The truth about new age-ism & conventional religion; God, are you there? It’s me, returning.

New age spirituality as a belief system has been argued by scholars to be very vague & difficult to define considering it’s broad range of practices & incorporation of several traditional & some modern religious schools of thoughts. I would define it as a theology centred around healing, the re-establishment of a new God figure that’s removed from Abrahamic religion’s interpretations & a fusion of African & eastern theological & philosophical practices. In short? New ageism has no home. In my opinion it’s a school of thought that borrows from every other pre-existing school of thought with the determination to appear radical, edgy, advanced in its time & superior to its alternatives. However, I have found many of its supporters to be desperately in search of a sense of belonging, understanding & ultimately – sense of esteem.

New ageism typically preaches that no matter who you are, what you have done or what you continue to do (continue being the main word of fixation here), all you have to do is meditate, own some crystals, declare that you are a positive being, follow moon cycles, agree that we are all one & you are effectively cleared of all of your personal life choices & decisions. A real lack of accountability & pseudo humanitarian philosophy is birthed here. And I want to talk about it today. I feel that the 3 universal year wants expansion for us all. And apart of my expansion is coming to terms with the ultimate truth. What do I REALLY believe? It’s time to know.

– Cindy Anneh-bu

So I wanted to do a post to discuss my views & my feelings about new ageism & many people may be very confused because I may appear to fit in to the stereotypical notion of new ageism. I consider myself spiritual. I discuss buzzwords such as ‘empaths’, ‘numerology’, ‘the universe’ & I use taro cards. And for the most part I’d be lying if I said the new age movement didn’t directly impact the work that I am doing now. However, that does not go to say that it was a direct result of it.

There will always be callings & always those who have gifts as seers & I’m so grateful to the break I had away from religion because it finally gave me the opportunity to find myself.

Whilst religion is very much about the experience of the collective, occult teachings allowed me to dive into the mystical experiences of the INDIVIDUAL. The self. Who my soul truly was & what my lessons were & what I was supposed to do with them.

Religion was far too monotonous & collective to ever offer me that.

And in a time I became increasingly isolated & depressed as I was initiated onto the path, I needed something more. Something fitting. Something that explained what the strange things happening to me were. And the occult gave me that.

The occult. Occult teachings, vastly different from new ageism.

What I believe new ageism does? Is create an entirely different religion w/ the illusion of freedom.

You’ll regularly find ppl challenging you on how ‘spiritual’ you are, what is ‘ego’ & governing what you should eat (veganism) & what you should wear – head wraps etc.

Not to mention new ageism has an incredibly & dangerously potent dark, possessed & obsessive side, particularly referring to angel numbers, spirit guides & twinflames.

How many of you has known somebody who became so obsessed w/ angel numbers they’d look for them repeatedly & convince themselves that God ALWAYS had a message for them, even toward their own detriment of thinking complete narcissists were their ‘twinflames’ & if they just held out on their pain & longing for long enough, they’d be rewarded w/ this individual’s love.

Is this not any more abusive than suffering to be rewarded in God’s kingdom?

I know so many people who have been negatively impacted & become obsessed w/ angel numbers, even to the point of believing that these numbers were drawing them towards certain people & in many instances I do believe new ageism can open you up to be toyed with by other entities/djinns who you can call to come in to your space through meditation, harmful chanting, using magic tools such as charms & taro cards – without any prior knowledge or safety measures to handle what you’re conjuring.

What new ageism does is make hidden, occult knowledge (which is disastrous when placed into the hands of the wrong people) wildly generic & available to all, especially very young & impressionable women who are in search of an identity.

Who do not have to heal their depression or their anxiety anymore because they can suddenly attach to being ‘empaths’ & simply perceiving the emotions of others. Because they can simply detach from this world, declaring that they are ‘starseeds’ from another galaxy & that the only reason they feel existential turmoil is because they’re waiting on their alien family to come & get them.

We fail so many young women & men when we expose them to this world of magic & worship as if it’s a fad & all they have to do is buy a few crystals & stick a picture of Kali on their wall?

What do white teenage girls or black women in their 20’s know about Kali, an Asian goddess depicted ripping the heads off of men? Absolutely nothing. We know not of the energies we’re calling into our space. We borrow mythologies & deities from every which way & morph them together to form new identities.

We glorify Lilith who’s depicted as a rebellious, demonic figure. We reference Aleister Crowley, abandon God in favour of the ‘universe’ & declare ourselves god’s & egotistically bash anyone who attempts to challenge our ideology.

New ageism opens people already usually vulnerable to & suffering from mental illness to a hub of psychosis. ‘Spirit guides’ which could easily be demonic entities navigating their world. Telling them to meditate, leaving them open to the spirit world, not knowing what they’re bringing back with them.

And let us discuss this consistent idea of ascension that removes us so far from the present moment, with the promise that if we just hold on a little bit longer, just till the next gateway everything will be fine & all of our problems will be healed.

A lot of the spiritual gurus that regurgitate this information are not necessarily at fault. Many of them really do operate under this hope that they too can somehow separate themselves from the trauma of their reality & create illusions in which they already have. It is the superiority complex that feeds their broken ego. Not their sudden switch to another reality.

Buzzwords are used to pain a picture of being all knowing & all seeing & a lot of gurus become gods to those just starting out on the journey, instead of actually turning to god, they look to their nearest internet guru for direction & let me tell you, if your favourite spiritual influencer is not mentioning God REGULARLY, this person is harnessing your energy for their own gain.

Do not let new ageism erase God for you. That’s what it wants to do. To leave you confused. To leave you worshiping false gods.

It wants you to perpetually look to astrology or numerology instead of praying. It wants you to be so confused, anxious & scared that you have no patience for life.

It wants to introduce sexual immorality using the suggestion of ‘sacred sexuality’, sacred sexuality is still very much exclusive!

Now? I’m not saying religion is perfect – I still cannot stand it. And I’m not saying spirituality cannot truly heal you. I’m saying life is a journey & you must learn to use TOOLS to teach you & assist you, as a medium back to God & not something that you become obsessed with.

Personally? I have been drawn lately more towards Christ’s teachings & the re-interpretation of the bible through my new understanding of occult teaching & personal realisations of patterns that play out.

I think religious scripture can be quite dangerous when you are consuming it as a sheep, somebody who does not have a gnostic background or understanding & takes everything EXTREMELY literal & not allegorical.

However even with holy books I take them with a pinch of salt because I know that for the most part they were written by those who did not wish for us to decipher the hidden messages to be powerful enough to free ourselves of our own karma. And a lot of us who have spiritual gifts can determine that many holy books were written by & for those in-fact who could not handle the level of intensity & power that came with holding sacred knowledge, so they severely watered it down.

However I would suggest to go back from an esoteric point of view & study any holy book of your choice – the more the better. The Torah, the Quran & the bible are amazing scriptures to start with! Grab a highlighter & a notebook & work your way through breaking down interpretations.

Each day select a passage to read & if it does not resonate w/ you at the time? Pray to God for understanding.

PRAYER – absolutely key in both breaking generational curses, making sense of your next move & building a stronger relationship w/ the divine.

When it comes to angel numbers? If they seek you out? Then pay attention as God does speak in numbers. What NOT to do? Is see one of a few numbers & scramble to attach meaning to them.

Astrology is a beautiful tool. But do not become too attached to any one thing.

When it comes to meditation? Visualising a white light or repeating a mantra such as ‘God is w/ me’ or ‘Subhanallah’ will allow you to declare you’re meditating in the name of God.

Fasting is also an amazing tool to bring you clarity.

– Cindy Anneh-bu © 2019

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From a very early age, it was clear to see that my path was one paved with difference. Inspiration, intuition, and imagination gripped me long before I could find my feet. I walk the life path of 7, so I am irreversibly bound to the realm of mysticism, spiritualism, and esotericism. I do not belong to this world, for I am a 'tween', always in between worlds. I am the commander of serpents, belonging to the glorious, and forbidden 13th zodiac of ophiuchus. Hidden in secrecy, to one day return as the divine feminine awakens. Love, is my speciality, and has governed my existence. I now use a combination of intuition, natural healing ability, astrology, psychology, sociology, and numerology to bring clarity, healing, and understanding to all. With the energy of ophiuchus running through me, I could never turn away from the path of healing, nor teaching. Not only does ophiuchus represent healing, but also the crevices of the dark shadows that we must crawl through to find our path to healing, in other words, the shamanic process of death, and re-birth, which has pretty much been the summation of my existence thus far. Long gone are my days of depression, I have re-claimed my divinity, and I desire nothing more than to help you to also claim yours. Not only the seeker, I am also the lover. Part of the many trials that I have endured upon this empathic journey, are that of heart break, and abandonment consciousness. For this reason, I have become an advocate for healthy loving relationships, and the harmony between the two sexes. This has taken me on a deep quest, to uncover ancient old secrets, and deeply entrenched beliefs, about man, about woman, and what this reads about where we are to. My eternal life drive and motto revolves around this simple theory, 'Where there is an outcome, there has existed a cause'. My particular areas of interest and expertise lie with sociology, psychology, spiritualism, philosophy, and literary, and creative writing. As I have a deeply intense desire to both serve, and aid humanity, I have naturally been drawn toward topics that have provided me with a more in depth account of societal behaviour, and as it stands, human kind. My roots are as deeply rooted as they can be, stemming from Ghanaian parents, who were raised, and both skilled in the art, and knowledge of superstition, and divination wisdom, it is no surprise that the blood flowing through my veins compels me to do such work, so relentlessly. Unlike other bloggers, this work featured here is not a mere hobby, it is more than just my livelihood, it is the calling of which i cannot ignore. Another prominent focus of mine, is mental illness. Not comfortable, nor fully sold with the western idealisms of the implications of such, i seek research, personal experience, and observation to prove, that many mental illnesses hold spiritual connotation, particularly as the mind is an avid translator of spiritual energies. Follow me on this journey as i discover myself, retrace my roots, fall deeply in love with my heritage, and finally accept my awkward, unorthodox societal position. To book one of my services, and allow me to guide you back to the soul, email me via I offer dream interpretation, tarot reading, therapy, numerology readings, and see through the eyes of the lover.. To contact me across all of my platforms, follow me on instagram to keep up with my latest quotes, and mystically inclined photography @spiritualpoetess_ To keep up with my snappy, sassy, and spiritually laced motivational tweets, find me on twitter @spiritualpoet_ Facebook like page

4 thoughts on “The truth about new age-ism & conventional religion; God, are you there? It’s me, returning.”

  1. This is absolutely perfect!!!! Exactly how things unfolded for me. I find myself in the exact position as yourself currently!!! I am retiring to reading the Bible. After years. I’m almost finished and have looked it a totally different way. I feel all that you have said here and I been telling my clients something g similar. I am drawn to Christ as well. Thank you!! I wish I could meet you sit and chat with! If I had to pick a person to do that with it would be you! 

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    1. Oh wow that’s absolutely beautiful & amazing that somehow we are all making our return back to Christ & back to reading biblical scripture! I find it so beautiful & it’s happening across the globe. Did something specific draw you back to Christ? *manifesting a tea & a chat break* xoxoxoxo

  2. Funny thing is, I thought I was crazy for incorporinf Christian based faith into my spiritual practice. I always connect with God and see Jesus in my visualizations This has reconfirmed that I am indeed on the right track. god is the universe, he is the main source for light. I KNEW I WAST CRAZY! I just never connected with the figures kali and others it’s always been God and white lights. Thank you for this!

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