General weekly reading Alchemical transformation, New wave of downloads, & Financial Freedom; When God gives one a second chance.

General weekly reading

Numerological breakdown calculation – 22 – Master builder, legacy, creative enterprise, community business, visionary, bridge, intuit, 31 – Order, structure, strategy, calculation, new life, security, assets, opportunity.

Alchemical transformation, New wave of downloads, & Financial Freedom;

When God gives one a second chance.

Judgement alerts us to the truth, & may very well point to a truth or several truths that we may not have wanted to witness.

Growth comes in all shapes, & sizes, & this week, it comes in the form of surrender.

Judgement as an energy checks us on our ego trips, & any truths that are ultimate, & beyond our control.

We are asked to know that there is a higher power calling the shots, & if it is time for the trumpet to sound, then at once we must leave what we were doing behind, & pay attention to the nature of the call.

This is very much like Noah’s arc. You receive the divine signalling that the rest of the world, (the old world), is about to be destroyed, & you are given the chance to be a participant in building the new, however, you have to utilise the tools given to you for self improvement, if you wish to make it onto the other side.

Has something been blocking your destiny these past few years? Or at least, does it appear that way?

Perhaps a relationship, or relationSHIPS that have kept you isolated, stranded in a sea of emotions, away from the divine/God.

This weeks energies call for us to once again learn how to mind our own business.

You’ve likely been getting so distracted by matters on earth, that you’ve neglected, or are neglecting your higher calling & path – which CAN also generate income, in the case that you are worried about being taken care of materially.

Whatever has seemed to distract you, or be a halt in your destiny, is beginning to be removed from your life this week, how? Not by some huge, magic grandiose force, but by you. You when you awaken to the reality of how everything has been conspiring to ensure that you do not fulfil the destiny required for you.

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A truth is presented & revealed to you this week, in a way that cannot allow you to go back to old habits.

Responsibility is a primary factor in facing head on, the issues or truths that you have been refusing to see.

The 7 of swords indicates that in this situation, on a subconscious level, you knew that all was not well within the spirit, however, uncovering this truth for you probably meant or means dealing with some other grey areas in your life, that you were not so willing to look in to.



Personal value.

Our relationship to PERSONAL responsibility is highlighted this week.

How in tune are you with catering to your own needs?

Many of us are receiving the call to somewhat isolate ourselves during this time. The energies are very intense right now, & it’s normal to feel raw & exposed. You may feel as if energies around you can be too harsh or clouding of the current epiphanies you are receiving, & in many ways this is true. The reason that these other energies feel so harsh is because your energetic boundaries have been put down. For new information to come in, & old information to come out, there must be an entrance.

This can also be used to explain any digestive issues, or flu symptoms we may be experiencing in conjunction to these changes.

A portal opening of sorts.

You may be recognising just how dense the energies of others around you are, & attempting to stabilise yourself through all of that.

It is easy to cater to the needs & the demands of others, especially if this is a programmed/learned behaviour.

But what happens when you have to get used to placing yourself first, for the first time?

The 6 of pentacles attempts to even the score here.

You’ve been treating yourself as if you were a peasant, or somehow not worthy, & your higher self arrives this week to offer you a fair payout.

You NEED to get comfortable with accepting more into your life, & know that you are worthy of receiving these gifts, because abundance really is based on your belief system.

Do you believe you are deserving?


Do you truly see that you have earned everything that you have around you?

That you do not necessarily have to ‘earn’ everything, sometimes things are simply a good will gesture to you, acknowledgement, or homage to your craft, & what you do, simply by ways of being.

This is largely about understanding that your very existence is valid, especially if you grew in a household that made you feel responsible for others, as if you had to earn your right to be loved.

If you perceive yourself to be continuously unlucky, then your waking life will continue to reflect this.

It’s almost like the baby boy (wounded masculine, & baby girl (wounded feminine) dynamic that I’ve been discussing lately in my posts, & in my new book — found here

It is comfortability in playing smaller than you are, because of fears to self actualise or operate in the ‘real world’.

The judgement energy asks you to see what you have tried to avoid, in attempts to protect your illusion from dismantling. But it’s time for you to face the music.

The 8 of pentacles bridges the gap between himself, & the king of pentacles. It’s as if you have this vision of who you would like to be, & where you would like to be, & it’s only the ghosts of the past that still stand in your way.

The 8 of pentacles represents a dedication to skill.

So this requires taking some time out, perhaps to hone your practice enough to begin making profit from it.

You have to take pride in your work. It cannot simply be a side hustle, treat your craft, & ability, with the utmost respect & reverence.

It may be lonely at the top.

Perhaps you are the only one in your clique who is dedicating themselves so religiously to breaking financial habits, & generational curses. But neither should that deter you.

You don’t need company with you who does not wish to walk alongside you.

Some of your sacrifices may have to be you lessening the time/attention spent with/on friends, or those who still remain comfortable in a lack mentality.

Focus is crucial at this point.

Your current financial situation has a lot to do with your organisation.

The king of pentacles has many roles to play, because he is at the top of his game.

But he could easily ‘fall off’, if he does not take the time to see to his multiple projects.

So you have to be willing to move this week.

Even if the movement appears slow initially. It’s like an ever growing seed that’s likely to fully blossom by spring.

The tower is like a warning, or a potential looming symbol this week. It’s not so much an occurrence, as it is a template.

It represents the energy & aftermath of destruction.

Everything that is rushed, not carefully thought through, a foundation, (or lack of), that has existed for a long time with you.

It could be your childhood foundation.

It could be the foundation that your father had, but I am receiving the message that it has a lot to do with being stuck in survival mode, for fear of what thriving would mean.

Not everybody gets a fair trial/start in life, but note that you are in charge of what happens from here on.

The unrequited love card talks of partnerships, friendships, relationships that will begin to deteriorate this week.

It’s as if you are trying to hold on to something, but one of you has grown more than the other, or seems to be moving in an alternate direction. Likely the one who has understood & began to process the ‘judgement’ energy already.

The angel of mercy helps to ease us into any realisations that may seem painful or unsettling.

The core truths to a lot of self sabotaging behaviours are a lack of self love, & it can be painful to view the ways we haven’t been self reflecting/respecting, but the 8 of pentacles definitely represents a desire to ‘work on things’ from the ground up.

A strong desire is shown this time to want to be more dedicated, to practice things with more effort, & precision.

Divine lovers weekly reading – Redemption, resurrection, & the fina(cia)l (re)call – 22nd-31st January 2018.

This weeks divine lovers reading takes us on this journey of healing, & what happens when we can have forgiveness in our hearts, without making ourselves the perpetual Martyrs. It’s about celebrating love, even in the times that love just does not look or feel like love. It’s about overcoming the darkness, & the feminine is at the forefront of this movement. She’s very challenged by these archaic wounds & battles via the divine masculine that are coming up at this time. There’s been lifetimes worth of suppression of pain & many women are just wondering, when is it going to end?

The masculine is also being pulled apart this week into finding his own glories. He begins to recognise the very powerful place in his community, what happens when there IS no divine masculine holding down the forte? This week, it becomes clear to him..

This is a true test of the limits or limitedness, of their self love journeys.

Preview —

The inner child who is still wounded by the things that they witnessed their parents lack, or struggle with, now has to make the journey of freeing themselves of karma that is not theirs.

An opportunity is presented for both divine lovers to fully begin to experience & live their lives, rather than the live the lives of those before them – parents, grandparents, cultural conditioning etc.

The father wound is highlighted to us in depth this week. Along with the way that it sees the feminine aka the mother wound manifest.

Many masculines who have been avoiding their responsibility may find themselves returning ‘home’, or seeking to return home, where ever home is, in order to find redemption.

‘Home’, as we know, is the concept of the divine feminine.

If your masculine previously walked out on you with little explanation, or is aware of treating you badly in the past, the thing that is keeping him away may be confusion about how to approach you, & begin the process of forgiveness.

Our inner feminine must work on feeling safe enough to receive.

Whilst our inner masculine feels safe enough to try, to do, & to explore.

The 2 of wands energy appears to push us out of our comfort zone this week, & offers us a glimpse over the horizon, if we should not be fearful to take the leap.

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Happy eclipse ~

Baby boy syndrome – The women who love him: Spiritual warfare – *BOOK preview* Purchase details.

I am so happy to announce the arrival of my much awaited second book. Writing this for me has been an incredibly emotional experience, & I can already attest to the fact that it is the beginning of an emotional cleansing for myself, & many women/femmes alike who are coming out of an arduous, confusing, & spiritually challenging time of our lives.

It has happened to the best of us, particularly in our prime. These sweep you off of your feet, whirlwind romance, once in a life time dream come true, until everything comes crashing painfully up – & then down again, romances.

But what is the science behind them? And those who have had their fair share, (like myself), what is the science behind THEM? Who amongst us can understand how we continue to find ourselves in these situations, even though we have sworn we learnt from the last, even though we have sworn that we are strong & dedicated entirely to our path.

Why does it seem like every time we are on track, & every time that we have healed from one painful scenario, another seems to crop up almost instantaneously.

Well, I took the time to determine & define JUST that. What is it that causes so many highly spiritual & empathic women to find themselves in the grasp of narcissist, after narcissist? Why is there such an influx in google searches about this feverish narcissist & empath dynamic?

I have spent the past 5 years knowingly, & unknowingly on the path to discovering this truth, & though my knowledge is never complete, the end of my karmic journey would be even more incomplete if I did not share with you all in my own harrowing words, what I have found to be true about this dynamic. About these men.

Now before I move on to the details about how to acquire this dazzling piece, I must say that this is not another man bashing book. Far from it for that matter. Though a majority of this book is catered to seeing the masculines eyes through the feminines understanding, this book is very much open for healing with both men, & women.

And men, there is a lot that you can teach yourself in here, & finally understand. Although much of it won’t be very pleasant, it’s the perfect beginning for you to embark upon a potent healing journey.. Don’t shy away.

If I would have read this book 6 years ago, it would have changed my life. Perhaps I wouldn’t have been so broken on the way. Perhaps I would have healed sooner, but I do not regret the processes that took me undercover, in the dark world, to bring you these truths. – Cindy Anneh-bu

This is the book that EVERY mother should read to her daughter. And EVERY father should read to his son. And I do not say that lightly.

In this book I have managed to piece together the ancient knowledge necessary for you to free yourself from deeply embedded karmic bonds & chains. This, along with the healing the masculine ritual, is my offering to the world before my soul leaves. This is the closing of this karmic debt & chapter for me, & many others too.

I have spent the last several years of my life researching, & falling into my own pits of Trances & despair in order to bridge the gap & the ever so significant bridge between spirituality & modern medicine, especially our interpretations of mental illness. This essentially, is what my practice is all about, & this piece is the perfect anecdote of that.

Compiled with quotes & references from renowned psychologists, in this book I bring you both the psychology, & the parapsychology of the mind of the afflicted man known, as the baby boy.

Narcissism is becoming a dying concept. It is far too rigid & many ’empaths’ are recognising that they too carry narcissistic traits.

Well, if you care to dig deeper, & you care to know more, beyond these rigid calculations,

Then seek,



preview —

What is baby boy syndrome you ask?

Well, just that. A ‘condition’, in which a man over the age of (roughly 18) – adulthood refuses to acknowledge that he has crossed a threshold age where he must be responsible for his actions, become self sustainable, and inject conscious awareness into his thoughts, feelings, and actions.

In other words, a man who appears to embody a man on the outside, but on the inside, hasn’t the slightest clue how to navigate in this world, as an independent, and reliable force.

Anytime the masculine fails to offer you that security of knowing that whatever you pour into the relationship will be safe, he robs her, essentially, of the opportunity to experience the very best of her reality.

If you wouldn’t allow this to happen to inanimate objects, then why would you allow for it to take place within your own soul?

Another reason for a woman being attracted to the lack of stability in a baby boy, is because she has never known true stability.

Through the countless accounts I have observed of women who are with these types of men, they almost always have had some type of drama going on at home with their families, some type of instability that they are attempting to run from, only to recreate this scenario with a partner.

Whatever is going on at home, you have to heal from the affects of it. You cannot run from it. Or you will surely find it again. As the highs & the lows that a baby boy offers provides a distraction from whatever upheaval the woman is already experiencing at home.

‘Thinking that you are unlovable. That you’re lucky that he chose you, even with all of your damaging’.

Control is a big factor with the baby boy, & he does seem it in anyway that he can get it. Although he rarely ever maintains it – & that’s just the problem.

This is why the opening line of my masculine ritual reading is, ‘ You cannot have control, without chaos’.

It is the chaotic nature of the feminine herself, that gives the masculine the opportunity to control something.

In many ways, he makes an attempt at the role of a father, perhaps much like her own, scattered in his ways.

He will alert her of her ways that are destructive, & dysfunctional, as they are plentiful.

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Please note that mental health is to be taken very seriously & I am not fully qualified to provide advice regarding medication. I simply propose an alternative viewpoint to traditionally discussed and diagnosed methods.