Divine Lovers *Daily* Reading – 24th-25th April 2019

Main theme – The fool/SoulMate, Masculine – 8 of wands/past life relationships. Feminine – The world/Let your friends help you.

The fool card & the soul mate card as the main energy shows that there are conflicting energies or motions being experienced between both divine lovers.

Whilst the feminine seeks her emancipation & enjoys the time she is currently taking to explore herself, it does appear that a part of her mind is still on the masculine or still on the relationship & she finds herself having to merge a world of independence, joy & exploration, with a world of knowing & understanding that she met the masculine for a reason & whether she admits it or not, the masculine means something to her.

The fool card represents what happens when we attempt to navigate & take a new beginning, whilst the soul mate card is representative of the invisible wire that connects us with others, especially those who have touched our lives or are meant to touch them.

Yes this is your soul mate is not indicative that divine lover’s are the one & only people that can ever be with each other, but the soul mate card rather recognised that both divine lovers had a very specific message & soul lesson to teach to one another & this message should not be forgotten & in some instances? This message should not be forgiven either.

There may be a temptation in these next 2 days on the part of the feminine to think about what life with my masculine may be like if he ever were to change or do things differently, but there’s also a part within her that knows that this is wishful thinking.

Grief happens in stages.

Death happens in stages.

And the feminine currently finds herself having to let go all over again. The journey towards breaking free from codependency happens in stages & yes there are moments when the feminine will second guess herself, but she is assisted in the process by reminding herself that her feelings are valid. Her experience with her masculine was valid. And her having any feelings of missing him or reminiscing about being in his company, are entirely normal & not necessarily symptomatic of her moving backwards.

With the 8 of wands, it appears that the masculine is going to be communicating with the feminine at some point during these 2 days & it does suggest that he may be hot & heavy when he does so. The masculine appears to be coming in strong & direct & it appears as if he has little to no time to waste. Perhaps he has been biding his time, considering his approach, or feels as if he has wasted enough time not going after the feminine.

Some masculine’s may be wondering if it’s too late & they want to get to the feminine before her freedom leads her into the arms of another. For many masculine’s their worst fear is that the feminine will find somebody who she falls hopelessly in love with, somebody who’s interested in the same things that she’s interested in, somebody who she is more in alignment with. There’s a sense that he is going to begin taking their period of separation or the boundaries that the feminine has drawn, a little more seriously within these 2 days & as so he should, so should the feminine continue to reinforce them.

Boundaries do not have to exist in the absence of still having feelings for the masculine, feminine. You can still have feelings for him. You can still think about him. You can still miss him. But this is no excuse to give up or become lenient upon your boundaries. You’re doing this more for yourself than anybody else & remember that. This is about you building trust within yourself. If you never learn to trust yourself with others again, how will you ever love again?

With the world card the feminine is shown to be enduring an ending that is taking a process. She looks over at the masculine whilst she’s going through these changes & apart of her wonders what a life in which he doesn’t exist would be like/look like for her. The attachment is difficult, yet the show must go on.

With the past life relationship card, it appears the masculine also spends these days thinking about his past time with the feminine. Something in him knows & believes that the feminine is one of a kind & that losing her would mean losing a part of himself.

The masculine counts on the past, on the memories, on the feminine’s softer encounters with him, for him to be able to win her back. Even though he fears her moving on with this newer counterpart, he also believes that nothing can make up for the time he & the feminine shared & he doubts she may truly wish to start all over again with another.

If only he can revive the past & make the feminine remember how things were in the beginning, he believes that he can win her back. But this is no game masculine. The feminine must make this declaration to move forward & it has nothing to do with finding loop holes to get her to change her mind. The feminine needs to be set free. Nobody knows what that will mean for the future. But for now? It’s truly what she needs.

With the let your friends help you card, the feminine is inspired within these 2 days to spend some time in the company of those who love her the most. Perhaps she will not feel like smiling so much or will not find their jokes so appeasing, but it’s helpful for her to be around positive energy & those who are full of life & luck. The feminine is reminded to look on the brighter side of life & appreciate the simpler things. There will always be people around to help pick her up when she needs it. And she should never be in doubt of this.

Divine Lovers Weekly – Preview – 22nd-28th April 2019 – April Showers

There is a large focus this week upon building & gathering resources for future use. The feminine feels particularly lucky or charmed this week and she gets a message or an omen that she’s been needing about how to move forward & when to proceed.

A lot of seeds are being manifest this week so it’s a good time to go after any projects, ideas or business ventures that have been at the tip of their minds.

The builders will be shown from the talkers this week & foundations are being set to promote independence, as well as equality.

There’s a lot of movement this week, but there’s also a lot of intense thought that goes into the movement.

Back and forth communication is sent between both divine lovers, almost as if they’re communicating about a vision or two separate visions that they are trying to bring into manifestation. It’s a busy week for both but I do feel as if they bounce ideas & thoughts off of one another, even if this is to do with the way in which they conduct themselves.

There are also periods of pauses in action this week as knowledge comes to both parties as still as they can be. Observation is a necessary tool not to repeat some of the same mistakes as in the past.

It’s a very attractive week & the feminine finds that the more she can be still, the more that the answers that she needs can come and greet her.

The feminine must take great care in this week to watch not only her mouth, but her thoughts. There’s an intense energetic streak of thoughts manifesting into things & her finding herself bound to objects & targets before she could understand the consequences. It’s a little bit like the energy of mercury retrograde & I am not so sure about current planetary alignment, but I find that this is a time of more listening, than doing.

The decisions that the feminine worries about are still finding themselves in a final process of closure in this week as she navigates new ways to let the decision make itself.

The masculine is finding himself going through a transition period, such as a spiritual boot camp & the feminine has to be able to stand back & let that happen.

The more that the feminine teaches herself about her own healing/reconciliation process, the more she receives information to allow the masculine to attempt his own healing process.

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