Ask yourself, why.



Sit with yourself. Take a break with yourself. And ask yourself why. People rarely take the time to ask themselves why.

Why am I feeling this way? Why am I behaving in these fashions? Remember, that emotion is merely energy in motion, so if you are feeling frail, you must question the energy that surrounds you, or the energies that you surround. Nothing is in vain, and nothing is without trace. And so, it is time to sit with yourself, face your demons, and ask yourself why.

Why are you so afraid of the night, and the thoughts that it brings? Perhaps the chirping of the birds at night have become so familiar that you no longer long for the day.. It is the night that graces you with pleasures. But, why? Why must the world sleep before you reveal yourself? What is it that you are still hiding from the world?

Peel yourself open. If you are mourning many things at once, then why not part them, like Moses did the sea, part them, and mourn them one, by one. Nobody says that you must mourn a thousand deaths at once. No matter how strong your heart is, no heart should have to endure such burdens, particularly not the heart of the hyper-sensitive.

For the hyper sensitive is caught Inbetween worlds of sadnesses. There is the pain from the frictions of the past. There is the neighbour across the street who suffers from some form of depression, and the hyper sensitive soul is in direct communication with this suffering, for they are an open channel. And at night, they are open tunnels, the thick veil of blackness is discrete indeed, but for the ones who know, the truth becomes known.. 
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