Twin Flame; a timeless journey through space – book sample.

It is important for us to leave behind old notions of love. These are the notions and the descriptions that share with us what love ‘should’ be like, and what love ‘should’ look like. We think of outward displays of affection, calling when one should, and meeting the expectations that we set and require of them. But what if our own expectations are solely based on underlying insecurities, and the need for control? And are not at all painted around true love, and the honest appreciation of another, soul, to soul. What then? Are our requests still as valid? Is our partners unresponsive behaviour still, ‘evil’, or ‘malicious’ on their part? Or are they simply a reaction of to resistance of these subtle and passive forms of abuse and expectation. 

The twin flame Union is largely about abuse, yes abuse. This may confuse you, and you perhaps wonder how a love held in such high regard, and cultivated around a soul pull can hold any relation to abuse. 
Well abuse is the potion that concocts all twin flames, empaths, and healers, to be exactly as they are. And I am not just talking parental abuse here. I am talking absolute life times, generations long of embedded abuse, that has shaped and taken form within them, in order to possess the empath, old soul, twin flame. All so that upon initiation, they can purge themselves of these patterns of abuse, effectively freeing both them, their societies, cultures, and generational lines. 
It is the experience of abuse and distorted love that lies at the essence of the twin flame Union. These same forms of abuse are the very illnesses that will plague the twin flames cultural societies, and backgrounds. The twins simply mirror this projection, to and from, one another. They are to transform this template that has currently been adopted by man kind. No longer should we respond to love with fear, with the abuse tactics that we have been taught, and with conditions so rigidly placed upon love. Love and control can no longer share a home.
It is very likely that control would have played a major role in the lives of both twin flames, beginning since their childhoods. Both twins will have experienced a set of strict social, religious, or cultural rules, in relation to the way that their parents and cultures have raised them. 
These types of controls of course vary within every twin flame pair, but it is the teachings that stem from this control that cause both twins to act out their fears, prior to, and during the ‘separation stage’.
These are archetypal forms of control forged on the basis of old paradigm, separation consciousness, polarity, and false, rigid gender constructs.

For example, ‘a woman is worthless without a man. She must ensure commitment and reciprocity from a male at all costs, in order to reconcile and claim her validity’. And in the case of men, this false archetype has been, ‘men must always be control. It is a shame and a degradation of his man hood, if he is not in control, of his emotions, his surroundings, and his partner’. 
Because of these terrible rigid teachings, the female energy in the twin flame Union, sets out on a harrowing mission to draw her love closer to her, and closer to ‘commitment’, despite much regard for any reserve on his part, in order to claim this validity, and dispel the vulnerability that she has once been taught lives inside of her.
The male energy, however, absolutely terrified of this love that seems to pull him in over his head, seeks so desperately to once again gain the control that supposedly keeps his manhood in tact. Whilst he is in the clutches of his beloved, he realises that he is not in control, not in control of his emotions, and not in control of his actions, as he is aware on some level that each stage of this Union is being guided by a higher force. A higher force that has everything to do with him, but is far larger, than he and she both. 
However, parental control, and dogma is not the only source of limitation and ego fixation that plagues both twins. As they will also find that the societies that they are born in to, or grow up into, also mirror the same sexist, backward, racist, or egotistical values that the twins parents harbour, thus, their task to break free from these illusions, are on a grander scale. Nobody wants to be perceived as the outcast of their societies, cultures, or family. Human beings by nature are social creatures, longing for connection, communication, and acceptance.

And these conditions are so severe, that often times the twins will have to choose between pursuing their bond with their lover, or abandoning their love, and keeping their ‘reputations’ in tact.
It is very likely that the twins Union and any sort of recognised relationship between the two of them, would bring judgement, scrutiny, and even rejection – that which both twins so desperately fear. This may take the form of one of the twins being the ex lover of their twins friend, or of a close family relation. This Union has taboo, and secrecy written all over it. 
But why is that? What is so tainted and shameful about divine love? Well, in order to answer that question, why don’t we take a closer look at the story of Mary Magdalene and Jesus Christ? And how their supposed love affair was so carefully, and precisely removed from Christian religious teachings, even going so far as to demonise Mary!
The Union of Christ and Mary Magdalene was no coincidence. Mary Magdalene had notably endured numerous trials in her life time, even when she had first stumbled upon Jesus, she is described as appearing frail, unclean, and unkept, kneeling to Christ’s feet, pleading for salvation. This is essentially what twin flames are doing as a result of the ‘separation stage’. During their yearnings for one another, and the soul pull, they are truly being called toward the light, towards their inner connection with God – Christ consciousness. 
Painted as promiscuous, and a ‘lost soul’, as many twin flames are during their live journeys, Mary was a cast out, until she sought Union, and divinity with the Christ. It can be perceived that Mary was sought to be tarnishing of Christ’s reputation, but her original sin, and her many trials and tribulations, were actually what drew him to her. She had depth, a story, a foundation which will built upon enduring the lower self, and darker forces of this world, and this was the perfect combination for spiritual mergence, and enlightenment. She was perfectly imperfect, and provided the perfect anecdote and example for transmutation, merging the lower self, with the higher self.
A Union of this sort is all about transformation, death, and rebirth, and re-Union. In order to understand the light, you must first have perceived the dark’ . A path, that will be shunned, and disregarded by many.

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Twin Flames; A timeless journey through space. – Numerology. Book sample; a cleansing of the templates. 

Status: awaiting release.

Some of the twin flame templates that arise and cause friction, are the ways in which both twins view the opposite sex, and the ways in which both twins view themselves.

The theme of jealousy and triggering will be re-occurring, as twins get a chance to see how it is that they truly feel about themselves.

Has this theme been heavily prevalent in previous relationships? Perhaps previous life times, and what does it Serve to teach?

Oh, the universe is so clever. Like making twin flames accidentally stumble across a picture of their twin with another, or viewing somebody who they believe to be a threat to their twin flame Union – the triggering possibilities are endless! But one thing is for sure, they cause you to look within, and understand where your lack of self love is coming from. Remember, that your twin flame is in love with your heart, enamoured with your soul, he or she does not see anybody else as your competition, whether they consciously recognise this to be true,  or not. You must work to ensure that your foundation is not so shaky that jealousy can still halt you to your knees. You are a unique vibration. Unique in every single sense of the word.

Try to practice brain re-wiring, not jumping to conclusions, and searching for logical reasoning, instead of reverting to old models of thinking. Why does your twin being photographed with another, or even being with another make you doubt your worth? Or the joy you feel within yourself. Remember that the ultimate goal is not to be reliant upon another for your self gratification. 

Twin flame popular numbers and themes in numerology.

The number 8. The number 8 is one of the main twin flame numbers in numerology. For the number 8 takes the form of the infinity symbol, and the imagery of two wholes joining together to form one complete unit. The number 8 also represents stability, success, and freedom from restriction.

The number 11 is probably the most common, and recognised twin flame digits, commonly represented as 11:11, the wake up gate way. The number 11 is also all about two pairs, as represented by its form in the shape of two up-right pillars. This is the number signalling spiritual evolution, energy channeling, and higher awareness. The master number, and usually reflects itself either as a life path of a twin, joint life path number, date of birth, date of meeting, or otherwise. It is also a number with heavy karmic vibration.

The number 9 seems to be the less commonly recognised, or at least discussed twin flame numbers. The number 9 represents service to humanity, completion, and wholeness. Also regarded as a number of spiritual sacrifice, the 9 is all about compassion, and tends to carry a wounded healer connotation. Popular life path 9s includes the late, but great, Bob Marley.

Seven. The number seven is often called upon as the most spiritual number, and the vibration of God. So it is no surprise if a twin flame holds this number as a life path, or if this number appears as a twin flame signalling call.

555 – The number 5 is all about change, progression, and new experiences. The number 5, 05:05, or 5:55 May make itself apparent when we have been actively working on self improvement, or to signal to us that things are achieving progress in the twin flame journey, or healing/re-Union is near.
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