*CURRENT ENERGIES//LESSONS* in love & in life – Divine lovers DAILY**

*CURRENT ENERGIES//LESSONS* in love & in life – Divine lovers DAILY**

Main theme – knight of pentacles//4 of wands,

Masculine – page of pentacles//6 of pentacles, feminine – the emperor, 2 of cups.

With the knight of pentacles, the energies right now are very much surrounding projecting ourselves into the future. And this truly is based upon envisioning a better tomorrow. It’s easy to get very caught up in our own minds & fears & worries & projections, but with the 4 of wands in mind sight, how could we falter?

You are working towards & walking towards this stable place, with a dream or a goal in mind of that which you would like to accomplish. And this does talk of determination & a finish line so perhaps you’re not currently where you would like to be, but you are fastening up your seatbelt in order to get there, & there are happier days ahead.

This also relates to healing inner child wounds by working on building your stability. The marriage between your inner masculine & feminine at this point would be a healthy one!

The knight of pentacles looks on at the 4 of wands like, ‘I’m coming for ya!’ & he means it… this is our inner masculine & outer masculine becoming more focused.

W/ the page of pentacles the masculine looks at this humble fresh start in front of him. It maybe a child but it’s something that’s quite precious to him that he’s looking to invest in. It’s something outside of himself but it definitely helps to make him a better person, & to balance out his own karma.

This gift or this opportunity is changing him slowly & causing him to soften his heart a little & this is why he seems so preoccupied with it, there’s this sense that he has to be really gentle with it, for it he drops it, it will crack.

He almost feels like it’s too good for him, or like he doesn’t deserve it, & he’s planning on what to do with it.

The 6 of pentacles is his efforts to grind & nurture it in the right way. He is planting some seeds & making some deposits that will be sure to have a healthy return.

The 6 of pentacles can represent charitable work, giving freely to others or feeling in debt to society itself. He could be drawing closer towards his mention by drawing closer to him those who need his help in some ways or recognise the spiritual knowledge or fairness that he yields.

He is giving back in some ways & he’s feeling generous whilst doing so because he’s finally coming to understand how blessed he is. This is also about him learning not to take things for granted & about the joys of giving back.

The feminine with the emperor card may represent the feminine experiencing some rigidity or strictness towards herself & others. She is being called to loosen up a little & I speak of this in the divine lovers weekly reading for this week — details placed below *

She is worried about danger & feeling persecuted or hurt & wounded, but her acting like a dictator does not help matters at all.

She needs to not become her father, she needs to know that ‘putting your foot down’ in such a manner that appears like a sulk is dangerous to both herself & others.

She needs to learn to become more fluid in a way that doesn’t compromise her own inner masculine. She can still be a fighter & a go getter, without oppressing others in the process.

She needs to learn to wear her crown with humility. Yes she maybe in a more advantaged or learned position than others but this does not mean she is to abuse her power & become so fixed in her ways. The masculine may not be quite up to scratch as she would prefer (page of pentacles), but not everybody is on her level of awareness & that’s okay! That’s what duality’s about.. Acknowledging & accepting that.

And making room for it anyway.

With the two of cups, she is taking her time to no longer be so hostile.

She needs to be able to open up & to learn this trust that is earned over time & not all at once. When she takes this guard down, & removes her spectacles of scrutiny, all she sees is the masculine, trying. And her own inner masculine is taking steps towards her as she lets her guard down.. Her own inner masculine comes closer to her, as she agrees to give of her cup & take his.

This is the feminine choosing to walk in somebody else’s shoes.

At this time, divine lovers are learning a lesson that is appearing to be my absolute favourite thus far! How to make room for others in their heart, without feeling over or under whelmed.

Just another childhood side effect, that they carried.

We have all come such a long way, & now when I actually do the readings I would like them to also be read as ones ‘inner’ masculine, & ones ‘inner’ feminine, as opposed to just what exists outside of us. After all, the goal that we have been trying to reach is internal balance/alchemy.

Growing up in narcissistic environments or with toxic parents can teach you to either become too closed, or too open, or alternating between the two In a dangerous extreme polarity. But one of the lessons that divine love attempts to teach you, along with higher awareness, is that being open is not a bad thing. It should not have to be associated with being taken advantage of. Because not everybody is like that. Are you? Remember, how you operate in the world is how your world becomes.

Divine lovers weekly preview —

This week takes a look at all prevention methods. And as they say, prevention is better than cure. What are the red flags?

What are we willing to compromise?

And what things do we absolutely refuse to compromise on?

The 2 of cups & the strength card can represent the inner battle taking place within divine lovers this week.

The higher self vs the ego (physical self & needs) & both aspects of themselves wanting to gain domination.

It must be recognised for the sake of the sanity of their dual selves that neither one can or should reign supreme.

This could do with our own subconscious mind & not always trusting it to guide & lead us.

The strength card attempts to tame the wounded ego, perhaps another week at looking into places that we would much rather avoid. It is painful, & the lion does throw its head hack as if it is resisting the advances of the kind angel. Though the angel is not so gentle this week, in fact the angel has held the intention not to be gentle for a while now.

But this week, the chase appears to be coming to an end. The feminine is waking up with the moon card, & she senses when something is not right.

The feminine may be ovulating or on her period this week which brings out all of her emotions even closer to the surface. She too cannot really ignore things that she may have wanted to & a lot of truth is coming out of the wood works.

To witness & follow this transition, you may PayPal £6.66 to PayPal.me/seekcindy – I have recently decided to raise my prices for these weeklies because of the potency of their effect. This is to do with my own personal raise in value. The more I know I have to offer, the more I know I have to receive 😉

© Seek Cindy 2017.

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