Divine Lovers *Daily* Reading—28th-29th March 2019


Combined energy – ‘Worth waiting for’/4 of cups. Masculine’s energy – 5 of cups, 4 of swords, Feminine’s energy – 8 of pentacles, high priestess. 

The worth waiting for card along with the 4 of cups signifies a period of patience and learning. The importance of timing as it relates to our lives. A lesson or a message is unfolding within these 2 days that requires both divine lovers to exercise patience. Everything has a place, everything has a time and everything an arrival and understanding this, will allow the both of them to understand the rhythm and the nature of life, change and consequence. How we cannot shift, nor resist the things that are meant to be. The ‘worth waiting for’ energy signifies the feminine taking this understanding and these lessons far better than the masculine. The divine is willing for both divine lovers to face and heal the issues that they have with procrastination, anxiety, timing and patience. How well will they fare?

With the ‘wwf’ card, the feminine’s inner child learns to be tamed, perhaps her most impulsive archetype/part of her learns that it takes time for destiny to be revealed to you and rushing to ‘know’ only creates more harm than good.

Patience and observation will bring her the story that she seeks. Whether the masculine is, or is not the one, timing will tell and she becomes okay with this, with the high priestess showing her understanding the importance of allowing life and people to reveal themselves to her. Anti-control/resistance and acceptance makes quite the medicine.

With the 4 of cups, the masculine appears to struggle more with the waiting behind these energies. Perhaps he’s sent a message to the feminine and is waiting for a response and may feel frustrated with the waiting period.

He may be contemplating what has been lost including that which turned out in a way that did not support his vision. For some, it includes financial or business endeavours, possibly plans of his that fell through, for others it relates to a project that they were pouring a lot of time and energy into. The 5 of cups can also signify exhaustion, the masculine having the feeling that nothing ever goes right or requires more of himself that he can handle.

Instead of feelings of pity, the masculine is encouraged to spend more time in self-evaluation and improvement mode. Perhaps he should use this time to reflect and think about the ways in which he can spend his time better and devise more time towards being conscious of what he does and does not do. He should not shy away from depth of thinking at this time and rather should take a turn and try paying more attention to his surroundings.

The feminine is not the answer for him in neither of these days and he should do well to realise it. The feminine cannot help the masculine with anything that he will not do for himself. The 8 of pentacles card shows the feminine making a conscious effort to dedicate her time and her self more wisely. The feminine, although also involved in a period of waiting, understands how doing, as opposed to simply just thinking, helps to pass the time and to become aware of where it goes. Her energy is tugged at in these two days, but noticeably she finds a way to cool her tempers as it were or redirect her energy. The divine lovers weekly reading speaks more about this process of rebirthing and rebalancing, available by paypalling £6.66 to   paypal.me/seekcindy

The high priestess means the feminine stepping into her feminine energy, allowing herself to fall into her own understanding and observation. Her intuition becomes her greatest ally in these 2 days as she learns to allow the truth to unravel itself, as opposed to trying to run from it or run to it by running to the masculine. She simply is, still. And radiant. And not necessarily in waiting.



Divine Lovers Weekly Reading – 25th-31st March 2019 – (7th-4th) – Reunification

Preview ~ lips.png

‘The women’s temperance movement of the 19th and early 20th centuries called for a moderation or complete end to the consumption of alcohol (any intoxicating beverage). The movement typically included women and families who’d been personally affected by their men’s excessive consumption of alcohol and advocated for the acknowledgment of the effects of alcohol’.

The divine lovers weekly this week largely focuses on the emancipation of the feminine energy resulting from last week’s trials and bringing us into a new energy of resilience. The collective energy right now supports powerful feminine figures or deities from the past ushering the collective feminine into the understanding of herself and her divinity. Aries energy helps us to usher in this age, along with a willingness from the feminine to gain trust in herself, her own abilities and her reasoning for why it is so important for her to exist.

Ancient secrets appear to be shared to the feminine this week, including the importance of having feminine energy around her and the importance of boundary setting and the occasional anarchy.

Not to say that the masculine has been pushed out of the reading this week, but in the true fashion of the current energies, his story, although active and purposeful, takes a much-needed backseat to the changes that are being asked of the feminine.

Preview — The feminine may be deciding that she actually does not want to have to play games in love and this starts with her getting serious about herself and her affirmations. For many feminine’s, with the masculine it just appears too little, too late and even if they are not thinking about being with anyone else romantically, they are focusing on taking some time for themselves.

There is no way this week that the feminine is going to continue allowing herself to be treated how she has been treated and she begins to gain momentum in her belief that there is more out there for her and she can have what she desires.

A lot of feminine’s felt like this was it for them. But feminine, it does not matter when something manifests for you, just trust that it will.

The masculine has to learn his karma on his own and the feminine cannot pull him through by shrinking herself or refusing to live her life, particularly if he still communicates poorly.

Boundaries will have to be set and affirmed this week as the feminine moves into action.


Even if the feminine decides to leave the masculine and then later changes her mind, there’s a growing importance on the decision, at least to move forward and begin to manifest that reality for herself. It’s not up to her to do the masculine’s work.

The strength card as the header speaks of a process of rewiring our emotive reactions and finding a way to melt into our karmic choices. The feminine must learn how to tear herself away from karmic paths that raise alarm bells to her, whilst the masculine must learn from his own karmic decisions and begin finding ways to turn to healing.

The death card may indicate accepting that which is difficult to accept. Strength understands how to move on and understands what the future does not know. In accepting what is supposed to be without questioning why, we begin to understand a rhythm in life, slowly until we get back to ourselves.

There’s a lesson present this week and in order to learn it, you yourself must be present. And it may be quite a painful message because it’s a little bit like, ‘Oh. I did not know that things would turn out this way’, but it’s okay and the next part of your life is about building how you would like for things to turn out instead.

The hanged man is a very, very peaceful energy suggesting some humility for divine lovers this week. It’s important to understand not just how things ended up as they are now, but also what happens with every decision that you make. It unfolds a new destiny for you and the divine is asking you to watch everything very closely, to ensure you finally do not find yourself in a similar place in future.

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Divine Lovers Daily Reading 24TH-25TH March 2019


The page of pentacles represents a future admiration, dream or wish that seeks to be explored and fulfilled at this time. The energy is representative of a younger, juvenile or more innocent energy, suggesting a process of asking to be provided with more, such as a test of maturity, or being at a starting point – the beginning of a new course, job, trial, venture or habit. Divine lovers today are pushed towards the desires of the best of who they are and the best of who they could be.

How to make a dream a reality, how to find a golden opportunity and capatalise off of it. Creative endeavours along with wishful thinking is practiced underneath this energy. The ‘very soon’ romance oracle speaks of focusing your energy towards your intention. Taking action shows dedication towards your goals. This card also speaks of distraction and potential procrastination/road blocks that may attempt to present themselves. Focusing on the end goal and maintaining your drive is essential in not getting pulled into anti progressive remedies. Continuous maintenance of your vision will help it to unfold. Stay on track and do not be lured. Particularly the feminine is warned of not allowing romance or relationships to distract her from the path of what she saw craves. What you focus your energy heartily on is what will magnify. If it is a new love that the feminine desires such as the attraction card may represent, then she is reminded to also resist returning to past behaviours or past unhealthy lovers. Do not break focus here.

The wheel of fortune speaks of a future time or setting that the masculine currently seeks to cultivate.

The masculine is likely taking this time to boost up his own financial earnings and security, ensuring that the next time he approaches the feminine he may be more likely to woo or impress her. The feminine is shown the effects of treating herself as a precious jewel. It reflects the way that others see and treat her also, as well as the masculine. Abstinence is also emphasised under this energy here.

It’s one of leadership, as well as compassion and charm. Whether the energy can manifest as sincere or not becomes dependent upon the wheel of fortune, which suggests a period and a process of time. Time does include patience, as well as a willingness, and prematurely trying to step into this energy may lead him to fall off track and also revert to old ways. The ‘safe for you to love’ card demonstrates itself as a pull towards the feminine and a hesitance between making a forward movement. He appears to be waiting for a time in which he feels more worthy to approach the feminine. With the safe for you to love card, he may be seeing the feminine in a brand-new light. Perhaps the amount of attention, honour or grace that she is getting and recognises that the feminine is taking more time to love and care for herself. With the attraction card the feminine is asked to take a lesson in seeing how much more things are attracted towards her when she is not chasing them, how being still and enjoying the life that exists around her brings her even more grace and favour.


The attraction card for the feminine represents a greater focus. The feminine appears to be pulled into beauty and luxury, focusing on simpler joys and pleasures, learning to become accustomed to life. It speaks of the feminine connecting with nature, perhaps focusing on health more, or taking the time to nurture herself. Spring brings abundance with the ace of pentacles and the feminine stumbling upon a new opportunity on her path. The ace of pentacles also suggests the feminine trying to be more attracted to money and also money being more attracted to the feminine as she prioritises her time and exists more in the present moment. The flowers that she sniffs in the ‘attraction’ card mirror the 9 of pentacles traditional rider waite taro card, which depicts a woman enjoying her fruits/work after planting seeds and watching them develop. Patience is emphasised here, as well as the feminine remembering that her life seems to gain favour the more that she focuses on replenishing it. If the masculine returns prematurely or still does not appear ready, then the feminine returning to him will only cause her to fall off course again.

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Super moon, Aries season & Spring equinox edition –

Aries season pulls us away from the emotional tide that was Pisces season & replaces our apprehensive angst with a cooling, calming temper.

Known for its fiery nature, at its best the Aries energy expresses itself as creativity, expressed or repressed rage, impulsivity, sexuality & a thirst for the primal joys of life – the satisfaction of our animal instinct, one’s ability to hunt & Chase.

It’s no coincidence that Aries season crosses paths with spring as this energy is sure to fire up some sexual chemistry & conjure fertility – the blossoming of both fruits & creative vision.

Spring is all about the rebirth that proceeds the rapture that was Pisces. What have you learned from your rainy season? What will you do differently with the new implantation?

Take this time to get into action & use your forward momentum to be bold, take risks & accomplish tasks. Aries presents the perfect energy for getting stuff done, whilst spring reveals a sense of newness in the wilderness.

This superfood in relation to the offset of a new seasonal calendar provides the necessary fruits for a reset button.

Photo credit — Imaro 2: The quest for Cush.

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Divine Lovers Daily Reading – 19th-20th March 2019

Main theme (Energy occurring for both divine counterparts) – 3 of wands, the angel of power, Masculine (The energy that he is bringing into the union) – Playfulness/6 of cups, Feminine (The energy that she is bringing into the union) – Heart to heart conversations, 3 of pentacles. 

The 3 of wands speaks of a journey and a voyage, particularly one that the feminine is to be going on. The angel of power represents an awakening towards one’s ability and capabilities. It’s as if dormancy has previously reigned in the lives of divine lovers and one or both appear to be leaving their old ways behind in order to pursue more – whatever that looks like. There’s a strong sense that there isn’t any labelling behind what they’re attempting to achieve, nor how and where they are going to come across it. It is just a declaration for more life, as well as to be able to experience the depths of joy and discovery that life can and SHOULD have, to offer. 

The 3 of wands presents motivation, dedication and the antithesis of procrastination. There is somewhere that they belong, somewhere that is calling out to them and for some this means timing away from the union entirely. There’s almost a sense of urgency and as far as the feminine the feminine is concerned? She needs to get out there and make some moves. The masculine’s determination may see him choosing to move closer towards the feminine at this time with the playfulness card. He may approach the feminine trying to reignite an old flame. Perhaps he’s returning on the basis that everything will just be fine or still the same as when he left them. The playfulness card does suggest that the masculine may be attempting to use the feminine’s innocence or desires for action to once again secure a place in her life, as the 6 of cups also demonstrates him reminding her of the past, or their past memories in some way. Maybe giving her something he’s had since they first met or gifting her with something she’s wanted for a long time. Feminine’s in particular who’ve recently walked away from their masculine’s should be cautious of any feelings/energies of emotional weakness/dependency and fears of being alone that may creep up and see them falling back into old repetitive, tired patterns that they are trying to break away from. There’s a strong emphasis here on changing her ways and using strategy as well as dedication…
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Preview –

Divine lovers Weekly Reading – 11th-24th March 2019 – Should I give up or should I just keep chasing pavements?

This week, the feminine holds a special focus towards breaking binding karmic chains and separating herself from the narrative that has long been her life in both relationships and within her personal affairs. What does it mean to be cursed? Simply it is about a series of actions and behaviours that are so deeply embedded into our psyche that we cannot begin to perceive anything else as the correct way to be, do, think, speak and sincerely love. The feminine learns a vital lesson in the symbiotic relationship that she has with the masculine. Although masculine energy is often regarded as dominant, she bears witness to how she can birth entirely new worlds and consequently has been birthing their stories in love, over and over again, for several life times long. This week, she awakens the truth of how she holds the key to experience a different reality in love. But alas, as everything else, it is a choice. For the feminine to bring an end to this ancient old unrest, she’ll need three things. Will power, conviction and rest. An equal measure of which. 

For the masculine, being left to his own devices this week is the best thing that could have potentially taken place for him. The process of the masculine facing his own shadow self actually can only take place once the feminine allows him the space to do so, otherwise, like everything else and all else, the responsibility will continuously be placed upon the feminine to transmute what he cannot.

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Divine lovers daily reading — 12th-13th March 2019 — For the love of herself; Feminine finances.

Finances & career shows a period of time where the feminine returns to focusing on her financial abundance after a hiatus or period of inaction. The feminine almost returns out of desperation, perhaps recognition of just how much time she’s been devoting to energies outside of herself, particularly those that have failed to replenish her. Slightly wounded, she returns to the task of rebuilding herself & re-establishing a sense of security.

The star card shows how returning to the river or to the fountain, both to cleanse herself & also to drink of the water offers her fresh insight, as well as new energy.

The feminine is shown getting a little more serious & severe about her self care routine.

The star is rejuvenation & the feminine making the conscious decision to introduce boundaries & protect herself during a period where she is most vulnerable & perhaps sensitive.

Pisces energy may have the feminine experiencing feelings that haven’t come up to the surface for a while & she requires the queen of swords card to protect her integrity & her respect whilst she does so.

With the 8 of wands the masculine may be trying to making contact. He appears to be trying to project messages & information out to the feminine, yet her finances tend to have gripped her focus most at this time. Perhaps she recognises how much of her time & energy she’s donated to the masculine & how other areas of her life have suffered because of this.

Time for the feminine to work on & concentrate on herself does require isolation & considering that her energy is so precious to her right now she spends time carefully dividing how to give it to, deciding entirely that some people require too much of her than she can currently afford.

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