Divine Lovers Daily Reading 5th-7th September 2019

Divine Lovers Daily Reading 5th-7th

Rahul Malpini

Main theme – Angels/Wedding, Masculine – Strength, 8 of pentacles, Feminine – The hermit/King of wands.

The angels card appears to bring extra support and guidance to the feminine in these days, especially as it relates to trusting herself and her union with the masculine. The wedding card deals with the templates of fear for the feminine, including archaic wounds that she has held surrounding her deservingness of love and honour. The angels card also relates to both divine lovers getting some intimate support regarding their fears about love and the behavioural mechanisms that are born through these fears. There is a divine union being brought together at this time that is being assisted by ancestral and divine support. It appears as if the voice of doubt, mistrust and sabotage that divine lovers held on to due to their past and childhood programming, is now being pushed aside by the emergence or the growing need for a more angelic, higher vibrational, supportive and clear guidance system.

For some divine lovers, this could simply mean that the ancestors that are in contact with them are now shifting in vibration because of the severing of an old karmic contract. The wedding card represents the template of love, ownership and union that divine lovers modelled after or adopted from their parents. This was rooted in fears and power struggles, involving the feminine being unhealthily attached and the masculine being unhealthily detached (both detached from breath, the present moment, life – God). The masculine deals with the uncertainties that he has about being committed to the feminine, in the form of fears to do with security, longevity in the face of change, and the subconscious fears that he holds surrounding loss through love.

The strength card reminds the masculine that the weakest link in the race, is not the one who tries and does not hit the mark the first time but is the one who fails to try at all. The masculine is frozen in time when he is frozen in fear and if he feels that trying would expose him more to the potentiality of losing, then he has no idea of the losses that he endures when he fails to try at all. A lot of masculine energies are dealing with the feeling of not having enough strength, power or energy to move forward in their desired destination. However, the 8 of pentacles card shows that apart of the only reason that the masculine sometimes feels as if he cannot achieve what he sets out to, is because he just does not try. He shuts down because of his fears of not believing in himself, and this is the exact approach that he takes with the divine feminine. If he feels as if he is not enough for her or that her glare and gaze will be too powerful if he reveals his true self, he cheats himself out of achieving the prize depicted in the wedding card – the union of the two souls in true love, connection and harmony. No masculine, this is not just a dream that exists that you will never touch. It only exists this way so long as you stay trapped within your own mind and fail to act. The 8 of pentacles may even be representative of smaller steps that the masculine takes to meet his goals halfway. The 8 of pentacles speaks of dedication to the goal and the work, no excuses and getting down into the physical part of the work, which is the actual craftsmanship, not just he juggling of ideas inside of one’s mind. The strength card asks the masculine to remember just why he is here. It’s not to watch the world pass him by.

With the hermit card the feminine is asked to retire from the task of attempting to do the work for the masculine or somehow cheat her way into acknowledging her own worth and validity through somehow ‘saving’ him or turning him around to suit her own specific needs and tastes. Feminine, forgive yourself if you did not see this as controlling, even when it may have been. Forgive yourself for the parts of your shadow self that remained a mystery, even to you. Forgive yourself for being so fearful that you would not meet your happy ever after that you attempted to rush the process. That’s okay too. And the angels card exists to offer her support and comfort for her realisations about how her quest to neglect her own inner work may have caused her to idealise the notion of romance and partnership, betraying her own self in the process.

The king of wands asks the feminine to become as romantic about herself and her own life as she has been about the masculine. Projecting magical qualities onto the masculine is not only an indication of what you can see locked within him, but also the qualities that exist within yourself that you do not feel worthy enough of, so you project them onto the masculine instead, and then become disillusioned when he cannot live up to them. But neither can you feminine. All of the great works that you envision for the masculine. To be respected by his peers, amongst his community, confident, active and financially sound. Do you not equally bid for yourself feminine? Then why avoid them by attempting instead to run to the masculine and see those dreams realised through him.

Divine Lovers Weekly Reading Preview – Open to new love – 2nd-8th September 2019

Pavel Yunin

This week, divine lovers take a crash test course in self-love. This is the week about not running away and both divine lovers are made to sit with and confront themselves. Shadows and all. Particularly any resistance that the feminine has towards receiving authentic love and intimacy is brought up this week for review. The masculine appears to be riding the wave of awakening a little more successfully this week and this has to do with him preparing to open himself up to receive love and create a home of love for the feminine. If this is referring to an old masculine that has existed in the feminine’s life, this is the week that the masculine begins to show or provide physical evidence of the provisions that he has been manifesting and putting together. There does seem to have been some type of break or disconnect between the two, though it appears that the masculine is doing or does his best to repair the distance. He cannot do any work that the feminine is not willing to mirror and this week? Even when the masculine offers love to the feminine, if she is unable to climb outside of the barriers and boarders that she has built, none of this love will reach her. The feminine is asked to transform her love language this week, as the masculine gets more in touch with a child-like and more innocent aspect of himself. He appears to have help from women around him, whether family or ancestral guardians that prepare him for the next portion of love ahead. The feminine is simply asked to prepare to become a bride of the divine, learning how to love herself again and worship the goddess within in the process. She’s called to spend her time this week with other people, a community, to expand her love outside of just the masculine alone, as she confronts the depths of her issues in intimacy; trust, reciprocation and respect. The victim complex as we know it is blown wide open in a way that allows us to look at our pain from an entirely new perspective.

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