New moon in Leo; 2nd August 2016 – Setting intentions for a more direct you!

New moon in Leo: August 2nd 2016 – desires for direction.

Hello my enchiladas! I already completed a quick post on what Leo energy was all about, and what we should be expecting in this season, but I have taken the time to put together a further little piece specific for today, and the ways in which we can harness this new moon potential, in order to excel further!

What I like to do for new moons, (and full moons), is to set an intention. This intention will carry me through the remainder of the month, and is kind of like a sacrament I make with myself. I will try to honour this pledge, and be consciously aware of integrating it into my psyche, and my daily practices.

Many different websites and articles will advise you about different ways to set your intention. You can actually choose any of these ways, but really, it is just as simple as writing them down somewhere, and writing with intention, and focus.

I do like to have a new moon bath, where I soak myself in salts, but this is not entirely necessary to do – however, I do find it symbolic of cleansing, and starting anew.

I will include my little new moon ritual at the bottom.

Page of swords, Ace of cups, Two of cups, Three of cups, Three of wands.

This months new moon in Leo, arrives to us, with an energy of self expression. The page of swords encourages us to express our truths, and vocalises our likes, dislikes, wants, and preferences. This is the only way that we will be heard. This challenges creatives and empaths especially who have problems with expression, to learn to articulate themselves. Not voicing your truth leads only to two things; passive aggression, and resentment – and this is exactly what we do not want. We have been working so hard lately to rid ourselves of harsh energies, and our shadow aspects, so it is important to not get caught up in the things that create them.

Leo energy is bold, and dominant, this is the individual who will not be taken advantage of because, they will NOT take any B.S! I mean all of the Leo’s that I know, are willing to serve some serious sass if crossed – and you need to be the same. This is self respect for yourself. 

The two of cups asked you to remain balanced. Vocalising your truth is not the same as being rude, or aggressive. The lion knows when to attack. A true leader does not attack to prove a point, or to flex their strengths. You must learn to communicate in a way that is based on resolution, and truth, rather than arguments, bitterness, and anarchy.

It is also about balance – learning to take the good in life with the bad. Will bad things happen? Yes. Do you have to make it the end of the world? Internalise it? And let it poison you? Nope. Release it, express it, let it go. Go on with your day. Do not hoard informations.

The ace of cups is this new beginning, and this level of intimacy that is provided to us when we can learn to express our truthful desires. We are more open with ourselves. We are more open with others, and our friendships and relationships are far more transparent. This them becomes AUTHENTIC, our authentic truth, our authentic persona, as we come closer to the light of ourselves by clarifying what we do, and do not wish to put up with. 

The three of cups & the three of wands, is all about our creative expansion. Above all things, Leo seeks to free the inner child. This is lighter energy. Energy of grace, joy, newness, and opportunity.. There is so much out there for you should you expand your sights and visions. The world is truly your oyster & you must carry the confidence of the lion – wherever you go. Self esteem is all tied up in how we express ourselves. Bright colours, a loud voice, a creative flair, a quirky personality – these are all things that draw others to us, that light up our worlds. Stop hiding in fright, in the dark – it is time to emerge as who you are!
New moon in Leo ritual.

1. Run a relaxing bath – fill bath with scented candles, anointed oils, or bath salts.

2. Spend some time in the mirror looking at your own body, before entering the bath, and aloud; mention some things that you most appreciate about your physique.

3. Make a list of things that you vow to yourself in order to work on your self expression, particularly throat chakra activation – write about how you will express your concerns AS they arise, how you will respect yourself enough not to shrink your views for others, how your own well being, is just as vital, and worthy, and of value as that of others.

4. Create something. Write a poem. Draw a picture. Write a song. Write a letter – make sure that it is about how you are feeling at this present time. Focus on the energies leaving your body, and entering your creative piece (peace), as you do.

Happy healing my sacred beings ~ 

Blue Moon in Sagittarius 21st/22nd Mercury goes direct.


This full moon in Sagittarius is all about directness, and confrontation. Knowing exactly what it is that you want, and going after it. This is hardly the time for half hearted antics, or knowing what it is that you truly desire, and sitting on your truths. At this time we realise how that has not helped, but has rather hindered us in the past.
Our bold truths are brought to the light with the emergence of this fiery energy, and we are asked to witness a past version of ourselves that in our child like purity was probably far more brave and bold than we are now.
Adulthood takes away some of your thirst for life sometimes. Causes you to become complacent, fearful even of constant change and transition, however, the Sagittarius energy knows that this is not only a part of life, but the best part that there is.
Throat chakra activation will be very common in this time, particularly beginning on Mondays week, and we may feel compelled to step into the version of our selves that we have always wanted to be. Self love and self confidence go hand in hand with self assertion, believe that there is absolutely no way to love yourself than to speak up for yourself.
To be truthful, honest, and present with yourself at all times.
Nobody insists that the archer always meets his or her targets, simply the archer is an admirable specimen, because they do not give up in their attempts to hit their targets. They are constantly striving, assessing, and reviewing how they are to hit the mark.
Their hybrid nature means that they are neither here, nor there, for they can be in both places at once. But this is the part of Sagittarius energy that asks us to use our dual nature’s to propel ourselves forward, to give us that extra advantage in perception, and philosophical thought, rather than enabling us to become untrustworthy, uncertain, and unspoken.
Being a blue moon definitely does add to the peculiar nature that we may be experiencing in the form of blatant universal signs and symbols.
Be humble, be patient, all shall be well.

Do you mean what you say, and say what you mean? Spirit wants to know. Are you manifesting what it is that you truly desire, or are you still stuck in a period of procrastination where your ideas take root, but never experience true manifestation?


Ask yourself this..Because I will tell you, being a visionary is absolutely useless, and a waste of a gift, if you do not exercise enough of your masculine energy and your directness in order to fulfil these wondrous plans, ideas, and inventions that sit within your mind. Perhaps you will be granted the opportunity to have a soul mirror, to see somebody who is slacking desperately, whose life is in jeopardy, and spirit will ask you, ‘Is that what you want your own life to be like? No?’.. Well then, a little action goes a long way.

Alot of healing is occurring on an unconscious, and particularly an astral level in order to allow us to marry our masculine and feminine selves back together and to retrace the steps of our confidence, and where it was lost. We may find ourselves dreaming of strange times, and persons of the past, this is because a lot of these people, and places unconsciously fed off of our power, and source energy, and now we are almost travelling back into those points in time, to call our power, and our energy back to us. We will need all the fuel that we can get in this rapid window of manifestation potential.

This is all about you now, nobody else, but you. Succeeding, is your birth right. It is not the birth right of your mother, father, sister, neighbours, partner, or brother to live through your success. Therefore, you must not allow your journey in life to be dependent on anybody else. Sagittarians can be seen as a group of people who detach from others easily, but this is actually because they are very skilled at looking out for numero uno, and so you should, so you all should!

If you have been giving ridiculous amounts of your energy away lately, then likely, you do feel more than over exhausted. This is because as a healer, and a light worker especially, your energy is constantly and consistently being spread in a thousand directions, and downloading a million transactions. You need to make sure your own cup is filled before you try to fill the cup of another. As I said, in this time, you will need all of the energy that you can get – and you better be using it for the right reasons!

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