General Weekly Reading – 21st-27th November; Rest, Resolution, Contemplation.

Main theme, (four of swords), Surrounding cards – The hermit, ten of wands, strength, the chariot.

Numerological calculation break down – 21 (3) – Creation, creativity, channeling, communication,rebirthing – 27 (9) – completion, karma, healing, over coming wounds, service to community, humanitarian consciousness.

The four of swords represents rest, healing, contemplation, & reflection. The searching of the psyche for answers. The number for is representative of order, structure, & stability, & indicates our desires to gain more control over our thoughts – both consciously & subconsciously.

The hermit reveals to us some much needed answers that we seek. Perhaps we see mirror versions of ourselves reflected in others, or we get to catch a glimpse of our truth by becoming honest & aware of our shadow aspects.

The ten of wands sees us contemplating what on this journey is, & is not necessary to us, & our level of development at this point. There is much truth to be extracted from recent events, including past situations that have brought us the most pain & conflict. There is a stronger desire to conquer our negative thoughts, & to make sense of the mental pictures that we create. 

The chariot represents the realisation that we can control the direction that our thoughts & our manifestations go, as long as we learn to master our own minds. 

Abstainance in some form is to be practiced this week. There may be targets that we must set ourselves to meet, to ensure that we do not repeat some of the mistakes of the past. The hermit is the higher learning & the higher wisdom that arrives to us when we dig deeply enough into ourselves. There are far more answers that lie in the unravelling of ourselves, than there are in unravelling the behaviours & actions of others. To know ourselves takes priority this week – especially knowing our triggers, & alerts.

There is also a desire to teach what you’ve learnt to others this week, in regards to finding conflict resolution, & carrying ancestral burdens.

What makes us tick the way that we do? Where did we inherit some of our thought patterns & shadow aspects. Entire honesty & a thorough look at the person before us when we engage w/ the mirror, is provoked.

At this stage in the journey, surely you have learned that all of the best answers come from the most uncomfortable situations. If you truly want a future of difference, it is time to create an internal you that mirrors this requirement of change. It is very, very much about you & how you handle situations this week, because you cannot control anything that is outside of you. You can only monitor your own behaviours.

There may indeed be confrontation of some of your shadow aspects. The strength card indicates that you seek this week to dominate your lower nature – once & for all, in favour of a balanced approach, (masculine & feminine energy). Too much ego is narcissism, not enough ego, is victim hood. Yet the perfect middle between the two must be obtained. 

The four of swords usually sees us looking over a situation that caused us any level of trauma, or discomfort, but there is a sense that things will be seen differently this time, because you are willing, & to let go of the situations that bind you to a lower vibration. If you do revisit less desirable themes, it will be because you have the desire to understand them, so that you do not find yourself repeating the same mistakes.

You may acknowledge this week that many of the things that have been holding you back, have actually been nothing to do with you. Possible family karma, or collective fears that you have taken on as a highly sensitive individual. 

You are finding ways to break free, & this may bring fear to others around you, so watch out for many triggers from those who will attempt to entice your old self. Your old impulsivity. This is like a test from spirit – detaching from your desire to be reactive, instead of responsive is paramount to emotional, & mental maturity!

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Numerology reading Sample report. Birth date, and obstacles upon path.


Please note, upon choosing one of my numerology services, a client may decide whether they would like to draw a tarot along with their life path reading, either to indicate what obstacles are blocking them upon their path, or to see where their hearts true desire lies, (future aspirations). In the case of these sample readings, I have included both examples. 

Also, although life path readings may be universal, the descriptions given are more based on the individuals energy, than the simple generalisation of the numbers calculated. 

When working with life path numbers to calculate a persons destiny, I like to work with ALL of the numbers present in a persons birth sequence, and not just a culmination of all numbers. Therefore, I will also deal with the surrounding numbers that influence their behaviours,

Ie – 

Firstly, your overall life path number, is the life path of 8, but before I describe to you what that means, I would like to introduce you to a method of numerology I use, where I calculate some of the existing numbers in the Birth sequence, as I also believe that these have an influence over the individual.
For instance, the number 3 appears twice in your birth sequence.

(This client was born on the 3rd of march).

3 March (3),

So let’s take a look at what the number 3 means in regards to numerology..

The number 3 is the number of creativity, and those carrying this number tend to be artistically inclined in some form, through writing, painting, dancing, singing, or otherwise. Number 3s have a very vivid imagination, and for this reason is often depicted as the dreamer, and the idealist, who has big ideas for humanity, and huge aspirations to see them being fulfilled!
It is also believed that the number 3 is very in touch with a child like nature, and deep down, they possess an unmistakable compassion, tenderness, and softness, that may stem from being what we call, a ‘wounded healer’.

However, without further ado, let us take a look at your overall life path number, which is the sum of your entire birth sequence, 3+3+1973 = 8.
The life path of 8 in my opinion, is a fantastic life path to own! Not only does the 8 represent longevity, eternity, wealth, and abundance, but it also represents balance – which is my favourite principle!

The number 8 is always very likely to showcase a very independent, rebellious, and adventurous spirit. They appear to be very tough, self sufficient, independent, and self reliant to the point that they may even seem suspiciously, or mysteriously lonely. Spectators may wonder indeed if the number 8 has any close friends, or family, as they always seem to be far more interested in a career, or artistic endeavour.

The number 8 is undoubtably ambitious! Either due to being poor, deprived, or neglected in childhood, or from growing up in a restrictive environment/setting, the number 8 as soon as they are old enough sets out to cultivate enough material wealth and stability to see that they never have to rely on others again. This is where their independent streak is born from. At one point or another, they had no choice but to rely on others, and their needs were often left unmet, so they therefore desire ultimately, to never find themselves in this predicament again. Typically, the idea of being vulnerable or needy, is absolutely horrifying to them!

The number 8 is also very likely to have experienced some harrowing times in their younger years. Anything from betrayal, to abuse of trust, and love. Once upon a time, the number 8 gave their heart away, freely, and openly, and expected others to do the same. But upon witnessing that the same was not granted, the number 8 tends to dive into a career, or some sort of money making plan instead, this serves as an illusionary distraction, and fulfilment of their ultimate needs.

The strong and independent exterior that the 8 carries is usually bravado. Although they are actually very hard Woking, they sometimes fear that If they were ever to stop working so hard, they would have nothing else to show for themselves, and little else to fall back on. It is also likely that they do not have strong family connections, or if they do, they are also weary of their family’s intentions and motives at times.

The real challenge for the number 8 is to re-intergrate into society, as an effective member of the wheel, and not just the here today, gone tomorrow type. Despite whatever hurt you may have experienced, life is still abundant with riches, and you will not find these spiritual or emotional riches, unless you let go of the walls that you have built around your heart.

The 8 can be prone to long term loneliness, mental isolation, and lone wolfism, that over time if left untreated, could morph into depression. 

The adult world can seem scary, and critical when we have not been taught as children that we can trust those around us, but as adults, we have the ability to cater to ourselves in a way that we were never blessed enough to be catered to. But self love is merely a door, that opens up to a room of accepting the love that others also have to offer us. Remember that like attracts like, if you persist through life with walls and barriers, those who you attract into your experience will mirror your hesitance, and conceal, and therefore will never fully show up as themselves either.

In this case, you will endure recurring cycles of meeting those who do not meet your needs, and further retreating into yourself, and your work.

Your tarot reading: Obstacle/what is blocking your path –

The four of swords.

The four of swords relates to the order, stability, and calm that we experience after a rocky, or tumultuous life period, and any sort of mental, emotional, or physical Injury. In numerology, the four is all about order, and our need to take control over situations that bring us any disorder. The four of swords indicates that you have had your fair share of trials amongst life’s journey, almost perfect love stories, that each left you, a little bit more disheartened than the last. This has probably been an on going theme for you for multiple lives. Perhaps there is something that each experience needed to teach you. Perhaps each experience mirrored the ways that you felt internally about yourself. Either way, when the four of swords shows up, we need rest, we need to restore order, and balance, essentially, licking and tending to our wounds.

Kindest regards, and blessed be,

Seek Cindy. ~

Clients reading number 2.Numerology reading report.

Life path 6.

Your life path of 6 means that you are the advisor, the counsellor, the humanitarian, and the care giver.

Naturally, you are the peacemaker. People come to

You for advise, and naturally, your observant nature allows you to pick up on their subtle troubles, and you sometimes step in to offer your advice, and perspective. You must be careful not to come off as domineering, or interfering, and ensure that others are open, and willing to take on your advice, when you do decide to give it.
Because you are so giving, you are also prone to feeling unappreciated, and frustrated, if you perceive that others are not recognising of your efforts. 

You are very family and community based. Fitting in, and being a part of something, is likely a thought that has followed you for most of your life, and will be why you share such a great affinity for the weak and the down trodden, in them, you see yourself.

You must learn to become your own healer, so that you may help others accordingly, without growing bigger, cynical, or resentful in the process. 

You are likely to travel deep lengths to cater to those who you feel ‘need you’, you are your brothers keeper, and your sisters keeper, and for this reason it is likely that you seek out those who are already in pain.
Although you love to feel needed, you must remain aware that others will always take advantage where you allow them to, and if you carry on without setting healthy boundaries, you may create your own unbreakable cycles of encouraging others to lean on you, and then growing frustrated, and depressed when you feel as if they are taking advantage of you. 
You must also be vigilant of growing resentful or becoming ill intentioned due to past pains. It is your painful past experiences that have given you such compassion, do not allow yourself to forget this.
Tarot reading.

Past influences –  

Four of pentacles.

The Lord of power represents the time when we achieve a stable level of material balance. At least at that present time. Control, settling in, retrieving balance after a turbulent or rocky time. Everything in order, and everything in place. This card may sometimes point to us holding on too tightly to material possessions. You may have come to substitute, or equate, financial security with emotional stability, and you may find that this compromised your spiritual, or creative pursuits/energy. 

All creator (creative) energy is free flowing, and if we hold on too tightly to anything on the physical plane, we may find that we are blocking ourselves in other areas. Whilst financial security is vital, and beneficial, do not cling to an occupation/income as a source of internal fulfilment. Do not neglect the simpler beauties of life.

Present/obstacles – 

Three of swords/king of cups.

The combination of these two cards may point to the breakdown of a relationship, loss of a love interest, disturbance to emotional equilibrium, rejection, loneliness, heart break, grief or betrayal.

Painful, unexpected events.

The three of swords is often depicted as a heart with three sword wounds penetrating it. This points to an injury of the heart, or an emotional time where we experience a great loss. In combination with the king of cups, this is very likely to correspond with a relationship, or a significant other. Perhaps the union did not go as planned, perhaps you are left once again feeling emotionally unfulfilled, and wondering how much more your heart can withstand. 

The king of cups asks you to take the kind of action that he might take, for example, calmness in a crisis, using diplomacy rather than force, and developing an overview of situations and outcomes. 

The king of cups is in charge, and in control of his emotions, when he arrives, he may point to a love interest who represents a heavily masculine energy, and a relationship that requires us to be introduced to integrating both masculine, and feminine energies. Masculine energy is associated with emotional balance, whereas feminine energy is all loving and engulfing, masculine energy can express reserved love, and seek the rest of this balance from the feminine. Overly feminine energy is overflowing, and over emotional. Picture a cup of water flowing, until it pours messily from the cup. 
This is a partner, or individual whom may seem to lack considerable effort, care, or consideration, but in reality, he has been taught to sit on his emotions, and instead, develop a calm and composed, interior, and exterior, thus he always expresses an heir of calm, and does not bode well in arguing for arguments sake. 

He comes to us to introduce balance, leadership qualities, and harmonise masculine and feminine energies. He asks us to bring balance to our intense and creative emotions.
Remember that your path is the one of the humanitarian, and essentially, the healer. And it is important to remember that any and all bruises of the heart are attempts to guide you, and teach you, and not to become stains of the heart, or undermine your progress. Pain encourages death/rebirth, in order for you to grow, learn from past mistakes, and transform into the highest version of yourself. Whilst your pain may appear never ending, or excruciating, with time, faith, self) love, forgiveness, and patience, you will see the truth and the light behind all situations, including this one. 

How can you develop a stronger awareness of the unconscious without becoming overwhelmed by it?

Future aspirations – 

Ace of cups.

This is the tarot decks card of true love, and points to our deepest desires to find, become inspired, and become transformed, by love. It would be hard to imagine a soul mate reading, without the presence of the ace of cups.  

When the ace of cups appears in a reading, there is a feeling of love so deep, that one, (or both) of the partners are almost willing to die for the other! There are intense feelings of fulfilment, satisfaction, and wholesomeness, and there is no doubt that the love is reciprocated on both sides. 

This card points to your desire to find, and experience this type of love. As I mentioned before, feelings, care giving, and love, are extremely important to you, and this is tied in with your mission, and soul purpose on this earth. You must realise that external love does not first exist without internal love, and in order for you to locate the love that you truly desire, you must become and embody this very love that you so seek. There are other pleasures in love that you can enjoy whilst you still have not found the love of your life. The love of family, the love of friends, and the love of creativity, these are all variations of love and will also bring you fulfilment and satisfaction.
You will find love one day! It is a given, but please do not close your heart to it along the way. Recognise that the bruises of your heart are lessons, not curses.
Kindest regards,

Seek Cindy.

The birth of a healer. 

   I always honour the ancestors. The ones who came before me doing the great work of healing that we do.. That invoked me with these gifts. Ancient African culture believes that we inherit the past karma of our family lines. Some empaths mission is to save their entire line. Many empaths carry karmic debt associated with their entire ancestral line, this empaths gifts are usually the most heightened, and their mission is to clear and correct this family’s bad karma once and for all, so that it may not be passed to future generations. Families with a great history of negative karmic debt may produce an empath along the line who suffers from depression, or a host of other mental illnesses for healing to occur. Native American tribes also believe that what we perceive to be mental illnesses may in fact be spiritual interference. #empath #spiritual #esoteric #ancientknowledge #africa

Abundance and finance. 

   “A lot of us have money blockages that are deterring our abundance and flow of energies associated with financial funds. This may sound fictitious, and especially ludicrous, but yes! It is very true, a lot of us do hold money blockages that render us unable to receive blessings and expansion in this way. Just like everything that exists in this universe, money is energy. Many of us, (particularly on the spiritual path), have fixed ourselves in the belief that money is the root of all evil, or that money is entirely unnecessary as it is simply a 3d invention, and holds no place in spirituality. This is typical of the old archetypal model we associate with spirituality, and modesty that may be attributed to messengers such as Christ himself, and in popular culture, Bob Marley. Whilst, it is true that money can be traced back to a lot of the current displacement and disorientation of most of the world we live in today, we must take into account whom is responsible for the ways money has been manipulated and used as a sinister weapon. It is the energy and the intention behind the use of money that denotes if in fact there are any evils present. Money itself is not inherently evil. How can it be evil when it is merely of exchangeable value. It belongs to none of us, as soon as we get it, we are sure in the knowledge that we will be trading it soon, only for it to be traded back to us, and thus the cycle continues. The truth is, we need money in this world to survive, no matter how we wish to look at it. It is important not to get caught up in the superficiality and materialism of life, but that will determine the holder, and their mentality of the money and the security or insecurity within themselves, and not the money itself. Money blockages are also formed under the basis of low self esteem. If one feels that they are undeserving, then they feel this on all levels, extending to all things of any value – particularly including money. One who thinks that they are not worth the cycle of exchange, will set up mental and energetic barriers, that separate themselves from money. Money can very well be a positive thing.. In order to travel, gain new experience, spoil your family members and loved ones, eat healthily, and endorse self love, the chances are that you are going to need some spare change. If you have been experiencing trouble attracting a significant portion of money lately, or are stuck in a money rut, it is time to reassess the ways that you view yourself and money. Perhaps believing in yourself a little always, my guides have inspired me to write this message as they felt that it was needed by some.”

Return to order, a mystical, natural perspective. 

   A return to pre-industrial, indigenous, herbalist existence. That is what i preach. Once, the earth was in a state of balance and harmony with its inhabitants and itself. Man lived in humility to nature and the will of the earth, working with the animals and the elements almost as if their mere survival was dependent on their working in unison – and there it was. Their very survival was dependent on how well they, as a species could live in co-operation, in one rhythm, one motion with the earths tunes. People called them primitive. Why it was uncivilized to ‘worship’ the land as they phrased it. Mere nonsensical to look to the stars and to the skies from which we were born for answers. To survive off the land, and not technological assistance or interference. Simple living, I call it. Purity, and nature. Communities, not envy, lack of empathy, or greed. Man existed as man should..only to one day be shaken to their very core by beliefs and practices that swarmed in from far north. That these ways of living were barbaric, non progressive, and unconstitutional to the ‘new world’ that was emerging. One of patriarchal, capitalistic and anti indigenous culture. Many perceive that it began with the transatlantic slave trade, some say it began with colonialism (African,Aboriginal,Native American), but truthfully speaking, the war on indigenous cultures and their ways of both living and knowing, have been under threat for much longer than we can perceive. #poetry #writing #spiritual #indigenous #culture #herbalist #nomadic #agricultural

Twin Flame Chronicles. 

   Old systems falling apart for enlightenment to occur typically feel like depression, feelings of being lost, lacking direction and faith. The new moon reflects this darkness, as no light is currently shining on the moon. All new life begins in darkness. The sirians are operating for the evolution & enlightenment of the earth, they are with us as they have always been in times of great change. It is no coincidence that Christ consciousness is reigning in with the energy of Mary Magdalene, it calls us to return to oneness, a return to the conjoining of masculine & feminine principles to higher results, to reject the polarity we learned in the garden of Eden with Adam and Eve. A dual perception, oneness, as we welcome & reunite the divine feminine after centuries of persecution. The twin flame union and the dark night of the soul represent the same thing, an issuing for us to look at ourselves deeply, question all things that we have built from the old rigid programs of dogmatic and indoctrinated beliefs. Self love, the authentic self & the higher self require mergence, no more light vs dark or ego vs soul, but oneness and recognising dual principle is Godliness. Our twin flame calls us to look within, as we have been looking without toward our twin. When we acknowledge that they are us, and they feel what we feel, we begin shining the same light & love that we emanate to them, within ourselves. Our ego will battle with us viciously in this process, as it attempts to cling to all of the old limiting beliefs from society&the world. It will try to convince us to slip into old behavioural patterns & this is where childhood issues will emerge. This requires confronting the shadow self. Loving yourself & supporting yourself equates to loving & appreciating your twin flame, as there is no separation. The chaser particularly should take this Time as the more spiritually enlightened twin & confront themselves & their deepest fears. If they fall into old patterns & pursue their twin with manipulation or emotional intensity, they will push them away. As much as they mirror one another, they possess these polar energies that will play out. #twinflames #spiritual #writer
   My twin flame book will be out, and available for purchase next month, November 2015. This includes the full twin flame science, and love through the ages. 

Twin flames; a lesson in love – book sample. 

   Control is a HUGE factor in all twin flame relationships. The post traumatic effects of childhood abuse usually becomes too much for one, And this person becomes the runner. Both twins take the place of the parent(s) who caused the twins the most pain, and reenact the behaviours of said parents, stirring up the same wounds for a final clearance/healing, however, one twin is sometimes still not ready for this intense level of healing to take place and therefore abandons the union (possibly temporarily).
Cindy Anneh-bu

#twinflames #twinflamelove #spiritual #writer #love #energy #kundalini

Twin Flame; A lesson in love. 

When the twin flame Union finally arrives, you will have endured so many failed karmic relationships, that you will both doubt its validity. It will take the complete death of the ego, and the ascension of the heart to give you true perspective. You can not fathom something so sacred, so special, so electric existing in the 3d lower density realm, neither of you can, and you are right, because it is beyond it. The female in the twin flame Union will have played a key role in sabotaging these previous relationships with co-dependent behaviours. When the tf Union does take place, it is the females desire to control, combined with the males lack of control that cause separation. As we all know codependency forms from a lack of self belief. The male twin also lacks self belief, but this manifests as false independence. He behaves as if he does not need, or require love, and prefers his freedom, this is his ego, truly, his heart has always wanted nothing more or less, than love. Whilst the female twin believes that chasing her love will protect her from the abandonment she so fears, the male twin believes that running will protect him from it. Of course the terms ‘male’ and ‘female’ refer to the masculine and feminine energies, and these may belong to either man, or woman. In some cases, it is the man who embodies the feminine aspects of this Union. 
“Love without expectation. This is how we set ourselves free..Do not romanticise the notion of love. Just be love, and let love be. I experienced great discomfort for so long, yearning for my twin because of the false depictions on the net about twin flame reunions. My entire focus became surrounded on cultivating or waiting for this moment, almost to the point of unhealthy obsession..I forgot about me. If you are finding this process particularly difficult, try sending your twin some love and well wishes, but do not anticipate a response. Do it from the genuine love of your heart. Show yourself that your soul has grown, that it can now love, without expectation..That your worth is no longer dependent on receiving external love. That you can give, without immediate return, because you are whole.”

Twin flame poetry;  By Cinderella Anneh-bu. 


“Thank you for keeping me safe tonight, and all the other nights that I needed you. Thank you for being my guardian angel, and catching my pains on a silver leaf, everytime that they pained me. 2,3 and 4 am in the night, you would arrive and nuzzle your head between my neck, and stroke my front, and poke at the flesh on my stomach, and ask me why I was so perfect. I never believed it, but boy, did it make me feel worth it. I never loved you before I loved myself, for I could not, so I pulled the both of us through hell, fussing and fighting, and ripping at the seams, but you recognised me as the one, through your midnight dreams. Although it seems, we have lost too many crowns to deceit, and conceit, and cognitive defeat, we are fully on the journey to becoming complete, and all pains and templates of rain, will become obsolete, my sweet, take a look at my feet, have you ever seen an angel touch the ground this way? Alas, we are both here to stay.”

Cindy Anneh-bu (via spiritualpoet)

“It was the moment, that I looked into your eyes, that I realised all of the pain that you have ever been through, because it existed inside of me too. And you taught me, that you can’t save anybody from their past, because it is a gift. And you cannot safe anybody from their path, because it is a given. And so the most delicate thing that I could do in my love, was to work on myself, so tirelessly, in hopes that the next time that I saw you, this would exist within you too. Patience, divine waiting, you taught me.”

Cindy Anneh-bu (via spiritualpoet)

My twin flame book will be available for purchase next month, November 2015. Including full twin flame science, advice, poetry, and insight.  

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Empath; why does the world reject my love? 

As an aware empath now, I have come to know that just because I, or anybody else for that matter, has a lot of love to share, does not mean that this love is necessarily acceptable, or healthy. Many imbalanced empaths will find that people reject their outward displays of self perceived appreciation, and romantic advances of love and affection, so why is this you might ask? Well, there is something very repellent about a love that only wants to love you to be loved in return, you get my drift? Imagine the feeling of energy behind the falsity of ‘niceness’. It is not that these empaths are generally not nice, and typically they do genuinely wish to extend their care for this person, but they just tend to become a little manipulative in doing so. This is not however inherent in the empath, and is more likely to do with learned behaviour from one, or more narcissistic parents/individuals that the empath has picked up on growing up. These empaths never think that the person on the receiving end may be exposed or aware of the insincerity behind their gestures, (as they too are quite unaware on the surface), and thus usually find themselves feeling quite upset, rejected, and vulnerable after their emotional needs and requirements have not been met. These are some of the smaller things that convince the empath that they truly are unworthy, unlovable, and under – appreciated.

  Imbalanced empaths have this way of forcing their love down the throats of others, in order to make themselves feel more adequate, displaying co-dependent, obsessive, and in many cases manipulative behaviours. The good news is, this can all be unravelled, as the empath becomes conscious of their actions, patterns and behavioural models. It is important to note that these people do not refrain from accepting the empaths love because they do not see value in the empath, but rather because the empaths actions are indicative of somebody who does not see value in themselves.

Blessed be, Cindy ~

For guidance to oneness and well being as an empath, contact me via

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Eternal Empath, Book Sample, by Cindy Anneh-bu.

“Everything that I do/think and feel must be done with intensity, this is the one thing that allows me to experience highs and lows like no other..And time and awareness has proven, that there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Never allow anybody to call you ‘too sensitive’, nor ‘too friendly’. The world needs more people sensitive to the feelings and needs of others, the world needs more people who are ‘too friendly’, particularly capitalistic, urban areas where people thrive on apathy and currency alone. Existing in a world shaped to be brutal, hard, and border line sociopathic, whilst you are the complete alternative can be utterly draining, frustrating, and not to mention, immensely lonely..Yet still you may thrive. You may thrive only when you discover that there is nothing wrong with you. You do not need to ‘toughen up’, you do not need to suppress nor ignore your feelings in favour of appearing aloof. There is nothing attractive about a person who does not care, or behaves as if they do not. Our current society is possessed with too many ills to mention, and you sweet deary, are not one of them.”
Dealing with passive aggression as an empath, and activating your throat chakra.

“Self confidence, self assurance, and self assertiveness, are now the vibrations that we are trying to move toward, and attract. Especially those of us who were taught to be inexpressive, and have kept our throat chakras inactive for the longest while. The more timid, more shy ones of us, who have held on to our words, until they have bubbled over in our tongues, and disappeared forever. Well now, how about we retrieve them? My top three tips for activating thy throat chakra.

1. Now if you are anything like me, and you grew up very quiet, and quite shy, you may now find that as an adult, this impacts you in disadvantaged ways, particularly in regards to opportunities in the work place, and generalised social environments. When we cannot speak our truth, or speak up for ourselves, we become easy prey to those souls who love nothing more than to throw their energy around, suffocating others, whilst giving themselves an energetic boost. Yes, we have all experienced the displeasure of a loud co-worker, a confrontational acquaintance, or the classic, ‘bully’ persona, (a person who specifically seeks out hyper sensitives in order to poke fun at their eccentricities). And the one who has not activated their throat chakra will.. (Pause for dramatic and horrific effect), LET THEM GET AWAY WITH IT! now this is the worst thing that we can ever do, because they then go on to pursue those very same negative energies with others just like us! It is like a chain of hyper abuse! It is important to voice yours opinion and discomfort with things always.

2. When something comes to your mind, just say it. I do not care what it is, no matter how ridiculous, or random, spit it out. This will train your mind to act in accordance with your throat chakra, and not be so hesitant in revealing your inner goings on. At one point or another, due to your experiences, you told yourself that your thoughts were better left kept to yourself. That they would not be welcomed, appreciated or met with love, and (most importantly), that you wouldn’t either. It is time to recognise how valued, and precious your contributions are. Allow your voice to ring true.

3. Practice humming, or even talking to yourself whilst you are alone. Tell yourself the truth, what you really think of yourself. What you like about yourself, and what you think you can improve on. This will help you to be able to tell others where you feel that they may be coming short, should they not respect your self love boundaries. Follow the same formula you have practiced with yourself. Tell them things that you appreciate them for, and what you admire in them, then proceed to tell them what they have done that causes you concern. This way, if they do not respond to the news well, you do not internalise it as something you have done wrong, as you are aware that you did not approach the situation is a cynical or vindictive manner. From practicing this method on yourself, you will also see that it is pretty harmless, and offers space for self improvement.”

Now, dealing with passive aggression is quite different, and more difficult to deal with than outer forms of expression, but not to worry, the hyper sensitive/empath can tackle this too!  We all know the type to respond to you taking offence to their extremely offensive comments with, ‘Omg! Calm down! I was only joking! It was only a question’ etc. smart ploy, but not smart enough for the empath who sees, feels, and KNOWS everything. Upon realising that you are dealing with this type of soul, it is important to create space, as their energies will feel very uncomfortable to the empath. However, in the moments they catch us off guard, we should immediately voice or express our discontent. If we cannot find the words to do so at the time, then it is still important for us to forgive our judgement in that moment. Physically creating distance between us and the soul, and re-directing our focus by stepping away from them could also create space for us to cultivate our own energy in that moment, instead of marinating in their own. Later, when the empath feels more safe, and more courage is built, they may send the person a message, (not of aggression), but informing them that the interaction earlier made the empath feel uncomfortable, and that the empath would prefer if a similar incident could be avoided next time. The most important thing is voicing those concerns, whatever form this may take!

Blessed be, Cindy ~

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