Last weeks spiritual updates//energetic lessons: Full moon in Taurus – The waiting game, sacred spiritual marriage, & the breakdown of karma trauma.

Numerological breakdown calculation – 30 – Birth, creation, acceleration, Big Bang theory, 5th – Change, exploration, freedom, adventure, breath, newness.

The main theme this week, chemistry & the 3 of pentacles sees an alchemical process taking place, that is guided by the impact of Monday, the 30th. This day represents another giant spiritual reboot, similar to the one received on 10/10/10.

The 4 of cups being at the root of the reading is suggestive of the nature that we are in, when we are disconnected or unattached to our Godly nature. The switch from victim consciousness to empowerment consciousness has been ripe these past few months, & the 4 of cups sees a perspective change that stops us wondering why our lives do not look the way we would like them to, & takes us on a journey to creating this life that we do desire…

With the 4 of cups, you were very much focused on a stagnant situation, & for this reason not much shifted, or was changed.

The chemistry card talks about what happens when there is a sacred & sexual marriage between the two energies – masculine & feminine, culminating in something new being created. A third energy, which is often discussed by me in my twinflame (divine love readings), & in my twinflame novel.

You can see the figures in this card looking on lovingly at this energy

I feel the feminine opening up her heart more & allowing herself to be more vulnerable, (which leads to powerful manifestation).

It’s like she’s holding this thing in her hand & she’s showing it to the masculine & he’s looking at how delicate it is & they both admire it. This is the feminine in her most authentic, most natural body – however, it is also what offers her so much strength.

It’s like in the day, or the night, these 2 – masculine & feminine meet up & confess their love to one another.

But by day, they need to get up & work, they need to get up, & to graft.

They must create.

This week very beautifully presents the balance between love, & stability, duty & joy, masculine & feminine.

The feminine especially this week, many seem to be waiting for a message, either from the masculine, or about a job, & it appears that the key is believing in your own magic this week.

The marriage between you, & the self.

The feminine energy within us all this week needs to develop the kind of self safety, & security that allows us to be at our most vulnerable self, safely, yet freely.

You see how she adorns a red robe, red symbolising both bravery, danger, & the root chakra.

If there is something special we’ve been working on, then we need to get confident with sharing it with the world.

This is also about building new ideas about love, & the world around us.

A strong message regarding soul mates is also relevant here.

A message relating to the past, & past relationships, potentially even a past life, where there was too much ‘chemistry’ – a reaction of chemicals – physical, sexual, emotional, or mental, & not enough 3 of pentacles – which is reasoning, diplomacy, understanding, & grounding.

A message of self love that follows this weeks powerful full moon in Taurus that encourages a type of beauty & love that is untapped.

Remember that the 3 of pentacles is not void of this light, or of this spark of energy that’s present in the chemistry, or in the lovers, or in the balance, OR in the love, it is a COMBINATION, or the accumulation of the chemistry & the discipline, coming together.

It is a sacred, sexual, & chemical union.

And it asks you to take this 3rd energy out into the world, to do something with this 3rd energy,

It’s not just present so that you & your lover can sit there, & kiss all day, & be cute.

It’s so that you can create something, it’s so that you can use this spark to come alive.

And this very well could signify creative work.

In the 3 of pentacles, this light is being turned back on the two – the lovers, by this 3rd figure who appears to be impartial yet involved in their affairs.

This is like a Godly figure for many who appears to be intervening in day to day life in order to bring order & realisation to what demands our attentions.

What are your past relationships shining a light on for you at this time?

In the 3 of pentacles there’s negotiation with our higher self.

What are you willing to do to experience the harmony that exists when you do not deny parts of yourself.

And for many of us, the 4 of cups exists because we have been put in this momentary pause & many of us are sulking this week, or finding ourselves finding out just that much more about own perceptions & projections.

It’s like spirit days, ‘if I gave you this chemistry, or this love, what would you do with it? How would you put it to work?’

The 5 of wands stands as the fight, between us, & our best selves.

Between what is natural, & what we attempt to control.

It could be you attempting to change or shape events & feeling insecure or dissatisfied because you have all of these external voices in your mind.

Patience is a valuable & highlighted lesson to us now according to both the 7 of pentacles, & the temperance card, suggesting behaviour modification.

You have to stand still in order to bear witness.

The 5 of wands truly is the ego battling finally against itself, instead of outside forces.

There is also a strong indication here that we should be mindful of prioritising our romantic relations over our relationship with self/ with God, or more than you honour your relationship with the physical.

The interconnectedness of the 3.

The higher intellect of the temperance energy knows that there is a divine, non moving stream between the realm of the physical/material, & the spiritual/emotional.

This energy may seem somewhat detached, however it is more so a reluctance to become lost in a sea of hopeless emotion.

The 6 of cups articulates a past grievance that is brought to our attention to be corrected this week.

There is likely past life & childhood issues that are corrected with forgiveness.

Yes, we have experienced soulmates & they have played valuable & vital roles in our lives, but it’s time to let many of them go.

It could be a conversation this week with a soul mate who particularly hurt you, (even if only telepathically), to say, ‘I am sorry. I did not know better’.

Divine lovers weekly preview — To live a life, sublime.

This lack of faith is the foundation of all of our scarcity & poverty consciousness, & stretches far beyond just our romantic relationships, however, as twinflames lead so much from the heart space to do their work, it is essential that we look at how our interpersonal relationships are affected by this lack of trust that we have.

Perhaps we learned at an early age that we cannot trust those around us. That we cannot be open & forthcoming & disclose the deepest most intimate parts of ourselves.

We may have been told who we have to be from a very young age, & identity or identity loss is a big theme for us this week.

It is indeed time to lose your identity.

But not in that terrifying way that is suggestive of BPD, (borderline personality disorder), or having no clue who you are.

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