Divine Lovers Daily Reading- 29th-30th June 2019

Art credit – Alessandro Casolani

Main theme – 6 of cups/Dragonfly (Transformation. Magic. Illusion. Vision. Masculine – The world/10 of swords, Feminine – 7 of swords/The magician.

The 6 of cups in combination with the dragonfly is also representative of a specific process that the divine feminine is going through. No longer is she allowing herself to be controlled or ruled by her inner child or her inner child’s naive desires or attempts at finding love. The feminine has a clearer

image ahead of her than she has ever had, especially when it comes to seeing, knowing & understanding who the masculine is.

For many feminine’s, this will signify an acceptance that the masculine will never change. And for some it’s time to make peace with that.

The world card on the side of the masculine represents a world & an era of his ending, particularly an era with the feminine. The feminine may not be telling the masculine she’s leaving, but something in her energy is different & he senses this. The usual walls that he builds of illusion have come crumbling & this may be the after effects of a tower situation. He attempts damage control by attempting to relate to her how he always has – appealing to her inner child nature & desires, but this time the feminine has truly learned from him – sometimes the best thing for you to do is to focus on yourself.

◦ They are both directly impacting one another’s karmic journeys in these next few days & they’ll also be understanding why they were brought into the path of one another, especially the feminine who is learning how to take control of her life to avoid any future cycles of karmic attachments or painful lessons in love. It’s like she sees that this is the only way

◦ & it’s as if she’s recognising how the masculine has been used to convey a message to her that will enable her to become self aware & prepare for a different set of lessons.

◦ The scary realisation from the feminine is that the masculine was actually trying to get her to be caught in the same energetic cycles as him & on some levels in some cases he knows that he does not do enough to be worthy of the feminine, yet often he believes manipulation will substitute this. Not this time around…

with the 7 of swords it may be the feminine this time who has something tucked up her sleeve & may not be laying all of her cards on the table. For some feminine’s this may involve her plan to observe & watch the masculine from a distance, or perhaps she waits before making her move. This specifically relates to feminine’s who wish to get accommodation or finances together before they can decide what their next move is to be.

With the 6 of cups he appears to be offering her something new or he tells her that what he has this time around is new, however quite paradoxically he is also counting on her to regard & remember the past, as one of the reasons why she should give him a chance. Nostalgia is at best the feminine’s soft spot, however the magician shows that the feminine is concerned with things outside of the masculine & this time seeks solely not to find herself limited or distracted by former avenues. It’s not that the feminine becomes unfeeling now, but rather she becomes of how much power sits underneath her belt. For some feminine’s the desire is to power up, so that they can return & help the masculine level up. For others, they believe in the vision & the goal first & foremost. A warrior spirit is born for some feminine’s & this is the archetype of the queen B, or the full fledged confident & assured woman.

The feminine as the magician this week learns to turn led into gold, brimstone into fire. She works with the elements this week & this may involve engaging in more manifestation work or more spiritual work that allows her to focus her energy on changing her environment & taking control of her reality. Something is similar about this week feminine. But don’t have the same reaction/traction, even with what you’re feeling. Sit with it. Understand why it had to come around again.

Divine Lovers Weekly Preview — The burning of the witch (Persecution consciousness, forgiveness & the glow up – 24th June (6) – 4th July

This week, the feminine is asked to explore the feelings of persecution consciousness, especially that of which she inherited from her karmic & generational lines. Persecution consciousness specifically relating to the feminine consciousness holds the collective wounds of women’s suppression, alienation, demonisation & a denial of the right to freely & openly own our gifts, abilities + the eccentricities that follow them.

Shame consciousness tends to manifest in relationships with the feminine, following the feeling that she is somehow damned, has committed wrong or unforgivable acts & therefore must be punished with receiving the scraps that life has to offer & having to try harder & go further than the average or ordinary person, just to be seen. The feminine looks deep into the eyes of the structures of feminine oppression this week & she has to face this in a lot of places in her life, perhaps at work, perhaps with family or battling against societies ideas of what constitutes as right, or holy.

Forgiveness is practiced through the feminine this week as she learns from the narcissistic masculine or the shadow of people who live weightlessly, because they do not carry burden. In this way it’s not about becoming envious of them, but about learning to practice as they practice.

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From a very early age, it was clear to see that my path was one paved with difference. Inspiration, intuition, and imagination gripped me long before I could find my feet. I walk the life path of 7, so I am irreversibly bound to the realm of mysticism, spiritualism, and esotericism. I do not belong to this world, for I am a 'tween', always in between worlds. I am the commander of serpents, belonging to the glorious, and forbidden 13th zodiac of ophiuchus. Hidden in secrecy, to one day return as the divine feminine awakens. Love, is my speciality, and has governed my existence. I now use a combination of intuition, natural healing ability, astrology, psychology, sociology, and numerology to bring clarity, healing, and understanding to all. With the energy of ophiuchus running through me, I could never turn away from the path of healing, nor teaching. Not only does ophiuchus represent healing, but also the crevices of the dark shadows that we must crawl through to find our path to healing, in other words, the shamanic process of death, and re-birth, which has pretty much been the summation of my existence thus far. Long gone are my days of depression, I have re-claimed my divinity, and I desire nothing more than to help you to also claim yours. Not only the seeker, I am also the lover. Part of the many trials that I have endured upon this empathic journey, are that of heart break, and abandonment consciousness. For this reason, I have become an advocate for healthy loving relationships, and the harmony between the two sexes. This has taken me on a deep quest, to uncover ancient old secrets, and deeply entrenched beliefs, about man, about woman, and what this reads about where we are to. My eternal life drive and motto revolves around this simple theory, 'Where there is an outcome, there has existed a cause'. My particular areas of interest and expertise lie with sociology, psychology, spiritualism, philosophy, and literary, and creative writing. As I have a deeply intense desire to both serve, and aid humanity, I have naturally been drawn toward topics that have provided me with a more in depth account of societal behaviour, and as it stands, human kind. My roots are as deeply rooted as they can be, stemming from Ghanaian parents, who were raised, and both skilled in the art, and knowledge of superstition, and divination wisdom, it is no surprise that the blood flowing through my veins compels me to do such work, so relentlessly. Unlike other bloggers, this work featured here is not a mere hobby, it is more than just my livelihood, it is the calling of which i cannot ignore. Another prominent focus of mine, is mental illness. Not comfortable, nor fully sold with the western idealisms of the implications of such, i seek research, personal experience, and observation to prove, that many mental illnesses hold spiritual connotation, particularly as the mind is an avid translator of spiritual energies. Follow me on this journey as i discover myself, retrace my roots, fall deeply in love with my heritage, and finally accept my awkward, unorthodox societal position. To book one of my services, and allow me to guide you back to the soul, email me via cindyanneh-bu@hotmail.co.uk I offer dream interpretation, tarot reading, therapy, numerology readings, and see through the eyes of the lover.. To contact me across all of my platforms, follow me on instagram to keep up with my latest quotes, and mystically inclined photography @spiritualpoetess_ To keep up with my snappy, sassy, and spiritually laced motivational tweets, find me on twitter @spiritualpoet_ Facebook like page https://www.facebook.com/Twinflameandshamanchronicles

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