The sacrificial lamb; the patriarchy of currency in heterosexual relationships & do men need money in a relationship, to be happy?


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African-american man male counting dollar bills by hands.

In society, it’s often typical that the conversations that revolve around the balancing, act or the relationship between love & money, seem to fall inside of 2 dichotomous categories, (especially amongst women).

Either, there are those in question who specifically choose to maintain a romantic relationship which is inclined with financial security & they’re often dubbed as gold diggers, man haters, or those you are to avoid at all costs, or, there are those in question who specifically choose to dismiss the importance of financial stability, particularly when it comes to romance & are thought to actually be genuine & deserving of pursuits, as well as authentic expressions of love & togetherness.

But where is the line? And does somebody, namely, a man, absolutely NEED to have money in order for a relationship to function?

Well, the answer to this question, depends on just how well one would like for a relationship to function & also, what one is looking to get out of a relationship.

Now contrary to my gender, I’m actually not biased in this situation & in stating that yes, a man does indeed need to have money for a relationship to be functional, we first have to look at the significance of what money actually brings & what it represents, as opposed to just looking at the situation from the perspective of, ‘Yes. A man has to have a large amount of money, so that he can buy me a large amount of nice things’. Does that mean that that perception is wrong however? Well, I would think not – but that’s a story for another day.

So, money is nice, we all like it, we all need it & it helps all of us advance in society towards a certain level or realm of achievement. But that’s not all that it is. Everything that we see in this world & everything that we do not see in this world? Is made up of energy. We are made up of energy. And the way that we respond to the rest of the world & the way that the rest of the world responds to us? Is through this energy.

It’s like an invisible language that we use to communicate to the world around & it draws towards us specific experiences, based on the frequency & the vibration of our energy. When our energy is tapped into the openness that is abundance consciousness, we may find that even though we experience the same struggles in life as others, we still typically find resources & connections drawn towards us that help to support us or keep us sustained in our time of need. Not always, though usually, you will find that people suffering from droughts from long periods of time (of-course removing instances that involve economic crisis & taking socioeconomic factors into account), are also people who are energetically redundant. Mentally, this can manifest or exist as detachment from one’s reality, perhaps intense procrastination, depression & eventually defeat. Now, it’s also worth noticing that there are a string of other personality disorders & mental afflictions that can make one resistant to the idea of committing to any potential work or action that will cause money to flow.

And that’s just the thing. Money flows. Like energy, money is supposed to flow. Because money is the currency that we use to physically determine or explore how much energy we have & how much more energy we can buy, when you think about money as a spiritual, immaterial measure of how much of ourselves we can afford to give & how much freedom we can acquire for ourselves, we begin to see that the relationship between money & oneself, is actually of utmost significance. That being said, why does society appear to shame women who either search for, or create a requirement for a partner who is financially stable?

For me, it all comes down to control. The same patriarchal institutions they’ve attempted to shame, demean & keep women in place’ for centuries, through systems of institution, are the same people who make the rules to dehumanise women as ‘gold diggers’, when they simply choose to become more conscious & pay more attention, to what their partner’s pockets, say about their partner.

Though contrary to typical patriarchy, it doesn’t appear to be the one’s who have the power who are calling the shots in this instance. Rather, the men who you’ll find berating women for their choice to be with men who are financially stable, is the men who actually do not have the ‘power’ aka the money.

You’ll typically find these men suffering or battling with what I like to call ‘baby boy syndrome’ & yes this differs from somebody who suffers from a mental health disorder, but is usually somebody who has been pampered & given so much room for error in their earlier years, (usually by their mother), that they believe that they can begin to coast through life on excuses, missed opportunities, financially dependency & a ‘good woman’, who’s just too ‘good’ to call him out on his lack of energetic exchange, balance & harmony.

In the end, it becomes NOT just about the fact that a woman will not be able to be taken to nice places regularly or won’t be able to be gifted luxuries left right & centre, what it really comes down to, is the fact that this woman, will likely be drained of her own energetic resources, life force, to energy, happiness & boundaries.

A person, any person, without money, must become dependent upon another. And when we are speaking of men specifically, there’s a particular blow to the ego & the self esteem of a man who’s not feeling accomplished, motivated & ambitious in his life, to the point of seeing results, as these are all central themes that play on the esteem & worth of a man, not only in society, but also in his own eyes.

There’s a certain helplessness born through depression that’ll usually see such an individual sinking even deeper & deeper into the pits of their own self pity & once again this does not refer to individuals who have been ‘laid off’, or who go through a few months at a time of financial uncertainty (even though they aren’t void of these symptoms), but refers more to a prolonged period of depravity & poverty consciousness, caused by an inability that he has to commit to, dedicate to & produce worthy results, whether through self employment, or trying to navigate & climb the corporate ladder.

Yes, this also relates to somebody who keeps switching from job to job within a short period of time & finds that in-between these jobs, they rely heavily on their partner, or another woman in their family who is also willing to offer ‘unconditional love’ aka a lack of boundaries.

And that’s the important distinction to make here. Because there is a lack of energy in the form of resources for these persons to leverage, what they usually begin to turn to, is something inane in all of us – they begin to leverage emotion & this is where the second ‘stereotype’ of people (particularly women), as it relates to love & money, becomes born.

The energy of emotion is something that is an endless resource to tap in to. We’re human. We have emotions. And these men recognise this, especially as women are very much socialised into paying out people with emotions & emotional labour, instead of getting paid or rewarded for their achievements with money or career accolades, they begin to become paid, through emotional labour. They must then become pretty skilled & adapt at navigating the emotional realms of others, usually using emotional blackmail, gaslighting & manipulation, either to receive money from their partner (who becomes a substitute parent to the child unable to parent themselves), or, to receive consistent emotional support (enabling) & lack of boundary enforcement, so that they can continue to remain complacent in their energetic redundancy, without the backlash of their partner one day blurting out the blurred out truth, ‘You need to take responsibility’.

And so yes, to answer the initial question, is it important for a man to have money in a relationship, the answer is yes. It is not only important, but it is CENTRAL to the well being & the mental health, of both.

It’s not simply about a woman being concerned about the inside of a man’s pockets that is at the root of a woman turning away from a man who is financially unstable. But it is more so about the consciousness & the energy that a man takes on, when he becomes financially void. These types of men are known to become more abusive, particularly psychologically, as they tend to find a way to exert their power in a way that is less overt & more underhand (as on the surface they become aware of a lack of power). All types of ideologies about respect, whether they’re worthy of it, whether they’re receiving it, from their partner begin to come into play & not before long, it can turn into the mind of a war zone, jealousy, suspicion, projection, lack of self esteem & eventually resentment towards their partner, both for having more power, self control & independence than him & secondly for being the only good thing in his life, who exists with the constant threat of also waking up one day, leaving & realising that they deserve better, being lost to another man (who they’ve already dreamt up a thousand times as so much better than themselves), culminating in them receiving the affirmation to the dreaded theory they’ve been pondering for so very long – that they truly do, have no value.

It’s actually not a woman who first projects the ideal onto a financially unstable man that he has no value. It is first, himself. The moment that he gives up & loses the energy & the will to commit to a goal or strategy, is the moment that he condemns himself. Because of this energy of devaluation, many men who are in this position do find themselves abusing the power that they have left & taking out their insecurities & need for validation & control, out on their partner.

These types of men can be known to get very nasty & demeaning, as to not dare allow their partner the opportunity to ever think they are better than them, usually leading to put downs & the ongoing attack on the self esteem of that woman. Often times, they may revert to financial abuse, attempting to control what the woman does with her money, what she does with her time & even resorting to stealing from her, or lying to her to extract larger & larger amounts of money out of her. Lastly, financial instability is a huge breeding ground for infidelity, as men who feel emasculated in the home, will often find themselves excused to go outside of the home & find a temporary lover to stroke their ego in the meantime, especially if they can detach & lie to this lover about who they truly are, if only for a moment.

There is also the fact of the matter that for a functional heterosexual relationship to work, the man does have to feel as if he is respected by his woman in some way or another. This is just a facet of how men’s ego works. And it becomes very difficult, increasingly difficult, for a woman to fain respect for a man, who doesn’t act like a man at all, but who rather pouts, throws tantrums, throws his toys out of their buggy & does everything but get control of his life, his thoughts & himself enough, to strike a change in his behaviours.

For this reason, many of the women who choose to remain stuck to these situations, or who are manipulated through emotion into staying in these toxic situations (‘Why does money matter? If you really loved me, you wouldn’t care’), often have to suppress their own needs, desires, or true feelings in order to be able to maintain the relationship. They too, slowly lose themselves, in a bid to acclaim their ride or die status.

But where does it lead?

Where does it take them?

When children or other long term commitments are thrown into the mix, these women often grow more resentful over time & can suffer prolonged periods of hardship & internalised rage, both towards themselves & their partners.

In no way am I suggesting that people, or men for that matter do not deserve love or support when going through a hard time, however any time that love or support begins to cross boundaries & cross over into abusive territory, which is almost inevitable, then it becomes less about ‘love’ & more about pain.

A man who is caught in an energetic rut, needs more than selfless love from his woman. For the most part, he needs to regain his own confidence, reclaim his self esteem & lastly trace the psychological & generational steps that got him into that position. Enabling him, is actually only furthering his suffering. A passive enabler causes everyone pain, but especially, the children!

Whatever conditions are agreed upon between two lovers, must be something that works for them. There are women who are content with building together & working with a man from the ground up, however that too differs from this situation, as for that to take place, the man has to be willing & committed at least to taking action, regardless of how many times he falls & have far more than JUST potential. Many women lose & waste years of their life on potential & potential alone. The potentiality that things will suddenly turn around, especially when backed by empty, recurring promises. A lot of the men caught in these ruts, are actually very talented individuals, with a mirage of skills, typically also making it more difficult for the woman to turn away the idea of fulfilled potential, somewhere along the line.

Once again, there is a difference between a man who is in a low income job, or perhaps earns less than his woman. If the two of them support & practice energetic exchanges & balance in other ways, then there’s nothing wrong with somebody choosing this route, with full knowledge ahead of them of what to expect. However, when someone enters into a partnership rightfully expecting full participation & balance & is met with empty promises, empty pockets & manipulation, there’s no way for that foundation to be built or maintained on a steady ground.

Not all women want the flashy life or expect men to be 100% providers & men who do not have grand ambitions for world domination or currency domination, can still find healthy & fulfilling relationships. However, they just need to know who to go for & not shame other women for their financial preferences.

There are women who prefer the finer things in life & either want to partner with a man who gives them this, or somebody who they can build & nurture this with. That too, is fine & entirely within their prerogative. And I do not believe they should be thwarted & manipulated with claims that they do not want or value true love, or the partner that they choose, should they recognise that they do require this to feel safe.

Typically, men also do tend to grow or blossom out of the idea that women who prefer financial security are, are to be avoided at all costs. Most of the time, when men are in a financially void position, they treat their woman with less value, because even subconsciously, they understand that she is accepting less than she deserves, consequently not valuing her own self, so therefore he also values her less.

Men, like all competitive creatures, appreciate more the value of something that they had to work hard to get, or have to invest in, sacrifice for in some way. Usually, after struggling with a woman for several years who fell for them when they had nothing, the next woman that a man marries, whilst he is successful, is usually a woman who does care & does count on him to financially provide & her knowing of her value, also causes for him to value her.

There is a reason that in numerology the number 8 represents both financial abundance & success & also the breaking of karma, karmic, generational & familial chains.

We all have different ideologies & needs in a relationship & financial abuse is an abuse less discussed within communities, because of this dichotomy that exists.

Does this mean that every man who finds himself in this position is damned to a life of depravity & never managing to change his luck? Not necessarily. Perhaps when the truth hits the fan & the enablers step aside, his world can envision & a cloudless & more clear perspective, enabling him to turn his fortune around. But nobody, no man nor woman, should be caught in the cross fire of that before or if it takes place at all.

And to the avenged men who did manage to break through, years later, there still stands the notion of forgiveness & healing. The bitter, self righteous perspective that can feed into him proclaiming, ‘I’ll make her regret ever leaving me’, also needs to be released, in order to enter any new partnership, with a clear channel.

-Cindy Anneh-bu

Divine lovers *daily* reading – 24th-26th November.

Main theme – 5 of cups/this could be the one, Masculine – Problem solving/9 of cups, Feminine – Green/4 of pentacles.

The 5 of cups in combination with the ‘this could be the one’ card speaks of missed opportunities or what appears to have been a missed opportunity in love, particularly for the masculine. There appears to be a sense of loss & the masculine may spend these next 2 days feeling a little bit hard on himself as he ponders what he has lost or places in which he believes he is falling or has fallen short, especially in the past in relation to where he currently is now.

The 5 of cups can represent self pity or even victimisation & if the masculine is attempting to build a relationship w/ a new feminine he’s found, his indulgence in what he fears is not enough about him, could potentially cause him difficulty when it comes to enjoying the experience of this new love. These next 2 days focus on how the joy stealing of past memories/thoughts may rob divine lovers of their opportunity to experience love in their present moment.

It is time to let go of the past & I do truly feel as if the masculine has to spring into action at this time. Sitting around & watching paint dry is not going to get him the results that he wants. Whether he feels he has lost his chance with the feminine or not? There’s more at risk than just that. His whole life has been brought into question through this meeting with the feminine. It’s like ‘what are you going to do with your life now? Masculine. You cannot rely on the feminine to feel good. Especially if she’s off fighting her own battles in her corner. It’s time for you to step up.

The problem solving card relates to him putting his thinking cap on & trying to think of ways to heal or bridge the gap between himself & the feminine. Even though he experiences regret, a part of him remains hopeful of salvaging the situation.

He fears all may be lost, but with the 9 of cups, he still maintains his future vision of how he would like things to be, or once again be. That’s enough focus to keep him away from his traditional victim mentality. Hopefully it will be enough.

Some of the masculine’s may be struggling with feeling unworthy of the feminine. His old fears & shadows in the form of his perceived limitations may indeed be playing with his mind at this time.

The feminine may be going through in her mind some of her greatest & worst past loves. With the green card at this time she’s asked to gracefully let go of some of these past stories of love, including the ones who hurt her the most. The feminine must put these situations to rest if she is to open again to the type of love & honour that she actually deserves. The only thing between her & true love, is her ability to move past past experiences. Some of which were not about love, but about learning. Feminine, do not hold on to your heart so tightly that nobody can love you again. You have so much love to give & you do a great disservice to yourself if you allow past lovers to squander your perception of romance. Both divine lovers must let go of fear. A new script awaits.

Divine lovers weekly *PREVIEW* — ‘The thing that love stole’ – 25th November – 1st December.

This week, it appears as if the feminine has an important decision to make when it comes to understanding & identifying the type of love that she honours & is willing to entertain. It appears to be a bit of an energetically trying time for both divine lovers & I feel as if this is because spirit is doing the work to cleanse or ‘ring out’ the last of the trauma responses & templates through way of behaving, that divine lovers have been juggling.

This year has been particularly demanding in the ways in which it brought everything from the subconscious, to the surface & as we know? Divine lovers are eager little beavers when it comes to understanding the templates of their wounding & how to remain on a continuous path of self improvement & self reflection.

Remaining in circles & karmic cycles, is just not going to cut it anymore & confrontation is heavily at the root of this week’s energies.

Both lovers are being put to the test of no longer using one another as a crutch when it comes to healing, particularly the feminine.

It appears that the masculine is being avoidant this week, but his avoidance is actually serving a worthy purpose of meaning that the feminine can no longer rely on him in a bid not to deal & work through her own wounds, so she too must look into herself & confront the part of herself that always feels as if she needs something else or need somebody else until she can feel complete. What the two do not know, is that they’re dealing with the same internal energies of not feeling good enough, that it becomes expressed in different ways.

As much as the feminine has used him (the masculine representative), to distract her from this in various years, he has also used her as an escape goat – the more she stroked his ego, the more he did not have to look into the part of him that truly perceived weakness.

But this week, I do commend him for the ways in which he appears to be taking the lead to avoid the codependent contemplation that arrives them at the same bus stop, year after year, cycle after cycle, even if he is going about communicating (or rather not communicating), about it in the wrong ways.

He is very much inside of himself this week feminine & my dear I must ask you, with all this angst that you are feeling, why aren’t you?

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Divine Lovers Daily Reading – 26th-28th September


Main theme – The world/Selenite, Masculine – Ace of cups/Calling in your soul mate, Feminine – Judgement, True love.


The world card in combination with the selenite energy speaks of the current climax stage that divine lovers have found themselves apart of. The world card represents a rapid awakening process that is asking divine lovers to abandon their usual routines and matrixes, and sacrifice and detach from some things and some people in their life, usually without particular or specific reason, but with the nagging feeling that if they do not, they may find themselves repeating a tedious cycle that they themselves know that they have outgrown. The spiritual body is ready to leave; however, the physical body appears to be stuck in its qualms about loss and what it means to move on and start a new world in its entirety.

Perhaps this week speaks about the divorce or the pieces that we have to pick up after the breakdown of a relationship. Some divine lovers may find that they are being called to step away from someone whom they have grown attached to in their lives, specifically through co-dependent attachments. The world card is about the difficulty that arises when we know that we have a decision gnawing away at us to make, though we still wonder why things had to be this way, with things could not just work out another way.

I do believe that free will is indeed an illusion. And with the decision that divine lovers are being pulled to make, even if they take the route of inaction and decide not to make a move in the direction of detachment, from this point on, their energy has changed. Their viewpoints and understanding has changed, specifically over the past few weeks. They will not look at these people the same way they have, even if they decide to stay.

With the world card in combination with the judgement card the feminine is awakening to her own truths about the places that she has been overextending herself as well as wasting her time. The feminine spends these next few days waking up from the spell of believing that she could earn peoples love and approval through self-sacrifice and martyr ship. She’s being asked to put in her big girl boots and in doing so she has to remove her rose-tinted glasses and no longer choose to remain blind to the truth right in-front of her. If the feminine has felt stuck for a while or kept complaining about lethargy or a lack of movement, then she is asked to remove the ‘dead weight’, because spirit has something else for her, that’s practical and tangible for her to experience, but this cannot be born if she is still holding onto illusions, especially about who the masculine is or what his intentions are. In many ways this does represent the feminine’s spirit guides and they are getting a little frustrated with the feminine in a sense because they do feel as if they have given both the signs and support to her that she needs to begin making this decision to no longer buy into illusions, but begin to experience reality from a more balanced and well rounded perspective. A new destiny awaits, whilst the feminine still wonders what if. How romantic are you about love itself feminine? Don’t you like your love, true?

With the ace of cups card, it appears as if there’s also a decision that the masculine has to make that the feminine has to leave him to make, not attempting to influence or manipulate his journey, because this destiny is his too. Perhaps she may feel compelled to reach out or try to offer him extra ‘support’ in a bid to hear from him, but listen to your intuition feminine, as you are asked to let this choice be his. I do feel as if this relates to a 3rd party situation, although the 3rd party may not be so much the other ‘woman’, as it is the other ‘entity’. The masculine appears a little clouded and confused, although some mercy is offered to him in the form of the ace of cups. The ace of cups represents a clean slate for the masculine, but he has to be honest in order to get it. He likes to act sometimes as if he does not know what he has to do to break his spell of bad luck, or as if he is so confused about why this is happening, when what he does need to do is admit to his participation, through his own weaknesses. There are some ways that the masculine allows women to control him, or perhaps does not speak up and tell the truth about not being happy where he is. This is not work for the feminine to complete for the masculine. He is the only one who can face himself and has to stop running from his truth.


Divine Lovers Weekly Reading Preview – 23rd-3rd October 2019 – The great fire; The purge & the urge.


There is a wave that’s sweeping divine lovers this week and attempting to leave nothing in its midst. A clearance that takes the form of exposing all of the energies and spaces that divine lovers have been doing themselves a disservice, is headed to town. It’s as if the grim reaper comes knocking on the door and divine lovers are urged to surrender some of their oldest survival mechanisms or programs, as they seek to stand a threat towards the life that divine loves truly seek to embody and become alignment with. This week focuses on burning away untruths and because of the nature of change and destruction as being rapid, there may be underlying currents of anxiety or the sneak suspicion that everything that’s coming to them must be done urgently and accomplished immediately. But the fire does not exist to intimidate you divine lovers, it exists to make you aware of just how precious time is. The fire does dance in wait for you to join it, however if you continue to put it off and say that you have a thousand other karmic wounds to attend to, you’ll never dance a dance with life. This week focuses on breaking free and it appears that the feminine is receiving strength & support from some feminine deities in her generational line. This is the week that the feminine must surrender her need to be there for everyone, doing everything to keep them afloat at all times. The feminine is currently being taken through the lessons of boundaries and may find seemingly tiresome situations cropping up with the intention of activating her throat chakra and causing her to completely revamp her environment, including her goals and directions about life and herself. If anger is the language that she is looking for this week, then it’s probably passion. Passion, enchantment and creation simply misplaced into the wrong person/direction.

The masculine appears to be tripping up over some mistakes that he made in the past that shaped his current reality for him this week. He’s taking a walk down memory lane and perceiving how differently his destiny may have shaped itself if he had been a little bit more patient, as it appears that he took a short cut that led to him having to be deceptive. He may find himself going backwards, attempting to deliver a message, even an apology, but the divine isn’t quite done with him yet. Just when he finds himself asked to experience humility, he’s also asked to go on a new ride, this doesn’t look like death this time, but rebirth. Will the masculine shed an old skin, for an old soul, not the feminine, but to save his own?

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Divine Lovers Daily Reading 5th-7th September 2019

Divine Lovers Daily Reading 5th-7th

Rahul Malpini

Main theme – Angels/Wedding, Masculine – Strength, 8 of pentacles, Feminine – The hermit/King of wands.

The angels card appears to bring extra support and guidance to the feminine in these days, especially as it relates to trusting herself and her union with the masculine. The wedding card deals with the templates of fear for the feminine, including archaic wounds that she has held surrounding her deservingness of love and honour. The angels card also relates to both divine lovers getting some intimate support regarding their fears about love and the behavioural mechanisms that are born through these fears. There is a divine union being brought together at this time that is being assisted by ancestral and divine support. It appears as if the voice of doubt, mistrust and sabotage that divine lovers held on to due to their past and childhood programming, is now being pushed aside by the emergence or the growing need for a more angelic, higher vibrational, supportive and clear guidance system.

For some divine lovers, this could simply mean that the ancestors that are in contact with them are now shifting in vibration because of the severing of an old karmic contract. The wedding card represents the template of love, ownership and union that divine lovers modelled after or adopted from their parents. This was rooted in fears and power struggles, involving the feminine being unhealthily attached and the masculine being unhealthily detached (both detached from breath, the present moment, life – God). The masculine deals with the uncertainties that he has about being committed to the feminine, in the form of fears to do with security, longevity in the face of change, and the subconscious fears that he holds surrounding loss through love.

The strength card reminds the masculine that the weakest link in the race, is not the one who tries and does not hit the mark the first time but is the one who fails to try at all. The masculine is frozen in time when he is frozen in fear and if he feels that trying would expose him more to the potentiality of losing, then he has no idea of the losses that he endures when he fails to try at all. A lot of masculine energies are dealing with the feeling of not having enough strength, power or energy to move forward in their desired destination. However, the 8 of pentacles card shows that apart of the only reason that the masculine sometimes feels as if he cannot achieve what he sets out to, is because he just does not try. He shuts down because of his fears of not believing in himself, and this is the exact approach that he takes with the divine feminine. If he feels as if he is not enough for her or that her glare and gaze will be too powerful if he reveals his true self, he cheats himself out of achieving the prize depicted in the wedding card – the union of the two souls in true love, connection and harmony. No masculine, this is not just a dream that exists that you will never touch. It only exists this way so long as you stay trapped within your own mind and fail to act. The 8 of pentacles may even be representative of smaller steps that the masculine takes to meet his goals halfway. The 8 of pentacles speaks of dedication to the goal and the work, no excuses and getting down into the physical part of the work, which is the actual craftsmanship, not just he juggling of ideas inside of one’s mind. The strength card asks the masculine to remember just why he is here. It’s not to watch the world pass him by.

With the hermit card the feminine is asked to retire from the task of attempting to do the work for the masculine or somehow cheat her way into acknowledging her own worth and validity through somehow ‘saving’ him or turning him around to suit her own specific needs and tastes. Feminine, forgive yourself if you did not see this as controlling, even when it may have been. Forgive yourself for the parts of your shadow self that remained a mystery, even to you. Forgive yourself for being so fearful that you would not meet your happy ever after that you attempted to rush the process. That’s okay too. And the angels card exists to offer her support and comfort for her realisations about how her quest to neglect her own inner work may have caused her to idealise the notion of romance and partnership, betraying her own self in the process.

The king of wands asks the feminine to become as romantic about herself and her own life as she has been about the masculine. Projecting magical qualities onto the masculine is not only an indication of what you can see locked within him, but also the qualities that exist within yourself that you do not feel worthy enough of, so you project them onto the masculine instead, and then become disillusioned when he cannot live up to them. But neither can you feminine. All of the great works that you envision for the masculine. To be respected by his peers, amongst his community, confident, active and financially sound. Do you not equally bid for yourself feminine? Then why avoid them by attempting instead to run to the masculine and see those dreams realised through him.

Divine Lovers Weekly Reading Preview – Open to new love – 2nd-8th September 2019

Pavel Yunin

This week, divine lovers take a crash test course in self-love. This is the week about not running away and both divine lovers are made to sit with and confront themselves. Shadows and all. Particularly any resistance that the feminine has towards receiving authentic love and intimacy is brought up this week for review. The masculine appears to be riding the wave of awakening a little more successfully this week and this has to do with him preparing to open himself up to receive love and create a home of love for the feminine. If this is referring to an old masculine that has existed in the feminine’s life, this is the week that the masculine begins to show or provide physical evidence of the provisions that he has been manifesting and putting together. There does seem to have been some type of break or disconnect between the two, though it appears that the masculine is doing or does his best to repair the distance. He cannot do any work that the feminine is not willing to mirror and this week? Even when the masculine offers love to the feminine, if she is unable to climb outside of the barriers and boarders that she has built, none of this love will reach her. The feminine is asked to transform her love language this week, as the masculine gets more in touch with a child-like and more innocent aspect of himself. He appears to have help from women around him, whether family or ancestral guardians that prepare him for the next portion of love ahead. The feminine is simply asked to prepare to become a bride of the divine, learning how to love herself again and worship the goddess within in the process. She’s called to spend her time this week with other people, a community, to expand her love outside of just the masculine alone, as she confronts the depths of her issues in intimacy; trust, reciprocation and respect. The victim complex as we know it is blown wide open in a way that allows us to look at our pain from an entirely new perspective.

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Divine Lovers Daily Reading – 14th-15th August

Main theme – Unrequited love/Full moon, Masculine – Justice/Queen of swords, Feminine – 10 of pentacles/Page of swords.

The unrequited love card in combination w/ the full moon as the main theme suggests divine lovers coming to a close with & rounding up many of their karmic interactions. These days may represent an energy that has been on going for a while now & clearance is beginning, or they may represent the energy of a person who awakens to this information & begins to process it at this time.

It’s time for divine lovers to enter into the timeline that has been available to a particular set of lovers for a while, yet has remained shielded from divine lovers who were lost & caught in karmic cycles, karmic relationships & karmic patterns.

In life, we must become comfortable with the fact that Change is the only consistent & with that we can begin to work with becoming more comfortable with cycles & the natural

Passing of moments & portions of our life as they come to a close.

The unrequited love & the moon card grant peace to a situation that could not have, neither can it, go another way. It’s about the final acceptance of a situation that’s been lacking for some time & I feel as if this is about divine lovers surrendering to

That truth & moving into that new timeline where they are able to attract a new cycle & a new partner who is more of a vibrational match. The feminine particularly may be thinking about walking away, especially as she comes into the recognition with the ten of pentacles that this situation with the karmic masculine is & has been tedious for some time now. Perhaps she also recruited somebody to try to speak with him or this time she has the support or the acknowledgment/participation of somebody else who the masculine has breached boundaries or a contract with. It’s almost like the masculine has been going in between two people & telling them both different stories, or this feels like the energy of a child who’s been playing both their teachers & their parents (two dependents) against one another & both are wising up in these next two days.

With the justice card there is the sound of the bell for the masculine. This is about finally calling time on a situation because the karma, the lesson or the message has played out & it’s time for the situation to be released or recycled into a new experience.

The justice card however isn’t such a bitter pill this time because it’s supposed to teach the masculine something.

The queen of swords represents boundaries & this is setting a clear example or a clear line for the masculine of where not to cross or what will no longer be allowed to be tolerated. The divine/the universe seizes the feminine to use her as an example of divine law or a message for the masculine to clean up. The message isn’t about punishment or even scolding the masculine, even though it may appear this way. The energy in these days simply exists to point the two into the acceptance & surrender of the power of cycles & rebirth. The justice card is a nudge to let go, whilst the queen of swords is a future vision or idea of what may go wrong if he does not take heed this time around.

The page of swords may demonstrate harsh words or harsh actions from the feminine, particularly if she’s grown tired of Merry go round situations & cycles. Some feminine’s may be refraining from cutting an axe into the masculine, because they recognise how it serves no purpose, others are unlikely to unleash a reign, once more for old times sake, if not anything else..

Divine Lovers Weekly Reading – A game of chance – 14th-21st August 2019

This week represents a karmic reboot for divine lovers that sends them scattered into a new direction. It’s like a fertility dance or an act of fertility, they are seeds thrown haphazardly that scatter, yet happen by divine matter to land in the exact right place, at the exact right time.

If only they may see the hand of divine grace & witness this. A chance & a dance at new love & life introduces itself this week as the divine seeks to get a little playful, yet a little poetic.

The beginning of the week contradicts the second half which picks up with a fiery vengeance. A week that experiences both the death of the old & the acceptance & delight of the new.

Things come to pass or begin to

Materialise this week that the feminine has dreamt of or imagined at a previous time, though they exist at the other end of what she currently wants or endures.

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Divine Lovers Daily Reading – 5th-6th August 2019

The feminine finds herself in these next 2 days taking some time off carrying the emotional burden. A shift occurs for the feminine in which she becomes inspired by authenticity & seeks to uphold a mirror for others too to meet her in this place – her emotional space, her place of resilience here, not so wavering & chaotic as it has once been, but purified, explored & given an open space to exist.

Water speaks of the feminine’s desires to explore emotions & her emotional

Self at this time without judgement or suppression. The feminine is interested in cultivating a space in which all of her needs are met, most importantly her need to be fully accepted for the emotional & often complex being that she is. The feminine is not interested in being one way or in to one thing & she’s beginning to understand the importance of having the masculine see, accept & represent her in her entirety. Not in exchange for her emotional expression, but in combination with.

The feminine is to work on accepting how she is feeling without having the need to question or second guess it.

The high priestess represents the feminine no longer running from

Herself or her emotions. She becomes more honest with herself about what feels right & what feels wrong & works ok no longer allowing the masculine to scapegoat his share of the work/journey understanding.

The introspection theme continues for the masculine at this time as the 10 of Wands & the water card consists of him beginning to or being challenged to do his emotional

Inner work.

The 10 of Wands is the masculine being asked once again to confront the parts of himself that have grown accustomed to relying on others especially the feminine to do the inner work. The water card represents him making the emotional journey across himself, over to the side of the feminine, which means learning & being


To seeing the feminine as a human being in her own right, seeing her feelings, honouring her emotions & creating a safe space for her to do the same.

With the full moon card, the feminine takes priority with learning & learning to understand & accept her emotions at this time, which means honouring her intuition & not challenging or second guessing the thoughts & perceptions that she has about herself & others. For the feminine to be able to be completely transparent, it’s important for her to surround herself with people who are the same & she’s beginning to recognise this. The masculine’s resistance to change doesn’t hold

up very well with the rawness & complete openness that the feminine is pushed towards. What will she do? The full moon reveals all & all things return to the surface to be seen at due time. But the feminine has arrived at a crossroads & she’s asked to surrender some of her baggage to death, to the divine, to another life time. Somebody else can wear that karma now that’s been ever so heavy.

With the 4 of cups, there is the emergence of the stubborn or child


Masculine who expects that the feminine will fold to his will & bend her rules a little for him, though she appears not to budge in these next two days. With the 4 of cups the masculine may wait, or try to

Play mind games to bend the feminine to yielding to his call or his attempt

To receive what he wants, without having to be emotionally vulnerable.

The high council card represents a group of elders or star soul beings who

May be watching over or at times interfering with our events/destiny here on earth & they appear to either be manipulating the masculine at this time, (I speak about this in my baby boy syndrome book – available here – ), or attempting to extend an Olive branch to the masculine to communicate & become more honest & open with the feminine, if he can fight behind his self anger, resentment & shame enough, then he will know how & when to approach her. If not, he will continue to be both motivated & haunted by these exterior & interior entities. Even if the masculine finds himself under the influence of his past trauma & mental programming, if he can become entirely honest with himself about what hurts & what feels vulnerable, he can break free from the manipulation of sinister presences.

Divine lovers Weekly reading preview — 5th-11th August – Changing lanes.

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This week, divine lovers are being activated to take more chances, risks & opportunities in their lives, specifically if they are interested in turning their lives around &

Coming into contact with a life that’s far more fulfilling & enjoyable, as well as sustainable. This is a week where both are thinking about manifesting more abundance into their lives & opportunities will be presented for them to build a more comfortable & Lucrative future. The feminine in particular is asked to move away from poverty consciousness & begin accepting more for herself by clearing through her ideas of what she deserves & what is available to her.

Divine lovers are still learning this week about what it takes to run a functional home & for some this is because they just had children, whilst for others they have been thinking about starting a family & are being called into awareness about all of the variables that they must ensure are taken care of first.

The feminine is being asked to challenge her own perceptions about self this week. It’s time for her to take more responsibility as she recognises how the only thing/person who can truly hold her back, is herself. It’s time for a direction to be chosen. If she does not choose, spirit will just decide that she wishes to remain where she is (small).

The masculine continues to fight against the conflict & confusion in his mind & in his heart this week, yet he is being shown that if he cannot keep up the work & cannot keep up the pace, the feminine is willing to hurt both of them this week, by pulling away. No person will be spared in this week’s pursuits.

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Divine lovers daily reading – 24th-25th July

United energy – Let your friends help you/Green, Masculine – 7 of swords/Emperor, Feminine – 3 of pentacles/8 of pentacles.

The daily these next few days speaks on the troubles we all have with intimacy, vulnerability & rawness & the often awkward way that we approach the emotions that we do not wish to face, including developing codependent bonds, attachments & dependencies.

The feminine is confronted today with the ways in which she may attempt to run or escape from

The emotions that she finds overwhelming & even underwhelming, including the masculine’s participation or often lack of proper conviction in her life.

The feminine does not need to rely on anybody else to provide her with the information or comforts that she may seek in these days, but to trust that they’re there to ask her to redirect her energy back into herself.

The let your friends help you card can also speak of the feminine learning to process or deal with the fall out of the 7 of swords situation from the masculine. The 7 of swords represents the masculine creating the illusion that he’s moving in secrecy or with discretion, but both parties neglecting to acknowledge that they’re both very much aware of the masculine’s motives & behaviours & there may have existed an equal lack of responsiveness on behalf of the feminine when it came to holding him accountable.

Compassion towards self must be practiced by the feminine at this time & she’s asked to cast aside & away harsher or judgemental voices from her field. It becomes ever more important for her to conserve her energy & resist the impulse to seek guidance or validation elsewhere. Past experiences exist to teach the feminine that not everybody is so happy to receive her information nor have good intentions with it. It’s time for you to work on forgiving those who you feel have hurt you, by taking greater responsibility over protecting & responding to yourself. When you refuse to give others the power over your emotions & your emotional regulation, you no longer give them the power of tainting your story.

The 7 of swords with the masculine may demonstrate that he’s still partially caught up in some cycles that he’s given the impression that he has healed or is trying to heal from. The 7 of swords represents a lack of resistance as well as deterrence from showing self control. It’s almost as if the masculine just cannot resist or almost develops a thrill out of believing that he’s getting out of some situations. For some feminine’s, they may have discovered that their masculine has been intimate with a friend of theirs or that somebody was intentionally giving them jaded advice because they were secretly envious.

The feminine is to spend these next 2 days purging the energy of disingenuous friendships, the energy of deceit or the energy of jealousy. The feminine works to clear her heart of being guarded against or being in anticipation of this energy by re-positioning her energy back towards herself so that she can slowly begin to decipher who & where to give it to.

The let your friends help you card also warns the feminine of replacing one codependent bond with another, when the goal is to break free from them completely.

With the emperor card, the masculine may also be feeling the effects of the feminine taking some time to work on her own self development & interests. He may feel as if he’s been wronged somehow or as if his ego has been bruised if he witnesses that the feminine has changed the beat of her drum in anyway. This is where you may see the childish or immature nature in the masculine. Even though he often gets away with things right in front of the feminine’s eyes, if he feels the feminine is losing care or vim for the situation, then he’s likely to be throwing a tantrum, or trying to get the feminine to see/understand why he feels as if she’s overreacting or why he feels as if she doesn’t have a true reason to ‘leave’ as she may be thinking of doing, or this is rather how he perceives her detaching more to focus on herself.

With the green card he may also be experiencing difficulty opening up &

Processing emotions that he may be triggered to feel from the feminine, such as loss or the fear of abandonment. So long as he does not work on healing or

Communicating this, with the 3 of pentacles the feminine becomes more focused upon sorting out her own goals & making connections that will help

To further where she wishes to be in life. The feminine may be thinking more practically, in terms of choosing people around her who have positive influence, even though they may not initially or necessarily be an emotional connection of the same dependency as she’s known previously. She’s willing to try to move within new circles. The 8 of pentacles is all about working diligently within these next 2 days. Once she recognises just how much energy these codependent situations absorb, she’ll return to making a conscious effort to nurture her own self

& water her own crafts.

It’s not that emotions or her desire for intimacy take a back seat now. She just becomes more confident & comfortable with her masculine energy – who seeks balance in both love & war.

Divine lovers weekly reading preview —The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

This week, divine lovers are dealing with the themes of disappointment & betrayal, particularly the aftermath of giving something or somebody a chance, particularly a second chance, particularly if it means placing one’s self in a vulnerable position. This week deals with the age old question we typically ask ourselves & others – do people ever change?

The masculine appears to have made or be making a bid to get back into

The life of the feminine & back into her good graces but I do see that this week he is having

to earn her approval or earn his

Place back into her life because although the feminine may love him, she’s being seemingly

More cautious & thorough about the screening process, because this situation has brought the feminine pain before.

The feminine is taken on a journey through greater levels of self love this week as the masculine is asked to become

clear on exactly what it is that he wants. He’s given another opportunity this week to spin his destiny & arrive to the feminine, entirely open & ready to be raw. It doesn’t appear as if she’ll settle for anything less.

The most delicate, valuable part of the feminine’s heart is at stake here & she is asked to pause before making this decision about her next move. There’s parts of the masculine that he’ll have to confront that he does not wish to, if he is to understand why he can have everything he desires with the feminine, yet often lack the will to keep it.

Raw honesty is required of lovers this week & this means for both to confront themes that recurrently have been playing out in their lives. However this week goes divine lovers, you’re asked to look inward. This week’s lesson is in the message that the other has shown you. Don’t let projection steal that rhythm from


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