Divine lovers *daily* Reading – 30th-31st May 2019

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Main theme(United energy) – Strength/Love yourself first, Masculine – Ace of cups/Queen of cups, Feminine – 8 of cups/The sun.

A lot of feminine’s in these next two days draw their focus & attention towards the needs of themselves & understanding where they have been misplacing their energy. The strength card is all about controlling our urges & our impulses & changing the ways in which we respond to love, hoping it’ll change the way in which it responds to us.

The feminine particularly acknowledges how much of her focus & attention has been placed upon the masculine & how she’s often ran from herself in the process.

She truly takes this time to learn from the past & to learn from her mistakes & if she is given the chance to experience a new romance, she becomes even more conscious of the behaviours that facilitated karmic attachments in the past.

Something has recently happened that really taught the feminine a big lesson & she begins to take more responsibility over herself & over her life as to not betray herself or rely on excuses about her inner child issues.

The masculine also takes a look into any intimacy issues that he may have or issues surrounding being fully seen & transparent.

The strength card in combination with the love yourself card can see some feminine’s making the painful or the difficult decision to walk away from the masculine upon learning from the past about a series of patterns, however it also presents an opportunity for the masculine to take a greater look at himself & the way that he does or does not express love.

Some masculine’s may be missing out on their opportunity because of how fearful they are. In this case the strength card encourages them to trust themselves & to move forward & allow for the feminine to know that their feelings are mutual.

There are masculine’s who will lose the feminine if they cannot tell & show her how they feel in time. The feminine is no longer going to settle for this mediocre love as she recognises just how much it does not suit her spirit.

I am sensing that many feminine’s gave their masculine multiple chances to meet them on a reciprocal level of affection & it was denied or delayed.

For some masculine’s, it is not that they do not care about the feminine, but they’ve become so programmed to behave in a certain way, that they’d rather just watch the feminine leave than try to fight for her. Though this does not mean that she is not on his mind..

The 8 of cups shows the feminine determined to go in search for her passions. I do not feel a spiteful energy within her in these days so much as it is her bid to find alternative ways to heal the emptiness or the gaps in between the spaces in her soul. For some feminine’s they recognise how these spaces cannot be filled by the masculine alone & in thinking so a lot of problems were attracted. The feminine may be seeking travel or a movement of some sort that brings her closer to her truth & her peace. This is a very serene energy & I feel her being more curious.

With the sun card, she may be thinking about trying new things or birthing new life. New creative avenues open for the feminine & this time she is willing to try more than before. The feminine has a go at not being in control & perhaps she learns this from those around her who take a more care free approach to life, or some children around her.

The sun card is the part of her inner child that seeks exploration at this time & calls for her to focus on herself, her own pleasures & freedom & joy.

For others the sun may signify the birth of a child & the decision that the feminine has to make – whether to take a solitary route or stick things out.

The strength card could represent numerous attempts to straighten out a behaviour or a situation that refuses to buzz. It also involves confronting one’s shadow nature without shame or judgement.

With the ace of cups it does appear as if the masculine is focused upon the feminine & providing her with a new sense of himself. If this is the karmic masculine then perhaps a rebirth or the birth of a child has inspired him to become more conscious of the feminine.

If he sees the feminine doing well & responding to her environment positively, he may see this as an opportunity to join her & promise to keep this energy well & alive within her.

If this is the karmic masculine then the feminine should take care & look out for predatory energies that may wish to share in her limelight.

The queen of cups represents the masculine seeing the feminine with or as something/someone worthy.

If this represents the divine masculine, then this represents how the masculine views her as delicate & wants to preserve this energy within her as much as possible. The divine masculine may be hard at work trying to cultivate & create an environment for the feminine in which he can give & provide to her.

There could be an offer in the next few days & it is up to the feminine to know what to do with it.

Divine Lovers Weekly Reading *PREVIEW* – 27th May-2nd June – An ego that diminishes.

The feminine doesn’t even know.. What some of the masculine’s are planning for her…

There is a heavy focus on the healing that comes through forgiveness this week. And this is not about the type of forgiveness that sees us welcoming people into our space who continue to violate us or our boundaries. But this week focuses on the type of healing that understands how holding onto unresolved wounds, particularly those from our romantic relationships, keeps us entrapped in karmic cycles of repetition.

The past is truly revised this week & this happens in a huge effort to bring a karmic passage to a close & open up a new doorway of experience.

I see the feminine humanising the masculine this week, in the way that she does not allow the pain that he (the masculine collective) has caused to impact the way that she relates to life & herself. For so long the feminine allowed others to cloud her world view because she took on all of the betrayal, all of the misery, all of the pity & all of the projection.

If the feminine decides to affirm some boundaries this week, she finds that she does not do so in a way that is most damning or damaging to the connections that she once had, because she is not vilifying them, or the situation.

There may be a meeting between the two. Perhaps they are to sit down with one another to discuss some legal matter this week or formal matter & the feminine is not allowing any triggering from the situation to take her back to a place of reactivity.

Divine lovers this week are healing the relationship that they have with the members of the opposite sex. Whilst the feminine had grown accustom to feeling disappointed by the masculine & basing all of her happiness on him, the masculine grew accustomed to not being enough for the feminine & having the feminine leave & abandon him because of this.

The more that the both of them can own & take control over their own emotions, the less that they find themselves maximising the karmic wheel of entrapment by refusing to take an honest, open look at themselves & blaming their bad fortune on poor relationship partners.

Both divine lovers stand to learn something through this interaction & this exchange this week & understanding is at the root of it all.

For divine lovers on the journey of cultivating a new romantic template, there’s a willingness this week to have a more open & fluid dialogue.

The divine masculine has a firm focus on the importance & the theme of home, as well as creating a space for the feminine there. The feminine works at identifying & healing her own issues with the pressures of time & expectancy. Time demands & it just demands for us to wait – no matter how much pouting is done about this.

The feminine sits at a powerful position this week & she is encouraged to be made aware of this, even if she is tempted to wonder/wander otherwise.

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