Divine lovers daily reading — 10th-11th June 2019

Main theme/United energy – Amethyst/The hermit, Masculine – 5 of cups, Make the effort, Feminine – Attraction/Queen of swords.

“I dreamt of a roaring river and a woman that was a fish. Dead she drifted, with red tears on her cheeks, but when her eyes did open, oh, I woke from terror.” – Kahdiya Lynne

The amethyst suggests that these next 2 days revolve around divine lovers gaining a more deeper understanding into the esoteric nature of this world & of themselves.

The amethyst card almost offers the ability to predict events because you become more aware of patterns & can almost guess a reaction.

Having this extra sensory perception does not necessarily come easy and with the hermit card it causes for them to have to become wiser in their choices & decisions as they recognise the weight/legacy of carrying on a responsibility.

The hermit card represents something of value that must be protected at all costs.

For many divine lovers, this could be their future, their destiny, their spiritual gifts or their vision.

It’s like a lot of them (especially the feminine) are opening up more to their intuition & understanding how it has been leading & guiding them. And they don’t want to make the wrong decisions or to dishonour their ancestors/spirit guides by disobeying what they know to be true inside of them.

It’s as if they do not wish to disrespect them by taking their gifts or their path for granted now that they know the truth.

But this requires a lot of confrontation of ones own blockages, fears & shame.

A torch is lit in the darkness & it exposes everything.

With the attraction card for the feminine, there’s a hard earned lesson to detox & detach from codependency in all forms.

She’s currently practicing simplicity, perhaps abstinence & she’s very much working on tending to her own garden.

She’s concerned with making sure things are right for & within herself & this can cause for her to isolate herself, even temporarily because she’s very sensitive right now to all of these different energies & realisations that are currently coming in.

There may be things that she’s realising about others that require for her to be contemplative & appreciative of herself & aware of herself & her role & her importance in this world, with this work.

The queen of swords now has to do her part to protect this process whilst the feminine is undergoing it. This means boundaries may have to be reaffirmed several times over these next few days, or that the feminine should remain conscious of remaining level headed & not engulfed by emotional perceptions/impulses

The 5 of cups relates to the masculine feeling sorrowful, doubtful or guilty about something that has happened, though I do not feel as if this sadness is necessarily remorseful, I feel as if the karmic masculine is recognising or has recognised that the feminine is trying to move on & do things for herself & his ego is mourning his loss of control over her. If the feminine is removed because she has gone on holiday or she has been busy with herself, then it’s likely that the masculine will come up with some sort of attention seeking way to try & get her attentions back to him. I feel as if In the past this would have worked, but now the feminine is very serious about these boundaries that she’s drawing.

The 5 of cups is specifically a message from the masculine’s who thought that the feminine would never leave or that even if she did leave, she would not be going very far.

If you look at it, he sort of has the same expression as the hermit card which represents these realisations & the often deep regret that follows them. The difference however being the 5 of cups can sometimes relate to a blockage in saying the reality behind the situation. The masculine may be seeing the situation still from an egotistical perspective, seeing it as a loss for him if he has been unable to be accountable for himself & his role & position in life’s current illuminations.

The make the effort card represents two different expressions dependent upon how well the masculine has been able to integrate the lessons & spiritual awareness coming in at this time. The weekly reading also suggests that the masculine will be coming in very heavy this week, but will be leaving this week having been transformed. (Purchase details below).

If the masculine is not willing to hold himself accountable this week, than he will be rushing to get the feminine back to his side & attempting to get her back underneath his control. The masculine could be thinking this week that the solutions to his issues in the feminine’s life, is to just try harder, but this couldn’t be further from the case. This time this integration is truly about learning & nothing is going to move forward unless the masculine is ready & willing to stop running from himself & his own shadow.

In many cases the feminine just has to say to the masculine ‘Not now’.

The queen of swords over on the side of the feminine for some feminine’s means the feminine having to reinforce some boundaries that she’s already set before. She needs to be protective of herself & honour her sensitivity in this time & not take on too much. Avenues will continue to open but there is no shortage of good graces & she should only align with that which feels right.

For some more balanced masculine’s, he is not allowing the 5 of cups situation to deter him from pursuing the feminine. The feminine will be wipping the masculine into shape with the queen of swords, especially if he’s expecting an easy ride. The feminine is more conscious of herself now.

Divine Lovers Weekly – *PREVIEW* All in the feminine’s timing – 10th-16th

This is a magnificent week for you feminine, even though it is unlikely to feel that way at the very beginning of the week, as the week progresses you will be given multiple opportunities to reclaim your power & to call back your sense of self from external places.

Messages, lessons & understand is hitting the feminine at a rapid rate & that may cause the week to feel a little bit raw for her, because it does cause for her to revisit some moments or themes from the past, but the feminine is asked to know how guided she is at this time.

If there’s one thing to take from the energy behind the reading this week? It’s about the patience in the pursuit. Divine lovers come into an understanding of divine timing & the masculine is to recognise how the turning of time attempts to revive him & purify him, if indeed he is ready & accountable for the movement.

The all merciful divine gives the masculine another opportunity to learn from his mistakes this week & as usual, the feminine is made to be the driving force behind this.

It’s time for the feminine to witness how she sets the standard but first she must be still. In the stillness, the feminine has guidance. It’s when she moves too fast, is moved by emotion, or moves without thinking that things cave in on her.

The masculine makes an offer this week. For some feminine’s, it’s one she’s seen before. From other feminine’s, it appears like an offer she cannot refuse.

But she’s asked to step back, pull away & wait before an answer or decision is made. The answer comes to the feminine this week, when she does not go to search for it. She tends to her inner God & the answer arrives in due time.

-The wheel of fortune in combination with the 3 of cups this week for some people, means that the truth is coming out. Perhaps there has been a third party situation that’s been ongoing for a while now, it could be a child that the masculine had, or a child that the masculine was keeping hidden from the feminine, and the wheel of fortune signifies a week where the truth is about to be revealed and everything will change for the family dynamic or the dynamic of that family.

There’s a lot of shifting that’s occurring this week for generational and karmic lines and this is specifically outlined by the vibrational tone behind the numbers this week, (1+1+6) = 8. The vibration of 8 is all about either the breaking or the perpetuation of karma dependent upon what decisions we make and the wheel of fortune can often open up for us a crossroads and an opportunity to make a decision.

There are some feminine’s this week who are finding out that their masculine is not who they thought he would be. And the wheel of fortune can be encouragement for some feminine’s to move on and move away from this situation. The 3 of cups can speak of a family home or a unit that the feminine has to fall back and rely on.

To me, the 6 of cups also speaks of a maladaptive or dysfunctional behaviour that the feminine was exposed to, that she now normalises or carries through to her romantic partnerships. This may have been her mother or somebody who was supposed to guide her who would mingle the pain and pleasure responses within her.

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