General weekly reading – 12th-21st March 2018 – Exorcism.

Numerological breakdown calculation – 12th-21st — New karmic beginnings, the innerchild, motherhood, healing the inner child wound, healing parental damage/trauma, completion, a completion of cycles, creativity, art, humanitarianism, teaching. The wounded healer. Family. Harmony. Unity. Community. Acceptance.

The five of swords in combination with the page of cups is the fear that is born when our inner child does not feel comfortable, confident, or secure. Whatever childhood hang ups you are still holding on to that are making it difficult for you to experience freedom, particularly mental-psychological freedom.

The 5 of swords this week holds the page of cups captive, which may be the spirit reflected in the Pisces new moon.

What is the TRUTHFUL essence of your spirit?

There are things that you want to do, & chances that you hope to take, but it feels as if there is a very real fear of backlash here.

So for a lot of us this week, is about narcissistic abuse, particularly the narcissistic abuse that many of us have endured at the hands of parents, or from the wider community around us.

That is the damper on the spirit that we’ve carried with us since long ago, & this week? We get to confront that.

The 9 of swords as the outcome represents the process of de/reprogramming.

Negative thoughts have been implanted into your mind through conditioning, & most of it is not even yours, it is limitations of others, & their fears, & projections.

You may be called to spend less time around those you may perceive to have very draining energies, & perhaps draw some boundaries.

The devil card demonstrates this feeling of heaviness that may have you feeling as if you cannot escape these feelings, or this darkness, but that is what death is for – to break up this ‘pity party’.

The 6 of swords is the opportunity to heal yourself by going back in time.

Ofcourse, we can never truly or fully go back in time, or could we?

Surely this is the psychological process of healing.

We go back into old folders, & files, in order to rearrange this, & build more supportive memories.

In the 6 of swords, the individual seems to go back in time to provide both their inner child, & their (inner) mother with some support.

This does not necessarily have to do with physically healing the mother wound, (although it will for many), so much as it relates to the way that we mirror, & mother ourselves.

The 6 of swords speaks of breaking negative attachments, to attachment.

There is this fear of change, & jumping into the unknown, which relates to comforting the wounded healer in you.

What you are afraid of this week, is what will actually move you.

Do not resist the changes as they come. The wheel of fortune shows that apart of you actually welcomes change, yet you have fears surrounding letting go.

There are worries about manifesting what has already been, but the message is on focusing on building the new, & slowly integrating newer, more peaceful thoughts.

The change will not take place overnight, & you need to be patient with yourself about the process. If you are trying to do it properly.

It is about acceptance of self, & no longer making that anyone else’s responsibility/priority.

You have the answer to the solution already.

The wheel of fortune is about opportunity & taking the chance this week to actually exit the wheel, by choosing a different option, & doing things differently.

In the case that you have been here before, ask yourself, what has changed this time around.

‘Bats symbolize death and rebirth. Sometimes, they are known as the “Guardian of the Night.” It is largely misunderstood and so therefore many of its symbolic meanings are inappropriately fear-based. The bat is a symbol of rebirth and death because it is a creature that lives in the belly of the Mother (Earth). From the womb-like caves it emerges every evening at dusk. And so – from the womb it is reborn every evening’.

It is also a symbol of communication because the Native Americans observed the bat to be a highly social creature. Indeed, the bat has strong family ties. They are very nurturing, exhibiting verbal communication, touching, and sensitivity to members of their group.

The bat is also associated with medicine. Bat medicine teaches us to release fear and any pattern which no longer fits in with our pattern of growth. A new beginning, trusting one’s instincts, the bat is powerful medicine.

Source –

The 5 of swords also relates to taking a closer look at behaviours within yourself that may be toxic, or immature. It’s not about blame, or pointing the finger, so much as it is about ownership & understanding.

It can be difficult to accept the ways that our psyche has split, & filtered out certain information, but this is the only way that we can strike the ego at the heart, & arrive at the soul of a situation.

You are moving on to the second stage of the self, so it’s as if one version of you has died & you’re reaching maturation.

Just being alone with your darkness, is enough this week.

Divine lovers weekly preview —

Divine lovers weekly reading – 12th-21st March 2018′ I fought the law and I won’.

A huge emotional rebirth takes place for divine lovers this week. It’s time for the masculine to confront himself in a big way, & his shadows are being illuminated for him to see. It’s a little bit like a panic attack, or a vampire being given a soul again – literally.

The process may not be the prettiest, but it’s teaching the feminine a valuable lesson in not biting off more than she can chew.

The veil from the patriarchal promises that were never gifted to him, are shattering.

There are some masculines who are not taking this very badly, however the ones who used the original patriarchal structure of dominance via manhood to shield & protect themselves against their own weakened ego (childhood hang ups), this time will prove most uncomfortable.

If she tries to involve herself with the breakdown of the masculines lessons, & karma, she will find herself even more exhausted & depleted.

Her awakening consciousness this week is actually born from this feeling of fatigue, & oppression. Although it births a fire spirit that seeks to burn everything to the ground.

She’s fed up with the masculines antics this week, & not in a way that is blaming or shaming him, because she recognises the ways in which she has fed into it herself.

They are BOTH confronting themselves, they are BOTH dealing with the healing of the inner child, & their family’s wounds.

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This weeks reading is the most powerful of the year yet, & will kick off the set of chain events that shall see spring transform us.

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  1. I google ‘ophiuchus’ regularly, and I don’t see much content about this sign, yet I refresh my search pages compulsively. I’m happy to have found your writing, it is a breath of fresh air!

    1. Thank you for your beautiful words my love! I am dedicated to finding out more & writing more about the lovely Ophiuchus, as it is my sign, & I never really resonated too much with being a Sagittarius! Xxx

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