General weekly reading – 2nd-8th October -Relationship karma – moving through new phases of understanding Ones self & the human experience.

Main theme – ace of wands, crowning – past life relationship, outcome – 2 of swords, surrounding cards – queen of cups, page of pentacles, king of wands, 6 of wands.

Numerological breakdown calculation – 2 – balance, harmony, relationships, union, the harmonisation of masculine & feminine – 8 – karma, breaking karmic chains, breaking karmic bonds, freedom from poverty consciousness, a new dawn for interpersonal relationships.

The ace of wands introduces the undertone of the primal energy into this weeks reading. Perhaps we are going back to the beginning, in order to get to a new destination.

The ace of wands may symbolise a new spiritual beginning & journey – one synchronised with the very beginning. This is much like the Big Bang theory – what existed before nothing existed?

Fired by the fiery full moon in Aries on the 5th, this week asks us about our hidden desires, which ofcourse always reveal so much about our hidden fears..

Who were we? Before we took on all of this fear, all of these templates, all of these ideas & suggestions from our communities, & ran with them?

There is a sense of strength & renewal that comes from the ace of wands. I see it like the energy of the continent Africa. Strong. Resilient. Long standing. No matter what may arrive to afflict it.

Long have you been colonised by minds & ideas alien to you. Long have you been told who you are, & how you are supposed to be. But the ace of wands sees you reclaiming your future, & reclaiming your power, in a way that causes a spiritual uproar – FOR yourself.

The ace of wands is willing to go to battle for yourself. Battle against the darkness. Battle against the dark forces, & be battle confident BECAUSE of how far you have already come.

There is a light of determination that shines with the warrior who knows that they were hand selected for battle – as you were.

There is also a lot of sexual, creative & explosive energy that surfaces this week & a lot of us do find ourselves connecting with that inner desire & urge to produce & create in order to express ourselves & make sense of that which lies within.

People who may not have described themselves as particularly artistic or artsy before, will be trying their hand at something creative this week, especially something that connects with that voice inside of them that wants to be free, that wants to break out, that WANTS to be understood, that WANTS to tell its story.

The king of wands & the queen of cups this week play out a story of courtship. You may be hunted, or you may be the hunter this week as love or at least passionate desires take hold. The king of wands is a rather sexual individual, enticing, confident & influential, & this likely could represent two different aspects of yourself.

For some, the queen of cups & the king of wands flirtatious chasing will manifest physically, & play out in this way, but for others, this will be very much about tuning their inner masculine & inner feminine self not to feel so pressured & attacked by external influences.

The king of wands is the archetypal divine masculine. He is confident. Without being cocky. He is artistic & inspirational, without being dogmatic. He is sexual, & liberated, without being perverse — & there isn’t so much pressure for himself to appear as anything more than he needs to be, because his auric reputation speaks for itself.

The queen of cups is the archetypal divine feminine. She is friendly, caring, flirtatious, light hearted, gentle, & courteous – without feeling that she is being taken advantage of, without feeling as if he guard must constantly be up.

This divine balance is the creation of an entirely new way of being & in its own way is the orgasmic creation that forms into life. That forms into the existence that the page of pentacles seeks to manifest.

The page of pentacles is the wishful dreamer. All of these creative ideas have landed in your lap for a reason. Your mouth may be savouring at the idea of the amount of money or abundance that you can accumulate simply from pursuing these plans & ideals.. The 6 of wands envisions the support of the community – perhaps others are finally being able to see your vision manifest & take route, or perhaps this is you visualising a future in which others – including your own neighbouring community & the wider world around you acknowledge your accomplishments & your strife.

For many that is what this new idea, creative insight of business plan represents for you.. The future vision. The image of others finally seeing what you have always seen, what you begin to see now – your own determinations, strengths & courage.

Amidst all of this, is a steamy love affair going on. ‘You have known one another in a past life’ suggests the crowning card.

The 2 of swords as the outcome may represent a decision between two parties. Perhaps you have already been in a dead end relationship for a while, or in a situation that has not really lit your flame – then here, running along comes a new lover, promising riches in the form of the passion & excitement that you have been missing.

A stale mate may currently exist here about which lover to chose, but inevitably.. You must choose. The full moon in Aries on the 5th packs an absolutely powerful punch that you may use to help you make the right decision. What makes your soul sing? It is time to dance..

Divine lovers weekly — ‘Through the flames, into the ethers – death & rebirth is my name, ascension is my game’. Aka ‘I create. I speak. I am’.

The divine lovers weekly this week is very much about turning your wounds into a creative driving force. It’s about the fire that divine lovers are placed in that causes them to strive for more dignity, more discipline & thoroughness in spiritual & physical dealings. The masculine is being sounded towards the trumpet & the feminine takes another week dedicated to strengthening her aura & emotional receptivity, so that she learns to give, as well as receive.

The divine lovers weekly for THIS week – ‘I create, I speak, I am’, 2nd-8th October 2017 sees us taking more responsibility for what we actually manifest & birth into existence. There is a very child like & endearing energy this week, that should pick up

Much lighter & see us creating as we once did when there were not so many barriers surrounding us! Freedom is a central theme for this week, including the lengths that we are willing to travel to achieve it..

Both divine lovers drink from the fountain of eternal

Youth in order to reclaim

Themselves from the darkness & retrace their steps. A lot of union energy seems to be manifesting this week as they both step into their creative boots & let go

Of controlling factors…

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