. Which means whatever entrails them has been occurring for life times, in countless life situations, It does not NEED to happen. It happens because they do not exercise the will against themselves. There is no outta devil with no inner devil.

The masculine has this POWERFUL AWAKENING this week – like staring directly into God’s light, even when it blurs the eyes… whilst the feminine learns how to operate in the darkness.

She has a plan, a plot, a theory or a narrative this week that she feels will break them both out of peril & she begins to actually have fun with this mission work.

What do you do when you begin to know that you are chosen?

That you only battle because you’re battle worthy?

You start to have fun with it… You begin to not take the path so seriously, so severely… You begin to sense God’s sense of humour.. The sense, that it is all nonsense, attempting to make sense.

He cannot pretend this mediocre life is suitable any longer. He cannot pretend to smile as he realises he’s apart of the Truman show.. There’s a life that exists outside of the fence that he peers over. He has to realise there is no comfort in his comfortability.. It’s really quite deceiving not to be ripped open actually. And his heart chakra is his last obstacle.. He must open to it, entirely, oh how it engulfs.

It is INSANITY to continuously do the same thing, & so this week her perspective MUST shift. It’s time to do the work in a way that’s lighter.

NOTHING that you were born to do should feel that heavy. There’s a real acknowledgement growing that life isn’t supposed to feel cloudy & if ever it does… Then we are CHOOSING this.

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Masculine Mayhem –

The third party situation that often follows divine lovers is back once again.. & this week it’s the masculines turn to make a make or break decision. And boy is he being broken down! A shaking of his beliefs throws him into the spiritual world & the awakening the feminine first experiences around 2014/2015 is NOW being experienced by him.

To view this in depth reading regarding the masculines current BIGGEST spiritual awakening yet, PayPal £12.99 to receive both this & divine lovers weekly ‘-‘Let me back in – to the garden of Eden’.

General weekly reading – 2nd-8th October -Relationship karma – moving through new phases of understanding Ones self & the human experience.

Main theme – ace of wands, crowning – past life relationship, outcome – 2 of swords, surrounding cards – queen of cups, page of pentacles, king of wands, 6 of wands.

Numerological breakdown calculation – 2 – balance, harmony, relationships, union, the harmonisation of masculine & feminine – 8 – karma, breaking karmic chains, breaking karmic bonds, freedom from poverty consciousness, a new dawn for interpersonal relationships.

The ace of wands introduces the undertone of the primal energy into this weeks reading. Perhaps we are going back to the beginning, in order to get to a new destination.

The ace of wands may symbolise a new spiritual beginning & journey – one synchronised with the very beginning. This is much like the Big Bang theory – what existed before nothing existed?

Fired by the fiery full moon in Aries on the 5th, this week asks us about our hidden desires, which ofcourse always reveal so much about our hidden fears..

Who were we? Before we took on all of this fear, all of these templates, all of these ideas & suggestions from our communities, & ran with them?

There is a sense of strength & renewal that comes from the ace of wands. I see it like the energy of the continent Africa. Strong. Resilient. Long standing. No matter what may arrive to afflict it.

Long have you been colonised by minds & ideas alien to you. Long have you been told who you are, & how you are supposed to be. But the ace of wands sees you reclaiming your future, & reclaiming your power, in a way that causes a spiritual uproar – FOR yourself.

The ace of wands is willing to go to battle for yourself. Battle against the darkness. Battle against the dark forces, & be battle confident BECAUSE of how far you have already come.

There is a light of determination that shines with the warrior who knows that they were hand selected for battle – as you were.

There is also a lot of sexual, creative & explosive energy that surfaces this week & a lot of us do find ourselves connecting with that inner desire & urge to produce & create in order to express ourselves & make sense of that which lies within.

People who may not have described themselves as particularly artistic or artsy before, will be trying their hand at something creative this week, especially something that connects with that voice inside of them that wants to be free, that wants to break out, that WANTS to be understood, that WANTS to tell its story.

The king of wands & the queen of cups this week play out a story of courtship. You may be hunted, or you may be the hunter this week as love or at least passionate desires take hold. The king of wands is a rather sexual individual, enticing, confident & influential, & this likely could represent two different aspects of yourself.

For some, the queen of cups & the king of wands flirtatious chasing will manifest physically, & play out in this way, but for others, this will be very much about tuning their inner masculine & inner feminine self not to feel so pressured & attacked by external influences.

The king of wands is the archetypal divine masculine. He is confident. Without being cocky. He is artistic & inspirational, without being dogmatic. He is sexual, & liberated, without being perverse — & there isn’t so much pressure for himself to appear as anything more than he needs to be, because his auric reputation speaks for itself.

The queen of cups is the archetypal divine feminine. She is friendly, caring, flirtatious, light hearted, gentle, & courteous – without feeling that she is being taken advantage of, without feeling as if he guard must constantly be up.

This divine balance is the creation of an entirely new way of being & in its own way is the orgasmic creation that forms into life. That forms into the existence that the page of pentacles seeks to manifest.

The page of pentacles is the wishful dreamer. All of these creative ideas have landed in your lap for a reason. Your mouth may be savouring at the idea of the amount of money or abundance that you can accumulate simply from pursuing these plans & ideals.. The 6 of wands envisions the support of the community – perhaps others are finally being able to see your vision manifest & take route, or perhaps this is you visualising a future in which others – including your own neighbouring community & the wider world around you acknowledge your accomplishments & your strife.

For many that is what this new idea, creative insight of business plan represents for you.. The future vision. The image of others finally seeing what you have always seen, what you begin to see now – your own determinations, strengths & courage.

Amidst all of this, is a steamy love affair going on. ‘You have known one another in a past life’ suggests the crowning card.

The 2 of swords as the outcome may represent a decision between two parties. Perhaps you have already been in a dead end relationship for a while, or in a situation that has not really lit your flame – then here, running along comes a new lover, promising riches in the form of the passion & excitement that you have been missing.

A stale mate may currently exist here about which lover to chose, but inevitably.. You must choose. The full moon in Aries on the 5th packs an absolutely powerful punch that you may use to help you make the right decision. What makes your soul sing? It is time to dance..

Divine lovers weekly — ‘Through the flames, into the ethers – death & rebirth is my name, ascension is my game’. Aka ‘I create. I speak. I am’.

The divine lovers weekly this week is very much about turning your wounds into a creative driving force. It’s about the fire that divine lovers are placed in that causes them to strive for more dignity, more discipline & thoroughness in spiritual & physical dealings. The masculine is being sounded towards the trumpet & the feminine takes another week dedicated to strengthening her aura & emotional receptivity, so that she learns to give, as well as receive.

The divine lovers weekly for THIS week – ‘I create, I speak, I am’, 2nd-8th October 2017 sees us taking more responsibility for what we actually manifest & birth into existence. There is a very child like & endearing energy this week, that should pick up

Much lighter & see us creating as we once did when there were not so many barriers surrounding us! Freedom is a central theme for this week, including the lengths that we are willing to travel to achieve it..

Both divine lovers drink from the fountain of eternal

Youth in order to reclaim

Themselves from the darkness & retrace their steps. A lot of union energy seems to be manifesting this week as they both step into their creative boots & let go

Of controlling factors…

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*CURRENT ENERGIES//LESSONS* in love & in life – Divine lovers DAILY**

*CURRENT ENERGIES//LESSONS* in love & in life – Divine lovers DAILY**

Main theme – knight of pentacles//4 of wands,

Masculine – page of pentacles//6 of pentacles, feminine – the emperor, 2 of cups.

With the knight of pentacles, the energies right now are very much surrounding projecting ourselves into the future. And this truly is based upon envisioning a better tomorrow. It’s easy to get very caught up in our own minds & fears & worries & projections, but with the 4 of wands in mind sight, how could we falter?

You are working towards & walking towards this stable place, with a dream or a goal in mind of that which you would like to accomplish. And this does talk of determination & a finish line so perhaps you’re not currently where you would like to be, but you are fastening up your seatbelt in order to get there, & there are happier days ahead.

This also relates to healing inner child wounds by working on building your stability. The marriage between your inner masculine & feminine at this point would be a healthy one!

The knight of pentacles looks on at the 4 of wands like, ‘I’m coming for ya!’ & he means it… this is our inner masculine & outer masculine becoming more focused.

W/ the page of pentacles the masculine looks at this humble fresh start in front of him. It maybe a child but it’s something that’s quite precious to him that he’s looking to invest in. It’s something outside of himself but it definitely helps to make him a better person, & to balance out his own karma.

This gift or this opportunity is changing him slowly & causing him to soften his heart a little & this is why he seems so preoccupied with it, there’s this sense that he has to be really gentle with it, for it he drops it, it will crack.

He almost feels like it’s too good for him, or like he doesn’t deserve it, & he’s planning on what to do with it.

The 6 of pentacles is his efforts to grind & nurture it in the right way. He is planting some seeds & making some deposits that will be sure to have a healthy return.

The 6 of pentacles can represent charitable work, giving freely to others or feeling in debt to society itself. He could be drawing closer towards his mention by drawing closer to him those who need his help in some ways or recognise the spiritual knowledge or fairness that he yields.

He is giving back in some ways & he’s feeling generous whilst doing so because he’s finally coming to understand how blessed he is. This is also about him learning not to take things for granted & about the joys of giving back.

The feminine with the emperor card may represent the feminine experiencing some rigidity or strictness towards herself & others. She is being called to loosen up a little & I speak of this in the divine lovers weekly reading for this week — details placed below *

She is worried about danger & feeling persecuted or hurt & wounded, but her acting like a dictator does not help matters at all.

She needs to not become her father, she needs to know that ‘putting your foot down’ in such a manner that appears like a sulk is dangerous to both herself & others.

She needs to learn to become more fluid in a way that doesn’t compromise her own inner masculine. She can still be a fighter & a go getter, without oppressing others in the process.

She needs to learn to wear her crown with humility. Yes she maybe in a more advantaged or learned position than others but this does not mean she is to abuse her power & become so fixed in her ways. The masculine may not be quite up to scratch as she would prefer (page of pentacles), but not everybody is on her level of awareness & that’s okay! That’s what duality’s about.. Acknowledging & accepting that.

And making room for it anyway.

With the two of cups, she is taking her time to no longer be so hostile.

She needs to be able to open up & to learn this trust that is earned over time & not all at once. When she takes this guard down, & removes her spectacles of scrutiny, all she sees is the masculine, trying. And her own inner masculine is taking steps towards her as she lets her guard down.. Her own inner masculine comes closer to her, as she agrees to give of her cup & take his.

This is the feminine choosing to walk in somebody else’s shoes.

At this time, divine lovers are learning a lesson that is appearing to be my absolute favourite thus far! How to make room for others in their heart, without feeling over or under whelmed.

Just another childhood side effect, that they carried.

We have all come such a long way, & now when I actually do the readings I would like them to also be read as ones ‘inner’ masculine, & ones ‘inner’ feminine, as opposed to just what exists outside of us. After all, the goal that we have been trying to reach is internal balance/alchemy.

Growing up in narcissistic environments or with toxic parents can teach you to either become too closed, or too open, or alternating between the two In a dangerous extreme polarity. But one of the lessons that divine love attempts to teach you, along with higher awareness, is that being open is not a bad thing. It should not have to be associated with being taken advantage of. Because not everybody is like that. Are you? Remember, how you operate in the world is how your world becomes.

Divine lovers weekly preview —

This week takes a look at all prevention methods. And as they say, prevention is better than cure. What are the red flags?

What are we willing to compromise?

And what things do we absolutely refuse to compromise on?

The 2 of cups & the strength card can represent the inner battle taking place within divine lovers this week.

The higher self vs the ego (physical self & needs) & both aspects of themselves wanting to gain domination.

It must be recognised for the sake of the sanity of their dual selves that neither one can or should reign supreme.

This could do with our own subconscious mind & not always trusting it to guide & lead us.

The strength card attempts to tame the wounded ego, perhaps another week at looking into places that we would much rather avoid. It is painful, & the lion does throw its head hack as if it is resisting the advances of the kind angel. Though the angel is not so gentle this week, in fact the angel has held the intention not to be gentle for a while now.

But this week, the chase appears to be coming to an end. The feminine is waking up with the moon card, & she senses when something is not right.

The feminine may be ovulating or on her period this week which brings out all of her emotions even closer to the surface. She too cannot really ignore things that she may have wanted to & a lot of truth is coming out of the wood works.

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