Divine lovers *daily* reading – 24th-26th November.

Main theme – 5 of cups/this could be the one, Masculine – Problem solving/9 of cups, Feminine – Green/4 of pentacles.

The 5 of cups in combination with the ‘this could be the one’ card speaks of missed opportunities or what appears to have been a missed opportunity in love, particularly for the masculine. There appears to be a sense of loss & the masculine may spend these next 2 days feeling a little bit hard on himself as he ponders what he has lost or places in which he believes he is falling or has fallen short, especially in the past in relation to where he currently is now.

The 5 of cups can represent self pity or even victimisation & if the masculine is attempting to build a relationship w/ a new feminine he’s found, his indulgence in what he fears is not enough about him, could potentially cause him difficulty when it comes to enjoying the experience of this new love. These next 2 days focus on how the joy stealing of past memories/thoughts may rob divine lovers of their opportunity to experience love in their present moment.

It is time to let go of the past & I do truly feel as if the masculine has to spring into action at this time. Sitting around & watching paint dry is not going to get him the results that he wants. Whether he feels he has lost his chance with the feminine or not? There’s more at risk than just that. His whole life has been brought into question through this meeting with the feminine. It’s like ‘what are you going to do with your life now? Masculine. You cannot rely on the feminine to feel good. Especially if she’s off fighting her own battles in her corner. It’s time for you to step up.

The problem solving card relates to him putting his thinking cap on & trying to think of ways to heal or bridge the gap between himself & the feminine. Even though he experiences regret, a part of him remains hopeful of salvaging the situation.

He fears all may be lost, but with the 9 of cups, he still maintains his future vision of how he would like things to be, or once again be. That’s enough focus to keep him away from his traditional victim mentality. Hopefully it will be enough.

Some of the masculine’s may be struggling with feeling unworthy of the feminine. His old fears & shadows in the form of his perceived limitations may indeed be playing with his mind at this time.

The feminine may be going through in her mind some of her greatest & worst past loves. With the green card at this time she’s asked to gracefully let go of some of these past stories of love, including the ones who hurt her the most. The feminine must put these situations to rest if she is to open again to the type of love & honour that she actually deserves. The only thing between her & true love, is her ability to move past past experiences. Some of which were not about love, but about learning. Feminine, do not hold on to your heart so tightly that nobody can love you again. You have so much love to give & you do a great disservice to yourself if you allow past lovers to squander your perception of romance. Both divine lovers must let go of fear. A new script awaits.

Divine lovers weekly *PREVIEW* — ‘The thing that love stole’ – 25th November – 1st December.

This week, it appears as if the feminine has an important decision to make when it comes to understanding & identifying the type of love that she honours & is willing to entertain. It appears to be a bit of an energetically trying time for both divine lovers & I feel as if this is because spirit is doing the work to cleanse or ‘ring out’ the last of the trauma responses & templates through way of behaving, that divine lovers have been juggling.

This year has been particularly demanding in the ways in which it brought everything from the subconscious, to the surface & as we know? Divine lovers are eager little beavers when it comes to understanding the templates of their wounding & how to remain on a continuous path of self improvement & self reflection.

Remaining in circles & karmic cycles, is just not going to cut it anymore & confrontation is heavily at the root of this week’s energies.

Both lovers are being put to the test of no longer using one another as a crutch when it comes to healing, particularly the feminine.

It appears that the masculine is being avoidant this week, but his avoidance is actually serving a worthy purpose of meaning that the feminine can no longer rely on him in a bid not to deal & work through her own wounds, so she too must look into herself & confront the part of herself that always feels as if she needs something else or need somebody else until she can feel complete. What the two do not know, is that they’re dealing with the same internal energies of not feeling good enough, that it becomes expressed in different ways.

As much as the feminine has used him (the masculine representative), to distract her from this in various years, he has also used her as an escape goat – the more she stroked his ego, the more he did not have to look into the part of him that truly perceived weakness.

But this week, I do commend him for the ways in which he appears to be taking the lead to avoid the codependent contemplation that arrives them at the same bus stop, year after year, cycle after cycle, even if he is going about communicating (or rather not communicating), about it in the wrong ways.

He is very much inside of himself this week feminine & my dear I must ask you, with all this angst that you are feeling, why aren’t you?

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