Divine Lovers *Daily* Reading//Lessons – 12th-13th January 2019.

Art – Vincesm

Main theme – The angel of forgiveness/The moon, Masculine – 7 of pentacles/Let go of control issues, Feminine – 10 of cups/Free yourself.

The main theme of today’s daily reading follows the same signature ascribed to the weekly reading (See below for purchase details). Dreams & subconscious revelations surrounding fears of vulnerability are central at this time.

Both divine lovers may find themselves feeling particularly sensitive & hyper vigilant to betrayal or disappointment.

Both are motivated by unconscious phobias from past pain & situations take place to bring those wounds to the surface – even threatening the foundation of the relationship.

Salvation is found if one or both divine lovers can remain conscious enough to determine the driving force behind these heavy weighted interactions.

With the 7 of pentacles, the masculine appears to be waiting on something. He may be waiting on a job opportunity or news from a venture that he is working on. He may feel anxious or on edge during this process or even pessimistic wondering if his visions will reach fruition in time.

The masculine has a habit of being overly hard on himself at times & even though he may not vocalise it, would be appreciative of support & encouragement from the feminine at this time.

His anxiety may translate as a hostile attitude towards the feminine whilst his fear may see him being controlling.

The masculine is still familiarising himself with ways to communicate what he is thinking & feeling, traditionally this has not been his strong point.

Dealing with feelings of being powerless is his specific trauma/Achilles heel, along with the fear that he may one day lose the feminine because of this.

He may find himself mentally flashing to times in his childhood or in his past where he was made to feel powerless or lost something & there was nothing he could really do about it.

He may not understand his harsh tones & attitudes actually serve to push the feminine away rather than achieve his goal of bringing her closer.

If he is to lose or alienate the feminine at this time, then he has nobody to blame but himself.

The situation that he wants or the life that he is envisioning will indeed come together. It just requires for him to allow things to fall in to place rather than trying to manipulate the reality around him, which only causes grief for everybody involved.

The ‘let go of control issues’ card perfectly outlines this dynamic.

You see the way the masculine figure sits down on the seat, almost trying to pretend as if he is unbothered by the feminine leaving. He appears to be looking slightly over at her, ever so slightly so that she does not feel she is important enough to get his full attention. Masculine, are we really still playing passive aggressive games at this point because we are fearful of baring our true soul & full emotions? Who are you fooling? If you keep acting nonchalant & like you don’t really care the feminine will take this as a cue & sooner or later will train herself not to care too.

The spirit guides of both the masculine & the feminine are pleading with the masculine to open his heart, let his pride down, release his worry & allow them to assist him on the path to divine love.

What he needs to understand in dealing with the feminine is that he’s really dealing with her inner child. Look at the little girl the feminine figure cradles. This is her inner child who she appears to be protecting from the masculine. If the feminine doesn’t feel safe to be vulnerable like a child, then the relationship will never work. It’s not her adult self that she needs to be able to trust the masculine with. Rather it’s the most vulnerable, innocent, emotional & sensitive part of herself.

He needs to know this & recognise what’s at stake here.

The 10 of cups speaks of the picture that the feminine has of love resulting from her parental love or childhood figures. She ponders the narrative of a woman who is in a loveless marriage, trapped & unhappy, however she stays under the lock of having children whom she cannot disadvantage by tearing their home apart & because she has the perfect image of a happy family to portray to her peers, society & those who will one day judge her.

Perhaps this is the version of love & togetherness that the feminine witnessed from her family.

What the feminine truly fears? Is entrapment & unhappiness. Do you see the tight grip that the masculine figure has on the feminine’s face in the 10 of cups imagery? I’ve never seen the picture in this light, but it appears as if his controlling behaviour is keeping the feminine on a tight rope, perhaps enabling her sense of self & individuality to slowly erode. The fear that I discuss in my theory of the ‘good wife’ – the woman who loses herself & is slowly replaced by the version of herself that her husband most wants her to be.

Whilst the masculine is afraid of loss, the feminine fears loss of identity & these two themes continue to play out until they can communicate these phobias with one another & have them understood.

The free yourself card challenges the feminine to take control of her own happiness & her own sense of self. Whilst her happiness is so intrinsically tied into the masculine? Ofcourse she will continue to feel stifled & as if she must fit into his idea of perfection. Nobody ever said the feminine should stop living her life & most of her lack of freedom is self indicted. The feminine needs to develop a new sense of fun & a taste for life. It’s time for her to discover new desires of hers. Perhaps travel to places alone, get herself comfortable & confident with meeting new people. Somebody can only take control over your life if you’re not willing to take control of it yourself.

And masculine? The feminine showing you devotion & submission, isn’t the same as her losing her right to life.

Both lovers need to practice the art of forgiving those who have wounded them in the past, in order to find the space to forgive one another in the present.

To explore these themes further & find out how the feminine is breaking through the masculine’s egoic chains & karmic hauntings this week? You may purchase the divine lovers weekly reading/lessons by paypaling £6.66 to PayPal.me/SeekCindy or £9.99 to receive the divine lovers weekly homework in addition.

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