Monthly Life Path Reading – ALL Life Paths July 2016.

general monthly life path

General life path reading for the month of July.

Ace of pentacles, Five of wands, Queen of swords.

This month of July asks us to focus on our deepest ambitions, and our actions, and intentions toward the manifestation of our dreams. How dedicated are we to our purpose? Are we working diligently, and effectively toward self actualization? Are we leaving too much in the hands of divine timing, and are we stern in our efforts to challenge our own self limiting, and self defeating habits.

The ace of pentacles arrives with the promise that whatever business venture, project, or purpose that we are working on is definitely about to experience a new direction, and offer us the fulfillment, and longevity that we seek – but first, we have to be willing to put in the work for this to happen. The five of wands speaks of the internal struggles within ourselves. Perhaps on a conscious level we know what we want, and we know exactly how to get it, but subconsciously, we set up all of these obstacles, and complications that make it harder for us to get to where we need to be.

Perhaps subconsciously many of us still have a fear of success, and this keeps us from being clear, and precise in our convictions as denoted by the queen of swords. The queen of swords represents the precision and direction that comes with knowing exactly who we are and exactly what we want. Do you yet have a clear map of where you would like to be? And can you envision your life once your destiny has been fulfilled? If you cannot, then perhaps this is why you keep creating complications, and blockages for yourself. It is a lot easier to manifest when we have a clear picture of what we are trying to manifest.

This month suggests to you getting things in order. There is a lot of friction building with the five of wands, but it seems as if this friction is only taking place in order to push you to stand up for yourself, be bold for yourself, go hard for what you want, and have a stronger sense of self.

Work on your planning, and work on your strategy. Create a clear structure of what you would like so that there is no confusion, but make sure that you put in the work for yourself, if you expect others who are working for, and with you to lead by example. It is important to challenge the part of yourself that would just prefer to sit back, and watch things unfold.. One day, you will be able to accept income this passively, but for now, there are truly things that require your attention, and direction, so get up – and fight!


life path 1 july

Nine of wands, Ten of pentacles, Six of pentacles.

Life path 1/0.

This month, the life path of 1 is still very much concerned with building financial security, and stability, and protecting, and preserving the family home. The number 1 this month realises that they have been through their fair share of struggles, and disappointments, and they realise that the only way to keep these things at bay, is by cultivating some level of stability. The ten of pentacles speaks of their desire to be whole, and complete.

Perhaps there are some worries and concerns this month about being enough, what it means to be enough, and how achieving some sort of secure, or consistent income is vital to the nature of survival, and comfort.

Balance is the main theme this week, getting in what they put out, and radiating and sharing their abundance with those closest to them. The importance of family ties, providing for the community, and teaching, or giving something of substance to others is most important for them this month. Perhaps they step into their roles as community heads, and they need to work a little bit harder because they have others dependent upon them. This is actually the extra push that they need to believe in themselves even further, they know that impressionable minds are watching. Maybe this is the change that they need to become for their children, perhaps their parent, or themselves, they want to prove to somebody that a better life is actually available, and they wish to prove so through using themselves as an example! Alot has been coming at you, coming for you, but you are truly stronger than ever, and you need to stuck to your ideas, because they are going to bring you some stability.

This number is truly called on this month to receive some fruits of their earnings, but they are reminded that they are very much beacons of their community/family, and they must learn the importance of sharing things accordingly. This is how you ensure the ebb and flow of give, and receive. Give unto others, and allow them to give unto you. It is time to stop seeing yourself as a lone wolf, as this individual, me against the world. If you are so closed off in that way, you will only ever live half a life.


Life path 2.

life path 2 july.jpg

Eight of swords, Page of cups, Death.

This month life path 2, you really need to take a closer look at yourself when it comes to things that manifest within your life, particularly to do with the area of love. The eight of swords shows that you tend to entrap yourself mentally by conjuring certain ideals, perceptions, and beliefs, and sticking to them with vigor. You are a channel, and you are very intuitive, and divine, but a lot of your information may actually be stemming from some emotional bias. Perhaps you have been hurt so much that now you have come up with all of these theories, and restrictions that you believe will keep you vulnerable from becoming hurt, but actually, what they are truly doing is hurting you.

The knight of cups speaks of being worn down, or torn down in love, and waiting anxiously, and desperately for a new beginning. The only one who can give you this new beginning that you seek is yourself, and you must liberate yourself by breaking away from these thoughts. Do not be afraid to be vulnerable, vulnerability does not have to be a bad thing. Stop looking at the past, and mourning over it, the future has literally not even arrived, and there is no guarantee that you will continuously experience the bad luck that you have experienced. Recognise that that bad luck is tied into the way you view YOURSELF.

The death card speaks of a transformation of spirit. It is time for a cleanse, a renewal, a period for you to accept defeat, but not true defeat. This is just the acceptance that you are not always right about people, things, and situations. Give the world a chance again, and it will give you a chance. If you want love, and you want affection, learn to be honest about this, learn how to articulate this, and do not keep your boarders, and barriers up about how this may be a weakness. Learn to express yourself, and your needs in the right ways, so that they can be met. A new beginning is actually waiting for you, but you need to get outside of your mind a little bit.

If there is somebody this month that you have feelings for, then you need to be honest about this, and you need to communicate this, and you need to be sure about this!


Life path 3.

life path 3 july.jpg

Knight of cups, Page of swords, Two of wands.

Have you been waiting for somebody to come through for you? Somebody to mature? Grow up, and finally face up to their responsibilities? This month shows that this person may very well return to you and show the desire and dedication to become a better individual. This time round, you may very well be working on planning, and building your future together, and cultivating the type of balance that could see this union through…Lasting the test of time this time.

Alternatively, the page of cups, and the page of swords may represent you, and your transition from an emotional wreck, to an individual capable of taking responsibility for themselves, and taking the right action in their lives. The two of wands suggests that you have a clear path way available for you to excite your spirit, and offer you some adventure, you just have to pick yourself up, and keep on going.

All you have is your word, and your truth, and you truly do need to stick to this. You may be on your knees, or start this month feeling a little hard on your luck, but the page of swords suggests that the key to making it out of this is by being honest with yourself, about your own short comings, and about places where you still exhibit inner child syndrome. Do you constantly say that you want more and better for yourself, but never actually take the initiative or do the necessary work for this to be possible?

You want this new beginning, and you are so desperately seeking a new chapter in life, but you have to be honest about your own short comings. You must be honest about the things that are holding you back from getting this new beginning. Perhaps you are far too focused on love, and you judge love as your point of elevation, or progress in life, rather than focusing on something a little more guaranteed, let’s say a career for example.  Love, can only save you so much. You have to learn to save yourself also, and to allow yourself to be saved. You are the only one who can grant yourself this truth, and the salvation that you so desire. A new beginning may also require working on your shadow self – which ofcourse would mean that you would have to be honest about what your shadow self consists of. Many doors can open for you this month, if you can rise to the challenge of acknowledging them, though they may be a little different from what you are used to.


Life path 4.

life path 4

Two of swords, The moon, Knight of cups.

So, number 4, this month, you have some decisions that you must make in regards to love. The two of swords indicates that there are two clear paths to choose, but you may be a little bit confused and you may be procrastinating because you cannot quite seem to pick one of these paths. Perhaps they both have their sets of pros, and cons, and you understand that there are deep implications for any one of these decisions that you must make. These decisions may affect the areas of finance, home, long term settlements, and love. Maybe with the knight of cups, you have an offer of love coming in, but you are already connected with a partner, and you feel quite stable, and secure with this person. You may no longer be happy with them, or happy with your current life, but you know that delving into a completely new life scenario seems unstable, and you are all about security, and stability. Do not be afraid of opening up your heart center this month, I feel as if this is something that you have been avoiding doing for a while, because you find emotions quite messy to deal with at times, but you really must make a decision, for your highest good. The moon suggests that even though things are unclear, and you are a little unsure about what direction to take, your intuition ALREADY knows the right answer, this is the month for you to try to connect a little deeper with the ethereal realms, because they will offer you some insight that you need. It is not always about thinking so logically, and strategically, sometimes, you really do have to just go with your heart.

Life path 5.

life path 5

King of swords, Four of swords, Page of swords.

This month, number 5, you are saying enough, is enough to something. You are DONE. You have so much mental activity occurring which shows that you have been quite stressed. You have been overthinking a situation, over, and over again, and it has caused you to feel stuck, and stuck for you, is the absolute worst feeling, as a number that naturally seeks freedom, expression, and adventure. Something has been keeping you in captivity, and this month, you are really focused on making this transition in growth. You want to go from being meek, passive, and closed mouth, to being bold and expressive like the King of swords. The King of swords tells it like it is, he is articulate because he knows that his word, and his mind is of value. You can only speak your truth when you know what your truth is, and you know that your truth is right for you. This is about coming out from underneath the wings of the expectations, and demands of others. You are sick of people telling you what to do. You are sick of people telling you how to be, and you have taken some time out to think about your strategy.

The four of swords suggests that maybe you have thought this scenario to death, and now it is time to take action, and stop meditating on what you are going to do – just do it. Speak up, tell this person that enough is enough. Why are you so fearful of making your voice known to them? Perhaps it is because it is a family matter, and things are far more sensitive when family are involved. Maybe there is an occupation that you wish to take up, or a partner that you wish to be with, and your family do not agree. This month, is the time to tell them, that you are an adult, and you do know what is best for you, and you ARE about to prove it. You are standing bold this month, you are fighting for something, and no cause is in vain.

It is important for your inner child to be expressive at this time, whether this is through art, or through finally voicing what is has always needed to voice. Do not be reactive, so on guard, and attack people for the wrong reasons , (small grievances), as this will invalidate the power of your word, and defense. Wait for the right moment, maybe sit some people down and talk with them, do not act hastily, or speak harshly in the middle of a disagreement. This will make it seem as if you are still immature and uncertain.


Life path 6.

life path 6.jpg

Seven of swords, Temperance, King of swords.

This month, number 6, you are running away from some home truths. You need to spend some time with yourself, and looking into yourself, and being honest about why you keep taking on more than you should be doing. The seven of swords suggests that instead of owning up to the fact that others may be taking advantage of you, or that you may be being taken for granted, you continue to pile up all of these responsibilities, requirements, and ‘favours’ for people. But whilst you are doing all of this, you are neglecting yourself, and your personal responsibilities to the self. The temperance card asks you, why are you refusing to be balanced? You do not want to face the truth of the matters, but it is only in facing this truth that you will realise, that you have been taking on too much. You are such a yes man, you are like, yes, I will do this for you. Yes, I will take care of this for you…But what about YOU?

The king of swords is so disappointed this month that you are not standing strong, and bold in your convictions like he is. Maybe you have not been able to focus on your career/studies because you are putting the needs of others before your own, and you have too much going on, to even give the best of yourself to your work. Your mind is not really in the right place, and that bothers me. You are looking back, checking how everybody else is, instead of looking forward and thinking about how you are going to push through and better yourself, so you are not stuck in this position forever.

Put the swords down, firstly. These are all of your thought streams. The, ‘What will this person do if I do not do this?’ ‘What will happen to this person if i do not complete this favour for them?’ And ask yourself, ‘What will become of me if i do not do this for myself?’ ‘How will i ever improve my situation if i do not work on this for myself?’. You need to gain a clarity about the direction that you are to take in your life. Do not be so ruled by energy, and the emotions of others. You need to be willing to say no sometimes, you need to tell others when, and where they are not pulling their own weight, otherwise, you will never get done all of the things that you need to do, and yes, you really do NEED to do these things!


Life path 7.

life path 7

The emperor (reversed), Ten of wands, Two of wands.

This month, my fellow 7’s you are entirely and completely highly ambitious, and motivated! HOWEVER, this is not always, always the best thing, let me explain..The emperor in reverse suggests that you have taken on so much responsibility, and so many ideas, that you just cannot seem to get anything together, and get it organised. This is not necessarily a negative reading, because the two of wands suggests that the horizon, and this new venture into the beginning is RIGHT infront of you, you just need to work on your planning, your structure, your balance, and your precision. The ten of wands warns of taking on too much. You have so many ideas, you have your hands dipped into so many pots..You are realising your manifestation power, and the weight of your talents, and you want to spread them everywhere, because you know you are all about getting everything that you deserve right now. I KNOW that it is a 9 year, but calm down firefly..Everything will come in due time. Try focusing on projects one, by one. Complete one task, before you attempt to work on another, otherwise, you will just be a mess, and you will end up with half completed tasks, or rather nothing done.

Also be aware of perfectionism this month. You know you are a brain box, so who are you trying to prove so much to? Nothing needs to be ‘perfect’, just create. The ten of wands may also suggest that we could be thrown out of harmony by the things of the past that we still hold so closely to our spirit. Learn to release, and let go on this journey, because we can sabotage ourselves with the energy of self belief. Even when we are working on something, if we still have an idea in our minds of the scared, wounded little child that we once were, we will create from this energetic standpoint, and not from the energy of the beautiful butterflies that we are now! Think big, and big will come to you. Drop off the excess along the way, and for the love of God, do not let everybody else’s problems be your own! This month, is about YOU!


Life path 8.

life path 8

Page of swords, Three of cups, Justice.

Somebody this month, is going to be telling you about yourself, and you NEED to hear this, because you have not exactly been in the best of alignments, or been the best of yourself lately. I see this being a younger person perhaps than you, or maybe their energy is just lighter, more playful than yours, so they can see things from a different perspective. They are bringing you some truths, and you truly need to hear it, because sometimes you like to behave as if you know everything, and as if nobody can tell you anything. That attitude, will not allow you to pick up new wisdom in life, because you will always think that your wisdom triumphs others, and this is not true.

The three of cups suggests that you need to have some fun this month. Lighten up, why has your energies been so heavy? You perhaps cannot focus on your business or your work because you have been worried so much about everybody else, and everything else, and I am not talking about their well being, you have been worried about how well they are doing, and you have felt a little threatened by their progression, so you have been working like a squirrel in order not to get left behind. Cut it out, it is not cute right now…Have some fun with your friends, go out, enjoy yourself, meet with a community, your ideas will become less rigid, you will meet people who inspire you, you will get fresh ideas for your business, overall, your energy will start to feel better.

The justice card speaks of karma being made aware to you. Perhaps it is this younger energy and the truth that they bring you, that causes you to take a deeper look at yourself. You need to understand more about how input and output works, and how the energy that you give out, determines your life experiences. If you have been in a rut, and things have not been as good as they can be, then you need to take a look perhaps at how you have been treating others. Maybe you shut people off too much because you want to feel like you can conquer the whole world alone. Well the truth is, you cannot, and you will always need to rely on other people, and allow other people to rely on you.


Life path 9.

life path 9

Seven of wands, Eight of wands, The devil.

This month, life path 9, your challenge is in recognising the things that bind you, and keep you chained to lower vibrational habits, and beliefs about yourself. The truth is, you posses power, action, and magic, but if you do not go out there and utilise all of your God given talents, life will continue to be less than satisfactory for you. I feel as if sometimes you like to sit on your opportunities, because you can be quite ideallistic, and like to imagine everything working out, and somehow unravelling in the future, even though every single action that we make every single day determines our future.

The devil card suggests that a lot of your unconscious habits, behavioural patterns, and beliefs are geared toward a lack of belief in yourself, and a lack of understanding of what you want. You have been through a great struggle within yourself, and outside of yourself these past few months, says the 7 of wands, but it is also absolutely true that if you were to become aware of the things that add to your negative karma, your life would change very briskly.

Because you often lack belief in yourself, you have a tendency to become prey to addictions. Whether these addictions take the form of recreational drugs, or excessive negative thinking, these inherited behaviours actually cause you to make your own blockages, and cayyour own obstacles. You think that you are fighting everything else, but what you are really fighting this month is yourself. Do not make everybody else the devil, because then you will remain ignorant, and non progressive. Take some time to be honest with yourself – entirely honest with yourself, about the way that you behave, the things that you do, and the ways in which you sometimes come across to others. Perhaps you lack patience, you have a reactionary persona, and others may find you difficult to work with, and harmonise with. You will need the help and support of others on any journey that you may decide to take. Please ensure that you are not burning vital bridges by starting unnecessary arguments, and allowing your ego/lower self to rule you.

Learn a lesson in flexibility, shift your own energies, become a little more lighthearted, receptive, and playful, and see how it pays you back in kind..


Life path 11.

life path 11

Three of swords(reverse), Three of wands, the fool.

This looks like an absolutely fantastic month for you life path 11! You are clearing out your karmic closet, and leaving behind some of the things from the past that held you back, or kept you in captivity. Perhaps you are healing a wound to do with a past lover, or a scenario that involved you, a past lover, and another. Maybe somebody that you loved who moved on, or a partner who was unfaithful to you. Not only has this opened you up to experience new beginnings and new intimacy in love, but it has also caused you to take a greater look at yourself, and perhaps looked at some of the ways in which you may have been perpetuating negative relationship cycles, and karmic patterns. I do see this as a month of growth for you, and definitely maturity.

Those walls that you have built around your heart, and your reluctance to let anybody get too close to you is slipping away. Now, you are far more concerned with what you can do for others, and what others can do for you. Balance. You no longer see love as, ‘What do I deserve?’, but rather what is more deserving than love? Everybody is deserving of love, yes, including you, and you are ready and willing to let others explore themselves, and their journey, wherever this may take them.

The three of wands and the fool suggests that you are on a journey yourself. Perhaps your new found confidence in yourself and in your love has inspired you to take more risks. You may find yourself hanging around with different crowds, doing things you have never done before, and travelling to places you would not previously have traveled. All in all, you are having a fantastic time this month, and you are manifesting new experiences because you are so ready and willing to let go of the old.

Maybe you are starting a business with others, an overseas business, or linking up with others in different parts of the world, and expanding your network. Your portfolio is growing, your opportunities are growing, and with this new found confidence, who is there to stop you now?


Life path 22.

life path 22

The world, King of swords, Three of wands.

So finally, 22, you are getting more in touch with your sensual self – this is the self who knows exactly what they wants, and goes after it, because they understand that the world in all of its glory, is ever generous, ever giving, and opportunities, and experience are infinite. The world card arrives to you to expand your boarders. You have so much light, charisma, charm, beauty, and magic within you, and you would be nothing short of awful to keep this all to yourself..

Many people will be requiring your skills, your knowledge, and your presence this month, and that is because you have unlocked an endless portal within you, that breathes life, creativity, and passion. I see you being very creative this month. This may not necessarily be just limited to the arts, but perhaps you are experimenting with new hair styles, new clothes, new fabrics, and new versions of yourself previously unexplored.

It is almost as if there has been a great shift within you, a huge burden lifted off your shoulders, and now you are in far more fluent, and frequent communication with your higher self. You know what to do to make yourself feel good, so this enables you to no longer rely so heavily on others in order to make you feel good about yourself.

The king of swords arrives when we have liberated ourselves. This king does not describe somebody who has come into your life, but this is very much you, and the energy that you embody when you take control of your own life, your own affairs, and your own happiness. You are your own boss this month, clear about who you are, what you want, and what you do not want, and what you need to do, you take control of your happiness, and you are much more vocal if a situation presents itself that you do not approve of. Bye bye hyper femininity. Bye bye martyr complex, hello in touch with self syndrome..

The three of wands is much about you expanding, and exploring new territory. You are definitely going new places this month, and I feel as if you are CALLED to many of these places, there are a lot of deep level soul mates where you are going, and they are going to assist you in this transformation that you have already started. Their vibration is going to match the one that you are cultivating now, so you can relax, you have done so much of the work already, your tribe will handle the rest..


Life path 33.

life path 33

Five of wands, Ace of cups, Knight of pentacles.

This month, you are challenging and breaking through your perceptions about love, and about yourself. You are conflicted about a situation in which you were likely forced or manipulated to compromise your own integrity, and your better judgement. Listening to your intuition is VITAL, as the master builder, but for some reason, in love, you have been reluctant to listen to the truth that has been echoed to you, likely because you have not believed in yourself or your gift enough, or you were more concerned with keeping love in your life, even your intuition told you it was not the love that was right for you.

So yes, you may have some bruises on your heart this month, and you may be struggling to deal with a situation to do with matters of the heart that ended abruptly, or ended with harsh words being said. As much as you may wish you could take some things back, you do need to understand that everything happens for a reason, and this situation is building your character, feeding your masculine energy, and challenging you to rise, and to stand up for yourself.

Love will always be there for you, this is a given. This is a reminder to you to always listen to your heart, even if this means there are some unfortunate decisions that you will have to make.

You are given the opportunity now for a fresh start, to build a new foundation, to start all over again, this time being more focused on the side of yourself that is capable of having discernment, and being a little more forward, and active – as depicted by the knight of pentacles. You may notice that your sex drive is increased this month – and this tends to happen when we have actualized more of our masculine essence. This month should see you channeling your efforts, and your experiences into your creative work – possibly seeking financial reward, and acclamation. It is definitely time to look toward the future with everything that you have learnt. You will find that others do treat you with more respect when you are a little bit more solid within yourself, and sure of who you are.


General Weekly Reading 13th-19th June; Procrastination, and past explanations. 

general weekly 13

Main theme – Chariot (reversed), Surrounding cards – Eight of wands, Seven of cups, Six of cups, Two of cups.

This week, with the chariot is reverse, we are asked to be weary of procrastination, stagnancy, abstinence, and reluctance for change. When the chariot is not in reverse, it is a card of direction, and principle. This may represent somebody who knows everything they have going for them, and is desperate to work on these things, and move forward. This week, with the seven of cups also present, we may have so many things to accomplish, and so many options in our way that we just end up doing nothing.

This may be because we feel overwhelmed, or this may be because we secretly have an intense fear of failure, matched with a contradictory fear of success. We may feel on a subconscious level that we are not worthy of this success, and therefore may indirectly block our flow of abundance, by refraining from taking necessary action.

I recently wrote a post about excessive day dreaming, and ADHD on my instagram that you can check out NOW in relation to this post!

Perhaps you are not moving forward because you are far too comfortable in your surroundings, and you fear the effort, and the time that creating change will require of you. You need to stop being scared to fit into bigger shoes, stop trying to shrink, and second guess yourself. It is time to take all of your gifts, talents, and inspirations, and run with them.

You may be stuck relying on the fact that you have all of these ideas to potentially fall onto, and leave off of. Please understand that if you are not putting the work in, nobody else is doing that for you. You have to match your passion, with drive, it is the only way to get anywhere, any time!

With the eight of wands, it appears that messages are coming to us very fast this week, especially revelations, and much needed encounters. Check out my twin flame weekly reading, if this relates to you as a divine lover, or an empath in a romantic situation, and see if this reading covers some of these quick revelations that may be coming to you at this time.

With the 6 of cups, and the 2 of cups, it is very likely that it is a past lover, or childhood friend delivering this much needed guidance, and information. You may be reconnecting, or getting back in touch with a past lover this week in order to achieve some balance, resonance, and insight into your life, especially in to your past life (lives). This could be an encounter that causes you to understand your past self a little bit better, or your past relationships. Either way, there is a strong element of nostalgia present within us this week, and we ARE going to be finding answers to long winded puzzles.

Whatever occurs, the MOST important message this week, is to take the information that we learn, and the experiences from the past, and use them to move forward, and better ourselves as individuals, rather than taking everything as a blow to the heart, and to the ego.

Happy healing my sacred beings! ~


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The secrets of love; Why do we do it?

love why

We all want love. It is the one thing that keeps us all awake at night..Even if we do not know consciously, that it is love that we seek. The absence of love, is pain. So, before we are even old enough to recognise, we mould, and we merge ourselves in order to be receiving, and deserving of this kind of love.

I find that those who have come from abusive backgrounds, tend to carry the years of trauma, neglect, and abuse that sit on their shoulders with them throughout their lives, because their psyche cannot make understanding of the fact that they were denied something so vital, especially to such tender years of one’s life. Not only do we all want love, but we all NEED love.

So, what does that mean? Do we all NEED to be in a relationship? Do we all NEED a partnership? When the fruits of our parents love is no longer (or never was), significant enough, what does that mean for us in love? Are humans by nature destined to be coupled, consistently, and consecutively?

Well, my answer is..Somewhere in between no, and possibly. I do not believe that we always need to be in relationship with somebody, even as a highly sensitive, love infused empath. And actually, I believe that this theory that we, (especially women), must always be part of a partnership, is very damaging to our self worth, self love, and right to be autonomous in this world. Sure, relationships do shape you, in a major way, and you grow, and come to realise more about who you are from romantic relationships, but I also have found that you can lose yourself, to your own desire to be accounted for.

A relationship should not define who you are. Some marriages, and romantic connections do last ‘forever’, the duration of your life time, but about 50% of them, will go bust at one point, and what will you be left with then?

I am not saying that just because a relationship did not work out, means that it was useless, pointless, or a waste of time, because far from it actually – It is our disconnections with romance that cause us to really delve deeply within, and figure out more about who we are, and what we want from life. What I am saying is, you can not rely on a relationship to prove that you are worthy of love, worthy of appreciation, or worthy of recognition.

For a long time, as I ran away from myself, and ran into the arms of numerous other lovers, I thought that I was learning about love. I thought that I was learning how to love myself. My self love was dependent on the men that could love me, if they could. If they did, or showed me something reminiscent at least of love, I would conclude that this was because I was valuable somehow, and them recognising this in me, allowed me to also recognise this in myself. This is the classic story for so many insecure women, and people battling with their own self esteem. Like I said, we all want love. We all need love. And if we have been deprived of it, in anyway, we will set out to seek for it, and we will always set out to understand why it was not previously granted to us. This is the make up model of abusive relationships, and how dysfunction in love perpetuates itself.

Even when the abused are abused, or treated far less than they should ever be, it is their one single quest to understand why this is happening to them..Why this has been happening to them, that keeps them tied so tightly to this illusion of what it means to be loved.

We settle in love when we do not know who we are. We do not necessarily care who they recipient is, as long as there is somebody to project our love on to. This is NOT love. Especially not on our part, and this is what we need to realise, whilst we are still insecure, and uncertain of ourselves. We wonder why we love others, and they do not love us back? This is because, we do not love others..We only think that we do.

We want them to prove to us that we are worthy of love, so from the minute that the relationship is off the ground, it is not about, ‘us’, it is not about, ‘we’, it is not about ‘them’, it becomes, about you. It becomes selfish love. And there is nothing about love that can remotely be selfish.

It is such an interesting term and a concept love, isn’t it? The way that we throw it about in everyday ordinary life. Giving it so much power yet simultaneously so much triviality and sensationalism. But how many of us even know what it truly means? I sure do not..I know that it exists.  But like all things mystical, spiritual, and not of a tangible frequency, it exists in feeling, in thought, in knowing, and not in proof, or logistics or measurements. This is what makes it so special. There is no seeing is believing.. There just is. And that is what is so frightening about it.

Most of us do not know how to love because we have never been taught how to love, but this does not stop us from trying anyway, so on we trod, with our hopeless idealisms, dreams for a better tomorrow, and stereotypical television depictions of what we should be doing..Ah, I adore humans, I love human kind.. We have not a clue, but we are so determined to..

Anyway, so on we trod, projecting our unmet issues, and unresolved family history/karma on to other unsuspecting souls, for the most part, even unbeknownst to us. So, we destroy a few hearts in the process, damage a few people on our journey, and near enough dent ourselves past the point of recognition, and for what? What does it all mean? What is it worth in the end? In the end, when you have to let go anyway?

It is worth, you. It is for, you. Love is the greatest teacher, the greatest lesson that you will ever know. And I will not be here today and tell you to be strong, to move on, to stop missing the ex’s who made such a huge impact on your entire being. Why, I have not. So why would I advise you to? If I were over all of them completely, if I had forgotten every single last trace of them, I promise you, I would not write the way that I do today..

They taught me, practically gave me my spirituality. Made it so that I needed no books to teach as I do now, all I need was a memory bank. If you are raw, bruised, and cut open over love, be this way.. I guess, in your own special, sordid way, it is your destiny. Not to be hurt, not to be abused. But to learn from the instances where you are hurt, and you are abused.

Let us hope, you will become so desensitised to the idea of being unlovable, that you will begin to heal. Because, there is only so much that a person can tell themselves that they are unworthy, before they grow sick of their own lies.

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General Weekly Reading; 23rd-29th May; Growth and realisation.

gen end

Six of pentacles, Queen of wands, Two of swords (reversed), six of swords, two of swords (reversed).

Hello my lovelies! Once again, I am back to deliver to you the themes, and the energies for this week. I do this weekly because I feel that it is very important for us all to have some guidance, especially the most highly sensitive of us, who usually go through our days/weeks/minutes, and hours, thinking ‘AAAH, what the hell is wrong with me? What the hell is happening to me?’

So, this is what is wrong with you this week, and this is what is happening to you..I hope that you all love, and enjoy these weekly readings that I do, because I surely do, and I put a lot of time, and effort into each, and every one. If you find these particularly useful, and you would like to invest in my craft, then you can always make a donation to me via my tumblr page, or through to my paypal account,

All of the proceedings always go back into the craft, and back into my work for you guys.

This week, is an absolutely brilliant week for us.. We started this week on a  number, (23), the number of change, and as we are also in a 5 month, this is pretty symbolic stuff right here.. We have healing on our side, divine awakenings for the feminine, the potential for vast success, and we are finally shutting down age old rumours about men, and women, and what the masculine, and the feminine templates are all about.

Also, I would like to mention that the week ends on an 11 day (29), which is also the breath of illumination, and spiritual transitioning.

With the main theme being the queen of pentacles, I definitely feel as if the divine feminine this week is experiencing an energetic boost, on a major level! Lately, she has realised just how drained, and worn out she had previously allowed herself to become. Maybe she lost herself to one of the many things that we women may lose ourselves to, love, dysfunctional love, attachment love, martyr complex, and over doing things to the point of exhaustion. With the power behind the queen of pentacles, she is reaching for everything that she deserves. Maybe she gets a promotion, sees a rise in her business, builds a new business model, or takes a leap of faith with a new travelling opportunity..However she is doing so, she is liberating herself, and truly creating a name, and a brand for herself on the working front.

Although the queen of pentacles tends to represent feminine energy, this does not mean that the males are not in the least bit inspired by this energy also in this week. We may see a lot of men delving more deeply into their feminine, subconscious, and softened nature. In order to be successful, and innovative, the masculine will always need this essence of creative expression, that must be drawn from the feminine genepool. So he is healing. She is healing, and we are all filled with wonder, and mystery about what it means to finally be all that we truly are.

The six of swords brings us back to this element of healing. Perhaps it is recent realisations and revelations that have come to pass through painful experiences that now allow us to fully step into our element, and allow ourselves to be illuminated, mentally, and spiritually.The six of pentacles encourages us to reap those rewards. This card of fairness, balance, and charity suggests that the more we give out, and put out into the world, in terms of resources, energetically, financially, or professionally, will be returned to us for our efforts, and it is definitely about time for us all to be served. We must ensure that we are doing the necessary work here, and if we are putting our fair share in, then of-course we should expect no less than to witness bountiful results.

The queen of wands re-iterates the queen of pentacles stance and brings to us a sense of pride, power, knowing, and determination. In conjunction with the two of swords in reverse, it looks like we have finally laid something to rest. We made a decision to take charge, and this was most likely of a situation that has been holding us back, and even draining us, for a while. Do not feel guilty within yourself for only ‘just’ taking action now, you are growing, so wise, and so bold, and this is an amazing advancement in the right direction.

Something was lingering on your chest, something probably to do with the past, a past action, past behavioural trait, or a relationship with somebody you have been dealing with for a while now. You held a certain habit, a certain instinct, a certain characteristic, it lingered, perhaps it was procrastination, hoarding, avoiding confrontation, or allowing your shadow self to get the better of you, and you knew that that was NOT good for you. But you kept doing it..

It is your recognition of this recurring theme that allows you to awaken in the ways in which you are this week. There is child hood healing at place this week, so maybe this is something you have been carrying with you as a result of your childhood, something that you may feel stunted your growth a little, and now you are really breaking out, and stretching free from its grasp.. Maybe you were too negative, and you kept drawing negative situations to you, maybe you were too passive, and allowed people to take control of your decisions, maybe you were the constant victim, perhaps you feared true success..

Whatever it has been,

I salute you.

I commend you.

This is an action of power, and your growth, whilst not yet fully visible to you, is ever expansive, and awe-striking at this present time.

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Twin Flame Chronicles, By Cindy Anneh-bu.

It has been a while since I have composed a full article that has been twinflame related. I cannot really say why, because I do not know so myself – except for the fact that it has been quite a strange time.

Those highly sensitive of us will have noticed so many shifts occuring within these past few weeks, and much of a quickening of time that sort of merges all of these transitions, making our changes appear as if they are happening in the blink of an eye. And quite frankly, they really are. It’s quite hard not to forget about some details, and not to leave some things behind when things are moving forward so quickly, and  I guess that that is kind of the purpose of all of this.

To have nothing to look back to.

Anyway, I find myself often caught Inbetween those feelings of hopelessness, doubt, and low faith that every twin flame experiences.

 The, ‘Wasthis ever my twin?’, ‘This individual definitely does not care about me’, and my favourite yet, ‘are twin flames even real?’.

If you keep up with my work, and my persona, you will know that I am somebody who thrives on honesty. It governs all of the work that I do, and everything that I put into it. This is why for so long, I was concerned about imposter syndrome, even though I knew about the gifts that I possessed.

Honesty to me means, being honest with myself. Whilst I am experiencing these fluctuating moods, I do not feel that it is right to write or comment about twin flames, as this would not be coming from a sincere place. Sure it would get me a lot of new twin flame followers/reading purchases, but it wouldn’t be real. So it would not be me.

Now, I find myself in a strange circumstance. Something beyond my control occurred a few days ago, and it has led me to come back to the home that I left, a while ago, to escape my troubles, to escape myself, and to escape the town that my twin and I shared. Now, I am back. And I do not know how to feel.

I do not think that I will see him. His energy tells me that he is far, slightly troubled, but safe. But seeing him is not my concern. My concern is this feeling that I now find myself sitting with. This feeling, that everything that surrounds me at this moment, reminds me of everything that I once did not want to see.

I had to leave this place, to fully awaken, because it contained too many ghosts. Yet right now, it is not so bad. It is only strange. And strangely lonely. I am alone here, but I guess that I am always alone. I merely had more background noise in the place that I was before.

And coupled with Scorpio full moon energy appearing tomorrow, and the fact that my ‘twin’ is also the sun sign of Scorpio, I can not help but to wonder what all of this means. For me, my growth, and my sanity.

I wonder now, this feeling of aloneness, is it even anything to do with my twin? Or is it still me. Running from me. I wonder what other people do when they are alone, as they always seem to cope, never really feeling compelled to reach out to anybody so desperately, as I find myself doing.

Maybe it is the fact that others do not tear themselves apart so much in the same ways. It all begins mentally, I dig, and I dig, so deeply into the akashic records I find myself 5 years back, wishing that things could have gone differently – fantasising sadistically about all of the people who have left me.

But life is so transient, so temporary, and I know this. And I have sat with this knowing, yet somehow still, I think to myself, if all shall pass, and all shall pass, then what is life from moment to moment? Who am I if I have nothing to hold in concrete truth?

I am not my home, because homes can so easily be taken/destroyed. I am not my family, because the only thing that binds us is blood and genetics, I am not my lover, because healthy love knows autonomy, and with that, all of the things that should mean the most to me, are not even mine..

The full moon is tomorrow, and I am worried for my heart. But like all things, I know that this too shall part..

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Father’s cot.

fathers cot.jpg

Afbeelding Albert Neuhuys – Watching father work

Time is always ticking inside of my mind.
I do not remember a time, when i was sound.
Maybe in childhood, definitely not adolescence,
the last time that i was present,
not prone to self negligence.
Before all of the strenuous, tumultuous lessons,
visions of love, and trust, rolling in the dust.
Is it not too much to ask for something that is non reminiscent of love?
Last night, i had a dream of my father, through muffled whispers,
I told him..You hurt us, you deserted us, and now I am perpetually nervous,
hyper sensitive,
does this man love me so?
Will he too go?
Will we never ever get to grow?
Will i never ever know, is the fault mine,
or is he the very foe?
And he too,
and not to forget him from last year?
How long?
Before I call them all a villain, perhaps the villain lies within myself,
my own hell,
the world that i created through my father, i said to myself,
if he loveth me not, then why should any other of his kind not leave me to rot?

Fathers cot.

Cindy Anneh-bu

General Weekly Reading. What to expect this week? 14th-21st March, preparing for Spring.


The empress, Two of cups, Ace of wands, The high priestess, The king of pentacles.

Hello my darlings!

Yay, i am so excited to bring to you once more your weekly reading.

So what is on the cards for us this week? What has BEEN happening, and what can we expect to happen?

Just from the first glance of this spread, i am so excited for us this week!

I mean spring is coming soon, and we are definitely springing! I am most certainly going to do a special reading for spring because i feel like so much is coming for us in spring, so much is about to happen, and the energies are already so beautiful, and so potent, i just cannot wait!

So, before i get too carried away..Let us see what we are working with THIS week.

So this week, we are really dealing with themes of self realisation, and self actualisation.

Who’s the boss? YOU DA BOSS. You’re really starting to see it now, aren’t you? Starting to realise what they tried to keep from you for so long. You are powerful. You are lit. You are it. You got the juice, no literally..

With the empress, you are indulging in some form of luxury, and flamboyance. Maybe you are treating yourself to some new goods, a make over, getting your nails done, or buying some new underwear! You are starting to feel far more sexy, comfortable, and sensual in your own body, and you really want something external that’s going to mirror this change that is happening within you. Go for it! You are a lady who deserves it, and i am so happy that you are finally coming to realise this!

With the king of pentacles, whatever you are doing, whatever is making you feel on top of the world right now, keep doing it, because it is also very lucrative, and will bring you the financial success, and stability that you desire.

Have you been manifesting like crazy lately? Well, it is because you have upped your game, and you have elevated your energy. You are beginning to attract, what you are.

HELLO High priestess! Wow, so this week you are doing  alot of digging into the subconscious, and the unconscious mind. Such powerful symbolism here with the empress also, feminine energy is definitely running rampant at this time, and you know me – i love that!

With the high priestess here, we are receiving a lot of the answers that we have been seeking to the bigger questions lately, perhaps these are questions about love, with the two of cups, where we stand in love. We may be getting ‘messages’, or an influx of synchronicity that confirms many of the feelings, and suspicions that we have had deep within.

This is the week that will make you trust your intuition, if you were previously a little doubtful.

And with the ace of wands, this new project, or vision, that you have undertaken, will really light your fire this week. You may begin to envision a future of expansion. Where these new ideas will take you, all of the money that they will make you, and the happiness, and the foundation that this will lay for you.

Enjoy the ride, it’s the 9 year of completion, this is about getting EVERYTHING that you deserve.


Blessed be my sacred beings, and happy healing ~


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  I wish you happy healing!

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