General weekly reading – Eli Eli lama sabachthani? (“My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?”

General weekly reading – Eli Eli lama sabachthani? (“My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?”

Main themes//Numerological breakdown calculation– 9th-15th (6)

Balance, co-ordination, harmony, hermaphroditism, breaking karmic ties.

Beginning & ending of tumultuous lineages. Balance/fairness in relationships. Healing family wounds//childhood wounds – confronting the inner child.

Narcissistic/codependent unions becoming unbearable. The final cry before salvation.

Main theme – Judgement/The cross. Header – 4 of swords, Outcome – Ace of pentacles. Surrounding cards – the high priestess, page of swords, the hermit, 10 of wands – fish.

Main theme – judgement – being awoken to decisions or a decision that you must make.

The judgement card represents a wake up call to ways that we have been living, including self sabotaging and gluttonous behaviours.

How well can you interpret & understand your own intuition?

This week asks you to attempt to access your inner truth, the core of who & what you are – when all illusions are removed.

Some of us may be dealing with weight issues. Perhaps we’ve ignored physical & earthly demands too much, in habit of being lost in what we do so habitually (ethereally).

It is truly, finally time for you to change.

The habits that we take part in actually form ritual, & in many ways we can become idol worshippers; to food, sex, romantic relationships – anything that takes us away from the present moment.

Communication with God, or spirit does not have to be a grand gesture like kneeling down for prayer, routinely with candles, or praying for days, & days for something to come to you, only to have it arrive in a way less than you initially desired it.

The judgement card this week represents rejuvenating your relationship with spirit – psyche(ic) connection. We are constantly receiving signs & impulses, in the form of thought, & in many ways, this means being in a state of perpetual prayer.

Watch those thoughts!

The high priestess, & the hermit card are all about following your intuition to lead you to the places that you need to witness.

What is your darkness?

It’s not so easy going into it, or being honest about it, sometimes shadow work is the most difficult thing to do, that’s why the hermit holds up a light, to help us to see into the darkness, to help guide our steps through.

Have you been enduring a toxic, or draining situation?

The 10 of wands card refers to overcompensating, & taking on more than your fair share.

Thankfully, this week signifies the end of the road. You can no longer carry on the burden of holding all of this weight/energy on your back, & all of the sticks scatter to the floor this week, representing being at the end of your tether.

You may even find yourself telling someone/some people a piece of your mind.

Suppression of your emotions is difficult otherwise, & can cause illness.

You have a new destiny now, & new journey being gifted to you if you refuse to pick the sticks back up, possibly as you have done in the past.

If there are people surrounding you not picking up their part of the tab, or expecting you to cater to everything? Show yourself this week that you will no longer be a donkey for them.

The ace of pentacles represents a gift of instant manifestation.

Remember what I told you about your thoughts? And treating them as prayers? This relates to changing your experience about how you perceive the world, especially what you manifest to be true.

The page of swords representing the inner child deciding to stand up, & fight back, refusing to take any bullshit any longer.

Determination to slay ones dragons/demons lies as the motivation of the page of swords.

You really do want that prize don’t you?

Well you can get it.

You are supported.

Know that it is yours, & start with making decisions that are in your own best interest.

With the 8 energy, some of us may even be severing karmic attachments/behavioural ties with our family members, or some of their actions/attitudes.

Waking up is also about realising how the patterns/behaviours/values of those around you also impact your own.

The cross card represents a universal symbol of pain, & triumph over pain/death/suffering/persecution.

Particularly shadowing the period just after easter – supported by the spring themes of death/rebirth & new life.

The number 3 is also very synonymous with Christ, suggesting unity, connection, & commitment, which will be themes currently being born to you.

‘Forgive them father, for they know not what they do’.

The hermit also represents guilt & repentance.

Many are giving/guiding themselves back to God this week, or reintroducing God as a central part of any divine union.

Introducing prayer time/scheduling more focused intention helps us to be closer to where we need to be.

Divine lovers weekly preview —

This week, the wait stops.

Many divine lovers are finding that they are suddenly exhausted with the merry go round nature of things, & ready to stand up & take greater charge of their lives, & of themselves.

A time comes to break away from the nest of thy mother, & thy father, & to attach some new rules to life.

What is life as a waiting game? Constantly waiting around the corner for the next bit of happiness? Not a very enticing game at all!

Allow for us to trace our roots this week as we are uncovering even more hang ups that were borrowed to us from childhood conditioning, & parental affection – or rather lack-there of.

The time arrives to grow up, to take more control & more charge of their lives, as opposed to allowing themselves to be ruled by the unseen karma that is created when they keep a choke hold grip on their childhood.

Preview —

Part of growing up means knowing & understanding what you deserve to receive, & many divine lovers have held low & poor expectations because their parents (particularly of the opposite sex) never provided them with very much.

It’s time for us to start drawing up scripts of respect.

How are you willing to invite more respect, & less disrespect into your life?

The page of swords is the ‘enough is enough’ card, & many divine lovers, especially the feminines are putting a stop to how others have been treating them.

You are worthy.

Stand up & be accounted for.

In many ways, those who are codependent, & in codependent relationships, are actually in relationships with their parents.

Are you having an emotionally incestuous relationship with your parents? Well..your string of codependent relationships suggest you might be.

If you keep searching for the fulfilment that you never received in childhood from your partners, then you’ll likely continuously attract partners who also unconsciously seek the same from you.

Nobody can give, if everybody takes.

The trick is, to not only forgive your parents, but also to wash your hands off any expectation from them.

Accept who they are – today.

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