Bob Marley, birthday special,numerological break down, and the sacred marriage.

In honour of my humble King, and his birthday today, I have decided to do a birth date numerology calculation special. 

You see, when I calculate somebody’s life path, I do not only calculate the sum of the combination of the numbers present, I also interpret what these numbers mean individually for the person that they are influencing.

Bob was the life path of 9 – the infamous wounded healer, humanitarian, creative artist, and spiritual channel, but if we take a closer look at his birth sequence.. We can see that further inclinations were buried, as to who he would be, and how he would do it.. This is the very beauty of numerology, and why I love it so much, aside from the overall life path, the day of somebody’s birth, and the month, holds great significance over what themes and influences are working on their inner cores, and behaviours.

6/2 (February). 1945

The number 6 is another extension of the wounded healer template, meaning that Bob held twice the energy of love, humanitarianism, and compassion/empathy born through trial.. Not to mention, the number 2.. Those born in February are likely to be among the most sensitive souls, as the number 2 represents intense sensitivities, spiritual perception, union ship, harmony, peace making, and the cultivation of pair bonding, and intimacy.. In other words, ‘mr lover, lover’..

Now, we all know how much Bob loved the ladies, he was involved in numerous polygamous relationships, but all the while, he had a very sacred, passionate+unwavering soul connection with his first wife, Rita Marley, who was born on the 25th of July, and life path 7, placing her triply under the influence of the powerful spiritual number 7! Spiritual Union or what?

 For those of you who have seen my twin flame reading work, you will know that I usually use the numbers in people’s birth dates to suggest whether indeed they are apart of a divine Union.

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