General weekly reading – 23rd-29th October 2017 – The shadow presents (Scorpio’s lament)..

Main theme – Release your ex/You deserve love, 2 of cups, 7 of cups, the tower, 4 of pentacles, Crowning – The guardian angel of faith, Outcome – The devil.

This weeks energies are urging us to make the necessary changes & decisions to move forward from a toxic situation.

At the root of the matter, is the devil card, along with the main theme, ‘release your ex’ suggesting that a clearing of your energetic partnerships is vital to your progress this week.

Usually, when the release your ex card appears, it’s not always necessarily the actual person that must release, (although it could be), as it is the beliefs that keep us attached to this person & to this energy.

Fatigue, mental exhaustion, & anguish seem to be an inevitable experience as long as we hold on to the confusion that this partnership brings.

The four of pentacles holds on so tightly to its own shadow self in fear of falling apart.

It’s almost as if we do not know who we are when we are not playing our smallest self.

Life offers an experience this week if you can let go of this stagnant energy you’ve been holding on to.

The devil card is as much a concept as you would like it to be. Sure, there are ‘darker’ energies at work & Scorpio season entices this plunge into the darkness that we take, but this devil energy this week is actually about choice.

The entrapment is the illusion.

In the ‘you deserve love energy’, you actually grow very tired towards the end of this week, with routine.

It’s like a 360, where you turn around & suddenly realise that the only person keeping you entrapped, is yourself.

Perhaps your fears about lack, loss of control, & loss of identity are dragged to the surface, & a sink or swim dynamic is introduced.

It could be the underlying feeling of not being enough, or not having enough that causes you to hold on to a situation that the tower energy has hit before.

The tower is a foundation that can easily be struck & brought down, & usually is by your own subconscious.

The gnawing feeling that you are better & can do better doesn’t leave you so easily, especially not as the cracks continue to present themselves.

The figure in the ‘ release your ex’ card seems to hold a list, & it is upon checking this list that she feels exhausted & put upon.

A specific message to highly sensitive healers or empathic beings to no longer live feeling so obliged to cater to everyone, especially at the expense of themselves.

Scorpio energy comes through very strongly here, as Scorpios are often known for their withdrawal tactics – better known as survival Methods.

It appears that there are usually two descriptions of the Scorpio energy – as either too attached (possessive & obsessive), or completely cold, detached – usually leaving those on the receiving end of Scorpios fluctuating mood confused, in a daze, & feeling quite uncertain of themselves.

This reminds us of the empath, who often takes in so much energy that they do not know where to shut off, & usually have to go to the extreme of completely blocking someone or some things out in order to concentrate.

A calm

Balance is found this week when we no longer force ourselves to take in just any & everything around us.

The 7 of cups invites us to tighten our boundaries, & not spend so much time caught in between several different pictures at once.

Focus is needed like the arrow that the figure in the ‘you deserve love’ card sports.

Many of us find ourselves completely bombarded by the lessons & revelations of this illusion shattering reality presented to us this week.

Hiding amongst the shadows becomes less & less enticing..

The angel of faith/trust encourages us to take the leap in this situation, & the 2 of cups likely represents the chance of a new love connection, or a romance/new friendship brewing outside of the karmic templates you’re experiencing.

One step at a time. Be gentle with yourself.

Remember you’re still undoing centuries worth of karmic beliefs & understandings about yourself & the world.

Trust & intimacy is built slowly here, not hot & heavy as it may have been in the past.

The 7 of cups could also warn of exaggerated day dream. When we fear that we do not have enough information our mind can begin to conjure its own stories – once again leaning towards the devil energy; fears, doubts & worries about the devil card manifesting once again.

Remember that the devil energy is a state of mind, & can be over come by us choosing to perceive things through a different lens. Strike a change in whatever you have witnessed that you always do.

Go for something that exposes your wounds even more. Push yourself to the limit this week.

Divine lovers Weekly preview — *latest energetic update* — No enemy within, no demon without (Scorpios lament).

A powerful week this week sees BOTH divine lovers leaving karmic attachments behind – partners, belief systems, familiar patterns, & the past.

Scorpio season truly provides divine lovers with the visibility that they seek this week. At the root of the issue with the moon, our ego is cleared out of the way so that we may see the truth.

The knight of pentacles & the 2 of wands this week shows divine lovers at two separate stages in their journey.

The feminine appears to have crossed a threshold & she looks outward, thinking about expanding her world & all that her new world will have to offer her, but ofcourse she still wonders where the masculine is, or how far along he is on his journey to arrive.

With the knight of pentacles he has a fixed goal in mind – but for the feminines who are learning to work with their own energy, as opposed to frequently dipping into the masculines, they will not see this as a separation. It will simply appear as both of them expanding their territory.

The feminine holds a certain fear, yet excitement about this new stage in her journey, yet the 5 of cups shows that she is still dealing with mourning some attachment issues.

To purchase this amazing reading & utilise my teachings this week regarding patience, divine timing, & why union is already here, you may do so using the usual method — PayPal £6.66 to & then send me a confirmation email directly after to

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