Divine Lovers *DAILY* Reading – 8th-9th May 2019


United energy – Free yourself/Queen of pentacles, Masculine – Ace of swords (reverse)/King of wands, Feminine – King of pentacles, 9 of wands.

The free yourself card once again points to a merry go around situation and specifically asks for the feminine to take charge of the situation, by opting for a different outcome. The masculine may find himself caught in his usual cycles of allowing his mind to get the best of him and cause him to see a different version of reality than what it is, and the feminine has to make the decision in these two days for herself, not to become caught in the rat race. It appears as if the feminine may have been guiding the masculine in his awareness program and every time she thinks that he may be making progress, it may seem as if he takes two steps backwards and at some point, the feminine must appear to be exhausted by the constant ups and downs.

A message is being shown to the masculine and he actually has the opportunity to build something of value with the feminine should he take the time to pay attention. It is up to him  this is something that he has to want to do and to exercise a lot of will power for. The feminine looks for financial stability at this time and it shows with the queen of pentacles and some feminine’s may be feeling as if this will be difficult to find with the masculine, particularly if he has issues such as gambling, drinking or quitting jobs. The feminine must decide within these next two days whether she will continuously allow herself to be dragged, or whether there is a boundary that she can explore with the masculine that will allow him to no longer be able to tap into her energy in that way and I believe that it lies with recognising that the masculine is on his own timeline, and he is only ever going to see what he is ready to see, or what he allows himself to see. It appears as if it does hurt the feminine to see the masculine caught in these cycles, but it very much does threaten what she is also attempting to build.

Some masculine’s I am seeing are suffering from mental affliction and are actually unable to free themselves because they need some help. If this is the case, then the feminine may have to recruit some professional support or the support of somebody who can assist her to help her masculine to do this.

Mentally, the mind is also a factor within these next two days, as entrapment is a central theme. How stuck are we? Is the question that is posed and both divine lovers may be looking at the ways in which they are not making enough of a committed effort to remove themselves from their situations. I am sensing that a lot of feminine’s want to move home and some are deciding that if the masculine is not ready to move with them or is not sure about the direction that he’s ready to take, then even though she feels her time may have been wasted, she’s willing to take the initiative to move.

This card is further demonstrated with the king of pentacles on the side of the feminine. The king of pentacles represents the feminine being disappointed in the masculine but being strong enough anyway to do the work that needs to be done. If the masculine owed some money to the feminine or needed to help her to pay something off, then the king of pentacles describes the feminine working to ensure that she has the ability to pay this off or handle this herself, because she may be recognising some ways in which the masculine is unreliable.

The king of pentacles is a much needed message to the feminine anyway to tap into her own masculine side and to make sure that this side of herself is committed and dedicated to helping her and keeping her on target, so that she does not need to rely so externally upon the masculine. So within, so without. This can be a frustrated energy from the feminine who wonders why she has to do all of this work or why she’s left to take on all of this baggage and it may trigger her to think of other times in the past when she has had to deal with so much. A lot of feminine’s are feeling fed up and wondering when their luck is going to change and when they are going to have to stop working so hard and truthfully feminine? This stops when you stop giving others so much responsibility in your life, more than they deserve and more than they can handle. There’s a feeling with the feminine that if she were doing all of these things before and not waiting on the masculine, things would not have got as piled up as they are now. The queen of pentacles represents the feminine wising up, whilst the 9 of wands reminds her not to look outside of herself for others to finish her healing journey for her.

With the ace of swords in reverse, the masculine seems to have had another plan or another vision that did not come into fruition. Perhaps he was very excited and very sure about something, it may even have been a new job, yet it seems that for some reason, the masculine was unable to carry his vision through and this is because of a lack of dedication and commitment that he has. The ace of swords in reverse can be a relapse for masculine’s who do have addictions, or this could be a reality check for him. His work and his healing may have been superficial, and perhaps now he is being challenged to show up and present what he has had to offer. The ace of swords in reverse is a revelation or a truth that did not go in his favour and make the masculine appear disingenuous. This thing did not go in the way that the masculine planned for it to go and with the king of wands, he spends these next two days trying to salvage himself, though for many masculine’s I feel that it is more about making sure that their ego is intact, than it is rectifying and working on what has been wrong.

Some masculine’s are seriously lacking self-confidence, whilst others simply seem to lack the direction, vision and conviction to carry out long term plans and goals. There are things that the masculine has to do at this time and some of them will find themselves keenly stepping up to the plate, focused upon self-improvement. His best bet would be to lay low, do not do any talking, and just get the job done. Some masculine’s are telling the feminine that they will not let her down this time, whilst some feminine’s feel as if they have already been let down and this is why they have to fight for themselves.


Divine Lovers Weekly Preview – For the love of she – 6th-12th May 2019.


This week, the feminine confronts the wounded feminine template, aka the mother archetype, or the mother wound. How far she can be stretched within her boundaries, particularly by the masculine is tested this week, along with just how much the feminine is willing to take and just how much is too much. The feminine is having a lot be revealed to her this week and it is a time of reflection for her to make it through this part of the detachment process. The feminine is becoming aware of the areas in her life where she has been attached codependently, because she fears rejection, because they fear abandonment and vice versa and there becomes an understanding on behalf of the feminine how her ability to overly rely on others has been linked to her inability to properly and appropriately connect with the mother. The feminine has been seeking love in all places apart from within her own soul and she’s being made to pause this week and come to terms with a lot of information. The mother wound suggests that the feminine was believing that she could prove her love or her worthiness of love by loving the masculine so much that he transforms. This is about the dream that a lot of the feminine’s have to be the one who saves the masculine. The good girl transforming the bad boy into a gentleman archetype. This is a big week for the feminine proving, just how much she has learned, to herself. This is a big week for the feminine to confront her wounds and to stand face to face with her demons – the fear of the absence of love and shelter. It’s almost as if the masculine is turning away from the feminine, so that she has no choice but to face herself. A lot of work is completed this week, emotionally and spiritually and the feminine is advised to stay hydrated, as well as to get a lot of sleep and journal her dreams if she can because a lot is going on in the subconscious realm at this time. The feminine is cleansing a lot of her past wounds and it may be important to give the heads up that this week is likely to be with it’s triggers! There’s only one superhero in the story this week feminine, and it may just surprise you who it is..

With the 4 of cups this week, the feminine receives a rude awakening and it is almost as if she is ripped from her illusions, to the point that there is no going back to the colourful delusions of before. Tempers are likely to be flaring from her and although she is within her every right to feel this way, self-accountability also asks the feminine to reconcile with the part of herself that does not enforce the boundaries she first places up..

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