Divine Lovers Daily Reading – 8th-9th November 2018

Main theme – 2 of cups/TheDivineda.jpg angel of the miracle of love.
The 2 of cups hones in on the feminine’s emotions and resentments towards the masculine as he may attempt to correct his previous wrongs. The feminine appears unmoving, though she must remain aware in these days not to fall in to Scorpio’s traps of darkness or depression, tempting as it may be.

The angel of the miracle of love reminds the feminine today that even if things are unwell with the masculine, there is still enough love in her life and around her to last her a life time and that she should not despair.
For some feminine’s, the masculine will be attempting to bring them back home. He will spend his next days trying to diffuse the situation and get the feminine to see things from his point of view.

It’s a long journey for them before they can arrive home and not all will be so willing to go.
It’s a trip for two.

Once more, the difference between a karmic attachment and a soul mate, is how well a heart awakening can spark a change.
Is the masculine renewed?

With the codependency card the feminine
may be bugged about just how much energy she seems to feed into these empty situations with the masculine. She may be snapping out of her trance today momentarily to realise that she actually has been wasting so much of her vital mental space, addicted to love, addicted to thinking about love. Recognising her part in co-creation helps the feminine to take more control over her life. She does not need to think about the masculine every minute or pick him apart, because surely when she does she finds even more fault. It is simply a matter of staying, or going and nothing in-between. If the feminine can recognise that she does not need to obsess over anything, she can begin to plan her next step.
The 2 of wands is a ray of rare light that shines upon the feminine in these coming days. She begins to make plans for more room to enter in to her life. Perhaps she thinks of moving and some feminine’s will be thinking of moving on. Feminine’s simply thinking of taking a break will wonder where next to place their time and energy. I feel some feminine’s ready to date again whilst others thinking about getting back in to education.

If the union is to be repaired, I do not see it as something that happens quickly as the feminine seems to have support around her from others who help to keep her strong and focused.

The ‘let your friends help you’ card may be a source of unease for the masculine. He sees the feminine in his sights and knows that all he has to do is just prove to her how much he wants her. But he knows that the feminine also has others in her mind. It is not as if she is gullible, but the feminine has in the past let the masculine get the better of her by allowing his energy to dominate hers. She seems to have had a group or a few friends around her recently who have tried to remind her of who she is and the masculine may feel a little threatened by it. It’s like a scooby doo monster – ‘If it wasn’t for those meddling kids-‘
Too bad masculine. Do the crime, do the time.
His broken heart is not quite enough to woo the feminine who seeks to break up her relationship with dependency.

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Weekly Reading Preview — Divine love is paved with good intentions.

‘Destiny is paved with good intentions’ is NOW OUT!!! -Preview & Purchase details below — This week, the feminine’s ideas about love and romance are put to the test. How much will the feminine strive to preserve the image that she has been attempting to cultivate for so long? Many feminine’s have been holding on to marriages that have not worked, yet they refuse to let go of it because of external perception.

The feminine learns this week how to focus on her own future and how to preserve the things that are truly going to bring her closer to her dream version of herself. She recognises that the only thing that can truly be concrete in her life is herself. And as such, she must honour this within herself by doing the best that she can do for herself.

She needs to know what works in her favour and what does not and this exists on a much larger scale than just the divine masculine. All of the people who refuse to face their shadow selves are being scrutinised intensely and a decision is being made upon them as far as the feminine is concerned. She seems to be taking no prisoners because the intensity of the Scorpio energy has made her realise the importance of having what she wants.

The feminine grows tired of the masculine’s recurring behaviour and she lets him know it. However, he believes that this time is just like all the other times. He may intend to come back with the knight of cups, but this version of himself still is not mature enough and is once again likely trying to rush the process if he does return.

He may choose to return because he sees that the feminine is more care free and enjoying her life. Any feminine’s who are enduring space from the masculine, try and make this time the best time of your life. The masculine does not seem to learn until he sees that you can be a functional independent source all on your own. But you can’t fake it till you make it. Not with this one. You have to truly chase your passions. Really do the things that make you feel free.

The death period is likely to feel uncomfortable and many feminine’s may feel as if they are going through a mourning process – losing things from the past and wondering what direction they are to move in, however, this is not set to last as we move in to the last weeks of the year. Things should pick up for the feminine and it starts with her taking the time out to get a little more acquainted with herself.

Who knows the feminine better than the feminine?

Well, anyone who has been paying attention.

It seems like for a while the feminine turned into a ghost like version of herself and began to focus on the dreams and demands of others and a lot of feminine’s I am sensing, hardly even know who they are anymore.

What the masculine really needs to remember as he represents the energy of Scorpio, is that the feminine represents Ophiuchus – serpent energy, the snake charmer and healer and whilst the masculine is the place where things go to die, the feminine is the place where things go to be reborn.

The feminine is the one who can always overcome fear. The same way Ophiuchus overcame the persecution of the men who accused her for her gifts and burnt her at the stake, the feminine overcomes the dungeons that the masculine himself has created to keep her entombed.

Fear is no longer enough to keep the feminine chained. And we are moving past the age where fear was used to enslave and keep under control those who are great kin of the great spirit.

The difference in the feminine this week, is that she is prepared to leave. Even if she thinks she may not be leaving with very much, even if she knows there are some people who fear she is making the wrong decision, the feminine is prepared to leave.

The devil card and the wedding card could be a secret that the feminine found out about the masculine. Something may have come out of the darkness. Perhaps some feminine’s are finding out that their masculine was married and freeing themselves from the entrapment of expecting something more than he could offer. — To purchase this week’s Oshun special ritual along with the reading, paypal £10 to paypal.me/seekcindy

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The divine lovers weekly reading is a 3000+ page written report that governs the emotions, mental placements & spiritual lessons that both masculine & feminine energies collectively are experiencing week by week. I tap into the collective energies & use the cards as a tool to reflect back to me what I am seeing & what is currently occurring in Karmic & divine relationships for the collective. The divine allows it to be so that we enter certain periods (such as Scorpio season), that play out different elements of our relationships) Sometimes, the energies will focus more on one side than the other, meaning the week proves to be a bigger or more defining week for one. This week, it appears to be the feminine going through the motions.

This is an accurate description of what exists beneath the surface of the couple’s strengths & strains.

I’ve been helping people with these written versions of romantic therapy sessions for about 3 years now & helping to bring understanding to difficult situations through enabling others to understand their own emotions better. Whatever is unsaid will exist here.

There is a lot of karma to be unravelled for the last part of the year, so pay attention to the readings these next few weeks.

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