The death of the inner child, healing family issues & a timeline overhaul – *Current* Last weeks energetic revelations.

The children oracle & the death card are symbolic of a transition that took place in regards to the inner child this week.

The numerological aspects of this week speak volumes about this transition that takes place & that portal that opens to excrete the last & the most potent of our childhood wounds.

‘Your love life is being affected by children’ can manifest as an energy in one of two ways.

Main theme – (Children/Death), 9 of swords, 7 of swords, 6 of swords, queen of cups, Crowning – I let go of all pain & tension as I float in the sea of divine love, Outcome – 8 of wands.

Numerological breakdown calculation- 6-12 6 – Childhood, innerchild, mother wound, motherhood, lovers, past life karma, 12 (3) – the holy trinity, understanding, acceptance, oneness, family, community, creativity, communication.

Overall (9) – Healing, abandonment consciousness, the wounded healer, service, completion, resolution, endings, conclusion.

For many of us, a relationship has ended, or is ending that includes the children that we have produced as a result of the relationship, & this is hitting many of us hard as far as our concerns about not recreating the childhood we wish we had are concerned.

There are likely to be fear, doubts, worries & anxities about the nature of this ending, suggested by the 9 of swords.

Perhaps we held on to this situation longer than we knew was necessary because we had an idealised fantasy of what we wanted the truth to be, & the death card arrived to penetrate that fantasy, & bring us back to the reality that is ourselves.

Our inner child.

Our raw, vulnerable & honest self. The duty no longer belongs to anybody, & it becomes our responsibility to parent ourselves.

Especially those of us who have still been holding the past accountable for why we are the way that we are now.

You cannot get much done with the mentality that because of your childhood life does not allow you to move forward. And this enables you to stare death in the face, as well as the prospect of endings.

The 6 of swords suggests that the healing of ideas & beliefs built during childhood are main orchestrating factors in this stage of your journey.

It’s vital for you to concentrate on the nature of your thoughts, specifically focusing on what is conjured in the present moment, as opposed to the past, or the future.

It is the way that we motion in the presence, & the way we write others in our script that reflects our overall mood state.

The 7 of swords is common avoidance from making the unconscious & subconscious parts of our mind – conscious. This is the energy of an individual or a group who continuously avoid doing emotional labour, as the queen of cups does.

She sits with her emotions. She does not run from them, neither does she over analyse or try to attribute reason or cause to them. She just exists inside of them, and honours her own sensitivity.

Perhaps because of societal structures & beliefs about what it means to be emotional, emotionally sensitive, empathic, or intuitive, many of us have hidden this very sacred & tender part of ourselves, only to have situations during the course of our lives bring this very raw nature to the surface – usually in ways that cause us embarrassment or franticness.

This is what tends to happen with a shadow self. It is the dark part of our subconscious mind that takes all of our experiences & traits that we deem undesirable for societal eyes, & it hides them. It’s like a compartment in our mind that documents a file of the things that we cannot do & say, that we are not to let others in on, for it is shameful.

But the 7 of swords only fools himself. Just because that part is ‘hidden’ from everybody else, does not mean it does not manifest in often emotionally unsettling ways – anxiousness, rage, emotional outbursts, victimhood, abandonment consciousness, BDP symptoms – JUST to name a few.

The 8 of wands is a message that strikes the heart hard & fast, almost like cupids arrows.

This is answers that seem to come all at once, some to questions that we did not even know we had.

The 7 of swords may have held an idealised vision of childhood, or children, & it is the part of us that frequently finds ourselves revisiting the past & asking, ‘why couldn’t this go this way?’ Or, ‘why did this have to happen?’

But as you can see, these types of thoughts only hold the figure back, as their head is tilted towards the back of them, although they ‘appear’ to be moving forward.

The death card actually presents a gift to the queen of cups, an ending that brings her emotional satisfaction, & wellness.

It could be an ego death, as death is like her knight in shining armour this week, almost courting her for her affections, & she gives in to him this week. She does not resist. She honours her new emotions & looks into them as a gift.

Death is pleased with her acceptance, & carefully moves on..

For many this represents the feminine nature of our inner child dying off, & experiencing a rebirth. The purity of a child. The clear understanding, of a child.

Still, death is not something to be feared.

Maturity, is death.

Written on 9/11..

Today will be a deeper entrance into this weeks portal opening for the recognition of karmic/childhood/family wounds – 9/11 a date periodically symbolic of entering new worlds, diminishing old stories, & allowing the past to remain in the past.

We then move on to 10/11… By this date, we have already begun to experience the benefits of living a life w/ less expectancy, & greater focus on being present… 10/11 puts our nearly learned skills to practice – 111

Culminating in 11:11 – the portal that exposes us to awakening. Many will unite in love on this day, especially if they’ve followed the time table of the week, learning, releasing, as we go along. 11111 – 5 (change). 7/11 – the universal pattern/lesson is learned (9) – 8/11 – the lesson begins integration by the vessel learning of cause & effect (10) – 9/11 – the pattern is identified. The vessel is ready to move into a new timeline/to shift realities/perceptions & enter the new body/ (11). People ask me why I’m obsessed with 7/11.. well there are endless reasons. I find the life path 7, & 11 to be insanely similar (FIRST OF ALL), for the simple fact that both of their lives are marked by spiritual illumination after every harsh lesson.

They are both shamans, either challenged or rewarded by their ability to perceive Godly truth & revelation in their circumstances. Their life isn’t theirs. It belongs to the collective. They sort of have to move out of the way, & allow spirit to happen.

They both represent the powerful dynamics of masculine & feminine energy working in unison (7) – 3 (feminine) + 4 (masculine), whilst 11 represents the vaginal walls – birth (composed of both – masculine & feminine). 7 is the death (once the lesson has been learnt & the individuals ego has been penetrated enough for them to give way to more soul), whilst 11 represents the rebirth. The walkthrough from the old self, to the new self. You’ll typically find those with these lifepath numbers meet at pivotal points in their journey.


Divine lovers weekly (those who have already ordered are still within the processing of receiving).

This week, the inner child faces annihilation at this time, in the face of union/separation & how the two are forever intwined.

‘Separation’ can only exist in the idea of union, & if the idea of ‘union’ exists.

Not following?

In order for us to perceive there is separation from our love, we must first become attached to it & become attached to the idea that it is something that can be lost.

I know that does not necessarily make sense. Things can be lost, can’t they? Things are frequently lost.

Well yes, & no.

Things do morph yes, & take on new form, & inner child work this week shows how our inner child is still very much alive in us & motivates most of our movements.

When we begin to identify with something or someone & the way that this thing outside of ourselves should relate to us, we block ourselves off from its full experience & capacity.

What does union look like to you? Constant interaction, & connection?

It seems our divine love may actually be keeping us away from our inner child work, especially if we’re still holding onto fears about being lost, & left behind, instead of embraced.

The masculine toys with power displays & the fear of being toppled, or compressed by the feminine energy – internally & externally, whilst the feminine works on healing the family issues & disputes that keep her from experiencing freedom & joy in her life. Who is the feminines ‘self’ not centred around this constant, perpetual journey of healing.

Healing that does not look like a trial, or is not met with resistance from generational curses.

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