General Weekly Reading – 16th-22nd January 2017;The sacred mother/ The process, the precision, and the poignancy of inner child healing.


Main theme, (The sun), Queen of wands, The star, Four of cups, Six of swords.

Numerological break down calculation – 16th 1 – new beginnings, inspirational energy, action, drive, determination//6 – care giving, family, community, healing, inner child work (6+1) a new beginning for the family =  (7) – Lessons learnt through hardship, enhanced perception//intuition//harnessing the mind of God-22nd – The MASTER builder, working on establishing solid firm foundations, using creativity to bridge a gap between self, and others.

There is a very strong emphasis on feminine energy this week, and the profound healing that is experienced when the feminine leads with this type of self evaluation, and understanding. Yes, for the most part, this will relate to a woman, or women specifically who are taking charge in their healing journeys, and triggering others to heal, but f or many, it can also symbolise the part in the divine masculine, that is feminine energy, that is awakening, taking centre stage, and becoming more comfortable with itself.. Likely, if this is the case for the masculine energy, this realisation of this once dormant part of himself, was triggered, or made manifest through an external feminine source – it may have been a lover, a mother, a sister, or all of the above… Either way, the feminine is shining through in a particularly strong way this week. The feminine energy present in all of us, is really coming to understand itself, as the feminine energy embodied by the woman, is finally coming to understand her mission, and take her place as the divine being that she is. Her mission essentially revolves around awakening others to their own truth, and holding a torch light for them to see into their subconscious mind – reflected by the star card.. This card also represents the sun sign of Aquarius, which is all about bringing knowledge, healing, and other worldly views to the planet. 

People are awakening to spirituality, because of this energy that the feminine is openly pouring into multiple spaces at once. She gets to see her work, and the fruits of her efforts this week. She is beginning to realise who she has touched this week. She may be getting a message, or messages from people of the past getting back in contact, telling her, ‘Thank you for the time that you helped me.. Thank you for your words, your presence, your energy, your time’.

The sun card introduces the strong undertones of masculine healing. As the moon card represents the feminine, this card, represents the masculine, and the sun in the image shining down on him to become his true self, is the power of the queen of wands, who is this light nurturing, and nourishing all that she reigns down upon. Perhaps she has allowed him to realise that there is this whole other side to him, that he is free to reveal to the world and others. She is accepting of him, this more feminine, care free side of himself, that may not necessarily fit into traditional, or stereotypical ideals of what it means to be a man, or to be masculine. This offers the freedom to be more in touch with himself, and with his creativity. 

This is a very, very strong week for healing, carrying through the powerful messages, and themes that we experienced through last weeks Full moon in Cancer energies. A lot of memory recreation happens this week signified by the 6 of swords.. Healing, on a mental level, as we travel to a more calm, and peaceful state of mind. The kind of peace that is only achieved when we have pierced through our darkness, as the star card suggests. The sun is the conscious mind, and being the main theme, relates to us bringing our shadows to the light.. This is all our traumas, and our deepest fears that have  recently been dragged to the surface so that we have no other option but to face them, deal with them, and conquer them. The inner demons that never sleep, even when you do. Look at the image on the star card.. This woman is pouring water, (energy, knowledge, and vitality), into the earth, (masculine energy), and into the water, (feminine energy). This speaks of the healing, and the realisations that are occurring currently to bring us balance. On an earthly level, we are integrating lessons that we have learnt about money, finances, work, and the home, whilst on a spiritual level, we are working to enhance our intuition, and our creative fruits..

The sun card is the element of Christ consciousness this week, all about the re-emergence, and the rebirth after our persecution, and Crucifixion. You have to die, in order to be reborn a more connected version of yourself.. And keeping in fashion with biblical reference, after this transformation, it was the women that Jesus revealed himself to. You may feel more drawn this week to explore Jesus, or his teachings, as the dark night of the soul, is all about this process of transformation, and transition/ascension to a higher state. 

The four of cups is the situation that brought you recently, this drama, or this ‘karma’. So, you cannot see that a fresh cup, a new beginning, a new template, a new opportunity is being given to you by the divine’s grace, if you cannot tear yourself away from looking at the rubble that this experience left. This experience wanted to TEACH YOU.  Why would you put up with this situation? Why would you let things get so far? So bad? Because.. You were refusing to honour yourself, to see yourself, to be true to yourself, to witness yourself with the eyes that the divine witnesses you with. You did not recognise yourself, as the sun card represents himself. All the work that went in, and continues to go in to healing from this situation, will be brought back to the light in a creative way.. It IS the light. The darkness, IS the light. Only after over coming your trials will you truly come to understand this. 

There is passion, and purpose this week in saying, ‘I am going to own myself.. JUST as I am.. WITH all of my wounds, JUST as my gifts are, AND, I am divorcing trauma’… Moving away from power struggles, and re-integrating into a community, is all that this process is about. See this article here that speaks of re-integration.

If you are not seeing a way out at this point, which the four of cups may suggest, then you are simply not looking clearly enough. Take this opportunity. See it for what it is. You may be asking too many questions, or trying to THINK your way through to your healing, instead of just feeling it through. Questions such as, ‘How is this going to work? How am I going to go about this?’ should be abandoned from your mind.  It is about a feeling, a knowing, not a thought, that will come through excessive analysing. You will know, when this door//opportunity is just opened for you, just granted to you.


Themes relating to sexual abuse, particularly for the feminine energy may be brought up for healing this week, or may have recently been triggered, so that the feminine can make peace with them, and no longer allow them to stunt her self image..

See here for articles relating to the divine feminine, and healing through sexual trauma-

The sacred whore, and the divine mother, are the exact same template – just polarised versions of a dual perspective.. And acknowledging this, is granting SO much peace, and strength to the feminine this week, in order to reclaim her power. Mary, the mother of Jesus, and Mary Magdalene, BOTH healed Christ. Look at the image in the star card.. The figure appears almost naked,  yet she wears white which symbolises purity, and virginity. It almost appears as if somebody has torn her dress, yet she does not look victimised.. Straight away, she knows what to do, guided by the star, she proceeds to pour her knowledge back into the earth. She is a healer, because she has been broken.

Happy healing, my sacred beings ~

© Cindy Anneh-bu 2016.

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General Weekly Reading 9th-15th January 2017; Full moon in Cancer, childhood healing, and karmic shedding.


Main Theme – (Six of cups), Surrounding cards – Two of wands, King of swords, The sun, 6 of cups, The hierophant. 

Numerological break down calculation – 9th – Childhood wounding, past life patterns, leaving pains of the past behind, creating something that allows you to channel your pain, healing others whilst healing yourself, profound creative work – 15th – (6) – Family issues, family karma, being apart of, or accepted into a community, children, maternal affairs, and bonding.

The full moon in Cancer blesses us this week with an emotional opportunity to finally lay some of our most concrete wounds to rest. The energy of Cancer prides itself on family orientation, feelings of belonging, sensitivity, and community values. This is the individual who is the devoted mother, the devoted father, and dedicates themselves tirelessly to making a happy, and a healthy family home.. So, as full moons would have it, the area of family, and security, and childhood settings are highlighted to us, in a way that causes us to question, and reflect some of the values that we have inherited from our family home.

This is definitely a time of immense healing, however, when healing periods tend to occur, so do the wounds that accompany them, and some of us could be experiencing this week what is classified as a dark night of the soul, although, the sun card actually suggests that we are working through this, as opposed to being beat down, or defeated by it.. This is the light at the end of the tunnel, the understanding of ourselves, our behaviours, and where a lot of our pain has come from; giving us the energy, and the opportunity for transcendence. IT DOES hurt to re-live certain memories, and this may even cause us to feel as if we are still caught in the vibration of these energies, however, these memories arrive to us for our own understanding, in order for us to make peace with them, to forgive others, and to know how to heal, or soothe our own inner child. .It is time to be a parent, firstly, to yourself.. What do you deserve? Scrap that – what does your inner child deserve at this time? How will you deliver it to them?

The 6 of cups sets the tone of childhood day dreams, past life karma, or the conflicts that exist between us, and our former selves/experiences. There is a dreamy energy that pertains to the past anytime that the 6 of cups is introduced.. A time for understanding, making peace, and resolution of things that occurred in our past that shaped us today.

Perhaps we are being triggered to remember specific times when we were not allowed to be children, not allowed to shine, not allowed to flourish, maybe we were bullied, alienated, or made to feel as if we were not good enough, and the full moon in Cancer magnifies dreams, or recollection of these moments, and energies – in hopes that we can break, and severe this type of cyclical damage..

There is a strong emphasis on not passing on these themes, and karmic templates to the next generation – that is specific to some of us who may be looking to start a family, pregnant, or already in the presence of a child whom they witness their own image in.. There is also a gift shared when the 6 of cups is present, so this may be the gift of new karma, either to our children, or our own inner child. The interest this week lies in gifting a past situation with a new outlook, an emotional revamping. 

Symbols, or old items, memories that pop up from the past could be assisting us to visit these areas that we once decided were either too painful to be open, or worthy of suppression in order for us to proceed with our day to day lives.. The moon has absolutely no regard for what you attempt to repress, and WILL undoubtedly shine a light on all of your darkness-es, whilst also illuminating areas of your subconscious mind..

The sun card however, speaks of the CONSCIOUS mind, and in combination with the king of swords, likely indicates that although there is a lot of subconscious realisation going on, we are integrating all of our findings into our conscious actions, and conscious awakening so that we are sure not to repeat the same patterns. The sun is a masculine card, representing the ego, and this is the inner child actually breaking free from the ravenous ego, that attempts to manipulate, and control it..

We see the image of a child care free, raising their hands up, almost as if there is no need to control, or worry about this part of the journey that they are on.. Issues with being controlled, or feeling anxious give us the chance this week to see what has really been holding us back.. Likely, it was none other than ourselves, and our beliefs about who we were.. It is time to enjoy the journey, even the uncertainty of it, and not feel so compelled to cling to our fears about where we are going in life.

Maybe there is creative work, and creative life force that wishes to flow through you, but you struggle to understand how you can make a living this way, or you have doubts about actually being worthy of being paid for your work.. It is time to come out of the closet. True freedom is in the way that you express yourself, and in trusting that others will identify with the message that you share, because it is a very unique message. Nobody is like you. Nobody can bring what you bring to the table. Your fears of  not being seen, no longer need to be tangible. ALLOW yourself to be seen. ALLOW your voice to be heard. Stop hiding yourself away in shame. Your inner child deserves the form of liberation that is promised to you by the 2 of wands.. It is time to venture into new territory, to appreciate new  heights, and your procrastination is only delaying the inevitable..

This is probably one of the last weeks that you will look back at your life and yourself in such a way, because this portion of the journey asks that you throw yourself into the pits of a new horizon. Looking at how far you have come, means it is time to look at how far you can now go… You have been through so much over the years, for sure, but there is a profound awakening occurring on a deep level, that asks you to take all of the lessons, and all of the pain, and use them to initiate you onto this new path..

The path of doing things differently. You do not change who you are over night, of-course not, and you are not expected to.. This is why appropriate planning must be put in place before you can declare yourself fully reborn. Think about what has been holding you back specifically, and how you can turn this around, because in the new world, in the new energy, remember *whispers* nobody will know who you used to be. This is the beauty of recreation. Who do you want to be now? This is not about adopting a false image or a false sense of self, but rather identifying with who you TRULY are, before all of the abuse, before family templates told you what and who you should be, and identify with.. How are you to paint your own canvas? The wildest, most liberated, creative, and imaginative part of yourself is dying to be reborn.

If you feel personally victimised by members of your family, then the sun may be warning you that you are still playing the role of the poor, unfortunate victim, and this is why it is so easy for others to imprint on you. Whatever your issues were with persecution consciousness, you need to learn to celebrate yourself now, and to become comfortable with sharing yourself, and your gifts with the world. Stop tip toeing around others, and yourself… There is no fear of being attacked when you stop attacking yourself.. Venturing into new territory can be scary at first, but, practices such as yoga, meditation, or visualisation will help you to feel comfortable in your new energetic body… Picture yourself as somebody who is light as a feather, yet with the impact of a bolder. Agile, precise, clear, and highly intellectual like the king of swords. This is about changing the wiring of your mind, from somebody who thinks that they are not capable, or that they always mess up in some ways by being too much. Allow yourself to be too much.. Not energetically no, because you always need to keep a piece of you, to you, but allow yourself to be more than what you were ever allowed to be.. Sure, people will be jealous, people may be intimidated, but once again, if you stop fearing persecution consciousness, then their jealousy or their envy will not effect you in the same ways.. See it for what it is. An energetically recessive soul attempting to stop your glare, because they have no light of their own.

The king of swords is logic. As creative, dreamy, and ideallistic as we may be with our dreams, and passions, we need to balance this out with the masculine energy, which is execution. The HOW. How are you going to make this a reality.. Get off your arse, (yes, I am British, so I say arse, not ass), and grab your dreams by the horns. You cannot just sit there and wait for everything to fall into your lap. You need to do research, research the field that you are entering, make sure that you are knowledgeable about it. Be clear, and focused on what you want. Practice calming techniques so that you do not give overwhelmed by the part of you that still does not think that you can handle all of this.. The study of self is also encouraged with the king of swords, it is important to know yourself, and to be honest about your strengths, and your weaknesses so that you know what needs work.. Thinking positively about yourself, and what you want to do does not mean denying the areas that you perhaps need more work, study, or growth… The king of swords knows the power that the mind yields, so warns to be VERY cautious about what you feed your mind, and what you allow your mind to believe – a new template is asked to be created here. A mind that is not so easily manipulated by outside forces.. It is time to trust yourself to stand up for yourself. You do not need a crutch.

The hierophant presents the opportunity to create a dent in the cycle of your karma.. This is the spiritual figure who dictates law from above, and allows it to befall on those on earth, according to a certain order, and regime that expels the balance of existence. In order for you to change this, and to change your past life patterns, you need to know what they are, but most importantly, you NEED to know how you perpetuate them.. People treat you, the way that you treat yourself. Still playing small? That narcissist sees that.. So, what do you think you are to them? The prime target of-course.. Spiritual messages are abundant this time in assisting you to change the flow of energy that has been draining vital life force for a long time for you. You may be mourning over situations involving the family, and the hierophant suggests that there are lessons to learn, even in this situation, lessons that you may teach to others, to ignite their own healing, and to help them not to perpetuate their own cycles of dysfunction.

Rewards will present themselves in healthier family dynamics following these realisations, and shifts that you are making..

The 6 of cups, along with the 2 of wands can also speak of soul mate love.. Because of the level of spiritual transformation, and childhood healing that is occurring, people from the past may be returning with a message.. This could be twin flame love, a lover who now realises, and returns to confess their love for you, because they have cleared a lot of the baggage, and karmic debt that was cluttering their truth. Forgiveness is a healthy practice, even if you do not wish to look back, and reconcile with this individual in a romantic, or very close fashion. You may forgive them, and send them on their way, for your own healing, and also theirs. An offer of love is made, and it must also be accepted. Just because you deserve it. You will be meeting a lot of people now on a soul level, as opposed to an ego level, which will bless your friendships, and relationships.. Past karma associated with feelings of rejection, or feeling lonely, and abandoned are tackled when we allow our soul group to enter into our lives, and we do not perpetuate behaviours that push, or pull them away. Let new friendships form with your soul group, as you clear out narcissistic, and one sided relationships that fueled your negative view of yourself. 

Existing once again as an active member of a community means allowing some responsibility on your part. Responsibility with your thoughts, and responsibility in regards to the way that you approach, and relate to others. Lost, or suppressed parts of yourself including your childhood passions, and the depth of love that you are truly capable of is returning to you, but the king of swords asks for balance in terms of discernment. Not everybody is deserving of you, of your time, your gifts, or your efforts, and you have to know this as a key part of self love. A mature tone is introduced to even out our naivety, as we must take the steps to nurture, and parent our own growth. 

I recently came across a picture of my childhood best friend in my childhood home, that had been trapped in my radiator for I guess about 8 years.. I found it particularly strange that it had managed to stay wedged in there for this long, and only fall out at this time. And like I do with all seemingly strange events, I took it as a sign. I proceeded to take the picture downstairs, and I burnt it, watching it turn to ash as I did. To me, it represented not her, but the person that I was at the time that the image was taken. Lost. Uncertain. In pain. In search of somebody, or something to validate me. And toxic.. I no longer own that life. In-fact, I can hardly recall it at all. This too, is a ‘past life’.

Happy healing, my sacred beings ~

© Cindy Anneh-bu 2016.

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Twin Flame *Daily* Readings Teaser – Join our facebook page today!

Greetings my enchiladees! The time has come again.. Every now and then, I give you all on my wordpress a preview of the absolutely happening fun that is happening over on my facebook page, (Hehe). If you did not already know, OR if the twin flame weekly readings are just not enough to quench your twin flame thirst.. Every day, or every two days over on my facebook page, I deliver a daily reading.. For you to check in with yourself, and your progress through the day, as opposed to waiting a whole week to truly understand what may be going on for you..

So, without any further ado, here are the readings from the past 4 days.. I do hope that you thoroughly enjoy them.. The weekly should be up tomorrow, but until then, join our facebook page for regular updates

Twin Flame *DAILY* 8th-9th January 2017.
Main theme//Unified energy – Justice, Masculine – Three of pentacles, The energy the masculine projects to the feminine – 7 of cups, Feminine – Queen of swords, The energy the feminine projects to the masculine – King of pentacles.

The main theme presenting itself as the justice card, speaks of more karmic wiring, and re-wiring that currently occurs for us at this time. Putting our foot down on habits, and behaviours that have been cyclical in our lifes, as we recognise patterns with a heightened perspective.. Our ability to see errors in our past, coupled with our desire to make changes is indicative of the process of ascension that is occuring; that is, the ability to view ourselves from a somewhat detached perspective.. It is usually attachment to our ego that deters us from viewing things as they are, as we would rather sugarcoat things, and play it safe..

The justice card obliterates the part of the ego that always needs to be right, therefore challenging the soul to shine through, and strive for better.. And that is exactly what the soul does as it calls for some order, and change, to the things that have failed to change, over time..

The three of pentacles shows the masculine becoming more fluid, and flexible in his dealing with others. Perhaps before, he was a little selfish – a byproduct of poverty consciousness, fearing that for some reason he does not have enough, so he must keep all that he has to himself.. He is learning how to trust others more, open up to them a little bit, and the benefits of sharing with others, and existing as apart of a community… Maybe this is a shared project that he is working on, work, and finances improving for him because he is willing to listen to other ideas.

Maybe he is actually working FOR somebody else, stepping into his role, as a healer, or somebody who works for many to reap the benefits – not just himself.

The energy that he projects to the feminine describes procrastination, and fear of making the wrong decision. He spends a lot of time day dreaming, about what is possible for him, all the steps ahead of him, and the different avenues that he can take on his step to happiness. He recognises now just how hard the hand of karma can come down, and he is very, very cautious of either making the wrong move, or choosing an option that will end up doing him more harm than good..
he is likely thinking about the future, and how his life will turn out if he takes the option of being with his twin, vs being with somebody else..Many different realities are presented to him at this time, and though they all appear sparkly, and bright, he knows that not every single one of them is what they seem… He could be prone getting caught up in his emotions, so there is definitely a fear here of him possibly being illogical. In some ways, he is unsure if his union with the feminine is another part of his day dreams, but little does he know.. She also day dreams of him..

The queen of swords indicates the feminine balancing her masculine side – logic, and a fixed standpoint… Contrary to the 7 of cups, she is trying to be more rigid, to take form, as opposed to being wishy/washy, confused, or going back and fourth between fear, and knowing what she wants..She attempts to take control of her mental state, her often chaotic thoughts, and be focused on what it is that she needs to accomplish. Discipline is a major factor for her at this time, both for her, and her masculine.. There is an emerging sense that even if she is yearning to be in his arms, she will not portray this outward, because she knows that babying him, or falling to his demands always leads to the same old story..

The king of pentacles as the energy that she projects shows her holding up an image of what she requires from the masculine at this time. Maturity, self determination, and self responsibility are what she views in an ideal partner.. In the past, she was willing to settle for the masculine, even if he did not necessarily fit into the ideals of what she thought a self reliant individual was, she was willing to look past this, and potentially compromise her own satisfaction. NOW, the tables are flipping.. I mean seriously changing, if he wants things to be harmonious, then he definitely does need to sharpen up in some areas… Grow selfless, be more reliable..

Twin Flame *DAILY* Reading 10th-11th January 2017.
Main theme//Unified energy – 6 of pentacles, Masculine – The tower, The energy the masculine projects to the feminine – The moon, Feminine – Three of wands, The energy the feminine projects to the masculine – Queen of pentacles.

The 6 of pentacles is representative of a much needed balance, give and take, ebb and flow that is working itself into the inner workings of both twins.. This manifests in quite different ways.. Though the feminine is also learning how to be more of a giver, what she is most importantly learning, is how to receive..How to let others love her, and help her, and how to accept these blessings without feeling guilty… She once compromised herself from receiving good things; partially because she subconsciously believed that she did not deserve them, but also because she was closed off to them.. Because she was so harsh and judgmental of herself, even when something good was coming her way, she would find a way to deny it, or suggest that it was not what it really appeared to be.

The masculine, is learning about how to be more of a skilled giver. This is the antithesis of narcissism, or selfishness.. He is learning about the value of giving to others, and treating others with a certain level of equality, and importance, so that, they return the same to him.. This is them both learning about their shared responsibility as humans. What you put out, you will inevitably get back.. So keep an eye on the back, and fourth that you create!

The tower card speaks of destruction, destruction of the ego, and change being introduced to our lives in a swift way.. When the tower card creeps up on us, we were either holding on too tightly to our old lives, or living in a state of repetitive outdated cycles. The tower tears everything apart, because the foundation on which it was built upon was shaky to begin with.
He could be losing friends, or a heart piercing situation could be shattering his ego.. This kind of transformation feels quite chaotic, and messy.. But he is likely coming into the realisation of WHY this happened.. In learning to treat people better, he can build a new world from the rubble that the tower leaves in our lives.

The moon card projected to the feminine, is all about the subconscious messages and symbols that he receives from her, reflected BACK at her.. There is a full moon looming over us in the coming days, and the effects of this are actually very potent to him at this time, more so than the feminine.. This is because, he is stepping into the feminines shoes, of feeling, and having revelations brought upon him.. He may be communicating his feelings, fears, thoughts, or emotions to the feminine through dreams, and she should be very conscious at this time of the dreams that she receives… If any feminine wishes to decode their dreams, and do not understand what they represent, please send me an email at, to book a dream interpretation reading..

The three of wands shows the feminine at the next stage of development.. She too has experienced the drama of the tower card in her life, but, she moves away from the chaos, and sails to new lands.. Expansion, of the spirit, the mind, and the body call out to her, and she responds.. Spirit has worked very hard to get her here, and most importantly, she has worked very hard to know that she is worthy of being here.. This is about stepping into new shoes, not being afraid to venture into the unknown, and trusting herself to do things that she has never done before..

The queen of pentacles is a sense of power and self worth. The feminine says to the masculine, telepathically – ‘I now KNOW my worth, and nothing can take that away from me’.. Even if she burns for him inside, she will turn this fire into the fire that births nations.. She will channel it into her creativity, she will use it to further herself, and push herself towards her dreams..Because she knows that the thing of worth that she holds, is herself.. She no longer wants to be short changed. This is her deciding what she deserves, and what she will tolerate.. Not giving her power away to anybody, not even the masculine. This is a command of respect, and a bold one at that… Hunny, you never chase a man.. He is a hunter by nature, and he will hunt for what he wants.. All you need to do, is be open to his invitation. You have walked a HELL of a long way.. Let him walk the rest.. And meet you, at that mid point.. Some feminines may very well be receiving a message from their masculine in the coming days, he could notice the shift in energy and attentions away from him, as she focuses on herself..

Happy healing, my sacred beings ~

© Cindy Anneh-bu 2016.

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NEW moon in Scorpio, Themes of death & loss; The mother wound, the womb,depths of darkness, and what the next few days can teach us..


In Numerology, the number 10 holds very special, and divine weight. This is the number of the all that is. God. The beginning (1), and the end (0). The masculine (1), and the feminine (0). The feminine is the darkness, the absence of light – which is also very much representative of Scorpio energy, which is all about this darkness. It is the masculine energy that brings to us the desire to create (sperm), change in our lives, the clarity, and understanding of what it is that we must do. But before the masculine principle comes through,  we need to wipe the slate ENTIRELY clean, get down to the 0, the nothingness, the silence, the emptiness, the pain.

Scorpion energy rules darkness, depth, and death. If you know any Scorpios, then you  may notice that underneath their natural charismatic persona, lies a brooding, often moody, and contemplative persona. Scorpio takes us very far into the darkness – the darkness of the womb. In the womb, we are submerged in both complete darkness, and silence, yet it is the most peaceful, most connected space for us to dwell. This very feminine energy is all about creation – what we can create from the bottom up, from the point of nothing – we may gain everything. 

The journey that we make through the birth canal, is a very traumatic one indeed. All that we have to do is think about the trauma of childbirth. The blood, the tears, the pain. Yet this is a shamanic initiation for both mother, and child. Especially the mother – who now takes on a new role of the protector, who’s emotions, intuition, and ability to love all expand. She becomes God. The ultimate creator, and watches over her child, the way the divine admires his/her own creations. The child is ripped from their comfort zone. This particular new moon, and the entire month in general have revolved around revisiting these themes of past trauma – the first ever trauma. Specifically in association with any trauma templates that have been passed down to us through the mother. This includes any abandonment by our mothers, or abandonment consciousness that is passed down to us from our mothers. This can even include a mother who was abandoned by parents, or abandoned by your father. 

Our childhood wounds are triggered heavily, possibly with words, situations, (especially in love), or memories that seem to return to us in the strangest ways, at the strangest of times. We are asked to view just how much our adult-life is influenced and impacted by our childhood experiences, particularly what our parents, and our childhoods taught us to believe about ourselves, and the world. 

Everything is affected by what we have endured in the past. Scorpio is the ultimate death. Disappearing into the darkness, and surrendering to our deepest fears. You may notice that this month in particular you may have been even more contemplative that usual – diving to a place within your mind, that only seemed to take you further into your mind. However this was not escape, this was reevaluation and revelation. 

When you are in this state – of stillness, and darkness, like I mentioned before, answers just come to you effortlessly, because you are not searching for anything in particular – you were just allowing your mind to roam, and roam it did.

The fear of being out there – out in the darkness, the abyss, with no safety, no comfort, no mother. Many who identify with the healer template have specific wounds associated with the mother//feminine energy – typically an imbalance of some sort, or a power struggle that exists internally e.g masculine vs feminine, and this often manifests within our relationships, e.g poor relationship quality. 

Scorpio brings all of these themes to the surface, and all of this information is invited to sit with us, ALL at once. This is absolutely no time to shy away from the lies that you have told yourself in order to control your urges to just fall apart. You HAVE to fall apart. Something tells me, that you have had this false notion of control, or ‘strength’ for far too long. 

Which brings me onto another theme of Scorpio energies. Control, is a HUGE factor for many of those carrying the energy of Scorpio. There is a lot of conflict between what the mind says, and what they feel intuitively, and as such, battles between what we know and can perceive in this 3d world, and the intangible things that we may KNOW, but cannot prove are plaguing us… 

For this reason, our lack of REAL, substantial control in situations will likely be triggered. The desire to control external events indicates a fear, a deep intense fear of things falling apart – as they always have, or previously have done. We can learn through situations arising at this time, that the desire to control comes ultimately through fear. Fear of loss. Fear of rejection. Fear of not being enough. Where does that emotion come from? What first made you feel that you were unworthy? And how true is it? How long will you carry this thorn? Ofcourse, it is time for burial, and that is where the death part of Scorpio comes in..

It is time to adorn yourself. Emotionally, mentally, and physically – with the thoughts, and the things that offer you fulfillment. Scorpio is all about the INNER world, it is time to work from inside, out. Only internally can you fix what is broken. Heal the mother wound. Whatever was broken inside of her, was gifted to you also. Yes – gifted. So that you could transmute these experiences. If your mother was repressed, then live a life of freedom.. If she was neglected, or abandoned, then make a CONSCIOUS habit of not abandoning yourself. Release the self blame. You could not control what happened then. There is NO control, only the illusion thereof.

The desire to have somebody CONSTANTLY prove to us that they will not abandon us, and that we are worthy of love can cause us to behave in less than desirable ways. This is also one of the ways in which we relive our trauma, because actually behaving like this, and trying to avoid this, is likely to push others away. Scorpio is very much led by this internal power struggle, and being persecuted; either for having too much power, or not having enough. The struggle of the feminine archetype. 

Too much power? And she is hunted, and persecuted, and ridiculed – to the point that her power is removed. And then? She is left defenseless. In this defenseless state? She either develops victim consciousness, or she swears never to allow herself to be vulnerable again. She as in – the feminine, not necessarily a woman!

As Scorpio also rules themes of sexuality, we are asked to see how sexuality can be used for both spiritual, and liberation purposes. Sex has been used to abuse power, and control for a long time – especially where the divine feminine is concerned. However, in metaphysics, we know that sex is healing – the vagina is healing – the woman is healing, and all this healing occurs within (the yoni), in the darkness, (the womb), so the very essence of feminine sexuality, is transmutation. Feeling sexually charged, and liberated, is actually when the divine feminine as at her best, and if she is to create the change in a new world, then she will need to be armed with some of this knowledge! This power of hers threatens the faithless, and the powerless, and has done so for many centuries, but that is no reason for her to back down now! Rather, it is time to rise up.

Persecution consciousness must be abandoned now. And the masculine needs to learn – that just because the feminine has all of these wonderful gifts, and is captivating, and sensual in this way; does not mean that she will abandon him, or leave him, as he so fears. This irrational fear may cause him to try to control the women around him, and in his life, because he fears the primal archetype  of Eve; who once deceived him in the garden of Eden, and then was exiled – leaving him feeling both betrayed, and wounded. For a long time, we thought that the feminine had the greatest of abandonment issues – but rather, it has always existed as the masculine. He just needed to go inside, (yes pun intended), to figure this all out..


Happy healing, my sacred beings ~

© Seek Cindy.

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Stepping out into the real world.

It is a funny thing – to have been alive for so long, yet not truly living. 

I think of my previous relationship – how scary & suffocating it is that I almost lost myself in something that was so toxic & scary & detrimental for me. And the nightmares that I often have about still being back in that place.

It’s pretty painful & awkward; because sometimes when you are in a toxic relationship – whether energetically, emotionally, physically, or psychologically, you find yourself alone – without anybody to hold your hand, or help you to see the true detriment of your ways.

I find that when you are an ‘adult’ as such in a toxic relationship, especially if this relationship is non physically abusive, for the most part, everybody will just leave you to it.. And I do not know if I particularly blame them either.

Your friends & family will stick in a few words about how you may be acting differently, may have changed & how you probably are too good for this person, (whatever that means), but they will never understand the psychological implications behind it, the trauma bonding, the fact that it is not so much your conscious awareness that chooses to see you placed in this position, but rather your subconscious manifestations & projections of displacement..

Even when you break free from this type of entanglement – even when you try to soar & your feet literally lift up from the ground, you will still be clutched, & the tips of your toes will be tugged back downwards toward the ground, by the seemingly unbearable weight of sorrow, regret, loneliness, and guilt.

I call it – relationship based PTSD. Nobody ever fully knows how deeply you wound yourself into this relationship. Because they do not recognise how far your inner child’s PTSD stretches, or how far co-dependency wove itself to be an intrinsic part of your psyche.

So, you float on – you try to live your life again. Friends congratulate you about how much happier you are seeming these days, how much brighter your smile is, & whilst it is all true, it does not take away from the fact that you are still, several months later, shaken by the entire encounter – and still just trying to find your self. Claw yourself – from the rubble of the parts of you that are left, un/given to the dependent dynamics of the former relationship.

Who are you now? You find yourself asking. You are no longer the girl who relies on somebody else for everything, even company; so honestly, who are you now?

The beauty of this question is; this is your answer to decide. You are literally in the process of creation & can become anything that you would like to become. The you that would make your childhood you most proud.

You just have to plunge yourself into the darkness from time to time – to fully make sense of why this situation had to happen to you, because trust me, there IS a reason.

And you will find your flow at the moment, though you may be much the headless chicken now — you will find your know how, after slipping up & tripping & getting it wrong oh maybe a few hundred times!

Just take your time. Nobody has to understand it, but you.

Nobody else endured it, but you.
Seek Cindy 2016 ©
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Energetic transferences – The truth about hyper masculinity & hyper femininity. 

So, I think it is only fair to post a response to the sheer confusion, chaos, and backlash that was born yesterday, when I tweeted that I enjoyed being in the company of men, because I identify with being highly feminine, and it Injected some logical reasoning into my conversation.. Now, the feminists who got ahold of this tweet, went absolutely ballistic – (like I probably gathered they would), instead of viewing things from a point of energetic dynamics, they simplified everything down into – men, and women ie, me meaning – women are highly illogical beings, whilst men are the only ‘sensible’ creatures.Well, I can see HOW this could be misinterpreted – however, I feel like in order to understand my stance, you WOULD need to have a clear idea of how energy works.
We are all born with a certain access/amount of masculine/feminine energy, however, in each of us, one energy tends to be dominant, whilst the other remains dormant or inactive for the most part.
In those who are hyper masculine, this energy is highly imbalanced to the point of detriment externally, whilst with hyper femininity, the feminine energy is imbalanced to the point of detriment INTERNALLY – please pay attention, this is how energetic gender templates differ.

Masculine energy is external (drive, discipline, action, motion, hunter etc),

Whilst feminine energy is internal, (emotion, channeling, extra sensory ability, receptive, expansive)..

This does not mean that neither men, nor women cannot access the templates belonging to the opposing energetic group – actually hermaphroditism is associated w/ high levels of holiness & the balance between these two energies to create a third energy (God like force), is the goal of all Mystics.. At one point, I was hyper feminine, to the point of being too passive & this served as a money blockage also. However, after spending time with many hyper masculine men (narcissists), I was able to both learn & incorporate the tricks of the trade, as they exist largely within the thought realm (logic), to avoid emotional penetration..

In no way does recognising hyper femininity as an issue that is toxic towards the carrier themselves, undermining or cancelling of hyper masculinity and the ways that it is damaging to both men, and women.

I believe that the return of feminine consciousness/the divine feminine has been perverted, and misconstrued by the powers that be to create a binary between men, and women, and further separation and DIVISIONIST tactics. 

The goal should not be to separate ourselves, or scorn at our differences, or even try to make our differences disappear, rather, the end goal of all trauma should be reconciliation, and resolution. Why are so many of us picking at the scabs of our wound, and choosing to remain apart of our karma, trauma, and victim consciousness? 

And no, this is not ‘victim blaming’, or any other term that has been invented to deter the process of growth.

It is imperative that we grow outside of our wounds, and not remain entrapped in the trauma that was born of them.

Hating men, or even choosing to deny the benefits that masculine energy brings to our lives, is not a health response to trauma whatsoever.

Understanding and separating hyper- masculinity in itself, from ‘men’, as a gender IS a healthy response to trauma.

Not all men believe that women are subservient, and actually, there are a few men who suffer from hyper femininity themselves, and turn to hyper masculinity later in life, because they have come across individuals who take advantage of, and manipulate their former intense passivity.

These energetic templates should be made aware of, so that others can effectively learn to balance, re-write, and correct their imbalances, and karmic traces.

This also, is very directly linked to the eternal attraction of the empath, and the narcissist – and their subconscious, psychological desire to attain balance.

Once again, I know that not everyone will understand, or resonate with this post, but for the ones that do, endless blessings upon you..

And know, that there is nothing about your internal make-up, that you cannot tweak.

Cindy Anneh-bu

© Seek Cindy 2016

Excessive fatigue, and ascension. 

Honestly, I have been so incredibly exhausted with all of these shifts in consciousness, and reality occurring. It has definitely been a time of rapid change, and switching different dimensional timelines, and un-doing past life karma – enough to make anybody exhausted!

Pay particular attention to dreams during this time, especially dreams about death, as they articulate to us what we are letting go of subconsciously, energetically & etherically. 

Dreams about death do not pertain to physical death in a sense, but rather a death of the things that these persons are associated with.

Our cells are rejuvenated whilst we sleep, new brain connections are made, as old ones die. And sleep is the cousin of death, so you can be sure that all of the sleep that you are catching up on at this time is bringing you renewal, and rebirth.

You may even be experiencing psychological and physical regression – looking younger & fresher as a result of dropping harmful energies from your auric field.. This is a time of letting go, and allowing so much that has been stored within us to fall to dust. I highly suggest a heavy physical cleansing in preparation for this full moon. Cleaning the house, that attic/storage room that you dump old, irrelevant rubbish in – yes even that too must now be cleansed! Re-arrange the placement of your room, change your bed covers, dust for cobwebs – this is all related to the condition of yourself internally. Your home is an extension of yourself.
Happy clearing my babies…


© Seek Cindy 2016.