ascension symptoms – new earth. 

“Ascension symptom – developing a heightened intolerance for those who continue to engage in low vibrational behaviours. They say, if you know better, then you do better. But what about those who are aware that the option of better is available, but just cannot be bothered to do the necessary work toward attaining it. Well this is just something that the enlightened mind can no longer stand to indulge. This is not coming from a place of a superiority complex, but rather of not wishing to entertain things that we do not want as a part of our reality. If we have given somebody numerous opportunities to change, given them love, and guidance, and they still do not warrant progress, then there is nothing that we can do, but create a reality absent of them. This may be troublesome in the case of family members as we may feel that there is no escaping. But truly, the veil of the earthly family and the karmic contracts associated with them will begin to lift as one uncovers the truth about existence, both of the self, and collectively.”Cindy Anneh-bu (via spiritualpoet)