Divine lovers daily reading – 5th-6th November 2018

Divine lovers daily reading – 5th-6th November 2018

Main theme, (4 of swords/knight of swords) Masculine – 3 of swords/3 of pentacles, Feminine – The world/6 of cups.

The 4 of swords represents a period of calm, thorough and clear thought that arrives as a result of us having the time and the patience to think over certain situations, until we are satisfied with a complete, or at least partially complete outcome. With yesterday’s reading we saw divine lovers unraveling following the aftermath of a period of eruption, however today it appears that both divine counterparts, particularly the masculine, have come to conclusions regarding the nature of the dispute and likely seek to bring balance towards it.

The knight of swords is a messenger that comes in hard and fast and could represent the masculine making contact with the feminine after taking some time to think about his actions and participation in the fallout. The knight of swords may be the masculine attempting to rush in before it is too late. Perhaps time has passed since the incident took place and he wonders if the feminine will believe that he was inactive for too long. The 4 of swords can also represent the feminine in deep contemplation as the masculine comes towards her to deliver his message. She may be temporarily unavailable or inactive because she is contemplating the entire template of what the relationship with the masculine has existed as. The feminine may not be so readily willing to begin communication again and some feminine’s may have even shut that door completely.

With the 3 of swords, the masculine’s awakening may be something to do with the fact that he has been heartbroken upon realising that this time he may actually be losing the feminine for good. He may feel her pulling away and panic because he wonders if he really did take too much time to get back to her.

The 3 of swords energy is what propels him to move forward as he may feel a sense of anxiety and imbalance following things not being right between him and the feminine.

The Backstreet boys song, ‘I want it that way’ continuously played in my head for the day and revealed itself to be the lyrical expression of what the masculine currently feels ~

‘Tell me why

Ain’t nothin’ but a heartache

Tell me why

Ain’t nothin’ but a mistake

Tell me why

I never want to hear you say

I want it that way.

Now I can see that we’ve fallen apart

From the way that it used to be, Yeah

No matter the distance

I want you to know

That deep down inside of me

You are, my fire

The one, desire

You are (You are, you are, you are)’.

With the world card the feminine comes to terms with what it means potentially for the union to truly be over with the masculine. In the world card it does indeed seem as if she has waited for him to be ready and he took a little too long to show her that this was something that he wanted to hold on to. The feminine has two wands in her hand as she rises up leaving the old weight behind her, meaning that she is learning just how much responsibility she has over her own world.

The 3 of pentacles card sees the masculine trying to make provisions behind the scenes to create stability for the feminine. There is something that he tries to do to make up for the damage that he has caused or is causing and it is something like a plea or a bargain that he makes. He may try to purchase something for her that he believes will help her to feel a sense of greater security or it is as if he gives something to her parents or family members as compensation for something that has gone on with the feminine.

With the 6 of cups, the feminine is faced with an offer from the masculine. Though it may just be that she perceives it as juvenile, or something that only would have worked with her in the past. If she does give in, it’ll be more because of past memories and oath, not because of a current feeling of security.

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Divine lovers weekly preview —

‘Destiny is paved with good intentions’ is NOW OUT!!! -Preview & Purchase details below — This week, the feminine’s ideas about love and romance are put to the test. How much will the feminine strive to preserve the image that she has been attempting to cultivate for so long? Many feminine’s have been holding on to marriages that have not worked, yet they refuse to let go of it because of external perception.

The feminine learns this week how to focus on her own future and how to preserve the things that are truly going to bring her closer to her dream version of herself. She recognises that the only thing that can truly be concrete in her life is herself. And as such, she must honour this within herself by doing the best that she can do for herself.

She needs to know what works in her favour and what does not and this exists on a much larger scale than just the divine masculine. All of the people who refuse to face their shadow selves are being scrutinised intensely and a decision is being made upon them as far as the feminine is concerned. She seems to be taking no prisoners because the intensity of the Scorpio energy has made her realise the importance of having what she wants.

The feminine grows tired of the masculine’s recurring behaviour and she lets him know it. However, he believes that this time is just like all the other times. He may intend to come back with the knight of cups, but this version of himself still is not mature enough and is once again likely trying to rush the process if he does return.

He may choose to return because he sees that the feminine is more care free and enjoying her life. Any feminine’s who are enduring space from the masculine, try and make this time the best time of your life. The masculine does not seem to learn until he sees that you can be a functional independent source all on your own. But you can’t fake it till you make it. Not with this one. You have to truly chase your passions. Really do the things that make you feel free.

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