Divine Lovers Daily Reading – 28th-29th January 2019 – The secure things in life – Money, career and emotions.



Main theme – The emperor/Healing family issues. Masculine – 3 of pentacles, ace of pentacles. Feminine – 8 of pentacles/7 of pentacles.

The emperor and the healing family issues takes us on a journey to once again break down and analyse how the father wound or our relationship with our fathers has impacted our sense of stability, security and foundations, particularly in these next 2 days in relation to our finances. Masculine energy although present within both man and woman is mostly expressed to us through our fathers. The responsibility or lack of responsibility shown to us in matters of providing for the family and existing as a strong, consistent role model is also downloaded unto us from our fathers and you can see the devastating affects that can be produced in many communities when the father figure is absent, how it obliterates and destabilises families and their ability/chances of survival. Needless to say, the father is a very central and important figure, however, for divine lovers these next 2 days, it becomes not so much about using the father as an excuse for the shortcomings in their productivity or accumulation but taking control of where things may have not been the most secure, within and without.

Healing family issues does not focus so much on the emotional journey of forgiving one’s parents, or one’s father for that matter but places more of a focus toward the recreation of a healthier family dynamic for the next generation. Healing happens when we decide to live our lives in a way that is not reflective of those who hurt us or let us down. That is when true forgiveness begins and it has nothing to do with pretending to let go or attempting to forget what the person has done to you or has not done for you.

Self-responsibility and determination is at the root of this reading today.

The masculine in particular at this time seeks to be a better man and to put a system of better practices in place than the ones he saw. A protective nature towards the feminine is also developing within him, perhaps because she has decided to become her own knight in shining armour, perhaps because he sees how at one point she truly tried to rely on him, but now is developing a strength that sees her willing to take on more for herself, without playing into victimisation or woe is me – challenging what he thought he knew about both him and her.

Most divine lovers at this time are focusing on achieving freedom through financial security, a theme that also plays out throughout this week’s divine lovers weekly – (Purchase details below).

The emperor shows both becoming very clear regarding their boundaries and what they want for themselves. A hunger and determination to look towards the future as opposed to staying focused on the past, or on their limitations.

The emperor represents making some of the ‘harder’ decisions in order to introduce greater levels of self-discipline and authority over one’s life.

Something is motivating them to become more conscious and serious about the life that they are building and for the most part, it’s a reluctance to end up in similar situations that they’ve experienced in the past.

A focus is placed on fixing and healing low vibrational energies and fixing their poor habits at this time.

Financial security becomes paramount to the masculine whilst the feminine strives to get her emotions and occasional emotional instability in check.

The 3 of pentacles describes the masculine going out to find work and stability within his community. The masculine becomes progressive in his efforts to sell his products or focus more closely on business and entrepreneurship. This comes to some after the feminine has been constantly reminding him that it’s time for him to take things more seriously.

The ace of pentacles may suggest a promotion or an opportunity that he is offered to build and expand upon what he already has. If he has his own business, he could be working with developers or finding ways to bring his product into materialisation/final stages.

He may also be interested in taking more financial risks and expanding at the expense of him starting his own family or his family expanding, as many feminine’s at this time are actually pregnant. ‘Nesting’ for the masculine is the process of gathering enough stability and security to ensure that the feminine has a safe space to deliver in.

The king of pentacles shows the feminine making much needed sacrifices in order to achieve her financial goals. She may be putting in more hours at work, staying behind late or sacrificing some social time with her friends/family. The feminine begins to mature as far as finances are concerned and challenges the masculine to do the same. Some feminine’s may be worrying about the masculine’s abilities to remain productive. The 7 of pentacles is patience and perseverance whilst the feminine waits for things to come together. This period may require more focus towards her career/finances than her desires to control or monitor the masculine’s actions.

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Preview — With the knight of pentacles the feminine wants the best future for herself and each and everyday she is discovering more and more just how much she is worth it.
With the world card, the masculine needs to begin to slowly draw and pull away from the confines of his family or this community that he has been so focused on keeping up appearances with. The world always signifies an ending to a particular time period of our lives. Something is changing with and for divine lovers this week and as bittersweet as it is the importance of the focus should be upon embracing what is to come. It is never easy to leave behind all that you have had to rely upon for most of your life and yes it does feel a little uncomfortable. The reason the masculine has probably previously held on so tightly to this life and to this world is because it did give him a sense of security and safety. It was like a band aid that protected him from going out into the real world and having this feeling of being alone. He was hiding behind this community in many ways because he did not and does not know who he would be without it. If this is about moving out of the family home, then some masculine’s are not quite ready to make this leap because they are afraid of what kind of man or family lead they would be if they fully made the jump.

Follow the in depth explanations & insights of the lessons learned by both in love this week.


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