General weekly reading – The wisdom that the past/paths taught – 5th-11th March 2018.

General weekly reading –

The wisdom that the past/paths taught – 5th-11th March 2018.

Numerological breakdown calculation – 5 – Change, death/rebirth, newness, freedom, open space, liberation, awakening, 11 – Spiritual awakening, masculine & feminine balance, harmony, self mastery, illumination, initiation.

The 3 of wands coming in for this week, is a major sigh of relief.

With the 3 of wands we have passed a major threshold in our lives, & we can stand back, & appreciate the bigger picture, for all that has been.

The 3 of wands is not neglectful of the pains that have occurred in the past, but is still very much grateful & thankful for this thing called endurance.

For this thing called grace.

A lot of us this week actually will be experiencing energy or memory recall, especially through dreams.

One of the parts of trauma that can cause narcissists, or rather narcissistic behaviour, is how we block out memories of painful events that we have been through, but still operate unconsciously from this place of pain, by dishing out pain to others.

And one of my ULTIMATE favourite parts of the healing journey, is actually memory of energy recall, which moves us forward in healing, by taking us backward to view, & remember the past.

This week, or this time, may see you suddenly stumbling upon smaller memories, especially painful ones of incidences were you felt neglect, or abuse.

The 3 of wands is like the overseer, so you watch these memories & situations back, however you are somewhat detached from them this week, because you know that they are gone. You are a soul/sole survivor.

And you can look back at how far you have come, & all of the trials that you have had to endure, & be merciful.

And thankful that the ride is over, for it truly is – over.

The 6 of wands alongside the 3 of wands, creates the 9 of wands, which is representative of forgiveness, & allowing the past to remain in the past.

Cross paths with the present.

The 6 of wands is the feeling we get when we re-enter our body.

This is the physical body remembering who the soul is.

‘Hello my old friend’, it is about time that you return to you.

The 6 of wands comes out of the transition this week. So a lot of karmic work & healing work has been occurring specifically to do with the family & the parents recently, & this has impacted our own internal experiences, & masculine & feminine energy greatly.

Every single template you have taken from your paternal, & maternal gene pools have come out to play in recent weeks.

Healing the karma of your parents is about recognising the model of love that they shared, the way they related to the world, & the way they related to one another.

The lovers card articulates this fresh template in love that we are currently creating. When we forgive those who have hurt us, we also forgive ourselves, because a lot of the time the partners who we attract, mirror who we were in a past life.

If we can create sympathy (not empathy) for them, then we can forgive ourselves.

When we feel empathy for them, we are actually not expressing love, but rather keeping the both of us in bondage.

The lovers card seeks to come out of the darkness that is felt in cards like the devil card energy.

The lovers energy this week exposes all of ones secrets, phobias, & indiscretions. It’s like there are no secrets this week, everything is being pulled to the surface.

For some, this does feel as if it is about moving on, & walking away, & if this is done, I must stress that to lessen cord attachment, it should not be done from a malicious perspective. Rather, we must understand how the situation presents itself to us for us to understand the aspects of our lives that are in need of healing, & security.

The 10 of swords is the martyr complex, or rather victimhood that we are breaking free from this week.

The page of swords charges in to burst ones illusions, & this may be us creating our boundaries, or giving those around us the honest truths about how we feel/think about their actions.

This card could be standing up for yourself this week, & feeling the courage to tell those around you what they need to hear.

As the narrative about the way that you see yourself changes, you stop seeing others as so helpless, & want them too to hold themselves to a higher standard of accountability.

The page of swords seems to cause the 10 of swords which is something like an artificial injury.

It will not harm the person who is receiving the news so much, as it will bruise their ego into understanding that a higher level of themselves is required of them.

I feel if you have a message for somebody this week, or for a lover, it’s either about forgiveness, or about how you recognise yourself in the mistake(s) that they’ve made, aiding you to take a non judgemental approach.

For many we are saying that we need to move on. That this phase of life is over for us, & it’s about understanding how everything is connected, & how everything has been connected, & the way to strike a different course of events, is to change.

Balance is introduced with the intwining nature of the black & white theme. Symbolising the interchanging nature of death, & rebirth, this week finds us losing more of our fears of death & the change in our surroundings.

The tower energy is never truly solid. It is never truly shaky either.

It is both, & exists in the moments in-between.

With the tower, it does not come down this week in such a shaky way as it has in the past. When all is revealed, there is no clear villain, or no clear victim.

The guardian angel of young adult places more responsibility in your hands through knowledge/wisdom.

The key that the character is holding demonstrates new found wisdom that will be used to unlock the next part of their journey.

Divine lovers — (Twin-flame) weekly preview.

Divine lovers Weekly Reading – Motherhood, death & rebirth, changing seasons – Spring brings the promise of new things – 5th-11th March 2017.

The empress & the queen of wands as the main energy display very powerful divine feminine energies that will be coming to the surface this week.

This is an entirely new take on how the feminine sees herself, & how she creates her stories. It’s like she has a guide this week, a divine feminine presence who holds her accountable, a big sister, or a mother, who guides her into initiation.

For some feminines this will be the great spiritual mother herself, & many may feel called to come into contact with a Feminine deity who calls out to them – yemoja (yemaya), Isis, Kali, or Mary Magdalene, depending on which part of her needs nurturing.

Poetry ~

Spring time always seems to arrive before I am ready.

I have not even said goodbye to you, the darkness, my love, when it becomes time to make ready for the new.

I try to hold onto the trees, as the leaves grow loose, but it is no use.

Spring time will come by noon, & with it, my darkest night too shall depart.

I miss you with all of my heart.

When we die & are reborn by midnight,

Tell me that you will not forget me.

Too soon I held on to you,

As if the days would never pass us passed,

By dear, they did last,

Till death, inevitably, incredibly, do us part.

I will not act as if I did not cherish you, every single moment that I knew you.

Cindy Anneh-bu.

The guardian angel of young adults shows the masculine being given more responsibility through this birth. Maybe he is learning how to manage his money better, or how to provide & be there for the feminine.

He definitely learns a lesson in selflessness, although the lesson may be slow to come.

The masculine has always been twice removed, fixated on something or another that caused the feminine to get lost in her thoughts wondering about him.

This could be infidelity, as well as the birth of a child through a relationship experienced outside of the union.

In the past life relationship card, the feminine reminisces over how the relationship used to be.

Something has definitely changed, especially for the feminine & she’s mourning, & experiencing every inch of this change.

The tree card symbolises the changing of seasons, & how things appear on the surface to remain the same, but day by day everything changes on a grand level, & her actions affect her past, as well as her future.

The angel of trust shows the feminine working on the side of herself that felt or feels abandoned, that feels separated from the great mother. It’s a welcoming home for the feminine.

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