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Please note, for confidentiality purposes, the names used in these readings have been altered, rearranged.

Firstly, I have spent some time researching the meanings behind your names, as to provide a clue to certain behaviours.

Please note, for confidentiality purposes, the names used in these readings have been altered, rearranged.

Your name ‘Ase’, originating from Turkey presents a woman of authority, strong, independent, creative, and highly analytical. It is also very interesting to note that your numerological birth sequence, also harbours the number of 7, which is all about mental analytical-ism, and calculation. You clearly have a lot going on in your mind. You love things to be done a certain way, and you are frequent with wanting to be served, or be in control. 

With this name, your greatest obstacle is not to grow too demanding or judgemental of the actions of others. Do not let your minds desire to analyse, and know ruin potentially happy situations for you. Practice patience, not always searching for an answer.
Your life path number is the life path of 6, which means that you are all about compassion, care taking, advice giving, and sensitivity. 
The number six is regarded as the creative counsellor, artistic, with a soul drawn toward humanitarianism. 

You are the natural peace maker, and care giver, and others come to you for advice, and support. 
Your naturally observant nature allows you to pick up on subtle influences in their troubles, so you quickly step in to offer your advice. 
You must be very careful not to come off as interfering, too pushy, or domineering, and ensure that others are open, and willing to take the advice that to are giving. You may appear to be over bearing, and forceful if you impose your ideals on others. Especially those who are not so open to witnessing their faults.
Because you are so naturally giving, you are also prone to feeling unappreciated, and frustrated, especially if you perceive that others are not recognising, or realising your efforts. 
– family, community, and togetherness is very important to you. And you are usually drawn to those who are weakened, down trodden, and in need of healing. This has probably been a prominent theme in relationships for you, even with family, and friends included. 
The life path of 6 represents generosity, and selflessness, you are your sisters keeper, and your brothers keeper, and you will travel to deep lengths to those that you care for. 
You are born for a life of service, and to cater to the needs of others, but you must develop healthy boundaries, in order not to take on too much negativity from others, or become burdened by your desires to be needed/appreciated.
Be careful of becoming too pessimistic, mean spirited, or bitter because of painful past experiences. It is these very experiences that have given you such compassion. Do not allow yourself to forget this.
Feeling unappreciated could cause you to become overly negative, frustrated, and even depressed for long periods, and this is a difficult cycle to break out of, once involved. 
Understand that others will take the help and energy that you give them, as long as you keep giving. So the power is yours to set limits, and does not lie with them, or their perception of you. They do see you as the giver, and the nurturer, but that does not mean they will not bleed you dry, if allowed.
Your partner, is the life path of 9, which is very similar to your own, and also is the ultimate path of the healer. Particularly wounded healer syndrome. This is the soul whom endures so many trials and struggles in their childhood, and the earlier stages of their life, that they develop a deep sensitivity, and compassion for the world, and others. 
For this reason, the number 9 often suggests self doubt, and low self esteem being present for most of their lives. It is very likely that the number 9 would have suffered from any type of childhood abuse, neglect, abandonment, extreme poverty, or even parents whom exhibited brokenness. 
Creativity is the main way in which the number 9 can seek both solace, and comfort. Because of this, they are usually skilled musicians, artists, writers, painters, and actors. Considering that they are always challenging messages from both their higher, and lower self, the expression, and release of these energies is very important to them.
However, if the number 9 does not find this, or discover their creative talent, they can grow pessimistic, negative, abusive, and even sociopathic. It is always a double edged sword with this number, and they can sway either way. Many are often too scarred by what they have been through, and they must be careful not to grow too distrustful, and closed off to others. 
They are meant to heal others, so how will they hope to achieve this if they turn their back on their world?

Please note, for confidentiality purposes, the names used in these readings have been altered, rearranged.

‘Rge’ – name meaning;

The name ‘Rge’ can represent somebody who is very emotionally composed, though they may be experiencing internal turmoil, and disharmony. They may appear on the surface to be emotionally distant, but in reality, they fear that if they were to expose the full extent of themselves, they would not be accepted, or may be perceived as ‘too vulnerable’.
Romantic life path calculation

(Relationship Overview).

The number 6, and the number 9 life path can work swimmingly, in harmony with one another. After all, they possess extremely similar traits, with a very similar destiny of healing.
They both require a lot of love, and a lot of patience, and If they become closed off to one another, from fear, they may find themselves in a push-pull effect, a tug of war in which they both refuse to appear vulnerable. 
Game playing, control shifting, and even resorting to malicious tactics is not uncommon for two souls who are so emotionally charged. 
Communication will flow fluently, if both parties are honest about how/what they are feeling. Be careful with arousing the number 9 with anger, as mentioned, they can have a tendency to fly off the deep end, if they feel that they are being disrespected, or unappreciated. 
Tarot reading focus –

What is my greatest obstacle?

What is my lovers greatest obstacle?

What is the best course of action to take?
Your greatest obstacle –

The ten of pentacles.
The ten of pentacles is all about achievement, conclusion, accomplishment, and wholeness.

The tarot card is often depicted, (in traditional decks), with a man, a woman, a child, and a dog. This may relate to the ideal family setting (happy home), comfortability, and commitment. This is the ultimate goal of many humans, a future with a stable companion, happy family, and a stable income.
This is the card of achievement, and satisfaction. This card typically points to the future, and distant accomplishments, and could indicate that your current surroundings do not reflect this. 
You may find yourself feeling very worried, and even doubtful, about the possibility of this ever happening for you, and this tarot choice arrives with a message for you to relax, to find patience, and to know that your destiny lies with finding, and cultivating this type of love. 
Your insecurities about love, and about one day experiencing this type of bliss, may cause you to often act hastily, irrationally, or in a paranoid fashion. Whilst you may want harmonious love, these are the very behaviours that will not allow it to come to you. You may be familiar with unhappy endings, but do not allow this to become a self fulfilling prophecy. 
2. What is your lovers greatest obstacle?

The hanged man. 
The hanged man can point to a period in our lives where we stop, slow things down, and exercise patience. We refrain from hasty action, and consider our surroundings, and potential.
The hanged man is suspended, in air, and in time, because of this he has the opportunity to think, consider his actions, and think carefully about his next steps. 

He may feel restricted, frustrated, and stuck, yet never give himself the true reflection to acknowledge what it is that he truly needs. 

It may be advisable for him to let go of his need to control, and allow the universe, and his inner voice to guide him. It is time for him to adopt a new way of thinking, feeling, and living, if he wants to gain the internal peace that he so seeks. But this is something that he must be very willing to do, as this card represents willing sacrifice. 
He also must learn to let go of the past, and if he does not stop, and allow a period of healing, and re-cooperation, he will remain trapped, and suspended in time. 
3. What is the best course of action to take?

Seven of swords.
The seven of swords represents a doubtful and suspicious mental perception. When we feel that somebody may be acting secretive, suspicious, or in a way that goes against our best interest. 
It is typically interpreted to be about secrecy, lack of confrontation, and cunning deceit. When this card appears in a romantic reading, it warns us to be more open, honest, and trusting. 
We must not allow our minds to make us overly suspicious, secretive, or passive aggressive based on past experiences, and issues. 
This card challenges not one, but both romantic parties to communicate more openly, and to understand that any dishonesty only creates a shakier foundation. 
It may also indicate showing diplomacy. Somebody who is very sensitive, and emotionally vulnerable will have to be treated with greater care and consideration, more delicacy, and more patience, than the average person.
I truly hope that you have enjoyed this reading my love.


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Inside the fascinating realm of a healers dreams..

So what do healers dream about, one might wonder? 

Considering that they are supposedly so deeply spiritually rooted and connected, it is natural to wonder if empaths, healers, and light workers dream’s really do take them to a place of another world, and can they really gain access to a place within their mind that nobody else can?

To quantify, and understand this, we would first have to consider an empaths mind, and imagination in their waking worlds. 

Healers, shamans, or empaths are particularly known for their creative abilities. It is thought that their very creative juices are mere extensions of their channeling abilities, and their inspiration is born of clairauidence, (clear hearing from being tuned into higher frequencies). Given this information, then why should empaths, and healers not experience expansive, and vivid dreams? If their waking worlds and imaginations are already filled with such colour, and vigor, then why then should their dreams, (where anything, and everything is possible), be any different?

There is an ancient belief among African spiritualism that dream time is when we can successfully connect with our ancestors, and the divine, and receive messages in the form of omens, and premonitions. My parents themselves, have even at numerous times been irreversibly shaken after experiencing certain dreams, they would discuss them as if they were JUST as important as everyday reality, if not more.

Much healing work is done during a healers sleep, here, their mind owes no obligation to their ego, or to the limitations of five sensory perception, and they often find themselves dreaming in vivid detail of the past, past homes, and past aqaintances, all in order to make sense of their role, and their journey.

If they are victims of soul loss, which many ‘wounded healers’, originally are, they will repeat very similar, or memorable dreams, in order to pin point exact moments, and scenarios that led to their soul loss.

Also, they will often receive images in their dreams that enlighten them, about particular belief sustems, or doubts, that are causing them set backs, or road blocks, we can say, on their journey to becoming a healer. I also believe that even whilst sleeping, many healers heal. 

Have you ever experienced dreams with strange faces that you did not recognise? Within those dreams, did you participate in any care giving, guidance, or assistance? It is very possible that your soul is travelling, and allowing you to heal those you would otherwise have no ways of reaching, or healing. 

A healers healing ability stems very far, and very wide, and upon doing so, the healer heals apart of themselves. 

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All works published on this site are under strict ownership of the owner, and any re-destribution is strictly prohibited without permission, and necessary credits.

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