Twin Flames (Divine lovers) Weekly Reading 26th December-8th January 2017; Ambitions to be free, financial contemplation, and spirit elevation.


Main theme – 9 of pentacles, What is occurring for both twins – 2 of cups, Masculine – Justice, Two of swords, Two of pentacles, Feminine -Knight of pentacles, The star, Eight of cups.

Numerological break down calculation – 26th – 8 -8 – The number 8 in numerology is representative of karma, and recognising karmic cycles in order to abolish them. Where the number 8 appears, we are asked to consider how we have been living, and what we have been manifesting. Abundance, business, financial success, and humanitarianism also governs this number. 

The of pentacles relates to the feeling of satisfaction that we experience when we have successfully manifested our goals, and can physically see the evidence of our efforts around us. The focus, these two weeks for both twins, lies with making things work for them, bending the flow of the universe, and their own energies, in order to receive the results that they want.. This is a highly potent time to manifest, and there is a lot at stake here, so both twins are likely to be consumed with making it happen… The process of putting in the hard work, and doing things differently, ie doing things right are presented to them both this week.. 

This is a very similar energy to the magician card  – how can they reap the benefits of the work that they are doing? Truly, they have both been putting in a lot of work to create the world that they would like to see, and many of them may be wondering  – okay – so, where are my results?Your results this week, lie with your ability to achieve, attain, and maintain balance.. It is not enough to put in the work from one angle alone. Coming up with the ideas, but not seeing them through, is futile… Chasing after money, without adding creative ideas, or avenues to attract this money, will only get you so far.. This is where the two of cups comes in.. You may wonder, what does money have to do with love? Well – a lot actually, seeing as they BOTH have to do with our self worth. The two of cups, is the kind of balance that both twins need to establish, if they are to have healthy relationships.. This is not about blaming, either the masculine, or the feminine, because they both have roles to play in terms of why their love has not been harmonious in the past. You need a balanced approach, and a balanced life style, in order to have balance, in any other area of your life. 

I feel like a lot of twins have family  karma that is tied into not having enough time, not making the most out of their time, OR feeling as if they are lacking – all of these themes will be presented in order to be tackled by both twins this week.. Especially, the masculine in regards to having time, and having enough. There is a lot that is open to you at this time, so you have to act wisely in tying up the loose ends. What have you learnt about yourself recently? About your energy? About how you operate, that could help you to break this so called spell of bad luck that you once believed yourself to be under? The 9 of pentacles is joy once our dreams have not only been realised, but have been pulled into our reality. What can you do to ensure that this is an approaching reality for you?

Both twins may feel strained as it appears that, the more that is open to you, the more that you are against the clock to make improvements to your life. You need to start already living like you have the life that you desire, as this will wire your brain to be grateful, and to already exist AHEAD of time. Beat time… Now’s your chance. Look out for signs, symbols, and messages that alert you about your work, either let you know you are going in the right direction, or serve as a warning about what is to come if you continue in the direction that you are heading in..

The inner balance of the 2 of cups asks us to work on learning how to be the divine masculine, and the divine feminine. Imbalance is toxic – anyway around. Too much negative energy? Too much feminine energy? Both can do some serious damage, in terms of being abusive. The masculine is asked to be more open to his creative, and intuitive side, as this will ensure that his ideas in terms of gaining finance are ever flowing, and abundant, as depicted by the infinity symbol present in the two of pentacles. He needs to make better decisions in terms of how he attracts his money, and how he maintains balance with multiple things in his life. The feminine is prone to multi tasking, and not really choosing one specific avenue, but the masculine, tends to focus on one area of his life, and neglect other areas that require his attention. His lesson..Is in trying to incorporate room for more, without over extending himself. 

The knight of pentacles describes the feminine attempting to balance her masculine energies in the RIGHT way this week. She appears to be turning away from the masculine, as he learns the lessons that he needs to learn with the justice card. A part of her realises that she cannot stir, or speed up his awakening process in anyway, and she needs to focus on watering her own garden.. He is going through a process, but that honestly is not your business right now. Your BUSINESS, is your business right now.. What are you doing to make sure that your goals are not only a thought in your mind but are becoming a reality manifest around you? Spirit asks.. How are you working towards making your vision a reality? And is movement being made? Or are you just standing still, lost in time, waiting – waiting for the masculine, and claiming that you have ‘no time’.  She spent so long waiting for the masculine to level up, that she forgot that she isn’t all that perfect herself, and really does need to level up in some areas still.. Including her relationship to the physical world. Let spirituality serve you physically. Put your imagination to paper. 

The feminine this week, must focus on her inner masculine, and this will manifest as the men that are around her, or the men that she is drawn to at this time, platonic, or otherwise. This will tell her everything that she needs to know about the relationship with her own inner masculine. Is she drawn to men who are broke? (Financially), or broken, (Spiritually)?

The star card arrives to remind the feminine to have hope, even though times, and situations may appear difficult at certain stages of this week. There is a light being shone on darkness, so it may appear at times that there is nothing but darkness, but she needs to learn how not to dwell on the negative – BALANCE, because excessive negativity is one of the things that drives lovers away, including the divine masculine himself… Focus on positive visualisation.. Divine guidance is present at this time, watching over these events, so any isolation, or abandonment that she feels, is merely to do with old karmic propaganda. She needs to remain focused on her work, which is, about nourishing herself, and giving back to herself. Be very weary of falling into negative patterns, and traps of thought, because right now, you’re attempting to break free, which means that things will tempt you, and tempt your spirit…. It’s a trying time.. The eight of cups describes this period of emotional battle against her triggers…

The eight of cups sees the feminine moving on from the old ways, and old habits, in search of a higher, better truth. She is being more direct in terms of what she wants, and what she does not want, and anything that attempts to pull her into old cycles, she will be drawn away from. She is likely to run a mile from anything that triggers her this week to act in a way that she truly is done with. There is a determination here to turn her back on alot of things, as she comes into profound realisations about these things. 

Some feminine twins may be walking away from the masculine, or it could appear this way, whether temporarily, or indefinitely because they may be witnessing him juggling with his shadow self, and higher self, and no longer be interested in waiting around for one side to win..  She has a battle of her own, and this takes precedence. She is walking away from co-dependent habits, repetitive cycles, and negative self talk. She thinks, ‘I need to find me. I need – to DEFINE me’. 

With the justice card, the masculine experiences some heavy karmic release, and realisation this week. He may be going through a tough time, or a situation that places him on a fast track level to spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional maturity. This is really for his own benefit, though he may not really see it that way, or feel that way whilst it is happening.. The two of swords is about the pivotal point that he reaches in which he must make some kind of decision that will effect this next stage of his life.. This could be a decision that relates to choosing one partner, over the other, especially if the divine feminine is not the only woman in his life. There is something that he must put right, especially as ideas about morality, and karma become more clear to him by the day.. Getting in touch with his intuition could be urging him to make a decision that his logical mind has been putting off for a while. In some ways, he’s been quite relaxed with his awakening, and this could be the wake up call that he needs.. 

The two of pentacles could describe him trying to juggle things, and keep up with demands that are just not working out. He could be realising this week that a lot of the things that he puts efforts into are actually draining him of vital time, energy, and resources, and he needs to level up, ONCE again, if he is to manifest the 9 of pentacles in his life. It could be his attachment to his old world, and his new world that he juggles, and struggles to find balance with this week. Spirit asks that he makes a decision. He cannot dabble in between two worlds any longer, a clear path is being laid out for him, and he must either take it, or stay confined to the old ways of being… Which actually, are weighing heavily on his spirit, because he is much more in touch with spirit now. When the truth hits you, you cannot hide. Indecision, or procrastination will not make the problems simmer down, or go away.. Something may need to be released, or abandoned, as something else is realised.  He is going through this back, and fourth, as some fears about fully stepping into 5D are still present. 5th dimensional thinking requires that you fully take responsibility for yourself, and the karma that you are creating, and it is not for the faint hearted, or those who avoid responsibility..

He knows on some level that fully stepping into 5D, or letting go of certain things will drag his edges all the way… Confrontation of the past self, confrontation of the shadow self, and confrontation of one’s own limitations are ALL themes relevant to him at this time. The energy may seem harsh for the masculine right now, because nobody likes to face their darkness, BUT remember that in all darkness, light is able to penetrate. The light of knowledge will set him free, if he wills for this eternal cycle of not having enough, yet having too much to do, to come to an end. This could also relate to his decisions about ways that he makes money.. Perhaps, there is some illegal activity involved in one of the ways that he currently makes money, and as morality becomes more of a theme for him, he will decide whether he can still carry on this way.. And if he is to drop one of his ways of income, what does this mean for him then? How will he fill his time? Perhaps the fear of time is tied into his fear of not wanting to be still enough, for all of his thoughts to take over..

Happy healing, my sacred beings ~

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© Cindy Anneh-bu 2016.

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General Weekly Reading – 12th-18th December 2016; Fight to the finish, future plans, and establishing healthier foundations.


Main theme – Five of wands, Surrounding cards – King of cups, Page of pentacles, The star, Knight of pentacles. 

Numerological break down calculation – 12th – 3 ( Creation, expansion, manifestation, communication, and exploration) – 9 – ( Creativity + compassion for others, creating a new home space, Healing abandonment consciousness, resolution, completion. 

The five of wands as the main theme represents the struggle against ones self, in particular this week, one’s former self, and one’s lower self. The fight to the finish can mean a struggle against family karma, or old templates that keep us tied to a certain way of living. Because the number 5 represents change, there is a deep internal change that is trying to occur on a spiritual level, but in order for full transformation to occur, we need to establish a balance within, so this is the fight between our two selves, the higher self, and the shadow self, the masculine side, and the feminine side. 

We may find ourselves this week struggling against or challenging old triggers, particularly emotional triggers, as they attempt to regress us to a less accomplished version of ourselves. Whenever the 5 of wands appears, we seek expansion. And naturally, if you wish to come up on top, you must fight! This is the very nature of existence. The sperm that made you, had to fight to the finish line in order for you to be CREATED. In the same way, we must fight the old ways now, in order to create an entirely NEW path.. We could be fighting against in our world externally, and fighting with old friends, or seeing friction between family members, and those we once felt connected to. Do not fret if you find people from the past falling away, or your new views are being challenged by those around you – this is all being constructed to re-shape your spirit. To show you that you truly do have a warrior spirit, and even though you have already been through so much, you can handle what comes your way.. And it will mature you for the next stage of your life that you are about to enter – which will require more conviction, and dedication from you.

The page of pentacles represents us walking away at some point this week from the strenuous struggle that is the inner battle. Many of us DO defeat the doubt of our lower selves, and can walk away, preserving something that we have taken from the fight, perhaps a new perspective, plan, or piece of advise to share with others. The pentacle represents a message that we have carried from our past experiences, perhaps this is something that our inner child has learnt through self observation, and wishes to share with others. This could be an idea, a charity, or a business venture that we have been inspired to follow – relatively in its early stages, but we are showing a lot of passion towards it this week. This is the, ‘I do not wish to struggle against myself anymore. But THIS is what my struggle has taught me’. Perhaps to have a more strong work ethic, to take more chances, to take a different path, to be more organised, or to deliver a message about healing etc.

The star card is representative of us lighting a way this week. We are definitely sharing our gifts with others, which more than likely is also offering us a renewed sense of hope, passion, and purpose. This is like a rebirth of our consciousness, particularly our subconscious, to channel our emotions in a new way, to express ourselves, and to give back. Representative of the zodiac of Aquarius’ the water bearer here is the one who gives knowledge, insight, and hope to others. There is a promise of a better tomorrow, even in the spells of negativity that we experience this week, there is still the hint that things really are not as bad as they once were – because they are not.  The star card can also represent divine guidance, a divine presence that follows us, and guides what we do, and heals us in our worst moments. Do not be afraid to look for some extra help this week, or to call on more guidance if you are feeling weakened. Something as simple as saying, ‘God be with me’, ‘God protect me’, or ‘Alhamdulilah’, when your heart is heavy, may assist you with the courage needed to carry on..

The king of cups is the desire to express ourselves, and our emotions in a healthier way this week. Even if we are feeling emotionally overburdened, there is a sense that we will not resort to unhealthy tactics or means to cope. Instead, we may be extra creative at this time, allowing all of the emotion to flow to, and fro us, also gifting us with strong intuitive insight, and new ideas. The king of cups also represents a balance between our emotions, and our responsibility to others. We may be much more emotionally vigilant this week, and more responsible for the energy that we create, and the energy that we give out. A healthier form of expression is definitely pursued, as there is the sense that we are growing all too tired of the everyday battles, and contradictions.

There is an illumination of the patterns that lead to restriction, or overreaction, and the knight of pentacles represents us looking out into the future, and focused on tasks, goals, and accomplishments that we have set for ourselves, with the expanding knowledge that we can achieve, and conquer new territory. The maturity of a project, business venture, or idea is largely dependent on our healing, and the ability to develop some sort of routine thus week. 

I DO see victory ahead, but it MUST be worked toward. Self accountability, goes a LONG way this week!

Happy healing, my sacred beings ~

© Cindy Anneh-bu 2016.

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Full moon in Gemini – December 13th – Contradictions of the mind – The conflict of emancipation.


Photo credit – Maharani Rutan.

Numerological break down calculation – 13th – The number 13 deals with feminine energy. This is the energy of the dimension that is penetrated after we leave the physical realm. Some say this is the most sacred number because there were 13 at the table, at the last supper before Christ died.  This marks the energy of re-birth, and resurrection after death. This is the who, the why, and the how, that we are to become, and to process after the period of death that has followed us through from September.

The energy of the Gemini always brings to us dualism, & along w/ that, contradiction.
If you know a Gemini, you know that usually, there are two sides to them.One side of the Gemini may be sweet, charming, & using their intellect for higher gain, whilst the other side of them may be dark, manipulative, & often moody.

THIS particular full moon entices us to view the areas of our lives where we may be the same.
Great mental ability is an anecdote, as much as it is the sickness, & we must do our best to tap into the best of who we are, instead of falling victim always to shadow behaviours, such as jealousy, vindictive, gossip, & retaliation.

It is indeed those who are armed W/ the knowledge of their dark side, who are blessed enough to challenge it..
But simply knowing of its existence, is not always enough to achieve this.

We are asked to observe ourselves, & our changing nature, & what thoughts & triggers lead us back to a point of darkness.

W/ a highly progressive mind, most Gemini’s find themselves thinking intensely of the future & our anxieties of what this future may look like, or how we may challenge ourselves to arrive at it, may be highlighted at this time.

Gemini, ruled by Mercury, relates to our ability to communicate, and also to process the messages that are presented to us. Our communication is entirely dependent upon the ways in which we communicate with ourselves, the way we have been brought up to communicate, and our ability to be EXPRESSIVE. If there are ways that you are holding yourself back, or limiting yourself in anyway, then this will show, through the strong emergence of your shadow self – that is built upon repression, and in-expression. Get out there – and let yourself be heard! Allow your voice to be known! Make your mark on this earth. Burn a fire through your trials.

The full moon in Gemini also represents the juxtaposition, (conflict)  between our present self, and our future self. The patterns, and programs that still bind us, and the future projection of ourselves that is not weighed down by all of these outdated formulas. But this is actually pretty wonderful news! Because the battle is between the present, and the future, which means that much of our focus has shifted away from the past.

There is a fear that we may become lost in the collective sea of the matrix, if we cannot snap our minds into action – into overcoming the shadow instincts.Gemini holds higher perspective, so there is nothing more painful than seeing everything that plagues the masses, yet still becoming a product of it yourself.. This is the very real worry, or doubt for many of us right now, although, with Sagittarian energy following closely behind, we are reminded to posess an energy of enthusiasm, and to take things one step at a time. Even though Sag focuses on the bigger picture most of the time, it is the smaller, day to day victories that allow them to know that there is indeed a bigger force at hand.

Over emotionalism at this time should Be met W/ caution, as we acknowledge that it often thwarts our ability to get things done & to move forward, particularly in the working world.
There’s a strong necessity to accept the spiritual messages that are echoed to us, whilst not losing touch of the tangible world, & the clarity that they both can bring – dually.
Turn your shadow side into art, allow your darkness to bless you.
Opposing Sagittarius, the super-moon today speaks of liberation, & freedom from internal conflicts.

© Cindy Anneh-bu 2016.

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General Weekly Reading 28th November-4th December; Confronting the hidden parts of the psyche, healing, revelation, and retreat.

general weekly nov.jpg

Main theme – Five of swords, Surrounding cards – The hermit, The hanged man, Four of swords, Ace of swords.

Numerological break down calculation – 28 (2+8) = 10 – Endings, new beginnings, the completion of a cycle, death/rebirth – 4th – Structure, stability, order, organisation, and security. 

With the four of swords, and the hermit re-appearing in this weeks reading, we are looking at a period of healing, and resolve that has been spanning out over the past few weeks. There is a strong desire here to slow things down, take things easier, and to process the information that is coming to us. With the five of swords as the main theme, perhaps some of us are dealing with the fall out this week of separating ourselves from something, or someone, that we had been holding on to for a long while. Perhaps we have recently, or are coming into information about the truthful nature of this situation, and it is clearing up a lot of the fog, or confusion that we held about matters from the past.

There is definitely a karmic theme, in the form of realisations, and perhaps the situation that we are dealing with, or healing from, has taken place in the past – or something similar, so our attention has been drawn to an area of our life that clearly and obviously requires acknowledgement, or tweaking. 

The five of swords encourages us to take a look at the areas that we have been avoiding, and the conflict that exists within our minds, or our lives. This relates to all of the unsteady foundations that we have built, and the thoughts in our minds that have not been in alignment with what we truly desire, or at least, what we desire on a soul level. This week is all about mind vs soul; and there is a closer look at the way that our minds operate, and how this manifests the reality that exists around us.

Perhaps there are some truths that exist deep within the crevice of our soul that we have not allowed our mind to ponder. This also talks of childhood issues, and dramas, as it is usually after some trauma that our mind separates itself from our heart in this way, and we lose a sense of trust in ourselves, and our abilities. 

Coming back to our senses this week, can also lead to us walking away from certain people – perhaps these are people that we have witnessed bring more conflict than resolution into our lives, and reflect an old way of living that we are now trying to break away from. There is much anti resistance this week, as many situations call for us to just examine, and observe them, rather than allowing ourselves to get emotionally entangled.

Many of us actually are pretty worn out from recent events, and though there is an emerging fire waiting to carry us through to the next stage of transformation, we are perfectly happy at this point to reside in a state of limbo ~ collecting information, and observing our surroundings. So much is learnt when we actually go within, and listen to the rythyms of our inner selves.

The hermit represents our choices this week to confront the higher self, the most honest self, the oldest self, and the wisest version of ourselves. The great thing about such periods of confusion in life is, they are often so confusing that even if we attempted to explain them to somebody else, they would never be able to accurately capture what it is that we are attempting to describe. 

Therefore, what tends to happen, is we go within for answers, and we go pretty deep within. Do not be surprised this week if you find yourself having memories that you suppressed from the past, or specific moments in your life, or childhood that stick out to you. Your past life experiences have so much to teach you about who you are, and where you are now. You will get the answers that you seek, but these need to be YOUR truth, and nobody else’s. Healing is needed this week, and for healing to occur, there needs to be some level of peace, and quiet, and retreat. Maybe you want to book some time away for this period, maybe you would like to take some time off, or even spend some time in nature to recharge yourself. Some of the realisations that come may be difficult to swallow or deal with, especially if you are looking back, and recognising some of the ways in which you might have allowed yourself to be treated.

The hanged man, is a huge sigh of relief. Holding on to everything, including drama, outcomes, and trying to control every aspect of our life, is another form of conflict. We cannot fight against what is. Even when we are trying to manifest, we are not bending the will of the divine, we are simply trying to align ourselves with the best plan that the DIVINE has mapped out for us. Sometimes we will manifest certain things that we want, whilst other things may take a little longer, or appear not to come at all. And this needs to be okay. We need to trust in the process to do what it does, and do what it is doing. The hanged man is about knowing that you are always in the right place, at the right time, and you do not need to doubt that, or try to manipulate circumstances. Let go… Breathe. Ask yourself what it is that this situation that you are stressing over will bring to you? Why is it so important to you? Is the reason valid for your level of worry? Or is this just another one of those things that you are basing your worth, and happiness on? Let go of all of the things that you are trying to manifest out of self pity, and self delusion. If there is somebody that you KNOW you have to walk away from, then you need to stop wondering why they haven’t called you, or why they are not chasing you – because you only want them to call because this will affirm to you in some way that you are indeed worthy of love, and affection.

You need to let go of all of these things, and concepts that you feel will ‘prove’ to you that you are worthy after all. This worth that you seek can only be granted to you. So perhaps it is time to go within and see why it is so difficult for you to seek this worth, and to see why you have been manifesting everything that is opposite to your true value. 

Stillness, meditation, and prayer will be a HUGE release for you this week. Do not worry if you are unfamiliar with prayer, or if you have not meditated in a while – Spirit has actually been waiting for you to return to yourself in this way, and has placed many signs, symbols, and messengers in your path about this. Alot of questions that you hold, ‘why did this happen?’, ‘what was the purpose?’ are there for you to know. Tap in to yourself… Tap into the pain of you, AND the situation, because there are two separate pains there to be explored. There are some things that you need to be honest with yourself about – so that you CAN mourn, and let go. Let go of these habits, and let go of the illusions that surround you.. There is a lot of cleansing going on at this time, and spiritual heaviness that wishes to leave you. But first, you have to see the lies that you have believed about yourself that have kept this illusion alive. 

Nobody in this world is obligated to give you more, if you do not first give yourself more. The ace of swords is definitely indicative of this clarity, and break through that is arriving to you. You will experience towards the end of the week, a lighter state of mind, and this is possibly because you are so willing to give your concerns, and afflictions to God, and focus on the things that you can control. If you do find yourself praying this week, please make sure to also pray for those who have wronged you, and ask God to deal with the things that are troubling your mind, so that you can focus on your day to day tasks. To know what you stand for sometimes, you have to stand alone, so that you can question yourself appropriately, and accurately. 

The most high at this time wishes to renew your mind, and your consciousness, so that many of your old thoughts are filtered out, and your level of manifestation is actually in alignment with experiences that are beneficial to your growth, and not harsh lessons that you have to learn about pain. A new way of seeing yourself will bring new eyes to your world….. Even though there is an element of heaviness attached to the themes this week, there is also much renewal, and newness that is offered to you once honesty with yourself is introduced into the equation.

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Twin Flame Weekly (belated) reading – 14th-20th November; Masculine growth, and healing, feminine sovereignty.

Main theme, (The empress), What is occurring for both twins, (The high priestess), Masculine – Five of swords, Nine of pentacles, Five of cups, What energy the masculine is projecting to the feminine – The king of wands, What energy the feminine is projecting to the masculine – Three of cups.

Numerological break down calculation. 14 (1+4) = 5 – Change, freedom from restriction, liberation, order establishment, leadership, the ability to control ones own destiny. – 20 – Balance, harmony, partnership (magnified by the presence of the 0), healthier relationships, gratitude, and balance of masculine/feminine energies.

The empress card as the main theme, speaks of our desires for beautification, luxury, and abundance. We are coming out of a thick spell of feeling as if we are not enough, we do not own enough, and we do not have enough. The empress card is the energy of the mother, the desire to look after things, to look after ourselves, and to treat ourselves to the best that life has to offer! As we grow, our search for the finer things in life grow. Have you ever noticed how people with depression tend to stop self care? Sometimes they put on weight, sometimes they lose too much weight, but their inner feelings, reflect their outside presence. Well, the empress card is the opposite of that – this is us moving towards the light, (like a seed), and growing into something beautiful. We may be changing our appearance to reflect this new found inner beauty, or deciding to take measures that cater to our body more – a better diet, a monitoring of negative self talk etc..This is also very fertile energy, the energy that we exhibit when we can make ANYTHING happen. If it is a new life that we seek, it is a new life that we shall manifest. The empress is like the divine feminine touch – anything that she focuses her intentions on, will become fruitful. So be careful where your focus is at this time!

The divine feminine standing in her power, also allows for the masculine to realise what a goddess she actually is! This is very much about the feminine stepping back into the role of the priestess, who heals, and guides, and teaches, and shows the community the way to go – specifically the masculine! AND this week, he is okay to taking heed to her lead,  because he is actually seeing that she has the answers – whatever the questions may be! This is very ancient energies at work here – reminiscent of who, and what the divine feminine used to be. The most fertile soil is typically the darkest, and it is during our inner turmoil that both twins have been through, that has enabled them to recognise just how much they deserve! This has also provided them with the light that presents itself with the high priestess..

The empress also speaks of certain responsibilities, and duties that we have to the home, and our family life. Maybe we are healing family issues, and healing the sense of not belonging that we once had. We are actually very vital, and valuable members of the community as twin flames, because of this new earth that we are healing to form! There are certain obligations that we must meet because there are others, a community of others who are reliant upon us. I feel as if the feminine recognises that a little bit more this week, and maybe walking away from the idea that she has to chase love, or neglect all her priorities because of love – the eight of cups is very symbolic of this cutting of karmic ties with abusive love, one sided love, or becoming lost in ideas about love.

The high priestess is a surge of intuitive, psychic, and emotive themes that we will be dealing with this week. This is very much the energy of Scorpio – thinking about somebody, and then they contact you, dreaming about somebody, and having that reveal something to you about them, or about yourself. Premonitions even, may be abundant. Much translation about what is, or has been hidden, is now coming to light at this time. A deeper connection with the unconscious mind is established, and we are really encouraged to go within, and seek our own counsel, as not everything is as it seems on the outside, and we cannot always find the answers that we need to, through asking others. The psyche may be forcing both twins this week to look back at a thing that they may rather not dwell on, because there was still healing there that needed to be put into place. 

The justice card suggests the feminine taking things in her stride. Though this is an intense period, and revelations may arrive erratically, and spontaneously, she is seeing the karmic lessons in all – so this is really helping her to let go, and to deal with things! What is fair, and what is just according to spiritual law, is something that she is learning to abide by. Yes, a lot of hurtful things may have happened to her, but there is a strong sense now, that even those things too served a purpose, within divine, or karmic law.

This may appear to the masculine, as if she is creating distance with him, but I feel as if any distance created is actually to help both of them heal. She is simply living a reality more in alignment with her truth, and if the masculine is still fighting his, and struggling with his, then yes, many of the feminine may be walking away from their masculine at this time…In search of higher truths, answers that he cannot provide. For this reason, many feminines this week will actually be battling with a third party situation – which is another divine masculine that presents himself in her life. This is not unusual in twin flame dynamics. There are lessons that both DESPERATELY need to learn, and if for whatever reason, one party cannot mature enough, or keep up their end of the soul contract, another counterpart will manifest themselves to teach the other twin the lesson that they need to know. In this case, if the divine masculine cannot step up to the level of spiritual and emotional maturity that is being asked of him, then yes, the divine feminine will likely have met another masculine counterpart with whom lessons will unravel.

The eight of cups is definitely the feminine going on a journey that seems to point away from the masculine. BUT, because there may be three parties involved, she may be walking away from a karmic attachment, into the arms of her actual twin, this karmic attachment may have mimicked a twin, and held this space open for him, OR she may be walking away from her twin, and into a soul mate union, with somebody who she perceives just might be her actual twin. Yes, this is where things may get a little complicated for some, BUT I assure you, there is a rhyme, and a reason still, and there is a lesson involved for every single party, and things will reveal themselves, and sort themselves out, as they should, in due time. Whatever happens here, the feminine does need to walk away, or take some time away from a certain situation, and this may be to do with the five of swords present on the masculine side.

The five of swords can represent an inner struggle for the masculine this week – change is happening for him, but I feel as if he finds this a little scary, and intimidating, because there may be some people, or some things that he has to walk away from, in order to stand in power for the divine feminine, and this can pose a challenge. This is why the third party situation may be so complicated. Some of the masculines right now, are willing to rise to the challenge, (all will eventually, though in their own time), and these are the ones that the feminine will be moving towards, because it mirrors her energy of elevation. SO much masculine energy is asking to be healed by her this week, and in the coming weeks – this may be brothers, fathers, uncles etc, who all seek her counsel, because they know that the divine feminine has this POWERFUL healing, and understanding energy- much like a mother to all!

The five of cups is the masculine considering some loss, and potentially regret from the past. He is digging into his past, and feeling sorrow over something that happened, something that went wrong. This could indeed be the third party situation, maybe he feels the feminine walked away from him, maybe he feels as if he will be letting someone, or some people down if he makes this decision that he needs to make – and yes this decision involves the divine feminine. Because she has stepped into her power now, he knows, and feels that she will not settle for any less, so this poses some pressure for him. Is he enough for her? Can he be enough? Can he be loyal? Can he deal with commitment issues? All of these questions are posed to him. He may be resisting the change because he does not quite understand where it is leading him. Some of the masculines will be acting out – because they are in fear, but I feel the feminine will not pander to it as much, because she will recognise it for exactly what it is! Fear energy! 

The five of cups may also relate to a third party situation that involves his past – perhaps there was infidelity in the past, and this has affected his outlook on love, and the amount of love that he has been willing to give up until now. Maybe somebody cheated on him int he past, this could have even been the feminine who hurt him in some ways with another, and it may be difficult for him to fully apply himself in love because he fears, loss, and change, and abandonment – and these are all themes, and perspectives that will be made clear to him this week! Perhaps, the third party situation relates to HIM, and the empress, and the high priestess may be representing two separate women in his life, – ‘The empress’, representing somebody who he already has a home with, or who is the mother of his child, and the high priestess, representing this spiritual woman, and huge spiritual lesson who has come into his life. He may be feeling torn in between the two, and with the justice card on the feminine side, along with the eight of cups, she may be deciding to walk away from this situation, because of the lack of balance, or fairness, on her part, as well as the other party. 

Lastly, there are many complications with the twin flame union – specifically dealing with this union being somehow taboo, or forbidden, therefore, the third party situation that the masculine could be mourning, may indeed relate to a community, or family who may be disapproving of his decisions to be with the feminine. Either way, this will mark a sign of manhood for him, and he will need to decide which direction to take, although any direction that he does take, will result in him letting somebody down, or  having to lose something. This is a right of passage. 

The feminine may be directly, or indirectly asking the masculine to make some sort of a decision about what he actually wants.  She is getting over some sort of heart break, or unpleasant situation by choosing a different route. The eight of cups represents her fall from grace. She no longer needs pander to everything, and everyone, before catering to herself. The eight of cups is her journey away from negative karmic attachments, not just in the sense of relationships, but also habits, belief systems, what she allows herself to receive, and financial consciousness also. She is allowing herself to receive further abundance, and this journey she is going on, sees her stopping along the way to enlighten people. But she surely is placing herself as number one priority from now on.  She is ready to board the ship of life, so if the masculine does something this week, like forgets to text on time, or does not call when he says he should, she will not be waiting by the phone anxiously – she will be out, living her own life. The feminine is turning away from co-dependency, and themes of attachment, at an alarming right, and so thankfully so! This attachment was an illusion, fueled by the idea that she had to belong to something other than herself in order to be great.

The nine of pentacles on the side of the masculine is indicative of things changing, and improving for him, even though he may not necessarily recognise this at face value. His financial matters are improving, and he is achieving a sense of completion in his career, little does he know, this is all because of the shining graces that the feminine has shone on him, and the abundance that she has shared with him through manifestation. If you look to the spread presented, you can almost see a light emanating from the divine feminine, and befalling directly on the knight of cups in the image, who appears to be kneeling, with his cup empty, waiting for her divine grace to be poured onto him – and it is. For the feminine, heals, and heals, regardless of whether she means to, or not. She shines the light, and holds the torch for others to see into their own darkness, and to transform their ways, and that is exactly what she has done for the masculine this week! The knight of cups is an offer of love – it appears the masculine may be at his weakest, but he is simply going through many spiritual and karmic lessons at this time, and is searching for a new beginning, that begins with love. This may also be representative of multiple masculine energies that are seeking the feminine compliance, and guidance at this time, and she does give to all – not sexually, in the way that the masculine may fear..

The energy that the masculine is projecting to the feminine at this time being the king of wands is actually indicative of his growth, and spiritual break through around the ending of the week, or the beginning of the new week. He emerges from his soul searching, and shadow self victorious, stronger, and he is dealing with issues to do with sexual dysfunction, lack of energy, and lack of belief in self. The energy that the feminine is projecting to the masculine, as the three of cups, speaks of her efforts to re-integrate into the community, for the purposes of self healing, and healing of others. This could even be family relations improving for her. If she appears distant, or as if she is off having fun somewhere, this is because she is. But the masculine is not to worry, she is just dealing with her former consciousness of being alone, feeling lonely, or fearing that she is not apart of something great.


The energy for this current week, and the next are absolutely explosive! And there is so much happening, and so much opportunity for transformation, and elevation! What a fantastic time to be a twin flame on a mission to construct a new earth… There is such heavy focus on the masculine at this time because he is doing all of the work that the feminine has always done. Confronting issues, learning how to manifest, and finding his place in the world, in terms of emotional responsibility to himself, and others.

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General Weekly Reading – 14th-20th November; A glimpse into the POTENTIAL future, death, and transition of former concepts.

Main theme – (knight of pentacles), five of pentacles, death, two of swords, ten of wands.

Numerological break down calculation. 14 (1+4) = 5 – Change, freedom from restriction, liberation, order establishment, leadership, the ability to control ones own destiny. – 20 – Balance, harmony, partnership (magnified by the presence of the 0), healthier relationships, gratitude, and balance of masculine/feminine energies.

The main theme presenting itself as the knight of pentacles speaks of our thoughts that are focused towards the future, future goals, aims, and ambitions. This may be the planning and preparation that we dedicate to what we would like the future, and the near future to look like, based upon the work that we may do now, to make that a reality. This also indicates some foresight, the ability to be able to manifest, and almost see into the future. This speaks of our position of growth, we have gained lessons now from negative past experiences, and we are able to call bullshit far quicker than we were before. This enables us to re-write our karma in a sense, because the same mistakes cannot be repeated if we can spot them a mile off.

Doing things differently this time – going in prepared is the mindset highlighted for this week. The knight of pentacles is one of the only knights who does not act in haste, or eagerness. There is a challenge to be wise and patient about ones decisions, and overseeing matters, and situations with tact – this is the ability to not only start a project, but to finish it also. This may be tying in to a fear of endings, or saying goodbye that many of us have. This is a necessary part of life. Sometimes, the future that we envision just does not contain some of  the things, and the people that are currently within our lives, and this is a tough call that we will have to make – if we would like to grow. 

The Taurus full moon experienced on Monday also enhanced our desires to grow, and acquire more income – as this is a very earth based sign, tied into material pursuits. Perhaps this ties into our desires for internal balance at this time, as financial stability speaks of our own energetic security, and personal vibrations.  

Money is not your worth. But your ability to attract money says alot about your vibrational worth. At least it should in your own eyes.

Money means – being able  to buy nice things, being able to treat yourself, and those you love, indulging in things you enjoy, and honestly? In order to open yourself up to receiving these things, you need to believe that you first DESERVE them. This will motivate, and inspire you to do the necessary work in order to attract, and manifest them.

The five of pentacles sees us once again this week revisiting our feelings, and thoughts about lack. This may be abandonment consciousness, or our fears about being left out in the cold. This could also speak of poverty consciousness – the very real fear that we do not have enough, enough to survive, or enough to be considered enough. To look to the future, you need to look at where you have been. And the two of swords is the perfect representative of how our choices, actions, and decisions may have led us to thinking that we are lacking, or that we are not of enough value. Because the number 5 represents change, I do see us this week battling against these old theories, and notions. 

The perception of not having enough, is merely an illusion – and you do have the power to change that! It has actually been your mental programming, along with the past choices that you have made, that have kept this belief alive.

There is a battle; between our old ways of thinking//doing//feeling, and this new mental perspective that is trying to push itself through. 

It is a dance – between the old, and the new, that we are currently battling with, and many of us may feel as if we are truly battling for our souls. Change is knocking on our door. But there is also a hesitancy present, because this is unexplored territory. 

It is time to try a different route, because the grim reaper arrives to offer you a new destiny, (the death card). You can do things properly this time. Through independence, determination, and a strong belief in your value. 

You are almost all the way there. It is only your own feet that can trip you up now.

The 10 of wands symbolises an end to doing too much, more than your fair share, or carrying on with something when you know it is towards your detriment. This may be people pleasing habits, or directly taking on more than you should,  because you wish to ease the burden of others, or lessen their load. 

This may seem like charitable behaviour, but actually, shows a lack of respect for yourself. You can only ever truly give to others, if your own cup is fulfilled. Or else, what you are actually doing, is giving in the hopes that you will be given back to. And that RARELY ever works in our favour. You are NOT responsible for other people’s sloppiness. You can choose to walk away from whatever causes you unnecessary strain stress, or burden.  Including your own thoughts, and beliefs about yourself, and what you deserve. And this truly will set you free. We are still dealing with Scorpio energies, which highlight and symbolise to us areas in our lives that require complete death, and destruction. The current universal energies are supporting this transition of yours, remain strong, and remember WHY you are doing this. Because you actually are worth this change..

NOBODY is MORE important than you. And never should you idiolise, or prioritise others above yourself. No, this is not to be confused with selfishness. Some of us have spent a life time giving, and never receiving. Time has come to explore balance, on your OWN terms. It is the feminine energy t hat is receptive, so there is a heavy emphasis this week also on stepping into our feminine energy, of passivity, of allowing things to fall into place without feeling the need to try to control, and manipulate them. Do your fair share, and do not feel as if you have to go above, and beyond, to elicit the type of reaction that you DESERVE. 

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Supermoon in Taurus November 2016 – Beautification of the home, the self & physical duties. Masculine & Feminine togetherness. 

The Taurus supermoon that we experienced on the 14th encourages us to secure our finances & responsibility to earthly duties – family, friends, work, appearance.

Numerologically, the date of the 14th brings us to the number 5. This is a number of change, transition, death//rebirth & breaking free from restriction. The number 1 is the energy of newness, often impulsive but determined, whilst the number 4 deals w/ structures that are difficult to dismantle. 

Especially those of us on the hyper feminine//imaginative side. We must meet our creations with physical produce.

It is not only the feminine conjuring of our aims that pull our wildest dreams toward our direction, but it is also the implementation of the work necessary to make these dreams a reality.

Security, longevity & consistency are highlighted to us at this time as strictly important themes & areas in our lives where we are, or have experienced discontent & instability may present themselves as huge obstacles that appear problematic to overcome.
Nothing is too difficult for us. This concern is only emphasised so that we may step up our game & fight even harder for equilibrium – the kind that reigns supreme both internally & externally.

There is no obstacle present that cannot be overcome when the practice of a consistent & thorough routine is introduced. 

Life is like a garden. When we leave things untidy & non attenteded to, horrible weeds will grow. This is reflective of any areas in our life. Our life & our journey is like a plant – & therefore requires both maintainance & the promise of regular nurturing. 

The Taurean energy charges forward with ambition because they carry both pride, & respect for themselves. It is not that they are too prideful to ask for help, or support, but they have come to know the importance of being self sufficient. Especially if they ever hope to be of service to others.

Martyr syndrome will ultimately be challenged during this period, along w/ victim consciousness. The idea that one is powerless, because this concept only brings further discord, & separation from self – & many of us have reached the end of the road of dissatisfaction.  We have walked so far away from self, that there is no longer any where to travel, but backwards, on the journey that ultimately leads back to a United consciousness with self. 

– A heavy theme with divine feminine rising. As powerlessness was formerly her Achilles heel.

Beautification is a strong theme w/ Venus ruling & lets not forget we are still dealing w/ scorpion energies, so the intense pull to be both masculine & feminine may be causing some of us confusion.

Areas of your life where you feel you are lacking, challenge you to step into a more responsible role. Be the father for yourself implementing structure. Be the mother for yourself – nurturing your home & your financial pursuits.

You may wish to buy new clothes, take on new work, or buy new furniture.

As your self esteem struggles against itself for elevation, your physical reality will wish to mirror these changes within.

It is time to sit down w/ yourself & draw up plans – focusing on where your patterns & experiences w/ chaos & fear were once born.

Discipline is not the enemy here.