Twin Flame; A lesson in love. 

When the twin flame Union finally arrives, you will have endured so many failed karmic relationships, that you will both doubt its validity. It will take the complete death of the ego, and the ascension of the heart to give you true perspective. You can not fathom something so sacred, so special, so electric existing in the 3d lower density realm, neither of you can, and you are right, because it is beyond it. The female in the twin flame Union will have played a key role in sabotaging these previous relationships with co-dependent behaviours. When the tf Union does take place, it is the females desire to control, combined with the males lack of control that cause separation. As we all know codependency forms from a lack of self belief. The male twin also lacks self belief, but this manifests as false independence. He behaves as if he does not need, or require love, and prefers his freedom, this is his ego, truly, his heart has always wanted nothing more or less, than love. Whilst the female twin believes that chasing her love will protect her from the abandonment she so fears, the male twin believes that running will protect him from it. Of course the terms ‘male’ and ‘female’ refer to the masculine and feminine energies, and these may belong to either man, or woman. In some cases, it is the man who embodies the feminine aspects of this Union. 
“Love without expectation. This is how we set ourselves free..Do not romanticise the notion of love. Just be love, and let love be. I experienced great discomfort for so long, yearning for my twin because of the false depictions on the net about twin flame reunions. My entire focus became surrounded on cultivating or waiting for this moment, almost to the point of unhealthy obsession..I forgot about me. If you are finding this process particularly difficult, try sending your twin some love and well wishes, but do not anticipate a response. Do it from the genuine love of your heart. Show yourself that your soul has grown, that it can now love, without expectation..That your worth is no longer dependent on receiving external love. That you can give, without immediate return, because you are whole.”

Twin flame poetry;  By Cinderella Anneh-bu. 


“Thank you for keeping me safe tonight, and all the other nights that I needed you. Thank you for being my guardian angel, and catching my pains on a silver leaf, everytime that they pained me. 2,3 and 4 am in the night, you would arrive and nuzzle your head between my neck, and stroke my front, and poke at the flesh on my stomach, and ask me why I was so perfect. I never believed it, but boy, did it make me feel worth it. I never loved you before I loved myself, for I could not, so I pulled the both of us through hell, fussing and fighting, and ripping at the seams, but you recognised me as the one, through your midnight dreams. Although it seems, we have lost too many crowns to deceit, and conceit, and cognitive defeat, we are fully on the journey to becoming complete, and all pains and templates of rain, will become obsolete, my sweet, take a look at my feet, have you ever seen an angel touch the ground this way? Alas, we are both here to stay.”

Cindy Anneh-bu (via spiritualpoet)

“It was the moment, that I looked into your eyes, that I realised all of the pain that you have ever been through, because it existed inside of me too. And you taught me, that you can’t save anybody from their past, because it is a gift. And you cannot safe anybody from their path, because it is a given. And so the most delicate thing that I could do in my love, was to work on myself, so tirelessly, in hopes that the next time that I saw you, this would exist within you too. Patience, divine waiting, you taught me.”

Cindy Anneh-bu (via spiritualpoet)

My twin flame book will be available for purchase next month, November 2015. Including full twin flame science, advice, poetry, and insight.  

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Empath; why does the world reject my love? 

As an aware empath now, I have come to know that just because I, or anybody else for that matter, has a lot of love to share, does not mean that this love is necessarily acceptable, or healthy. Many imbalanced empaths will find that people reject their outward displays of self perceived appreciation, and romantic advances of love and affection, so why is this you might ask? Well, there is something very repellent about a love that only wants to love you to be loved in return, you get my drift? Imagine the feeling of energy behind the falsity of ‘niceness’. It is not that these empaths are generally not nice, and typically they do genuinely wish to extend their care for this person, but they just tend to become a little manipulative in doing so. This is not however inherent in the empath, and is more likely to do with learned behaviour from one, or more narcissistic parents/individuals that the empath has picked up on growing up. These empaths never think that the person on the receiving end may be exposed or aware of the insincerity behind their gestures, (as they too are quite unaware on the surface), and thus usually find themselves feeling quite upset, rejected, and vulnerable after their emotional needs and requirements have not been met. These are some of the smaller things that convince the empath that they truly are unworthy, unlovable, and under – appreciated.

  Imbalanced empaths have this way of forcing their love down the throats of others, in order to make themselves feel more adequate, displaying co-dependent, obsessive, and in many cases manipulative behaviours. The good news is, this can all be unravelled, as the empath becomes conscious of their actions, patterns and behavioural models. It is important to note that these people do not refrain from accepting the empaths love because they do not see value in the empath, but rather because the empaths actions are indicative of somebody who does not see value in themselves.

Blessed be, Cindy ~

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Eternal Empath, Book Sample, by Cindy Anneh-bu.

“Everything that I do/think and feel must be done with intensity, this is the one thing that allows me to experience highs and lows like no other..And time and awareness has proven, that there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Never allow anybody to call you ‘too sensitive’, nor ‘too friendly’. The world needs more people sensitive to the feelings and needs of others, the world needs more people who are ‘too friendly’, particularly capitalistic, urban areas where people thrive on apathy and currency alone. Existing in a world shaped to be brutal, hard, and border line sociopathic, whilst you are the complete alternative can be utterly draining, frustrating, and not to mention, immensely lonely..Yet still you may thrive. You may thrive only when you discover that there is nothing wrong with you. You do not need to ‘toughen up’, you do not need to suppress nor ignore your feelings in favour of appearing aloof. There is nothing attractive about a person who does not care, or behaves as if they do not. Our current society is possessed with too many ills to mention, and you sweet deary, are not one of them.”
Dealing with passive aggression as an empath, and activating your throat chakra.

“Self confidence, self assurance, and self assertiveness, are now the vibrations that we are trying to move toward, and attract. Especially those of us who were taught to be inexpressive, and have kept our throat chakras inactive for the longest while. The more timid, more shy ones of us, who have held on to our words, until they have bubbled over in our tongues, and disappeared forever. Well now, how about we retrieve them? My top three tips for activating thy throat chakra.

1. Now if you are anything like me, and you grew up very quiet, and quite shy, you may now find that as an adult, this impacts you in disadvantaged ways, particularly in regards to opportunities in the work place, and generalised social environments. When we cannot speak our truth, or speak up for ourselves, we become easy prey to those souls who love nothing more than to throw their energy around, suffocating others, whilst giving themselves an energetic boost. Yes, we have all experienced the displeasure of a loud co-worker, a confrontational acquaintance, or the classic, ‘bully’ persona, (a person who specifically seeks out hyper sensitives in order to poke fun at their eccentricities). And the one who has not activated their throat chakra will.. (Pause for dramatic and horrific effect), LET THEM GET AWAY WITH IT! now this is the worst thing that we can ever do, because they then go on to pursue those very same negative energies with others just like us! It is like a chain of hyper abuse! It is important to voice yours opinion and discomfort with things always.

2. When something comes to your mind, just say it. I do not care what it is, no matter how ridiculous, or random, spit it out. This will train your mind to act in accordance with your throat chakra, and not be so hesitant in revealing your inner goings on. At one point or another, due to your experiences, you told yourself that your thoughts were better left kept to yourself. That they would not be welcomed, appreciated or met with love, and (most importantly), that you wouldn’t either. It is time to recognise how valued, and precious your contributions are. Allow your voice to ring true.

3. Practice humming, or even talking to yourself whilst you are alone. Tell yourself the truth, what you really think of yourself. What you like about yourself, and what you think you can improve on. This will help you to be able to tell others where you feel that they may be coming short, should they not respect your self love boundaries. Follow the same formula you have practiced with yourself. Tell them things that you appreciate them for, and what you admire in them, then proceed to tell them what they have done that causes you concern. This way, if they do not respond to the news well, you do not internalise it as something you have done wrong, as you are aware that you did not approach the situation is a cynical or vindictive manner. From practicing this method on yourself, you will also see that it is pretty harmless, and offers space for self improvement.”

Now, dealing with passive aggression is quite different, and more difficult to deal with than outer forms of expression, but not to worry, the hyper sensitive/empath can tackle this too!  We all know the type to respond to you taking offence to their extremely offensive comments with, ‘Omg! Calm down! I was only joking! It was only a question’ etc. smart ploy, but not smart enough for the empath who sees, feels, and KNOWS everything. Upon realising that you are dealing with this type of soul, it is important to create space, as their energies will feel very uncomfortable to the empath. However, in the moments they catch us off guard, we should immediately voice or express our discontent. If we cannot find the words to do so at the time, then it is still important for us to forgive our judgement in that moment. Physically creating distance between us and the soul, and re-directing our focus by stepping away from them could also create space for us to cultivate our own energy in that moment, instead of marinating in their own. Later, when the empath feels more safe, and more courage is built, they may send the person a message, (not of aggression), but informing them that the interaction earlier made the empath feel uncomfortable, and that the empath would prefer if a similar incident could be avoided next time. The most important thing is voicing those concerns, whatever form this may take!

Blessed be, Cindy ~

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New moon in libra; what’s in store for us all? 

   Alas! We can all finally exhale after holding in our breath for what felt like forever during retrograde! No doubt, last months Mercury retrograde period was tough, very tough, on us, energetically, emotionally, and mentally. This is the time when thoughts that had been circling around our mind became intensified, we were given the opportunity to see areas that required polishing, and nourishing, and we were thrown into the deep end, to accomplish everything we could, as fast as we could, and to tie up all of the loose ends. This period was particularly difficult for twin flames, blue ray twins, who will have caught themselves once again obsessively day dreaming of their twin and in desperate need to make contact, (if having undergone a separation period). I would just like to take the time to reach out to those who did not succumb to this pressure, and temptation with a HUGE well done! This is not to say that one should completely ignore or remove their twins from their lives, (impossible anyway), but chances are, this energy of intensity, and yearning would have probably only further pushed the ‘running’ twin away, and would also have been indicative of no consideration for their extended mental woes through retrograde either! Yes, if you are a twin flame and you felt the intense longing, and unbearable situation more heavily during retrograde, you were not alone, and your twin felt it too. If your twin flame is a male runner, (as they usually are, embodying masculine energies), then it is no doubt they spent Septembers ascension energies, and retrograde in a deep state of contemplation about their emotions, their short comings, AND about you! The return of the divine feminine has them all dipping into their emotional pools, and finding that perhaps, it is not so scary, or taboo to dig around their emotional past, for insights.  
  With the help of the female twins constant support, energy, and open ended love toward them, they have begun the journey toward healing some of the more stubborn aspects of their shadow selves. They may find themselves embodying the physical essence of a female in dreams, or performing emotional catharsis in their dreams, all ways that they shed the skin of emotional baggage, without necessarily having to cry physical Tears in their waking state, (of which they probably still are not too comfortable with), though this is the kind of emotional purification their emotional body requires! Female twins may find themselves sobbing uncontrollably at specific times, or feeling overwhelmed with emotion. This is the ways that they help their male twin evacuate his pain bodies, as he is only now becoming open to doing so himself, and has much pain stored within him.  

   New moon in Libra: rest, balance, new approach, seed sowing, and new found harmony in self, and others..So Mercury retrograde was heavy on us, Septembers ascension energies were heavy on us, we have completed an accelerated period of karmic work, releasing old patterns, and downloading new codes, and now..we have to get to know ourselves ALL over again. It is time to piece together the smaller fragments of the picture. On the journey to self love, ‘what could I improve about my perceptions?’ Are my perceptions helping me, or hurting me? Retrograde saw us looking outside of ourselves for the reasons we have been unhappy, messy, and stagnant. This provided us with the opportunity to separate ourselves from certain people, places and experiences, that no longer mirrored our highest good. This new moon asks you now..What is it that you are contributing to your own unhappiness? What can you do? What still needs healing?  There is nothing so self loving as putting parts of yourself underneath the microscope. How are you getting in your own ways?  As you are the co creator (along with destiny), of your existence, it is important to identify the ways you sabotage your own abundance. So many times our former negative experiences with others, compel us to develop certain boundaries, defence mechanisms that we think protect us, but really deprive us. Of love, intimacy, closeness, and community building. It is easy to blame the world for short comings.  But blaming the world is not only apart of victim consciousness, it is also self loathing. It dictates that one is powerless. Retrograde had you reminiscing about past loves, and soul mates, and scorning the ways that they hurt you. What about the ways you hurt you? Think about why your vibrations collided with these people in the first place? How are they you? This is the way you implement permanent change. By developing new understanding of your past circumstances, and why they took shape as they did. We will now be arriving at the stage where we acknowledge that each experience serves to teach us, and there is no negative occurrence. 

    We will now be arriving at the stage where we acknowledge that each experience serves to teach us, and there is no negative occurrence. If you are in pain because people have pushed you away whom you care about, consider how you may be pushing yourself, and others away too.  It is no sense downloading a new dimensional energetic structure if you do not take the time to understand how it works, in 3d transactions. Observance. Presence. And consciousness, in all of your waking actions. The ability to step outside of ones self, and catch ones self in a sense, before the ego emerges to take ultimate control. It is no longer time to re-act. We do not want to abide by other people’s actions. We wish to act.. In relation to our own vibrations.
Special note for empaths, twin flames, hypersensitives, INTP’s; I understand that during retrograde you faced and struggled with feeling of self assertiveness and practicing healthy boundaries as you tried to move away from timid and victim consciousness. It is important to not delve too deeply into the opposite side of the spectrum, and to deliver harsh words or judgement. Find a good balance between asserting ones self, and defending yourself, whilst not turning into the very bitter, mean spirits that you seek to protect yourself from. Try to balance your spiritual duty to the world, with your home, work, family, and friendship circles. Balance in well being is key.

Blessed be, sacred souls, 

Cindy ~ 

A woman like myself. 

   And I am so pleased, and filled with glee, to be a woman like myself. Yes, I am occasionally bothered by thoughts of outter beauty, so I will scrutinise my self, and I will pat down my hair, and I will tug on my clothes, but I am consumed by things far more intricate that help my growth, and my how I have grown. Only the heavens should know. And, I am so pleased to be a woman like myself, with so much light, and love, and promise, that they call me bewitched, I am in love with persons and things, and I will never hurt them, and I only bring love, and healing to those whom surround me. I am that I am, because I do not know how to be anything less. I have many times risen from the ashes of the fire, but never this way, never to stay, a butterfly, gliding by, brushing past the leaves, and feeling the breeze beneath my wings. I love the woman that I am, she is so compassionate, sensitive, raw, and perfectionist. She knows, that the only truth in life is the knowledge that we hold, and the way that we ignite others souls.  – Cindy Anneh-bu #poetry #poet #poems #writer #creativewriting #spilledink #art

The two types of mates of the soul. 

  “Often, when we think of or mention, ‘soul mates’, we are referring to souls with whom we share a deep affection, connection and appreciation. But these are not the only type of soul mate that one may have. If indeed it is true that soul mates purposes are to illuminate parts of our soul that require attention, then what better way is there to do that than by triggering us negatively? In-fact, I have this slight theory and preference for these types of soul mates, as they usually teach us the most about ourselves. People that you find yourself experiencing friction with. The only reason that this happens is because you recognise a part of yourself that you do not like, that exists within them. This is the only reason that you are able to know them and their motives so well. Because in this way, you are their exact replica. It is important for this reason, to pay attention to the people with whom we experience most conflict, people who we find ourselves desperately or angrily wanting to remove from our lives. When we just cannot stand these irritating behaviours in them anymore, it means that we just cannot stand to have these behaviours present in ourselves anymore, we want change, and we want it now. Remember, if people are no longer vibrating on the same frequency as you anymore, and they are not one of your soul mates intended to teach you, they tend to fall away easily, going almost unnoticed from your life. It is the ones who kick up the major fuss and discomfort within you that are your soul mates and your teachers. What are they telling you about yourself?”
Cindy Anneh-bu #spiritual #soulmates #twinflames #love #romance

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