Full moon in Gemini – December 13th – Contradictions of the mind – The conflict of emancipation.


Photo credit – Maharani Rutan.

Numerological break down calculation – 13th – The number 13 deals with feminine energy. This is the energy of the dimension that is penetrated after we leave the physical realm. Some say this is the most sacred number because there were 13 at the table, at the last supper before Christ died.  This marks the energy of re-birth, and resurrection after death. This is the who, the why, and the how, that we are to become, and to process after the period of death that has followed us through from September.

The energy of the Gemini always brings to us dualism, & along w/ that, contradiction.
If you know a Gemini, you know that usually, there are two sides to them.One side of the Gemini may be sweet, charming, & using their intellect for higher gain, whilst the other side of them may be dark, manipulative, & often moody.

THIS particular full moon entices us to view the areas of our lives where we may be the same.
Great mental ability is an anecdote, as much as it is the sickness, & we must do our best to tap into the best of who we are, instead of falling victim always to shadow behaviours, such as jealousy, vindictive, gossip, & retaliation.

It is indeed those who are armed W/ the knowledge of their dark side, who are blessed enough to challenge it..
But simply knowing of its existence, is not always enough to achieve this.

We are asked to observe ourselves, & our changing nature, & what thoughts & triggers lead us back to a point of darkness.

W/ a highly progressive mind, most Gemini’s find themselves thinking intensely of the future & our anxieties of what this future may look like, or how we may challenge ourselves to arrive at it, may be highlighted at this time.

Gemini, ruled by Mercury, relates to our ability to communicate, and also to process the messages that are presented to us. Our communication is entirely dependent upon the ways in which we communicate with ourselves, the way we have been brought up to communicate, and our ability to be EXPRESSIVE. If there are ways that you are holding yourself back, or limiting yourself in anyway, then this will show, through the strong emergence of your shadow self – that is built upon repression, and in-expression. Get out there – and let yourself be heard! Allow your voice to be known! Make your mark on this earth. Burn a fire through your trials.

The full moon in Gemini also represents the juxtaposition, (conflict)  between our present self, and our future self. The patterns, and programs that still bind us, and the future projection of ourselves that is not weighed down by all of these outdated formulas. But this is actually pretty wonderful news! Because the battle is between the present, and the future, which means that much of our focus has shifted away from the past.

There is a fear that we may become lost in the collective sea of the matrix, if we cannot snap our minds into action – into overcoming the shadow instincts.Gemini holds higher perspective, so there is nothing more painful than seeing everything that plagues the masses, yet still becoming a product of it yourself.. This is the very real worry, or doubt for many of us right now, although, with Sagittarian energy following closely behind, we are reminded to posess an energy of enthusiasm, and to take things one step at a time. Even though Sag focuses on the bigger picture most of the time, it is the smaller, day to day victories that allow them to know that there is indeed a bigger force at hand.

Over emotionalism at this time should Be met W/ caution, as we acknowledge that it often thwarts our ability to get things done & to move forward, particularly in the working world.
There’s a strong necessity to accept the spiritual messages that are echoed to us, whilst not losing touch of the tangible world, & the clarity that they both can bring – dually.
Turn your shadow side into art, allow your darkness to bless you.
Opposing Sagittarius, the super-moon today speaks of liberation, & freedom from internal conflicts.

© Cindy Anneh-bu 2016.

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General Weekly Reading 18th-24th July; Full moon in Capricorn – Balancing emotions, and duty.

general weekly julyy

Main theme – four of cups, Surrounding cards, Two of cups, Six of wands, The magician, Knight of swords, High priestess.

This week, the main theme, is the four of cups. The four of cups is all about us getting projects, desires, and goals handed to us from all corners, and all areas, but our minds still being occupied with something that we perceive to be missing. I pulled an extra card this week, and that card happened to be the magician. In conjunction with the four of cups, I believe that this is trying to tell us that we can actually manifest any, and everything that we want, and this week, whatever we put our minds to, can actually develop, and grow into something tangible, BUT this does not stop the fact, that this week, our mind is on the one thing that we cannot seem to get, or we do not seem to have. Maybe this is love..Maybe even though things are going great in our career, we feel unfulfilled in matters of the heart, the two of cups would most certainly suggest that we are waiting for something, or someone who is to come and help us to feel complete.

This is not so much co-dependent love, because we have built ourselves up to a point now, where we have our own stability, this is just truly about wanting somebody or something to share that with. If we are already in a relationship, then perhaps we are no longer happy there, and we miss the kind of love, and union that we once dreamt about in childhood.

The magician is telling you, that if you want this new beginning, and new opportunity, then you have to be willing to balance, integrate, and harmonise everything that you already have. Yes, you have come very far, but potentially, if love was to come into your life right at this very moment, it could distract you. However, love is ALWAYS there. Perhaps the kind of huge display of love that you are looking for is not present right now, but that is because you are focusing on your gifts, and manifesting to do with your career, and so that is really what is being made more apparent to you.  I feel that once you finish building, and you look up, your love will be right there.

The two of cups also suggests that this love that you are longing for, or looking toward, is ALSO thinking of you, and wanting to be closer to you. Everything that you are worrying about, is NOT real. Your love is there. Stop trying to make it one or the other, love, or your career. They can be the SAME thing, they can fuel one another.

The six of wands, does show that you are being recognised for your talents this week, and being congratulated for the work, and the efforts that you put in – so please, do not stop. You need to appreciate yourself, and appreciate how far you have come. Things are changing rapidly for you, and just because you cannot see what is occurring behind the scenes within the love department, does not mean that nothing is occurring

The high priestess, is all about making the intangible, tangible. So perhaps this is about your intuition this week, being particularly strong, and telling. Also, it should be noted that there is a full moon behind the high priestess, and this week, we have a full moon in Capricorn. This is a time of heightened emotions, heightened sensitivities, heightened intuition, and whispers – guiding, and pointing our way. This is a very feminine energy, a creative energy, and also encourages us to trust our subconscious mind, even if we cannot physically see, or prove what it is telling us. Somebody we desire, may be far closer than we think.

The knight of swords is very relevant, for this juxtaposition we have occurring with the full moon opposing Cancer. Cancer can represent the high priestess, as this is a very watery, psychic sign, whilst Capricorn, is very masculine, and speaks of being direct, and ambitious. The knight of swords knows exactly what he wants, and is very logical in his approach, so that he goes straight after his target, without excessively worrying, or creating barriers through thought.

This week, is about using the information that we take from our intuition, and our higher selves, and making something brilliant with it! Using the ideas to know exactly what we are going to build, and how we will maintain it. This is a card that cancels out procrastination. Like I said, love, and work do not have to oppose one another. Duties with the home, and the family, and work, and career, can be harmonised. We need to ensure that we are balanced in these areas this week, and we do not let one side of our responsibilities suffer.

This new idea, or insight that you have working for you, is going to be very financially satisfactory for you, should you charge ahead, and see it through. Please just do not get side tracked by feeling sorry for yourself this week, being too hard on yourself, or refusing to look at the things that you DO have going for you – because they are plentiful!


Happy healing, my sacred beings ~


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Twin Flame Weekly Reading. 14th-21.

First of all, Hello my lovely darlings!

I hope that you are all having a fabulous start to the week, I have so many twin flame related things in store for you this year, seeing as it is the 9 year, all about completion, and I am right here, and READY to do this all with you guys!

Very, very soon, my newsletter is coming out, and all of my faithful subscribers will receive these kind of twin flame readings weekly, and monthly, INCLUDING a break down of twin flame dream sequences, and what your dreams may just be trying to tell you!

I look forward to connecting with you all in this deeper way..


The tower, The hanged man, Ten of wands, Eight of cups, Two of swords, Queen of pentacles, Queen of swords, Ten of swords.

As always, at the head of this reading, we have the main, ‘theme’ for the twin flames, representing what both twins will likely be experiencing, and what will be the driving force behind their situations of this week.

At the bottom, we have what both twins are feeling, this differs from the theme, because this directly relates to a shared experience between the two, rather than underlying issues, as presented in themes.

On the left  hand side, we have the feminine, what she’s going to be dealing with, and any issues that will present themselves to her.

On the right hand side, we have the masculine, and all of the fun things that he will be getting up to, and going through, this week!

The first thing that i have to say about this reading, is wow! Both twins are seriously experiencing some combustion this week, and a lot of things will come apart, and become revealed in the name of karmic attachments, and karmic situations.

If any, or both twins, as suspected are still encountering karmic situations that do not mirror their new found growth, they will come across some intense friction, and conflicts of belief this week that will force them to re-consider their actions, and how much longer they can truly put up with these situations.

In the theme presented this week, we witness, ‘the tower’,  which is a complete break down of ideologies, situations, patterns, and though streaks as depicted by the fire in the castle, fire always represents transformation.

Whatever these twins have been putting up with all of this time, is about to blow up in their face, maybe they finally come to the realisation that all of this is restrictive, and no longer provides them any room for growth.

Perhaps the belief systems associated with why they put up with these situations in this first place will become apparent, bringing their illusions crashing back down to reality.

‘No, this is not what i would like to associate myself with’, is just an example of the types of phrases that may spring to mind.

This could also represent a break in routine, or some sort of belief that kept the twins tied into a specific way of doing things.

On the feminine side, we see that she is learning to let go, and let be, with the presence of the ‘hanged man’. She is probably sacrificing something that she does not need, and realised that she no longer has to carry on in her life.

With the ten of wands, this probably relates to the martyr syndrome.

Allowing others to take responsibility for themselves, and their own lives is going to save the feminine from so much inner turmoil this week. Coming to the realisation that she no longer needs to take on all of the troubles of the world in attempts to fix them, will clear her energy and welcome more healing, and embracing energy, should her twin be preparing his arrival.

Letting go, and detaching is very much the theme this week, with the 8 of cups presenting itself once again for the feminine, suggesting her desire to leave things of the past behind, and to ditch all of the experiences she has associated with trauma, and loss.

This is the queen who is now ready to become the phoenix!

She has carried all of this stress, trauma, baggage, regret, and misery around her for long enough, and she is realising that only in letting go, can she welcome to her the kind of life that she deserves, and the kind of love that she deserves.

Perhaps she has been thinking about old love lately, karmic attachments, the way in which things have played our previously, and she now realises the roles she played in all of these situations, and how they were all preparing her for this moment now.

Thus, she is preparing to embrace a period of peace, but first, there are still some pressing things that she must rid herself of!

The question is,

is she prepared to take this next step?

Two of swords, is all about these decisions that she faces, and the choices that she must make at this present stage in her life. Yes, this week is all about choices. What will you do next? Do you have enough truth about the situation yet to make your move?

Perhaps you do not, and there are still some key details that you need to brush up, before making any rash, or hasty decisions.

If you wish to leave a job that may be toxic, or draining to you, do you have the resources to survive whilst pursuing your dream job?

If you are considering breaking up with somebody you perceive to be a harmful karmic attachment and you live together, do you have somewhere else to go?

Being ready to move on and leave the past behind is one thing, being prepared for such a life transition, and being willing to face the music, is another.

Preparation here is key.

Over with the masculine, isn’t he ever so sweet? We see that he still has his queen, (queen of pentacles), on his mind, and he is still inspired by her new found success, and creative, inspirational energy!

The more she lets go of the extra baggage, and the things that do not serve her, the more clearer her energy becomes for him to be able to perceive her, from so many breaths away.

This week, whenever he thinks of her, he is inspired. As depicted by the queen of swords, he has become aware of her speaking her truth, making her intentions clear, and standing up for herself, and this is more attractive to him than you could ever imagine!

As he watches this strong, and bold woman grow, and come into her own power, and abilities, he becomes stricken with the thought, ‘am i living in this same bold truth?’, ‘what am i doing to reflect who i am? And establish my own independence and boundaries?’.

As usual, this week, the feminine is paving the way, and allowing the masculine to see the steps that it takes to become self actualised, and he is watching, in awe.

With the ten of swords present, perhaps this week the masculine is going to feel a little worse for wear.

He may be becoming aware of not so truthful, and honest motives around him.

Perhaps he is also coming into the awareness of a karmic situation that is not serving him in anyway, and he is left feeling defeated, depleted, and void of energy.

I feel as if the masculine will now come to realise the ways in which he has also been involved in an unhealthy situation, perhaps his kind nature has seen his so called, ‘friends’ taking advantage of him, and it is possible that those same friends may also be blockages to reunion between the two.

However it stands, choices, do present themselves to him this week with the, two of swords, can he realise that this is no longer the way to go for him?

Or will he still remain so afraid of change? Of elevation, of seeing what lies on the other side?…


Let’s just hope we find out next week, eh!

Blessed be, my sacred beings ~


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Twin flame reading testimonial.

Thank you so much for this!!!! 😭 Well worth the weight and it was very thorough and thought out I really appreciate it. I was feeling so much anxiety and not anxiety if he was my twin but more about if what I had been seeing and feeling as “the truth” was really the truth. It just confirms my intuition and I’ve realized I do have psychic abilities and they are very real and powerful. And I thank you so much helping me realize that.

I’ve been in major cleansing and death of my old soul. I was so sad about him moving to Germany that I couldn’t sit around and wallow I had to figure out why and what I was feeling. I got a journal and drawing pad and my life has been changed for the better. Missing him made me change and I’m so thankful for that pain. This has been more about me then me and him. I know he has tons of work to do but I know he has to seek out the answers and I can’t just tell him what I already know to be true.

Everything was spot on. Funny that you said a travel over water because I wanted to move to Germany from the U.S. but not for him but just so I could be on my own, in school, and with my art.

Maybe he’ll recognize how much I love him and want to be with me but i need to focus on myself. The world and universe needs me at my best self. I need me and I will show up for I have been given the gifts and power to do so.

Thank you and love you!! ❤️

T. E


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Twin flame reading sample, and testimonial. Where love and numerology meet.

As part of the twin flame reading, I provide a mini analysis of both partners birth dates to determine any common ‘sacred Union’ numbers. Good indications of which are the presence of the numbers 8, 11, or 22, though not limited to. A 5-6 tarot card selection is also drawn, dependent on how many questions that the client requires to be answered. Generally, clients provide their own questions, but I am happy to assist if necessary. 

You have amazing energy, and amazing spiritual attuning, and I am ecstatic to tell you, that the union that you are dealing with is indeed a DIVINE Union, and I found something very interesting when assessing your birthday sequence, and numerological numbers!

Your birth date – 8 1   
                              1 (1+7)= 8 

You both have the appearance of both the numbers 1, and the numbers 8 within your birth sequence. 

The number 8 is a prominent twin flame number, and a number of heavy karmic, and spiritual energy. It represents infinity, and the coming together of two separate energies, or whole energies, as represented by the shape of the number, and the two o’s uniting as one source – one energy.

This coming together is symbolic of the way that twin flames must both be whole, and complete, before coming together in unison, and unity.

You also both have the number 1 present, which is also indicative of the spiritual channeler, the leader, and the spiritual channel. Number 1 has lessons being transported to them, usually in the form of sharp awareness, acute intuition, and in many cases intense, and obsessive over thinking. 

If anybody is going to solve an age old problem, it is somebody with the number 1 in their birth chart, as they will search relentlessly within their mind for answers.

It is my belief that the collision of the two of you in one another’s lives, sparked memories, emotional, and mental digging, and many lessons, about the past, and the present, to erupt.

Sure, it may have high intensity, and high highs, and low lows, but this is exactly where the two of you must find, and maintain balance! At all costs. There is no greater Union, or experience that will teach you this. This is all about stop, look, and LISTEN!

Your life path number.
Life path 9.You are the life path of 9, the compassionate, spiritual, creative, and artistic healer, and it shines through your skin, your smile, and your eyes. Your energy is Very playful, very child like, and you have a very colourful, and vibrant view of life. This is amazing, do not lose this, as it Spurs on your creative and artistic nature.

Your inner child makes you very open, and receptive to others, and this has likely caused you both great pain, and disappointment on your journey, but you have a very, very strong heart, and a very strong spirit, and you are not the number 9 who will close their heart, and develop narcissistic tendencies due to all of the pain that you have experienced. 

Pain, that is something very, very familiar, and frequent to the life path 9. Pain from childhood, that is most likely related to abandonment, neglect, and rejection, even if this happened on an unconscious level.

Most 9’s grow sceptical of people, and build up walls, as soon as they recognise that the world does not share their idealistic, or caring nature, but ultimately, you are a healer, full of healing abilities, and potential that will grow once you settle into yourself. You need to learn to trust yourself more, because you are a natural leader, and you are not to play any secondary position in this journey called life.

The world so desperately requires your light, loving and playful energy, as so many people lead dark lives, and cannot see the light of their situation. You are the light in many situations. And all those who you have graced have been blessed by your inspirational energies, and healing qualities. 
Use your vision to heal the world, to heal yourself, and most importantly to heal your family line. You are apart of the divine feminine collective, a pure crystal being, the divine mother, and your destiny does lie with nurturing, nature, and blossoming ‘flowering’. You are the sun. And anything that is dark, will rise to the surface, to life, with you.

You are a blessing, to your divine counterpart.

Your love, is the life path of 10. This represents nature, death, rebirth, the beginning, and the end, the alpha, and the omega, and the coming together of feminine, and masculine energies. The 1 is a masculine number, and can appear to be a phallic symbolic for the main reproductive organs, whilst the 0 can be representative of the womb, of the portal through which life enters.

Your tarot reading –

1. What is in my loves heart for me? 

Page of pentacles.

The page of pentacles is a positive card to receive in a tarot deck! This page is considered a messenger of sorts, and he pushes through with his message with determination and enthusiasm.

Your love sees you as a new beginning, he recognises that if he were to nurture this relationship, and truly give his focus to it, it will grow and blossom into a love that he could have never imagined. He also recognises that you are a message in his life, a spiritual message, and your arrival has forced him to want to become a better version of him self, and pursue his path and his ambition with grace. 

2. What is on my path for love?

Nine of swords.

The nine of swords does seem like an alarming card to draw in a deck, as it points to worry, anxiety, doubt in regret, but as you are now aware of its emergence, you may do your best to combat these particular feelings from manifesting. 

Because you have such a restless mind, and such a finely tuned receptivity to even the slightest impulses, you may often find yourself splitting hairs, and losing your mind with over thinking, or doubting your lovers efforts/abilities to stay with you. As I mentioned, abandonment and the fear of is a theme within life path 9’s, and this also mirrors a fear that your love has. Of being fooled. Tricked. Unappreciated, and/or exploited.

These very worrisome thoughts actually cause the manifestation of negative experiences. You must try to silence the doubts and the fears within your mind surrounding this love. If you judge this love by the loves in your past, then it will meet the same fate as those of your past. Premature ending.

Release the blockages that cause you to fear abandonment in love. They are in concrete, and will only manifest if you draw them to you with your focus, and behaviours.

3. What is influencing my loves behaviour?

The hanged man.

The hanged man represents a lack of control, a willingness to appear vulnerable, and allowing ones self to be suspended in time, and space. These are all things that your love is absolutely terrified of, and reluctant to allow. He fears that if he ever fully allows himself to be vulnerable, and to be suspended in air in this way, he will find himself hurt, and also meet the same fate that he has always faced – abandonment, and overall rejection.

Whilst he is also stuck in his mind, he spends great time calculating his every move, and is very concerned with the way that he appears on the outside. If he finds that he is being under appreciated, or he senses that he may not have your full attentions, he will immediately pull back and feign disinterest to get you back where he wants you. Yes, this does sound manipulative.

But to him, this is how he has learned to protect himself from the many dangers and offences in life.

4. What can I do to heal?

The chariot.

The chariot is a card all about charging through with determination, and steady progress. This particular deck for this card depicts a man who appears to be some sort of Pharaoh, charging through with his two noble, and faithful creatures. To me, this also indicates the integration, and working together of two pairs. In this instance, your masculine and feminine energies. Whilst you are very feminine, masculine energy will offer you the ability to move forward in life, and expand and capitalise on your art, regardless whether your emotional, and romantic love is unfulfilling or not. In the past, you have neglected other areas of your life for love.

Now, this card asks you to use the many highs and lows in love to inspire you, to motivate your art and your life goals, rather than to stagnate them.
5. What is the best course of action to take?

Five of pentacles.

The five of pentacles is a card that represents financial
Loss, spiritual loss, and emotional loss. This card serves as a warning to not neglect yourself, even in times that love is difficult or stressful. The best course of action to take is thorough internal fulfilment, so that no matter what appears in your love life, you do not become destroyed easily, and allow yourself to become deprived. It is very important within this Union that you maintain steady energy, as anything other wise would set you backward in your many lessons.

Use your art, and your creative expression to enrich you in times of difficulty. You can not allow yourself to suffer or to fall in love any longer. You must learn to rise in it. And in doing so, you will also benefit your love, and teach and challenge him how to grow, and how to hold himself higher in unconditional love, and bonds. The focus on other pursuits will also allow you to release the desire to control him, or outcomes with him.

6. Would it be more beneficial to move back or stay here?

The tower.

The tower card represents complete destruction, and the tearing down, and rapid change of your current surroundings. In terms of staying, or eliciting change, I would say that this card points to moving back. Tearing apart your current world, and experiencing a new dawn. Typically, when we think of ‘moving back’, it seems as if we are regressing to the past, but if your current reality has grown stagnant and unfulfilling, then i believe that you recognise that you have left unfinished business in your old town.

Perhaps your arrival will also shake, and stir things up for others, and allow you to collect more clues about who you are, and who you have become.

Seek Cindy.

Testimonial – Hi, Cindy…

All I can say is W O W !!!!! Thank you so so much!! You are truly so talented at what you do & I appreciate how thorough and in-depth you went with all my information. I also love how even though I paid for two separate readings you so effortlessly wrapped the information from both together!! So helpful and so RARE!! You are a gem.

A lot of what you wrote me mirrors a lot of what I have been feeling within myself (about myself and my love), but I have been going through SUCH a huge spiritual awakening for the past 4ish months that I can’t quite remember what is real or not…My love and I are not talking at the moment (for about a month), cuz I know we both have shit to work through on our own and it was so so helpful to not only get reflected where he is at but also MY shit that I need to work on!! Yes !! I appreciate you being so honest, oh and I LOVEDD the 8-1 1-8 birthday pattern you pointed out to me! So amazing.

I was going to write down just the “highlights” of your reading in my journal, but I ended up writing the whole thing LOL it all is just too good. Thank you for the comfort and the affirmations. I am going to be recommending you to all I know and thank you for being who you are and sharing your gifts with the world!!! So grateful to have connected with you. Happy full moon :))


© 2016

All works published on this site are under strict ownership of the owner, and any re-destribution is strictly prohibited without permission, and necessary credits.

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Romantic life path calculation Reading Sample, and testimonial. Seek Cindy © 🔮

Romantic life path calculation reading includes – the analysation of both parties’ birth numbers, and any themes and behaviours they present.

(Differs from twin flame reading).

You are dealing with a divine Union! What many would call a twin flame Union, and your love is most sacred. Both you, and your lover have a mission, a shared mission, of spiritual unity, light working, and collective healing of the earths atmosphere and energies.
Never have I seen, nor felt such an intense spiritual connection between two pairs! You are BOTH the life path of 22, the MASTER spiritual number, the life path number shared by Tupac, and Albert Einstein.

This means that you are BOTH divine channels, and he has an extraordinary amount of feminine energy within him, divine feminine energy, this is why he is so connected to you.

He understands you on a deep level, a level that touches your heart, not only your heart, but your soul, and you can determine this deep level of love, and this intense bond, and that is why you have come to me.

You know this person deeper than anybody has ever known them, and he knows you deeper than anybody else has. 
Because you both carry such high sensitive energies, you are both highly empathic, and highly intuitive possessing keen healing, and telepathic abilities. So you can just imagine how magnified the pain is between the two of you, when one of you is suffering. And that is just it. That is the thing. Both of you usually are suffering, all of the time, internally. Because you are both spiritual channels, and spiritual channelers, you have a thriving inner world, and you are constantly picking up energies from your surrounding environments, from each other, and from the troubles of the world, and your society.
The best way for the two of you to handle these intense energies is through creativity, and creative life force energy, which is sexual energy, that raises kundalini, and healing energy. The only potential downside to this is, once kundalini awakening has begun in both of you, you will both emotionally, and spiritually erupt as you are met with blockages from the past, and from your childhood. Like I have mentioned, you have both known a lot of pain. In your childhood, and in your karmic family lines.
I believe that there is a disconnection between him and his father, and you are your mother. You are to heal these karmic lines, and come together to re-write the templates of what it means for a man and a woman to love each other.

He may struggle with his sensitivities, and you too may struggle with yours, but it can be harder for him as a man to navigate in this world with such sensitivities, so if he tries to hide who he is, from himself, from the world, and from you most importantly, you have to understand that this is not intended to hurt you, but only as measure to protect himself.
Most of the time he does not even truly understand what is happening with him, or why he feels as he does. If he does not continue and pursue his creative outlet, his mind will continue to plague him, and he will wonder if he can ever truly find a moment of peace.
The two of you’s relationship may sometimes prove chaotic for this very reason. You both have big visions, big goals, and a large mission set to you by the divine.

The number 22 is the number that brings divine perspective into the world. They need more love than the usual soul, and this can manifest in different ways.

As your partner also carries masculine energies, it is likely that his sensitivities may cause him to withdraw, appearing aloof and unconcerned.

You, however, respond to outward displays of love, and affection, and need to find a way to understand that he does not always operate in the ways that you would prefer him to, or the ways that you would prefer love to be shown.
You both need to heal, and whilst you do this together, it is also very important to do so individually, one may say, ‘apart’. It is very important for you to give one another space, mentally, and emotionally as best you can, whilst

Maintaining your love, because you both have so much going on internally, and you are like sponges, picking up energy from everywhere, and wanting to heal everyone, and everything!
He must learn how to become more comfortable with his sensitivities, but this will require you to be patient with him during the transition.

You must slowly learn to embrace a different kind of love, that does not always require love to be externally proven to know that it exists.

Kindest regards,

Seek Cindy.

Testimonial – 

Good evening, 

Once again, thank you for an insightful reading. 

It still gives me goosebumps reading through it, though I’ve done so like a hundred times in the last 4 days.
This experience has been a much needed affirmation that my spirituality is valid and real. It’s so easy for one to shrug off Devine messages as either a coincidence in a world where one has been conditioned to believe that if you can’t prove it, it doesn’t exist. 

From the moment I met this gentleman, I had a strong sense familiarity around him. It was like I’ve known him forever and would open up to him and constantly wanted to be in his presence.

Funny how I’m not usually like this even with close friends, he in the contrary wouldn’t reveal much about himself. Long story short, I would have recurring dreams about him that wouldn’t make sense at all to me. You’re absolutely spot on about the dynamics of our union, even the not so pleasant ones. He does come across unconcerned and withdrawn most times and distances himself quite a lot; this behavior had me contemplating cutting all ties with him. It is one of the most difficult things to get right and I’ve almost given up on completely walking away from him. 

My word, your reading was a snapshot into each of our individual lives and as a union. Perfectly put into words, knowing the root cause was most overwhelming.

I’ve always had this feeling that we’re in each other’s lives for a reason, he’s in mine to teach what it means to love (though it’s not easy) and I’m in his life to teach him to acknowledge and embrace his gifts and ancestors. 

There’s so much of like to share with you to validate your reading, I’m afraid I might end up going off course. Hopefully this is the first of a long lasting relationship, it’s been an absolute pleasure receiving your guidance. 

Thank you so much, Bus.

© Copyright 2016

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Life path calculations, sample and testimonial, by Cinderella Anneh-bu. 

Wow Sarah, I am absolutely blown away, and I honestly just do not know what to say right now! Lol this is all coming completely from an open heart my darling! I can barely catch my breath, you have one of the most spiritually charged birth charts and energies that I have EVER tapped into, and it is absolutely overwhelming. You are psychic, intuitive and empathic to the ultimate HIGHEST degree. Your sensitivity has followed you for your whole life, and unfortunately, when you were growing up, you were so misunderstood because of it, that you soon learned to tune it out, rather opting for a reserved, quiet, withdrawn, and contemplative approach. You have had a life paved with much difficulty, heart ache, loss confusion, and ultimately betrayal. You carry sensitivity from your birth sequence número logically (life path 11), and also from your sun sign Scorpio meaning that you are VERY easily hurt, although you may never show it. You learnt early on in life that people do not respond to your emotional impulses, so you have suppressed them, which often makes for a lonely and difficult inner world because you wonder, who will truly ever understand the things that I have buried deep within me? And who will believe me as I do not show it? Deep down, all you have ever craved is love. To love, and to be loved, but because you also carry this deep seated fear of rejection, intimacy, and abandonment, you often sabotage yourself. You fear that you 

Will be hurt if you open your heart, and showcase the full extent of your love and your sensitivity, so you have a tendency to sabotage your relationships, ether through intensity, or intense withdrawal, it depends what mind frame you are in, but the underlying factor with both is fear. You have never really believed in yourself, and this is not all entirely a fault of your own, as your outer experiences and harsh, critical up bringing has cemented this belief deep within you. I find this particularly extraordinary, as you possess an absolutely amazing energy that is dripping with spiritual opportunity. You represent duality, the coming together of two worlds. So the pressure is on for you to transmute all of your painful lessons into wisdom, and healing energy. You are to re-unite the feminine and the masculine, the heaven and the hell, the depression and the spiritual enlightenment. In this way your path has been rigged with so much pain and trauma, because when you finally transform it, it will be nothing but pure light and gold, thus you will be the way shower. You are the one who possesses a mind most analytical, you may be described as somebody who thinks too much, and this is true as your psyche is constantly doing over time. Your mind often thinks about the past a lot, and this is because once again you have the path of the spiritual seeker, the teacher, therefore you must make sense of many things, alone, in your mind, often directly channeled from the divine. This is a lonely path, of that I will not lie, but all of the greats had to be hermits to some degree. Spiritual information is constantly being downloaded by you, and If your path was not paved with deep introspection and solitude, you would not have time to correctly interpret these messages.

The key here is to try to learn to trust others again, first by learning to trust yourself. Do not shut yourself from the world, and please learn to believe in, and love you, before it is too late.

You are also very likely to have a twin flame in this life time!

Blessed be my sacred angel. Please let me know how you found your reading, Cindy ~


Hi Cindy, 

Thank you for this. And everything you mentioned I have known.. deep down. What you have provided me is as if I’m reading my own thoughts. How or where do I start my journey toward spiritual enlightenment?? My insecurities is what keeps me from moving forward. How do I start to believe/love myself?

I want to be a better person and the crazy thing is I know it’s in me… I feel it peaking through the darkness. It’s a gift and a curse to feel everything so deeply. 

By the way I’m an artist, I haven’t painted in about 2 years. But I would like to share some photos of my art via our Instagram chat. Please let me know your feelings.

I don’t know what has led me to you, but I’m happy it happened. 



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Blessed be ~