Divine Lovers Daily Reading- 29th-30th June 2019

Art credit – Alessandro Casolani

Main theme – 6 of cups/Dragonfly (Transformation. Magic. Illusion. Vision. Masculine – The world/10 of swords, Feminine – 7 of swords/The magician.

The 6 of cups in combination with the dragonfly is also representative of a specific process that the divine feminine is going through. No longer is she allowing herself to be controlled or ruled by her inner child or her inner child’s naive desires or attempts at finding love. The feminine has a clearer

image ahead of her than she has ever had, especially when it comes to seeing, knowing & understanding who the masculine is.

For many feminine’s, this will signify an acceptance that the masculine will never change. And for some it’s time to make peace with that.

The world card on the side of the masculine represents a world & an era of his ending, particularly an era with the feminine. The feminine may not be telling the masculine she’s leaving, but something in her energy is different & he senses this. The usual walls that he builds of illusion have come crumbling & this may be the after effects of a tower situation. He attempts damage control by attempting to relate to her how he always has – appealing to her inner child nature & desires, but this time the feminine has truly learned from him – sometimes the best thing for you to do is to focus on yourself.

◦ They are both directly impacting one another’s karmic journeys in these next few days & they’ll also be understanding why they were brought into the path of one another, especially the feminine who is learning how to take control of her life to avoid any future cycles of karmic attachments or painful lessons in love. It’s like she sees that this is the only way

◦ & it’s as if she’s recognising how the masculine has been used to convey a message to her that will enable her to become self aware & prepare for a different set of lessons.

◦ The scary realisation from the feminine is that the masculine was actually trying to get her to be caught in the same energetic cycles as him & on some levels in some cases he knows that he does not do enough to be worthy of the feminine, yet often he believes manipulation will substitute this. Not this time around…

with the 7 of swords it may be the feminine this time who has something tucked up her sleeve & may not be laying all of her cards on the table. For some feminine’s this may involve her plan to observe & watch the masculine from a distance, or perhaps she waits before making her move. This specifically relates to feminine’s who wish to get accommodation or finances together before they can decide what their next move is to be.

With the 6 of cups he appears to be offering her something new or he tells her that what he has this time around is new, however quite paradoxically he is also counting on her to regard & remember the past, as one of the reasons why she should give him a chance. Nostalgia is at best the feminine’s soft spot, however the magician shows that the feminine is concerned with things outside of the masculine & this time seeks solely not to find herself limited or distracted by former avenues. It’s not that the feminine becomes unfeeling now, but rather she becomes of how much power sits underneath her belt. For some feminine’s the desire is to power up, so that they can return & help the masculine level up. For others, they believe in the vision & the goal first & foremost. A warrior spirit is born for some feminine’s & this is the archetype of the queen B, or the full fledged confident & assured woman.

The feminine as the magician this week learns to turn led into gold, brimstone into fire. She works with the elements this week & this may involve engaging in more manifestation work or more spiritual work that allows her to focus her energy on changing her environment & taking control of her reality. Something is similar about this week feminine. But don’t have the same reaction/traction, even with what you’re feeling. Sit with it. Understand why it had to come around again.

Divine Lovers Weekly Preview — The burning of the witch (Persecution consciousness, forgiveness & the glow up – 24th June (6) – 4th July

This week, the feminine is asked to explore the feelings of persecution consciousness, especially that of which she inherited from her karmic & generational lines. Persecution consciousness specifically relating to the feminine consciousness holds the collective wounds of women’s suppression, alienation, demonisation & a denial of the right to freely & openly own our gifts, abilities + the eccentricities that follow them.

Shame consciousness tends to manifest in relationships with the feminine, following the feeling that she is somehow damned, has committed wrong or unforgivable acts & therefore must be punished with receiving the scraps that life has to offer & having to try harder & go further than the average or ordinary person, just to be seen. The feminine looks deep into the eyes of the structures of feminine oppression this week & she has to face this in a lot of places in her life, perhaps at work, perhaps with family or battling against societies ideas of what constitutes as right, or holy.

Forgiveness is practiced through the feminine this week as she learns from the narcissistic masculine or the shadow of people who live weightlessly, because they do not carry burden. In this way it’s not about becoming envious of them, but about learning to practice as they practice.

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Divine lovers daily reading — 10th-11th June 2019

Main theme/United energy – Amethyst/The hermit, Masculine – 5 of cups, Make the effort, Feminine – Attraction/Queen of swords.

“I dreamt of a roaring river and a woman that was a fish. Dead she drifted, with red tears on her cheeks, but when her eyes did open, oh, I woke from terror.” – Kahdiya Lynne

The amethyst suggests that these next 2 days revolve around divine lovers gaining a more deeper understanding into the esoteric nature of this world & of themselves.

The amethyst card almost offers the ability to predict events because you become more aware of patterns & can almost guess a reaction.

Having this extra sensory perception does not necessarily come easy and with the hermit card it causes for them to have to become wiser in their choices & decisions as they recognise the weight/legacy of carrying on a responsibility.

The hermit card represents something of value that must be protected at all costs.

For many divine lovers, this could be their future, their destiny, their spiritual gifts or their vision.

It’s like a lot of them (especially the feminine) are opening up more to their intuition & understanding how it has been leading & guiding them. And they don’t want to make the wrong decisions or to dishonour their ancestors/spirit guides by disobeying what they know to be true inside of them.

It’s as if they do not wish to disrespect them by taking their gifts or their path for granted now that they know the truth.

But this requires a lot of confrontation of ones own blockages, fears & shame.

A torch is lit in the darkness & it exposes everything.

With the attraction card for the feminine, there’s a hard earned lesson to detox & detach from codependency in all forms.

She’s currently practicing simplicity, perhaps abstinence & she’s very much working on tending to her own garden.

She’s concerned with making sure things are right for & within herself & this can cause for her to isolate herself, even temporarily because she’s very sensitive right now to all of these different energies & realisations that are currently coming in.

There may be things that she’s realising about others that require for her to be contemplative & appreciative of herself & aware of herself & her role & her importance in this world, with this work.

The queen of swords now has to do her part to protect this process whilst the feminine is undergoing it. This means boundaries may have to be reaffirmed several times over these next few days, or that the feminine should remain conscious of remaining level headed & not engulfed by emotional perceptions/impulses

The 5 of cups relates to the masculine feeling sorrowful, doubtful or guilty about something that has happened, though I do not feel as if this sadness is necessarily remorseful, I feel as if the karmic masculine is recognising or has recognised that the feminine is trying to move on & do things for herself & his ego is mourning his loss of control over her. If the feminine is removed because she has gone on holiday or she has been busy with herself, then it’s likely that the masculine will come up with some sort of attention seeking way to try & get her attentions back to him. I feel as if In the past this would have worked, but now the feminine is very serious about these boundaries that she’s drawing.

The 5 of cups is specifically a message from the masculine’s who thought that the feminine would never leave or that even if she did leave, she would not be going very far.

If you look at it, he sort of has the same expression as the hermit card which represents these realisations & the often deep regret that follows them. The difference however being the 5 of cups can sometimes relate to a blockage in saying the reality behind the situation. The masculine may be seeing the situation still from an egotistical perspective, seeing it as a loss for him if he has been unable to be accountable for himself & his role & position in life’s current illuminations.

The make the effort card represents two different expressions dependent upon how well the masculine has been able to integrate the lessons & spiritual awareness coming in at this time. The weekly reading also suggests that the masculine will be coming in very heavy this week, but will be leaving this week having been transformed. (Purchase details below).

If the masculine is not willing to hold himself accountable this week, than he will be rushing to get the feminine back to his side & attempting to get her back underneath his control. The masculine could be thinking this week that the solutions to his issues in the feminine’s life, is to just try harder, but this couldn’t be further from the case. This time this integration is truly about learning & nothing is going to move forward unless the masculine is ready & willing to stop running from himself & his own shadow.

In many cases the feminine just has to say to the masculine ‘Not now’.

The queen of swords over on the side of the feminine for some feminine’s means the feminine having to reinforce some boundaries that she’s already set before. She needs to be protective of herself & honour her sensitivity in this time & not take on too much. Avenues will continue to open but there is no shortage of good graces & she should only align with that which feels right.

For some more balanced masculine’s, he is not allowing the 5 of cups situation to deter him from pursuing the feminine. The feminine will be wipping the masculine into shape with the queen of swords, especially if he’s expecting an easy ride. The feminine is more conscious of herself now.

Divine Lovers Weekly – *PREVIEW* All in the feminine’s timing – 10th-16th

This is a magnificent week for you feminine, even though it is unlikely to feel that way at the very beginning of the week, as the week progresses you will be given multiple opportunities to reclaim your power & to call back your sense of self from external places.

Messages, lessons & understand is hitting the feminine at a rapid rate & that may cause the week to feel a little bit raw for her, because it does cause for her to revisit some moments or themes from the past, but the feminine is asked to know how guided she is at this time.

If there’s one thing to take from the energy behind the reading this week? It’s about the patience in the pursuit. Divine lovers come into an understanding of divine timing & the masculine is to recognise how the turning of time attempts to revive him & purify him, if indeed he is ready & accountable for the movement.

The all merciful divine gives the masculine another opportunity to learn from his mistakes this week & as usual, the feminine is made to be the driving force behind this.

It’s time for the feminine to witness how she sets the standard but first she must be still. In the stillness, the feminine has guidance. It’s when she moves too fast, is moved by emotion, or moves without thinking that things cave in on her.

The masculine makes an offer this week. For some feminine’s, it’s one she’s seen before. From other feminine’s, it appears like an offer she cannot refuse.

But she’s asked to step back, pull away & wait before an answer or decision is made. The answer comes to the feminine this week, when she does not go to search for it. She tends to her inner God & the answer arrives in due time.

-The wheel of fortune in combination with the 3 of cups this week for some people, means that the truth is coming out. Perhaps there has been a third party situation that’s been ongoing for a while now, it could be a child that the masculine had, or a child that the masculine was keeping hidden from the feminine, and the wheel of fortune signifies a week where the truth is about to be revealed and everything will change for the family dynamic or the dynamic of that family.

There’s a lot of shifting that’s occurring this week for generational and karmic lines and this is specifically outlined by the vibrational tone behind the numbers this week, (1+1+6) = 8. The vibration of 8 is all about either the breaking or the perpetuation of karma dependent upon what decisions we make and the wheel of fortune can often open up for us a crossroads and an opportunity to make a decision.

There are some feminine’s this week who are finding out that their masculine is not who they thought he would be. And the wheel of fortune can be encouragement for some feminine’s to move on and move away from this situation. The 3 of cups can speak of a family home or a unit that the feminine has to fall back and rely on.

To me, the 6 of cups also speaks of a maladaptive or dysfunctional behaviour that the feminine was exposed to, that she now normalises or carries through to her romantic partnerships. This may have been her mother or somebody who was supposed to guide her who would mingle the pain and pleasure responses within her.

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Divine lovers *daily* Reading – 30th-31st May 2019

Pc – https://www.absolutearts.com/painting_acrylic/erica_emerson-strength-1141056988.html

Main theme(United energy) – Strength/Love yourself first, Masculine – Ace of cups/Queen of cups, Feminine – 8 of cups/The sun.

A lot of feminine’s in these next two days draw their focus & attention towards the needs of themselves & understanding where they have been misplacing their energy. The strength card is all about controlling our urges & our impulses & changing the ways in which we respond to love, hoping it’ll change the way in which it responds to us.

The feminine particularly acknowledges how much of her focus & attention has been placed upon the masculine & how she’s often ran from herself in the process.

She truly takes this time to learn from the past & to learn from her mistakes & if she is given the chance to experience a new romance, she becomes even more conscious of the behaviours that facilitated karmic attachments in the past.

Something has recently happened that really taught the feminine a big lesson & she begins to take more responsibility over herself & over her life as to not betray herself or rely on excuses about her inner child issues.

The masculine also takes a look into any intimacy issues that he may have or issues surrounding being fully seen & transparent.

The strength card in combination with the love yourself card can see some feminine’s making the painful or the difficult decision to walk away from the masculine upon learning from the past about a series of patterns, however it also presents an opportunity for the masculine to take a greater look at himself & the way that he does or does not express love.

Some masculine’s may be missing out on their opportunity because of how fearful they are. In this case the strength card encourages them to trust themselves & to move forward & allow for the feminine to know that their feelings are mutual.

There are masculine’s who will lose the feminine if they cannot tell & show her how they feel in time. The feminine is no longer going to settle for this mediocre love as she recognises just how much it does not suit her spirit.

I am sensing that many feminine’s gave their masculine multiple chances to meet them on a reciprocal level of affection & it was denied or delayed.

For some masculine’s, it is not that they do not care about the feminine, but they’ve become so programmed to behave in a certain way, that they’d rather just watch the feminine leave than try to fight for her. Though this does not mean that she is not on his mind..

The 8 of cups shows the feminine determined to go in search for her passions. I do not feel a spiteful energy within her in these days so much as it is her bid to find alternative ways to heal the emptiness or the gaps in between the spaces in her soul. For some feminine’s they recognise how these spaces cannot be filled by the masculine alone & in thinking so a lot of problems were attracted. The feminine may be seeking travel or a movement of some sort that brings her closer to her truth & her peace. This is a very serene energy & I feel her being more curious.

With the sun card, she may be thinking about trying new things or birthing new life. New creative avenues open for the feminine & this time she is willing to try more than before. The feminine has a go at not being in control & perhaps she learns this from those around her who take a more care free approach to life, or some children around her.

The sun card is the part of her inner child that seeks exploration at this time & calls for her to focus on herself, her own pleasures & freedom & joy.

For others the sun may signify the birth of a child & the decision that the feminine has to make – whether to take a solitary route or stick things out.

The strength card could represent numerous attempts to straighten out a behaviour or a situation that refuses to buzz. It also involves confronting one’s shadow nature without shame or judgement.

With the ace of cups it does appear as if the masculine is focused upon the feminine & providing her with a new sense of himself. If this is the karmic masculine then perhaps a rebirth or the birth of a child has inspired him to become more conscious of the feminine.

If he sees the feminine doing well & responding to her environment positively, he may see this as an opportunity to join her & promise to keep this energy well & alive within her.

If this is the karmic masculine then the feminine should take care & look out for predatory energies that may wish to share in her limelight.

The queen of cups represents the masculine seeing the feminine with or as something/someone worthy.

If this represents the divine masculine, then this represents how the masculine views her as delicate & wants to preserve this energy within her as much as possible. The divine masculine may be hard at work trying to cultivate & create an environment for the feminine in which he can give & provide to her.

There could be an offer in the next few days & it is up to the feminine to know what to do with it.

Divine Lovers Weekly Reading *PREVIEW* – 27th May-2nd June – An ego that diminishes.

The feminine doesn’t even know.. What some of the masculine’s are planning for her…

There is a heavy focus on the healing that comes through forgiveness this week. And this is not about the type of forgiveness that sees us welcoming people into our space who continue to violate us or our boundaries. But this week focuses on the type of healing that understands how holding onto unresolved wounds, particularly those from our romantic relationships, keeps us entrapped in karmic cycles of repetition.

The past is truly revised this week & this happens in a huge effort to bring a karmic passage to a close & open up a new doorway of experience.

I see the feminine humanising the masculine this week, in the way that she does not allow the pain that he (the masculine collective) has caused to impact the way that she relates to life & herself. For so long the feminine allowed others to cloud her world view because she took on all of the betrayal, all of the misery, all of the pity & all of the projection.

If the feminine decides to affirm some boundaries this week, she finds that she does not do so in a way that is most damning or damaging to the connections that she once had, because she is not vilifying them, or the situation.

There may be a meeting between the two. Perhaps they are to sit down with one another to discuss some legal matter this week or formal matter & the feminine is not allowing any triggering from the situation to take her back to a place of reactivity.

Divine lovers this week are healing the relationship that they have with the members of the opposite sex. Whilst the feminine had grown accustom to feeling disappointed by the masculine & basing all of her happiness on him, the masculine grew accustomed to not being enough for the feminine & having the feminine leave & abandon him because of this.

The more that the both of them can own & take control over their own emotions, the less that they find themselves maximising the karmic wheel of entrapment by refusing to take an honest, open look at themselves & blaming their bad fortune on poor relationship partners.

Both divine lovers stand to learn something through this interaction & this exchange this week & understanding is at the root of it all.

For divine lovers on the journey of cultivating a new romantic template, there’s a willingness this week to have a more open & fluid dialogue.

The divine masculine has a firm focus on the importance & the theme of home, as well as creating a space for the feminine there. The feminine works at identifying & healing her own issues with the pressures of time & expectancy. Time demands & it just demands for us to wait – no matter how much pouting is done about this.

The feminine sits at a powerful position this week & she is encouraged to be made aware of this, even if she is tempted to wonder/wander otherwise.

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Divine Lovers Daily Reading – 23rd-24th May

Divine Lovers Daily Reading – 23rd-24th May.

Main theme – Ace of swords/You deserve love.

Masculine – The magician/Strength. Feminine – The moon/The fool.

Art – Girl alone in the dark forest.

The more that the feminine does she shadow work, the more she is afforded with truth – SeekCindy

The ace of swords is a jolt of energy or a spark that moves divine lovers into a new position in these next two days. There’s a wake up call & an answer & the feminine particularly is finding herself ready & wanting to move. For a lot of feminine’s this is about moving forward & a mental leap that is taken after a period of stagnancy & confusion. It’s as if the boats are moving now & the water has been unplugged & both are allowed to move & roam more freely.

If the feminine was waiting on an answer or a suggestion, then she receives it in these next 2 days & what she’s ready to do with it becomes clearer.

The ace of swords also represents a push from the universe so there is mental support in this area that allows for divine lovers to see things as they are. There’s an awakening about past patterns, especially the ones that they have been implicit in & the feminine is waking up from these illusions of not seeing the truthful motives of others, or at least not allowing for her intuition to listen to the part of her that does know the motives & truthful intentions behind others.

A strong mental force is being cultivated within the feminine & for a lot of them this is about being fed up of being in the dark or being left in the dark about the truth, shut away from their own subconscious minds.

The moon card is all about waking up from the spell & recognising how the feminine’s emotions have been used against her & used to sway her, particularly by those who know or hold access to some of her darknesses. Truth pierces through her & she may be calling people out in frustration once she recognises the extent of their lies or deceit.

The feminine does have these people around her who are often making excuses or often keeping her bound to them in some way because of their emotional displays & I do feel as if as the feminine finds out about one of these people, she begins to notice other areas in her life where this same energy is being exhibited.

The fool card is all about the feminine breaking free. Feminine? When you get the answer that you want or the truth that you perceive it is imperative that you act on it, even & especially if this means turning away from those you would usually turn further to in times of emotional turmoil. The fool card does represent that this person or people will still try to be in the feminine’s ear & tell her half truths & promises to get her to stay, but there’s a confidence that’s brewing in the feminine that suggests she’s not so willing this time to go back to old dimensions & delusions.

I’m seeing a lot of feminine’s saying ‘This is just crazy’, after offering the masculine particularly (the karmic masculine) chance after chance.

The you deserve love card potentially suggests the feminine nearing herself towards a newer love interest. The feminine behind to understand that there truly is more out there for her & so long as she keeps herself attached to the energy of those who have been trying to blind her from her truth, she has no access or no claim to the abundance that she should so inherit.

The magician card & the strength card shows two separate energies & two separate masculines, as the gateway is still open here between those transitioning to experiences with the new masculine & those still struggling against the karmic masculine.

The karmic masculine is involved in some type of overt display thats supposed to show on the surface that he has changed. The magician card shows the karmic masculine attempting to manipulate not only himself, but those around him into thinking that he has learned from his mistakes & that he knows what to do this time around. The feminine will find him intentionally trying to do things to prematurely paint himself as a new figure, with the strength card showing that his determination lies with making the feminine think that she has had or is having a positive effect on him, which plays into the feminine’s internal desires to have somebody finally turn around & acknowledge her & her pain.

The new masculine (divine masculine) that many feminine’s are coming into contact with are working with the magician energy in a different way. If they are waking up to the truth that it is the feminine that they want, then the magician card shows them fighting for her & them trying to arrange things in their life to ensure that the feminine would have a comfortable arrival. This is a man on a mission, somebody who is being meticulous about their journey & the strength card shows them learning from the feminine. They see how strong she is, how much knowledge she has & uses that to try to integrate into their growth.

This is a listener.

Divine Lovers Weekly Preview — 20th-26th (Harmony, Balance & Order – A faithful wish).

Issues to do with balance, fairness & equality are pulled into this week’s themes heavily & take the centre stage for the revolution that is being sparked by the feminine.

Something tips the scales out of balance this week, leading only for them to be tipped back into harmony. The everyday ordinary patterns that both divine lovers have followed up until this point are being challenged suddenly the feminine has a different idea about what she’d like the present or the future moment to look like, specifically dependent upon how the past with the karmic masculine has looked. The feminine’s are awakening to a truth, almost as if instantly snapped out of an illusion & many of them seem to be thwarted by the level of inequality shown. The feminine may feel as if she has been robbed of something, particularly time, money or energy & she begins to witness how this relates to the way that she has related to love, personal responsibility, & intimacy.

There’s a transformational energy occurring for the masculine. The fire will determine who will make it out onto the other end & whom the universal ashes will simply consume.

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What is the ‘good wife syndrome’?

What is ‘the good wife syndrome’, & how has it led to the betrayal of TRUE feminine freedom? (And I’m not talking about proverbs!)

’ ‘The good wife’ is a gown, that every feminine has the potentiality of downloading unto herself, through the Akashic record/memory of womanhood.

It is like becoming possessed by a spirit. One that causes a woman to selflessly give, & perform, & produce & provide.

It is the old fashioned/traditional, even patriarchal definition, of the ‘good wife’, the fixer, the pleaser, the one who gives, & gives, because then it means that she can be considered, ‘a good woman’.

The ‘good wife’ is a template, or a narrative shall I say that every woman//femme is exposed to/capable of adopting.

This is the stereotypical image of a good woman, in patriarchal, male dominated & lead societies, where women are mostly subservient, & seen, but not heard.

Narcissistic men, or men with baby boy syndrome are like flies to honey for women who become possessed by this template, or actively seek to manipulate it in women who may have father, or even mother issues.

At the subconscious root of each woman playing the role of the ‘good wife’, is the need to be needed. And the need to be loved through the dependency of this needing.

For this reason, ‘the good wife’ syndrome tends to affect mostly women who are looking for love from men who are psychologically unable to provide it.

The more that they resist the affections of the woman embodying ‘the good wife’, the more that she becomes embezzled in this energy. The more that she cleans, the more that she fusses, the more that she serves. All in hopes that he will recognise how ‘good’ she is being, how worthy of ‘wifehood’ that she is.

Frankly speaking, ‘the good wife syndrome’ is all about women receiving cookies, or a pat on the back for making a man the centre of their worlds.

The good wife syndrome aka pick me spell will have a woman giving up everything that she loves, everything that makes her who she is & everything that marks her spark, just to please her man and ESPECIALLY to prove to him that he has nothing to be threatened about when it comes to her.

Because the good wife syndrome tends to be most attractive to men who suffer with severe insecurity issues (baby boy syndrome), the more that the good wife seeks to dim herself down & slowly wither into thin air, the more her masculine will require more depths of her to show her devotion. His insecurity can never be quenched & thus neither can her slow demise.

Because the good wife is so ‘good’ & not like other women, she begins slowly to separate herself from the ‘influence’ of her friends who expose her to the side of herself that once lived – the fearless spirit, the artsy demon, because what they stand to represent, is the fact that apart of her will never change. Instead, she changes everything around her to convince herself that her internal desires have been lost.

They never do become lost. Though she does.

Narcissistic men know about this desire in many women, & play on it. Even though they naturally display tendencies of being incapable, & child like, they are willing to play up to this, as they know that it gives the woman a role to serve.

– SeekCindy ©


Please check this episode for reference. All works & words were inspired by me, however this episode is an accurate depiction of the process mentioned.

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Divine Lovers *DAILY* Reading – 8th-9th May 2019


United energy – Free yourself/Queen of pentacles, Masculine – Ace of swords (reverse)/King of wands, Feminine – King of pentacles, 9 of wands.

The free yourself card once again points to a merry go around situation and specifically asks for the feminine to take charge of the situation, by opting for a different outcome. The masculine may find himself caught in his usual cycles of allowing his mind to get the best of him and cause him to see a different version of reality than what it is, and the feminine has to make the decision in these two days for herself, not to become caught in the rat race. It appears as if the feminine may have been guiding the masculine in his awareness program and every time she thinks that he may be making progress, it may seem as if he takes two steps backwards and at some point, the feminine must appear to be exhausted by the constant ups and downs.

A message is being shown to the masculine and he actually has the opportunity to build something of value with the feminine should he take the time to pay attention. It is up to him  this is something that he has to want to do and to exercise a lot of will power for. The feminine looks for financial stability at this time and it shows with the queen of pentacles and some feminine’s may be feeling as if this will be difficult to find with the masculine, particularly if he has issues such as gambling, drinking or quitting jobs. The feminine must decide within these next two days whether she will continuously allow herself to be dragged, or whether there is a boundary that she can explore with the masculine that will allow him to no longer be able to tap into her energy in that way and I believe that it lies with recognising that the masculine is on his own timeline, and he is only ever going to see what he is ready to see, or what he allows himself to see. It appears as if it does hurt the feminine to see the masculine caught in these cycles, but it very much does threaten what she is also attempting to build.

Some masculine’s I am seeing are suffering from mental affliction and are actually unable to free themselves because they need some help. If this is the case, then the feminine may have to recruit some professional support or the support of somebody who can assist her to help her masculine to do this.

Mentally, the mind is also a factor within these next two days, as entrapment is a central theme. How stuck are we? Is the question that is posed and both divine lovers may be looking at the ways in which they are not making enough of a committed effort to remove themselves from their situations. I am sensing that a lot of feminine’s want to move home and some are deciding that if the masculine is not ready to move with them or is not sure about the direction that he’s ready to take, then even though she feels her time may have been wasted, she’s willing to take the initiative to move.

This card is further demonstrated with the king of pentacles on the side of the feminine. The king of pentacles represents the feminine being disappointed in the masculine but being strong enough anyway to do the work that needs to be done. If the masculine owed some money to the feminine or needed to help her to pay something off, then the king of pentacles describes the feminine working to ensure that she has the ability to pay this off or handle this herself, because she may be recognising some ways in which the masculine is unreliable.

The king of pentacles is a much needed message to the feminine anyway to tap into her own masculine side and to make sure that this side of herself is committed and dedicated to helping her and keeping her on target, so that she does not need to rely so externally upon the masculine. So within, so without. This can be a frustrated energy from the feminine who wonders why she has to do all of this work or why she’s left to take on all of this baggage and it may trigger her to think of other times in the past when she has had to deal with so much. A lot of feminine’s are feeling fed up and wondering when their luck is going to change and when they are going to have to stop working so hard and truthfully feminine? This stops when you stop giving others so much responsibility in your life, more than they deserve and more than they can handle. There’s a feeling with the feminine that if she were doing all of these things before and not waiting on the masculine, things would not have got as piled up as they are now. The queen of pentacles represents the feminine wising up, whilst the 9 of wands reminds her not to look outside of herself for others to finish her healing journey for her.

With the ace of swords in reverse, the masculine seems to have had another plan or another vision that did not come into fruition. Perhaps he was very excited and very sure about something, it may even have been a new job, yet it seems that for some reason, the masculine was unable to carry his vision through and this is because of a lack of dedication and commitment that he has. The ace of swords in reverse can be a relapse for masculine’s who do have addictions, or this could be a reality check for him. His work and his healing may have been superficial, and perhaps now he is being challenged to show up and present what he has had to offer. The ace of swords in reverse is a revelation or a truth that did not go in his favour and make the masculine appear disingenuous. This thing did not go in the way that the masculine planned for it to go and with the king of wands, he spends these next two days trying to salvage himself, though for many masculine’s I feel that it is more about making sure that their ego is intact, than it is rectifying and working on what has been wrong.

Some masculine’s are seriously lacking self-confidence, whilst others simply seem to lack the direction, vision and conviction to carry out long term plans and goals. There are things that the masculine has to do at this time and some of them will find themselves keenly stepping up to the plate, focused upon self-improvement. His best bet would be to lay low, do not do any talking, and just get the job done. Some masculine’s are telling the feminine that they will not let her down this time, whilst some feminine’s feel as if they have already been let down and this is why they have to fight for themselves.


Divine Lovers Weekly Preview – For the love of she – 6th-12th May 2019.


This week, the feminine confronts the wounded feminine template, aka the mother archetype, or the mother wound. How far she can be stretched within her boundaries, particularly by the masculine is tested this week, along with just how much the feminine is willing to take and just how much is too much. The feminine is having a lot be revealed to her this week and it is a time of reflection for her to make it through this part of the detachment process. The feminine is becoming aware of the areas in her life where she has been attached codependently, because she fears rejection, because they fear abandonment and vice versa and there becomes an understanding on behalf of the feminine how her ability to overly rely on others has been linked to her inability to properly and appropriately connect with the mother. The feminine has been seeking love in all places apart from within her own soul and she’s being made to pause this week and come to terms with a lot of information. The mother wound suggests that the feminine was believing that she could prove her love or her worthiness of love by loving the masculine so much that he transforms. This is about the dream that a lot of the feminine’s have to be the one who saves the masculine. The good girl transforming the bad boy into a gentleman archetype. This is a big week for the feminine proving, just how much she has learned, to herself. This is a big week for the feminine to confront her wounds and to stand face to face with her demons – the fear of the absence of love and shelter. It’s almost as if the masculine is turning away from the feminine, so that she has no choice but to face herself. A lot of work is completed this week, emotionally and spiritually and the feminine is advised to stay hydrated, as well as to get a lot of sleep and journal her dreams if she can because a lot is going on in the subconscious realm at this time. The feminine is cleansing a lot of her past wounds and it may be important to give the heads up that this week is likely to be with it’s triggers! There’s only one superhero in the story this week feminine, and it may just surprise you who it is..

With the 4 of cups this week, the feminine receives a rude awakening and it is almost as if she is ripped from her illusions, to the point that there is no going back to the colourful delusions of before. Tempers are likely to be flaring from her and although she is within her every right to feel this way, self-accountability also asks the feminine to reconcile with the part of herself that does not enforce the boundaries she first places up..

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Divine Lovers Weekly Reading – 29th-5th May 2019 – ‘It takes two’ (PREVIEW)

This week, both divine lovers are gifted with the opportunity to clear some more karma. It appears to be a period of reset as well as a period of isolation. This week allows both to delve deeply into the self work that needs to take place & the stakes are high. It’s like a battle for one’s soul this week & the masculine makes the bid to save his own, particularly from the loss of the feminine. Perhaps the feminine has offered an ultimatum, as it appears that the masculine really becomes focused on his own healing & it appears that he has not been left with any other choice. Whilst the feminine focuses on introducing dependability & stability into her own life, she seems to find that the masculine is with her where ever she goes. If there is much unresolved tensions & much left unsaid, the feminine finds this week that she cannot escape it. This week provides the perfect template for mature, open & honest conversation, as well as a chance to see how seriously they’re both taking their healing journeys at this time. The feminine is called to hold herself accountable & to see deeply & honestly into the mirror that the masculine holds up for her. This week isn’t about good or bad, villain vs victor. It is simply about learning, seeing, being & understanding with new eyes.

A long standing issue for both of them in matters of the heart is brought up for clearance this week & the key? Is not to fight it once it arrives.

With the separation card, there’s a lesson attached to this week’s energies that can only take place once the two divine lovers are existing or have existed apart. For a lot of people, this may be the week that the gap of separation closes and there can be some communication between the two, but I do feel as if this rests in the court of the feminine more so than the masculine and how well, if well at all that she is able to adjust after this separation period.

For a lot of the feminine’s this week signifies something of a test. The feminine has a longing and a yearning for the masculine, but she is told and taught to wait, because she has been through this or something similar such as this in the past and she needs to trust this process of separation because it is purposeful. I do feel as if the divine is really using the separation from the masculine to get the feminine to reach and dig deeply into herself. It is triggering something within her that has existed as a karmic blockage for her for several life times.

For a lot of feminine’s this week who have been triggered by the distance between them and their partner, I do not feel as if the masculine is leaving for a negative reason. Rather I do feel as if the masculine is leaving for his own personal self-development. There will be some masculine’s who are leaving or have had to walk away because the wish to improve who they are and work on themselves, particularly financial. It appears as if he recognises this week how many stages of life that he has passed through and he understands that he has reached a position in which he must truly change now and decide the type of man he would like to be. He has a lot of flash backs of past memories this week, it’s like he is seeing visions and stories play out within his mind and he gains insight and perspective into his own behaviours, particularly his shadow self.

The feminine may also be identifying with her relationship issues with her father, particularly if her father was not in the picture enough to be able to offer her the stability that she deserved and needed. This may even be why she placed added shame and blame onto the masculine. For some, they still had not got over the fact that their father was this way and now another man who claimed to love them comes into the picture and does not or did not show it in his actions. Another week is up for grabs for the feminine to work on issues that she has to do with resentment. The magician card focuses heavily on letting go so that the feminine can create the type of life around her that she actually enjoys. Once again, both divine lovers find themselves heavily inside of their minds at this time and with the 4 of swords the masculine is more reflective than he has been in a while. The masculine appears to let down or has let down something or somebody who means a lot to him and with the ten of pentacles this can represent his children.

The feminine is able to work through a lot of the issues that she had in childhood and with her father, through holding her tongue and not being able to tell her father some of the things that bothered or hurt her. She developed a program of keeping tight lipped and carrying on in the face of pain, which doesn’t help anyone and just pushes away people that otherwise may be given an opportunity to redeem themselves or give her some of the respect and intimacy that she deserves and desires.

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